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3 Weeks Until The Nanowrimo Adventure Begins!





3 Weeks until we launch into prose and creative verbosity

21 Days until we must stay on a focused track to write 50k glorious words of formed sentences.

504 Hours of resisting the urge to cheat and start now - because you know that idea sounds fabulously thought out!

30240 Minutes (give or take) and the famous author you wish you were can be a fun fantasy to motivate your writing

1814400 More seconds to go!


Have you signed up yet and discovered the large community of other aspiring writers? Are you thinking,"Are these people really that disillusioned to think they will get famous from this event?" Or is the idea of trying to write a book overwhelming and you can't decide if you want to try or not?


All of these questions can be answered by joining us and having a most excellent journey through the plains of written thought and story. Many join the event for the chance to write a book and get first hand experience of what it is like to be an author for a month. And writing 50k words in a month is not an easy feat!


The pep talk is now over..for now.


I have started the outline to my book "Christ's Rebellion", and decided since it is slow at work I would go ahead and start rereading the four gospels to gain some more interesting perspectives. I then perused through a bunch of public domain articles and references for my main character. No, it isn't Jesus. Fact is, no one is a main character. Is it possible to write this way?


I hope so!!!! Since there is only one way to find out, I guess we will have to wait and see how it all turns out.


Anyone else getting some ground work done before the 1st of November's Nanowrimo launch?



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Last year I reworked an old story from high school that went nowhere back then, after declaring that one a false start. Otherwise, I have a rough idea of where I wanna take it, what happens, what the characters are like, and i go from there. Not sure what I'm gonna do this year.

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I've been working at a couple of different ideas, trying to decide the one that is going to be the right one that will really fire off my imagination.  Last year's story concept was quite a surprise for me, and it's made me reevaluate the kinds of things I really can be enthusiastic to write about, compared to what I've always thought I wanted to write about.

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