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Her rack is as drab as her personality. I hope she works on that. Honestly, I don't know what to think. I think it is fair to have equality for all, but honestly, men ought to have to wear shirts in public too. It's called ettiquette.

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Lol. Yeah, that was my first impression as well. Not something I would do but then I thought, why not? Why do I think like that? Still not something what I would do but I think she's brave and very well-spoken.


A lot of the ideas that we have about what is right or wrong, proper or improper, are ideas that society has imposed on us. Some of us withdraw from things like this that we view as against the norm.


I think a lot of our views on confrontational atheists such as many of the people in the American Atheists are due to the fact that they go just out of what we have viewed as the norm so it makes us uncomfortable. But does that make it wrong?


I think it takes all kinds to make our world interesting, and for things to progress beyond the static position that we are currently at. That doesn't mean we should just accept this or the aggressive nature of AA as "OK". But maybe it does mean that we should question EVERYTHING we think, everything we believe in.

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