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Un-Free This Holiday




It's holiday in America today this is Independence Day and it's all about celebrating the cut off of America from Britain a very long time ago. I've heard fireworks going for two days now in fact I hear some now just out my window. I really don't observe this holiday. I'm certainly not a red,white and blue Yankee and I've never waved a stars and stripes flag before. England will always hold a better portion of my heart. But this is the holiday I find most annoying, and not that I mind America's jubilance for breaking with the crown. Whatever sets your boat to float I guess. The problem is that there is a real lack of freedom. How many of us here on this forum are American's or residents of America "land of the freeeeee and the home of the braaaaave". Ever since I've come to live in America full-time I've never stopped hearing that song. And it's never grown on me it only gets more and more annoying. I don't think it's pretty. But I'm going on. There is a real lack of freedom because many of us here in America don't have freedom of religion and by that I mean, many of us have been told from childhood what religion we've got to be, and for me it's Christian, and we've not had the freedom to break away from it. Oh sure there's no law against us breaking from it. But there's pressure I mean there's enough social and family pressure towards it that it can crush a person. So if you're not American don't go and get the impression that this place is such a free country after all. In so many ways this country does not represent freedom but oppression. Oppression of every tribe of Native Americans, oppression of the dark skinned people who were enslaved here and segregated, and now there is spiritual oppression, religious oppression. If I am free, then why do I live in a household where I am not allowed to be a non-Christian, where I am not allowed to share non-Christian thoughts, where I am not allowed to believe in evolution, where I am not allowed to contradict the Bible, where I am not allowed to criticize the Bible's god, or the church, or the minister, or the holy people? And what sort of freedom is this? We can parade ourselves about in red, white and blue facepaint and set firecrackers and many of my countrymen are doing that today, and to what end? What good purpose does any of this serve? Rather than any of that I'll continue to use my time educating myself and educating others about such critical topics as the oppression of Native blooded people, and religious oppression by fundamentalist Christianity. Isn't that what the spirit of liberty is really all about?



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