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From Christianity To Another Part 1




Many of you have left Christianity behind and turned to atheism or something else. Some of you may have some concerns or doubts about your abandonment of Christianity like:


What if I'm wrong and their right?

What if hell is real, and what if I'm going there for leaving my Christian life

I still want to believe there is a god without being religious.


First and foremost I'd like to rejoice that you have succeeded in overcoming your brainwashing, because billions of people are still mentally imprisoned, but you successfully left for the sake of happiness and the well being of your mind


Though I bet some of you still want to believe in god and Jesus without being confined to a religion.

I'd like to say that the teachings of Jesus is simple, his teachings centered around searching for spiritual truth and compassion as well as loving kindness for the world. However something has gone wrong, the church has twist Jesus' teachings of love and altruism around and instead lie to everyone by saying that we are all hell bound sinners who need to rely on the works of Jesus instead of our own works.

In it's current state, Christianity is wrong at best and blasphemous at worse as well as stealing the lives of people.


What did Jesus believe about going to church?


Jesus made it clear that he does not want his followers going to church and letting the religious authorities take over our search for truth, truth is not limited to the church of the bible.

Jesus also did not want people to pray in public but in seclusion. The worse enemies of Jesus were the Pharisees, who have taken all keys to heaven and won't enter and won't let you enter either, but be as wise as a snake and as innocent as a dove (Thomas,39)


The search of truth is found within



Is the bible true?


The bible is an interesting book, it contains 66 books with many different writers many whom which never knew each other and whom came from different times. The bible has some truth within it but sad to say there are very serious and minor errors within the bible. The bible is in fact not the word of god in fact the bible even admits this itself when it says ''in the beginning was the word and the word was god and the word was with god'' it even says later on during the introduction of Jesus that Christ is the word of god (Revelation 19:13)

To see many errors and contradictions in the bible look up the skeptic's annotated bible


What about hell?


The truth is this, there is no place if eternal fire and everlasting punishment.

The place called hell originated with the pagan greeks and was called by a different name.

Sheol, hades, Gehenna and tartarus.


Sheol meant the grave


Gehenna was not even an afterlife but a place in Israel

Hades meant the land of the dead


Tartarus was a place of fire and everlasting punishment and so was Gehenna.


The pagan greeks used the threat of everlasting fire to keep their folks in line but later admitted that they lied and there was no place of fire and eternal punishment. The only Jews who believe the greeks about a place of fire, sulphur and brimstone was the pharisee's Jesus' enemies. The doctrine of infinite pain and misery an a dark abyss increased the power of the Pharisees for anyone who believed them would be terrified and whiplashed into obedience. Hell was than thrown into the bible for further fear and brainwashing. Hell only appears 8 to 12 times in the bible and does not appear at all in the old testament, but the mythical pagan hades, sheol, gehenna and Hades do but non of these are a place of suffering. Universal salvation is confirmed in the bible. If anyone threatens you with ''hell'' just remember that it is a pagan myth and does not belong in the Abrahamic religions.



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