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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 11 - Back From A Nice Repast







I have returned after a much needed repast. Essentially, I went on vacation!! Got back about two weeks ago and have been rather busy with classes.


So, with further ado, I will get everyone caught up.


I have travelled 3500 some odd miles this past month. Literally drove Cincinnati, OH area all the way out to Flagstaff, AZ and back again. Saw many sights. ENJOYED many foods. Did quite a bit of hiking around wild terrains. Pulled my hair out with boys fighting and the old man being grumpy. And...didn't lose a damn pound. BUT, that is a-okay. I have put on a whole whopping 1.5 lbs over the past month, probably due to my sciatica flare up. Haven't been doing my core exercises...at all.


I quite literally took a month off.


With that month off, I have still tried to be aware of what I am consuming and how much, and now that my garden is full tilt, I am set as far as healthy options. Funny thing, when we returned from the trip and I harvested my greens. I literally got about 2 garbage bags worth of food!! Cooked it all down and froze portions. It's amazing!


So.... I am back at it. I'm hoping this will be like a mini reset and I will reap some benefits from it. I am going to start seriously buckling down on my cardio now and hopefully my sciatica pain will not punish me anymore than it already is. Spoke with my neighbor down the way with a pool and he says I'm more than welcome to use his pool anytime to workout. Only way I can think to workout with my nerve pain being so severe. I quite literally hate living some days due to the pain.


Anyway, I'm back! Not worse for the wear, and definitely have gotten my motivation back! I look forward to hearing from everyone else on their progress! I haven't taken any major pics lately since I haven't worked out, but I have one up here from my trip. I am weighing in at 192.5 lbs right now. Not too shabby for all the yummy food I had while vacationing!



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