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I generally live a stress-free life but university study somewhat fights against my attempts to do that. The last few months have been especially stressful as I've been struggling with motivation with my university studies, dealing with family pressure to move closer to home and as a result it has been bringing me down. I notice the stress gets so bad sometimes I feel ill. I guess that is why blogging can be cathartic - it relieves stress that's been building up (which is why I am probably doing it now).


One thing I have been realising is that I am far more easily read than I thought I was. A friend approached me the other day asking if I was ok, apparently he and a couple others can tell something is wrong. Even the other day I was a bit snappy with someone and I haven't been that way before. Anyways, short term goal - survive to the holidays.


TL;DR - I should start drinking or something.



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