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Left Vs. Right?




The right and the left are two heads of the same monster, in a universal sense. Sure, they're divided on certain moral and political stances, but they're all still accountable to the same monster. It's like a two-headed eagle busy arguing with itself, all the while failing to notice the chain around its neck, and who exactly is doing the holding. Right when you think it might get its shit together and remember to fly, the owner grabs its attention with some petty disturbance and gets it arguing with itself again. Chirp, Martin or Zimmerman? Chirp, gay marriage. Chirp, weed legalization. Meanwhile, the NDAA, NSA, drone wars... that's something you'd think both heads would take into consideration. Nope. Keep it fat on bread and entertained with circus. Rile up the egos with false left-right paradigms. Let them argue amongst themselves. Meanwhile let's just turn the dial on the stove up a little bit... see if the extra heat is noticed. Fight like hell over who can get married or whether or not someone can smoke a joint freely, but when it comes to the tough issues? Apathy. We're en route to a detention surveillance state, while they lobby to remove our guns, 80% of us live check to check... the media is setting us back a hundred years baiting everyone with a race war. Meanwhile, everyone's all "hurr durr republicans durp de dur democrats." Hell, this isn't a republic, this damn sure isn't a democracy, this is a military industrial complex, comprised of corporations and banksters, sustained by a paid corporate media introducing false left-right paradigms, fear, and consumption. It doesn't care for you. It doesn't seek to sustain you, help you or defend you. It keeps you in a cycle of eat shit sleep work consume repeat, greasing the wheels and stimulating its debt economy until you die.


That's the real truth about it. All of you people thinking this has anything to do with republicans or democrats are delusional. All of you who think the Martin Zimmerman case is the immediate sector of the universe are wrong. Until people think and understand that we are all equal citizens of our planet -- not republicans, not democrats, not our state, not our country, not our religious beliefs, not our cultural beliefs -- just human beings of planet earth, conscious in this form for only a short while... we'll never get it right. We'll be stuck in an endless trap of vain duality, not recognizing that we are all the sum of our parts. Like cells in a body.




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Damn true. Panem et circenses, and divide et impera - all you need to keep your empire under control. The Imperial Romans knew it and the method still works like a charm. Sadly.

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