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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 5 - Week 4 And Avoiding The Blues




blog-0884530001366600778.jpgHere we are! Another week under my belt and after a few emotional road blocks, I find that I am still on track!!!


This past week I over did it a bit after discovering my knees do not like push ups. And of course, I hadn't thought to put a folded towel under them beforehand. Needless to say, after taking the day off today, that the lesson is learned!!! But, I love the push ups! I can feel the strength in my chest and shoulders building. My posture is starting to show improvement thanks to the band exercises I am doing. I will never knock them again. I really misjudged how effective exercising with bands are, especially for your core, arms and back! Good stuff.


I also learned this week that I am getting hungrier. Legitimately, hungrier! Such a good sign, so I increased my protein intake to a max of 55g a day. Mostly fish since I need the omega in them, and as of this week, I've only eaten red meat 4 times in 4 weeks. How awesome!!! I really had my doubts about giving it up, but so far, it seems very doable, and a good thing too. Tofu, pineapple, cantaloupe and avocados have been my saviors in that department.


With the recognized increase in hunger, I realized I have to seriously re-evaluate my exercise program as well. I can tell my strength is increasing throughout my body, specifically during my bike rides I am noticing that the burn isn't hitting hardly as much as it did before. So, will be increasing my detours down cul-de-sacs by two this week. Also, with the increased nice weather, I am mowing our 1/2 acre property twice a week. This is no easy task since we have a hilly property and a push mower. Essentially, on those days I am doubling down on my cardio, so alternately, I do not train muscle groups too hard those days and rest 24 hours before doing a bike ride, core/back/arms workout and then vigorous dog walk. Seems to be a good schedule, will just have to start increasing reps of some motions, and add in a couple new ones. I will feel that burn! ukliam2.gif


Emotionally, I have been very overwhelmed this week. WendyDoh.gif I don't know if part of it is the detox of my system, but I have been very stressed out. I have not raided the fridge, but I did enjoy a couple no bake cookies and with total delight as well. I think being corralled with a sick child interrupting my workout schedule for quite literally 9 days was the culprit. Non-stop kid shows, kid music, kid games, kid conversation, kid questions, kid EVERYTHING. Top that with trying to find a job. OY!!! I was aggravated. And the weather wasn't the nicest so I didn't get to plant my crops yet either. Kind of disappointed about that more than anything. So with all this above, I started beating myself up emotionally about my working out, diet, the whole shebang. Luckily, I sorted myself out before I ate a fourth no bake cookie. HAH! I still needed the reward though. I've worked the past few weeks.


Anyhow, overall the week was very successful. I was really irritated with my exercise pants the other day when walking the dog. I kept having to pull them up, and then I realized that I could tie them tighter. Man, what a feeling. I haven't ever had to tie them because I was plump enough that they fit without help! Additionally, I noticed my posture is looking much nicer too. Imagine if my back only bothers me for a few days before my lady business and not EVERY DAY?? That would be fantastical! yellow.gifyellow.gif


But, that's been my week in a nutshell. I got through the blues, kept on track 85% of the time, AND still made progress. I'm liking this a lot. I am very much grateful to have an outlet here to share. It really keeps me going.


Here I am this week:




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