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Baby Steps




The money I usually spend on a soda and TV dinners for week I instead put towards vegetables, water and whole fruit juice. Breakfast today was coffee and a little portion of leftover chicken, lunch was sliced organic carrots and cucumber with a little ranch, and some apple juice. I've incorporated a curl bar circuit routine that I use every 2 days. Big gains in strength so far, I hate feeling weak in the arms, and I'm glad to feel that changing.


About a year ago I ate a 1200 calorie per day diet and got at least 30 minutes of cardio in, with at least a few sets of lifting (mostly chest lifting). I drank only water, limited any kind of fast food to once per month, soda to once per week (til I dropped it completely). I lost a lot of weight, and felt way better overall. Well, when I moved, my wife and I spent a lot of time eating fast food while getting settled in, and I finally caved and fell off the bandwagon. I put on weight.


I felt sorry for myself for awhile, but, now I'm trying to get back into the swing of it. So far so good.


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