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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 4 - Week Three Looks Good On Me!




blog-0581978001366078753.jpgHellloooooo!!!!!!!! Sunday weigh in!


Okay, so I just want to start off by first saying THANK YOU to all the well wishers on here publicly and via private message. It really does benefit me a lot to get the affirmation of my choices and thoughts on my blogs. And to those of you weighing in with me privately:




Secondly, this past week was a doozy! I did NOT, yes you heard the "not" in that sentence, stick to my normal exercise routine. The reason was due to the intensive manual laboring I put myself through the majority of the week. See, I built a raised garden this week!!! Not just a small one, but an 8' by 16' by 18" deep size garden. Monday I was busy hauling ass to the lumber store, hauling lumber to the garden spot, and then literally had to dig out to a semi level area to build on top of! Then I spent the following two days hauling 40lb bags of topsoil and compost to the garden site. So, between loading the dirt on to the cart at the store, then unloading in to my car, then unloading yet again at home, I was wore the hell out! In a good way though. This is the type of exercise I love. It doesn't really resemble exercise because it is disguised as a project! All in all I hauled 25 bags @ 40lbs a piece.


I took a complete break from things on Thursday. I was really feeling the work I had done hit me physically. :twitch: Back was mildly sore, my legs were jelly just going up and down my house stairs, and my arms were still shaky! BUT, I didn't hurt myself! So yay me! Friday, I had about 1200 pounds of dirt delivered. And of course, it had rained the night before so the ground was too muddy for the dump truck to go around back.... Yep, had to have it all dumped in my driveway, then wheel it back around to my garden. Thankfully, I had some help, but man, it was a good hour of shoveling, wheeling and spreading.


WEW!! :eek:


Saturday, I had to pack up my car and go have a sale at the local flea market. So more lifting, squatting and hauling. Good times!!!! But, slightly less intensive as the garden work. And I could tell I had slightly pulled a muscle in my upper arm, so glad I took it easy on myself because I made sure to relax and do mild hiking out in Marengo, Indiana on Sunday overnight in to Monday. What a weekend!!!


Marengo was definitely a treat though. Had fun outdoors with camp fires and walks. My doggies and eldest son joined me with my lover for a night get away. Soooo worth it!


And now I can get back to my regular routine again this week!


Of course, how far did I wander off my diet while working my arse off and travelling, right? I kept myself under 1800 cals a day the entire week. I took my vitamin (YAY!) every day. I did increase my intake of coffee, but I have had about 32 oz of soda, ALL WEEK. That is a HUGE cut back for me. Coffee has been a nice replacement, and with all the sugar free sweeteners and creamers out there, I am very happy with the trade off! I have increased my protein intake from 46g a day to about 55g, just because of the increased exercise and muscle related activities. Gotta feed them to repair them, right?


All in all, GOOD WEEK!!


As of tonight, I am at 195lbs, and lost another 1" off my waist. I look poofier this week in my suit, but I figure that has probably got to do with the fact that I didn't have as much cardio this week and did more lifting and muscle building.





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I'm trying! I'm glad for the break in routine last week. Let's me start my old one all over again with efficiency still built in. I will have to change it up more next week though. Thanks for compliment! It's amazing how the body reshapes itself.

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