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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 8 - Off The Wagon, But Still On The Trail





Well now, it is only 10 a.m. on Sunday, and I have an update already?


Hmmmnnn, wonder what is up with that?


Honestly? I just didn't see the point in waiting until the end of my day today. This week has been the bum week. The week where I hit my motivational wall. I didn't exercise worth a damn this week, but I still managed to keep my intake under 1800 cals! So, I am happy I didn't go bad shit food binge crazy. I did eat more pasta this week though. I'm kinda not happy about that, but I am not kicking myself over it. I haven't eaten shite for greens at all this week, and I don't know, maybe I just needed the time off. I know I have pushed myself mentally every day to stay on track.


With that said, the culprit behind my fall off are my hormones. TMI for the male readers on here, but when my cycle hits and my hormones crash? All bets are off. This round was a particular nasty drop that I don't normally experience. I literally have been tired and zero energy all week. Vitamins and coffee did me no good, so I listened to my body and just rested. I avoided snacking on the unhealthy stuff like left over Russell's chocolate eggs from Easter and such. I didn't eat a lot of meat either (which isn't good for the muscle I built), but I did get my protein from the double fiber bread I have. Honestly, for a backslide, it could have been a hell of a lot worse, and I did struggle when confronted with snacks (cheez balls omfgz yum!), but kept the indulgence at the appropriate level. Still had less than 32oz of soda all week. I'm very proud of this one. I'm starting to notice how ridiculously sweet soda is now. Wow, it isn't nearly as yummy anymore as it used to be. I am glad I opted to keep caffeine, but in a different form.


Weight wise, I'm still holding steady at 193lbs with my clothing still fitting with some slack. This is an encouraging sign to me. I think this confirms I have put on muscle, and honestly, with all the water gain thanks to Mother Nature, who knows, I might still be less. Doesn't matter really. I have to keep my core strong. This week off I have had increased muscle ache, and my sciatica has flared up. Will definitely be back to my stretches tonight before bed. I know this coming week will be a better week. I feel more energy today than I did 6 days ago, that is for sure! Back to my walks and marches. My poor dogs have been looking at me like I have lost my mind. 6 weeks of regular walks and playing came to a grinding halt. They seem as blue as I am! LOL! Poor babies.


I think I will look into some type of HRT. I shouldn't be bottoming out this hard during cycles. I had my business dealt with a year ago in order to slow down the cycles, but it seems my hormonal crashes are getting more severe. Time to find a way to afford a doc visit or look into some natural forms of estrogen boosters.


Again, I want to thank everyone that visits this page and has followed along with me. I am very much humbled how popular this blog has been. I figured a post would be lucky to get a couple dozen views, but over hundreds? You all make me feel so encouraged and I promise I will get those emails answered tonight. ;) Looking forward to everyone else's weigh in tonight on here!


Just remember, this is all about living healthier! Not looking like Pamela Anderson or Jessica Alba! (Though it WOULD be nice, wouldn't it?)


Oh, and I will be able to wear shorts this year! Thrilled!


901050 10200656323842274 677770867 O



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