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I had to go to an open house for a local non-profit which provides interview gear for women re-entering the workplace. Several months ago, I was asked to submit some logo ideas & they wound up choosing one of mine. I thought it was kinda neat, plus I enjoyed doing something on my computer other than reading & typing. As with any artistic endeavor of mine, once I was finished and handed it over, I no longer liked it very much. Ah well, I suppose the enjoyment of the creation process belongs to me and the enjoyment of the finished product belongs to the people I forked it over to. It no longer matters whether I like it or not.


I waited as long as I thought I could get away with, then I showed up. It was good timing, except for the fact that the only people left were those who worked there (about 10-12 women) and they fawned all over me. It would have been embarrassing had it not simply been overwhelming. Interesting how I go to great lengths to be an individual and then don't know how to deal with the attention it brings me. The logo was everywhere: On their name tags, the thank-you signs on the wall, every piece of promotional literature, and even on the little cards on the food table which read "Honey mustard" and "Horseradish".


One lady brought me a certificate of appreciation and they took a picture of her handing it to me. I'm never drawing another logo again! GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif



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