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It's Not Really Religion...




Whee, I knew there was something I had forgotten. Like this blog.


Looking back now at what I wrote before I think I should clean house. Quite a few things have changed, regarding my view on things. Oh well, will have to think about it a bit when I have the chance. For now, "inspired" by the morontheist calling itself "ordinarycrap", oh wait, "ordinaryclay" and crapping into the forums, I'd like to officially make a point that I've made quite a few times already in postings here and there.


It's not religion in and of itself that's bad. It's a certain mindset.


It's been years ago since I got pointed to the blogs of Mr Arthur Silber, one very harsh critic of the things that are wrong in the USA. I think it was Nivek on our site here who posted a link to there, back then. While Arthur mostly just rants about current US politics and the public's apathy toward what's wrong there, years ago he wrote much more diverse things - among others, he referred quite a few times to the works of Alice Miller. I have to admit to my disgrace that I haven't yet read any of her books but if what Arthur writes is even half true I think she hit quite a few nails on the head. Her view, to sum it up with my own words, is that children who are more or less trictly trained to obey their parents and other authority figures, no matter whether what those say or do makes sense or not, will grow up to be adults who know nothing else, only able to follow an authority. A führer if you will, harsh as the word may be. These damaged and wrecked personalities are at best able to choose a führer if they don't have one at the moment, and after they chose one they don't care for anything else. They obey (in their minds) the right führer and are thus always right, good and virtuous by default.


Sound familiar maybe?


If so, I'd posit that this is exactly what "we unbelievers" here on the site see with the morontheist like ordinaryclay. They run in here, post their nonsense, get their arses handed to them... and don't care. They post the same shit again or at best change the topic for a while. Are they simply too dumb to realize they got owned? I think that's not the case. I think that at least many of them are "simply" broken persons who only learned to obey, never developed authentic personalities. Yes they lose every time they try, and they always make fools of themselves, but they do it for the right führer, so from their point of view they're good and virtuous and the victors.


Now I've never been in a morontheist cult, over here in Germany they are still rather rare, though we have our local nutjob covens of course... so maybe I'm not qualified to judge this. But as I dare to see it, while it seems quite plausible that an ex-member of a US-style morontheist cult would see the religion itself as the reason for all this madness (their so-called "holy" book sure helps justify that shit!), it's more the mindset of the followers. I guess broken people will feel drawn strongly toward societal constructs with strong authorities at the top, whether real or imaginary. Morontheism easily provides such an authority, obviously.


It's common in these cults, but you can find it elsewhere too. Just have a look at the hardcore conspiracy theorists - birthers, 911 truthers, antivaxxers... the same mindset, the same "belief armor" as it's been called on the skepdic site. And while I fully support gender equality, certain groups of feminists (who, as I see it, fully deserve to be called "feminazis") demonstrate just the same mindset, the same belief armor. They could find themselves in a world where men have to crawl on their bellies within a mile of any woman if they don't want to be shot on sight and still say they're discriminated against. Hey, I had one of these radicals first tell me that she follows the content of sites like jezebel or heartlessbitches "religiously" (literal quote), then turn around and tell me unmistakably that in her opinion men don't even deserve to have basic human rights when women are around. Yes I also thought she's just joking at first, so I asked whether she's serious. Yup she was. Go figure. Untermenschen much?!


Just as well, there are many religious people who don't see any reason to condemn others just because these others don't believe the same they do, or go out and preach and try to convert others. Heck, let's admit it, we all know that there are even more than just a few christians and muslims who keep shaking their heads in disbelief when they see the morontheists' babblings. Hey, I'm a (heathen) believer too, go ahead and count how often I've preached and tried to convert anyone on this site (unless jokingly to stick it to one of the morontheists) wink.png


Bottom line, just to remind you all as we all to easily forget that: "The enemy" is not really any kind of religion, it's a mindset. Combating the symptoms of this shit is fully legitimate (like not giving morontheism any chance to impose its sick ideas regarding abortion, homosexuality et cetera on the whole of society) but if we really want to eradicate this sickness we need to confront and fight authoritarianism.


Of course that'll be one enormous task. But to the best of my understanding, if we really want to win, that's the target we have to aim at.



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Thanks, Thuri, I completely agree. The enemy is a particular way of thinking. I don't see religion as the enemy. Not all religions are the same, and there is a great deal of wiggle room in all religions.  Its the people who see in black and white and want to force it on others -  uptight and frightened people.

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Authoritarianism and blind adherence to dogma is, was and always will be the problem. I think some atheists are very naive in thinking that religion is the only problem. The problem is human nature. Self-righteousness,intolerance and blind faith exists outside of religion as well; some people just substitute religion with ideology.

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