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Stupid laptop!!!!




GAAAAAHH!!!!!!! I have a very very VERY STUPID LAPTOP!!! Haven't even had the stupid thing a year and the stupid thing is breaking down on me! It keeps overheating and shutting down on me!! And it's taking less and less time to overheat! I was only on it an hour and a half today when I had to shut it down because of overheating! GRRRRR!!!! How the HELL am I supposed to write final papers on it if it keeps overheating on me?!?!


At least I'm able to get on to the library/lab computers... Got that set up the FIRST time it overheated when I had a paper due that day. The only problem is that the school's computer system must have two types of pop-up blockers, and I can only access the IE one, so I can't use AIM Express.... Grrrrrrrrrrr.... vent.gifvent.gif


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My (2 years old) laptop was doing the same thing and just as a random thought I got one of these airblowers on tube from Microcenter, and blew out dust and such from the fans and keyboard etc, and behold, the fan doesn't work as hard and sometimes even turn of, and the computer doesn't overheat anymore, and no more sudden shutdowns!


Try it, it could be the reason.


I got most of the dust in the computer during a re-flooring in the house last year, so maybe you've done something similar...


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