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A Tale Of An Umbrella




I was thinking of about this thing that happened years ago when I was in college and even today it makes me smile. I thought I'd share it since it keeps on coming to mind as of late :)


It's a short tale, so don't be too worried. Years ago when I first started out at college I would get to there early before class started and go to the library where I'd read books and/or converse with people from my class. Anyways, when it would rain I would bring my umbrella with me (obviously) and I would get comments on it occasionally as it was a bit of an unusual umbrella. It was a nice big one that easily covered me, but what made it stand out was its wooden handle shaped like a duck's head.


My mum got it from some Chinese store for dirt cheap after I lost yet another umbrella. Anyways, I didn't really have any sentimental feelings towards the umbrella, it was after all just an umbrella. So, let's get to the story then now that I've laid the foundation :)


One day I went into the library as usual and left my umbrella at the front door as per the custom. As I left to go to class, I noticed my umbrella vanished. It was raining mildly so I wasn't too bothered being without an umbrella, but I of course felt violated that someone stole it from me. A couple weeks go by and it was raining heavily and I was using a crappy umbrella that was really just too small. I again go to the library and as I walk out to grab my crappy umbrella can you guess what I saw to my delight? That's right. My duck umbrella.


The tables had subsequently turned and the thief had a taste of theft himself. As I used my duck umbrella while it was pissing down rain I couldn't help but smile as I savored the schadenfreude and simply thought "Today was a good day".


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