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Figuring Out Income




So I've mentioned previously that I am studying, but I also work on a casual basis (call me when they need me). Because I am on a government study allowance, how much I get from them is dependent on how I earn in a given period. On their website, they detail how to basically figure out how much you'll be deducted based on how much you earn. With that information, I created a small script to give me an idea of how much I can expect to have in a given fortnight. Here's the script:

allowance = 500 # not the real number (though approximate to it), just a place holder so you can copy/paste it and have it work off the bat.


wages = int(raw_input("Please input wage: "))


if wages > 498:

allowance -= 41.50

allowance -= (wages - 498) * 0.60

elif wages <= 498:

allowance -= (wages - 415) * 0.50


print "$%.2f" % (allowance + wages)


So, as an example let's say in a fortnight I got quite a few hours, and clocked out with $600. I enter in 600 in the script, and it spits out $997.30. So, after the deductions, my wages plus my allowance gives me about $500 a week to work with which is definitely nice. Also, more practically I can use the same concept in an excel spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, I could make it more useful by not only doing what it does now, but also adding the ability to enter expenses and see instant updates which is a lot less cumbersome and far more speedy to use. But, for now this will do :)



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