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Death Bed Conversion Logic




The longer I spend pondering the logic of christianity, the more I find it just plain stupid. I figured i write these out every once in a while. I though about the logic of burning an upstanding family man in hell while jeffery dahmer converts in prison and gets to go to heaven.




Let's say I accept since god is in control and thats the way it works whether i like it or not, that doesn't dismiss the fact that murdered children never got a chance to accept jesus. And undoubtedly, the bible implies that unsaved children go to hell since no one is righteous and original sin makes Jesus necessary. This is why i think concepts like purgatory were created. They deal with the cognitive dissonance of people who know that the black and white logic of christianity makes no sense. Also, what about muslim kids, hindu kids, or the indigenous. I used to spout the book of Romans for this and talk about how the law was on everyone heart. Well if that applies to these people, why does it not apply to the moral skeptic. Because they had knowledge and rejected Jesus? What about the misinformed who are doing their best to remain faithful to what they were told is true. Should they burn too? They were presented with Jesus and rejected him too.


I've heard my pastor emotionally preach that darwin converted on his death bed. Of course this is false but lets pretend its true. How many millions of people were left deceived by his work and remained skeptical of the genesis creation story because of it. So they burn in hell forever and Darwin and Jesus (arm in arm) watch from the front row of heaven. Same with Dahmer and EVERY other person that prematurely denied anyone the option the accept jesus.


Funny thing is the opposite. The people that with a few hours left of life convert to the wrong religion




Since the holy spirit moves people to be saved (ignore how this contradicts free will) its almost as if there are some people who are chosen and others who in their own strength try to prepare for the next life and repent pick the wrong god on their death bed. :(


Just look at the peple who were duped....



and everything they did for god doesn't matter because at what could eventually be the last minute they made a wrong move.





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