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I Am A Totally Diferent Person. And I Like It.




So back in February of this year, I stepped on a scale and noticed that I weighed more than I ever had in my life and I was not happy about it. My life was already in chaos because I had made the decision to deconvert from the faith I had followed for the vast majority of my life and I was a father to a one year old little girl. Things in my life were very crazy.


But something about my weight at that time really concerned me. My father died at 46 years of age and I was about to hit 41 in a couple of months. I have always had this morbid thought about turning 46 years old and as I grew closer to it, it scared me more and more.


I made a decision at that time that I needed to make changes. I looked at my BMI and then where it needed to be to be considered a "healthy" weight and then set a goal to reach a weight that I felt was good for me and how I would look when I was skinnier.


Today, I stepped on my bathroom scale and the scale read the lowest weight I have been in about 20 years. I am only 10 lbs from reaching my goal weight and I have lost 36 lbs so far. I can truly say that I have never been happier in my life with who I am. I am more confident in my belief system and am now happy with my health and, although 46 still scares me, it doesn't scare me as much.


I get to share the weight loss thing with everyone openly on Facebook and in real life, but adding the changes of my deconversion to the mix is something that I can only share on here. But all of it has made me better as a person. I just wish I could share it all with the people I care about the most. Maybe one day.


So kudos to me! I've kicked butt so far and I have a little more to go.


I just wanted to share some happiness with people.



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Thanks Deidre for your kind words. I do feel much better. I am healthier and mostly in shape. I've been running regularly and competing in races. Its all been great for me. I am glad I did it.

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