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Been a little while




It's a little embarassing to look at my last post... I was really riled. I wonder if that is why no one is reading this... much less commenting.


On a related note, I met someone who shares my view on Ruiner... the last verse in particular.


Strange comfort... but a comfort nonetheless. I'm a weird kid anyhow lol.


Found a very nice bible at the library bookstore... Both old and new testaments, as well as the Apocrypha.


The Bible: Complete with deleted scenes!


Looking forward to going over it with Lokmer. I wonder how a munari type will react to me quoting the bible books he can't get. Mum has never seen a bible with the Apocrypha built in as it were... FrogsToadBigGrin.gif


Dvorak is still a headache... but I *am* improving. What gives me the real brain cramps now is when I have to use QWERTY keyboards...


Getting a little deeper into wicca as well... it's making a lot of sense. I keep hearing about people who left it... I wonder if I will follow them.


Can't second guess myself... I'll follow my heart. Best I can do.


Mala said something very close to home though about my "objectivism." She commented that I wasn't one in any sense of the word. Far too compassionate(and wiccan, can't neglect to note that) to fit the bill.


Much more accurate to say I follow Terry Goodkind. It was his premise that man CAN see truth that attracted me to him in the first place. Ayn Rand rubs me in all the wrong ways. I'll probably finish "The Fountainhead"... eventually. Howard Roark I can take... it's his... hm.. 'treatment of women' that poisons the book for me.


Looked up Springsteen's latest raunch cut... I thought Closer was sick. I finally realized it was that Reno has no purpose except to degrade. The lyrics are absolutly vile...


Take a gaze down the old backstreets sometime Bruce... You would be suprised what you would see in yourself... like say the crassness of a high school student with half the wisdom.


What happened to Prove it all night?!


Meh. Not worth my time to ask.



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