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The More They Talk, The Deeper The Hole




blog-0507926001351228023.jpgThe progressives are out in force.......


He has done nothing but apologize to his Muslim brethern


Looks like Obumbo duz his kid in bad placeses


Those liberals won't listen to facts


Liberals just want free hand outs for all, and it doesn't work that way


Democrats think that suppressing religion makes things fair


Democrats and liberals want a Socialist nation. (My personal favorite)


I listen to this diatribe everyday at work. Usually, I'm stuck in between the two cubicles of the folks yapping at this level. So, not only do I get insulted all day by nasty phone calls to drivers I track and trace, but I also get called a predatory, purposefully ignorant liberal, that thinks stopping all forms of free expression and supporting a Muslim pedophile that wants to give away everyone's stuff to everyone else to make it fair will give us the successful Socialist nation that my party has been gunning for since before the creation of the wheel.


To the points that were thrown my way (and the gabbers had no idea they were essentially insulting me with their comments btw).


The progressives are out in force....


Really? Is that what we call political activism now? A negative insinuation of bullying? Trying to get Americans off their asses to go and vote is progressives out in force? Good to know. Seeing how it is my singular self out there "in force", I think anyone that doesn't want to vote for my candidate should kindly say,"We don't give a shit. Fuck off." Problem solved. In America, we have this thing called free speech, I can rattle all day long about how important voting is. And that is what is hilarious about this. The rest of the comment following that original snippet about being out in force? You know, they are trying to get people to vote? Doesn't matter who they vote for, but getting folks out to vote. Uh huh, yeah sure. You know they are bribing them and trying to push their agenda. Offering them rides to the freakin' voter booths! If a person can't get there on their own, they don't need to vote. Undue influence, that what it is all about!


Wow. All I can really say to that. Now I apparently commit voter fraud too. *facepalm*



He has done nothing but apologize to his Muslim bretherin


If you can't tell by now, I'm dealing with Tea Party assholes at work. I'm sorry for those of you reading this my be part of the movement, but so far, on a political level, I haven't met a Tea Party member that isn't an asshole. Let alone an asshole that doesn't understand what they are truly asking for. So Obama is a muslim because??? His dad might have given some muslim influence in his life? Really? So, because one has muslim influence of any kind, that makes it bad because???? Oh, that's right, because Christians don't cut people's heads off...anymore. Number one most ignorant comment ever made was Obama being muslim. For the ignorant inclined, did you know that Christians in Africa are currently slaughtering Muslims over fertile lands? Yup. Oh, that's right, that isn't YOUR type of Christianity.


I'll reiterate...most dimwitted comment ever made. And the apology part too. Feeling ashamed of mankind's behavior is not an apology. I see a guy rob a liquor store, even I feel bad. Why? Because I am part of HUMANITY. How hard of a concept is this?



Looks like Obumbo duz his kid in bad placeses


Did I mention these coworkers that blab their gums with less than thoughtful commentary are caucasian? Yes, they are, and to hear these two prattle on all day like this? They might as well fine some shoe blacking, top hats, canes and tuxes and go the full monty. I'm sick of the racism, and I wonder if that is what they think of our president. Such an insult to the president's daughters is bad enough. But is it suprising they think like this? They revere a book with a story of two daughters getting their father drunk so that they can procreate....


Those liberals won't listen to facts


No, we don't listen to facts. True liberals STUDY the facts. Liberals are OPEN MINDED. At least the ones I know are, including myself. There have been parties from the conservatives I agree with. I like the idea of not borrowing more money from China for programs we don't need. YES I AGREE WITH THAT 100%. We do need public broadcasting. We don't need studies of effects on mice from Dorito consumption. We don't need to waste how many hours on committees for public safety that don't actually study what they are supposed to resolve! I want to spend money on things we need to get our economy moving. Cutting costs without investment in our citizens, youth, and community programs, will not fetch much return. Gotta give some fertilizer if you want your plants to grow.


I won't listen to bullshit. Rape is a gift from God. Life begins TWO WEEKS before conception with my menstrual cycle? Asking the successful to contribute more to the society they leaned on to become successful in the first place is wrong. Popular vote is more fair than the electoral college. All these things I look at the facts on, not opinion, and determine they are horseshit.




Liberals just want free hand outs for all, and it doesn't work that way


I want to help my fellow citizens to be comfortable. I want my fellow citizens to understand what hardship is, but not be bound by it. I am a compassionate person that understands donating portions of my hard earned money to help others is a natural part of humanity and teaches me selflessness so when someone helps me, I APPRECIATE IT.


And one last thought. Everyone keeps saying if you can't afford to have kids, you should've thought ahead a bit better and not have had any. Everyone keeps acting like parents are not responsible if they need government assistance for the monetary upkeep of their families. So are you saying that since we couldn't see 2 years ahead, let alone 15 years into the future and foresee the death of our spouse, the loss of a fruitful job, or a sudden decline in health that the asshole insurance companies wouldn't help cover, that we are irresponsible citizens? That a lost teen who gets knocked up because no one, not even her PUBLIC school system, gave enough of a shit about her to realize she was drowning, is a worthless welfare queen? FUCK YOU! Why has America gotten so pompous and full of themselves about their fellow citizens? If you experience any of these things, are you saying that you should've have never had your kids? Really? How touching!




Democrats think that suppressing religion makes things fair


I really have to bite my tongue, HARD, when I here this one. I hear it said fin many forms, but it essentially says that because we are trying to essentially get the camel's nose out of the tent, we are supressing religious expression. I really don't bite into the whole "America was founded on Christianity" trolling argument. Not even worth the effort when people do not understand the difference of being influenced and being founded. BUT, to say my asking my business to not force me to pray at company meetings is suppression? That's hilarious! Many religious folks at my employment complain about prayer being taken out of schools. They know damn good and well that isn't true. Prayer isn't taken out of schools. It's taken out of the classrooms and events. Kids can pray privately or even in groups so long as it isn't mandatory for everyone else to participate, or force everyone to watch or show acknowledgement. They know damn good and well it is a FACT you can come in to work wearing a Jesus Loves You t-shirt and mention God to coworkers until they tell you to stop.



Democrats and liberals want a Socialist nation.


Okay, this is hands down, my favorite thing to hear. I mean, it makes me laugh. If they would end their diatribe with their rants saying this stupide comment, I would smile and laugh and they would be none the wiser to any offense I might take.


Socialism. The church society IS socialism. Everyone contributes to help further the good of the church. If Brother Paul has skills at electrical, guess who ends up donating his time free of charge to help with church projects. Pot luck dinner anyone? Seriously, let's consider this. Socialism is the end result of Capitalism. Capitalism causes class gaps, and what happens? Everyone decides it isn't right and wants to distribute money and goods more fairly.


I do not personally want a Socialist nation, but in this day and age, there are some aspects to Socialism that would benefit specific government programs and institutions. Schools, highways, and yes, I'll say it, healthcare. There is nothing wrong with neighbors chipping in for the greater good. We are all a part of the garden called Humanity.


Ironically, though, I think it is the immigrants who appreciate their right to choose more than any natural born citizen. A great example would be my Peruvian coworker. She has been in this country for about 20 years now, and she still takes her duty very seriously. "You 'ave got to vote. It is important. I like having my opinion heard. When people ask me who I vote for, I tell them none of their business. Because it isn't!" And she is right. It's nobody's business who we vote for. Politics make for great conversation, and sometimes, I do think it is very telling of one's character how they side on issues, but ultimately, it's a personal decision.


When I see many members of Romney's parties passing legislation limiting my rights to my body, I see him as the figurehead for his party. He is the captain of the Republican ship, and it is important to recognize that.



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