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Oh, The Fun Of Culture




I chose tonight to break with my norm, which is to avoid mainstream culture except where it benefits. Normally, I avoid the whole Halloween thing, but tonight I decided to break from my norm and open myself to culture in offering the whole "Happy Halloween" thing in buying bags of candy to feed the children with grotesquely sweet candies as they rove the streets in their costumes. I know it sounds strange, but I've generally avoided anything that supports the mainstream traditions, largely manipulated by our religion of consumerism. But tonight, fuck it!, it was great.


Simply seeing children growing up within this stream of culture, like fish enjoying the currents that wash by them, comforted in their environment, belonging to the school, opening their eyes to the world they are moving into as the future of the world, was really great. How can we overlook the individual because we see the culture as some illusion? What is it worth? Of course, this 'reality' we assume as the world as it is is production of our culture driven by economics, fear, politics, and whatever neurotic thing we produce to keep us from facing the great Void, but what the hell? We are all wonderful, despite the illusions. Behind it all, we are jewels. From the smallest to the greatest, to the weakest to the most powerful. We are all those fish in that stream. And for what its worth to you in your journey, here, have a Butterfingers, and Happy Halloween!



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