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My High School Thoughts And Ramblings.




Here is the closest thing to a blog I have ever written. I wrote it 8 years ago when I was in highschool. If you will, give it a read and let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks.


Life is full of mysteries. Unanswerable questions. Misguided hypothesis on the supposed nature of the universe. Useless philosophies. The nature of people. The nature of love. The purpose of life is contemplated. Deities were born from the minds of incomprehensive peoples since those people accomplished self awareness. Deities are still born, the human mind can be very imaginitive when concluding the truth of the unknown. The truth is a point of view, a perspective. The truth can be changed simply by changing one's point of view. The truth is so fragile in this way. Why am I alive? The purpose of life. There has to be one right? Why? A purpose is intended. A purpose is planned. To many, life has no purpose, because a purpose must be pretdetermined. A person's purpose should be self-determined not predetermined. A person should live for what they want and feel they need. In essance a person should live to be happy, or to be satisfied. So many are sad, everyone gets sad. What if you understand that you must be happy, but you don't know how to do it,. Nothing seems long term. Nothing seems permanent. People wish for relationships, to avoid this. To have someone to rely on. To be relied upon. You reach out to people hoping. There are so many hopeless hopes. So many unjustfied fantasies. When you don't receive what was hoped for you are dissapointed. Yet, if you could control what everyone did, you might as well be alone on this planet. We can feel betrayed, when we really weren't. We insist that we were insulted, hated, judged, abandoned, rejected, unloved. Most of it probably isn't true. Maybe to you. Because the truth that is your own is unique, therefor not always correct. Contemplating what it is to be alive. We are only individuals when there are others who from we can sculpt a self image. Without other things and people, there could not be an indivual. If there were only a being, surrounded by nothing, there would be no difference between that being and nothing. We admire others. We are jealous of their qualities. We care for others. Seeing them happy makes us happy. Seeing them makes us happy. We adore and glorify. Perhaps making a person more than what they are. But what they are to you is your perception of who they are. When they don't live up to this perception, you feel dissatisfied. What if life seemed to lead no where. Would you balance suicide and going on? If you felt unhappy and felt you would stay unhappy. You couldn't see through your own suffering. Is it worth it to keep living. Living on hope. At least there is a path we can trudge along. Even if we feel lost we know it leads somewhere. Maybe more sadness? Why wait and see. Looking forward. Leaving behind. Avoiding pain. People hold in their thoughts afraid to be judged. Who won't? Who can you trust. ......The universe. A conundrum of a concept. A limitless space. Since we as humans measure things from beginning to end, we know that no object, or space can be limitless. If the universe did, in fact have an end, which it must, then what is beyond the end of the universe? But there can not be anything beyond the end of the universe for the universe encompasses all that is and can be. How could something go on forever? With no end. Are we in a box like the end of Men in black 2? Even if that were the case, there would still be the idea of a universe encompassing that space. How can anything be limitless? Things like this can't be understood. So we theorize...



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Thanks TexasOtaku, sorry i had no idea anybody had commented on or even read this!  I know it's kind of nonsensicle.  If I remember right, I was just feeling weird, so I sat down and typed all of that out in like a 30 minute period.  I doubt I even proofread it.


Thanks again for reading.  In HS, I mostly hung out with happy innocent people.  Innocent as in no drugs, no illegal activity, and didn't JUST think/talk about sex.  If you were like that then yeah!

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As a side note, I'm pretty sure I wrote this shortly after watching the ending of Evangelion....so you might see some ideas inspired from that.  Haha!

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