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Thank God




Someone I know recently was involved in an "altercation" that left them pretty badly injured. As he lies in intensive care his family updates everyone on the situation and all I see are messages thanking God for helping him recover and all that shit. The only thing I can think of reading these messages is this same piece of shit who is apparently helping him recover also caused him all this harm.


In the book of Job, it opens with all that Job had and details how he lost it all. The book ends with him apparently getting everything back plus more. What the author believed, and what Christians believe is that if God harms you, then fixes you up then y'all are even. I mean, how does getting more children make up for losing the ones you had? How does recovering from life threatening injuries make up for suffering them in the first place?


These people are fucking warped and it infuriates me thinking about it.


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