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con·tro·ver·sy / noun / disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and "occasionally" heated. "the announcement ended a protracted controversy. This "club" has almost nothing to do with recovering from Christianity. You may find here partisan and controversial political and social issues. Please confine all such non-religious discussions to this area. Feel free to play here, but please respect differences of opinion and keep discussions civil. Discussions will be allowed to continue only as long as mutual respect is maintained.
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  2. Is there some sort of sea level rise happening down there near the south polar regions that we don't see up here in the northern hemisphere? I grew up in Islamorada, a small Island just above sea level in the middle Keys. We have annual tide cycles. The tides are high around August, September and still into October. Then they recede to lower points. And rise again. At peak high tides the water would breach the low part of our sea wall and go up into the mangrove forest next to the house, only during peak tide months. Or with hurricane storm surge. Very calculated and expected. Then
  3. But will he return from the dead???? Surprise everyone, the afterlife is real after all!!!
  4. James Randi, famous for debunking woo and supernatural claims has died aged 92 https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/300139727/james-randi-magician-and-stage-artist-devoted-to-debunking-the-paranormal-dies-at-92
  5. In our case the properties actually are being damaged. Storm surges are washing up high and higher eroding barriers. So it's not entirely all projection. Properties around our coastline are currently getting damaged due to rising seas. Its projected for the sea to continue rising exacerbating the problem. Either way we both agree that the Government shouldn't bail people out.
  6. How much does it cost to own and operate 100 million dollar yachts (rhetorical, of course)? This needs further thought. How much do the rich have to spend to be, well, rich? Mansions? Cost's to run businesses which create and maintain the wealth. How many people work for the wealthy? Does it circulate or is their money static???
  7. I went to a friends of NRA dinner and gun auction last weekend. Interesting lot. They actually didn't get into politics much at all. Except for a few brief mentions of this election being the most important in recent history. No long winded sermons against the left or anything like that. With all of the rioting and looting this year I'm not surprised at all at soaring gun sales. Personal protection got a little more real in 2020. I'm sure the NRA is very thankful to all of those rioting liberals, progressives, and self proclaimed Marxist's for personally running up gun sales natio
  8. Yeah, people buying beach front property take their own risks. The debate is well known. If people do buy coastal waterfront properties then they must do so with the hunch or belief that sea levels will not be rising as claimed. It's a bet. It's a risk. Governments shouldn't be bailing people out over taking their own risks like that. Especially all while in a period of speculation like this where the government doesn't even know or have any certainty on how the future will play out - whether these properties will be taken by the sea in the first place. Bail out's based on pure spe
  9. I was gonna post this in science... but it's gonna be a rant of sorts cause I'm annoyed at this article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/climate-news/300137847/election-2020-the-biggest-thing-the-government-will-do-that-youve-never-heard-of#comments The NZ Government is looking at funding a "managed retreat" from the ocean - essentially bailing out landowners who have built close to the ocean and are now finding the ocean lapping at their doorstep. This peeves me off - a lot of these properties are owned by wealthy people - very wealthy, who have been wa
  10. Mate don't put us up on too high a pedestal. We still have our issues we are working through.
  11. The other night we listened to the debate between the two candidates for Governor of West Virginia. It was rather civilized and informative. I’m sure there have been similarly normal debates all around the country for various offices. No doubt they don’t rise to the near-perfection that characterizes all aspects of life in New Zealand.
  12. Agree with the OP. The US doesn't have debates, it has entertainment matches. Check out the recent NZ leaders debates to find out what debates should kinda look like. (I still don't like the format, but at least it isn't the shitshow the US provides)
  13. Wealth inequality is growing. Wealth itself is not the problem, but history has shown that whenever the wealth get rich off the poor, when the divide is wide enough revolution will occur. Usually blood is shed. Once over certain levels of income people get comfortable and forget about their rich corporate masters and so are less inclined to revolt because the cost is not worth their current levels of comfort. So wealth distribution can be a tool to offset this from happening. How this distribution is best applied is another debate. (Like do you give it to people directly via welfar
  14. And will likely only become even more so with time. From both the left and the right. The right is pretty liberal now compared to just a few decades ago. It’s slowly liberalizing with time. The secular game is a long game, it has to play out over the long haul. No one can force it on everyone. It has to run its Natural course generation by generation...
  15. By the way, black people in the US seem to have really nailed it in music, dancing and sports. And this could be genetic/cultural thing as even now traditional African tribes seem very musical and highly athletic. Only the advent of modern technology and statecraft I think, made colonisation possible. On a strictly bow and arrow/spear warfare Europeans would have taken a massive wooping. Likewise in South and North America. Also population wiping pandemics which make coronavirus seem like a small papercut. Guns, germs and steel.
  16. Gun sales are up by a ridiculous percentage this year and we haven't had any mass shootings. Almost makes you think guns aren't the problem, huh?
  17. Very true. There are a lot more factors involved than the color of a person's skin.
  18. I would highly suggest watching the discussions by Glenn Loury, John McWorther and Coleman Hughes. All three black intellectuals, one an economist and conservative, another a linguistics professor and liberal leaning, and the last a recent philosophy graduate and journalist and kind of a center left I would think. It is a spectacle of nuance. Also, some interesting discussions by Frank von Hippel, ecotoxicology professor. He had an interesting comment that it COULD BE that lower socio economic status in itself could actually lead to living in more polluted areas , with lead and DDT
  19. The religious right has already lost that battle: this country is LESS sexist, less racist and less intolerant of LGBT folk than ever before.
  20. Also, a new poll determined that 45% of gay men plan to vote for Trump. link to newsweek
  21. Last civil war in the USA was about resolving the horrors of slavery. Theme of the next one? Resolving the irreconcilable divide between social evolution and conservative right wing Christian sexist/racist/lgtbqxyz intolerance. That was not a debate. It was pure vomit. These are the last reality TV moments of a failing dictator calling out his brainwashed core to trigger a civil war. Good luck to all
  22. As the cliche goes, you can't make this stuff up. The School of Supernatural Ministry, with about 10,000 members, who cure illness with prayer, has has 137 cases of Covid. https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article246410345.html [S]tate and church officials are asking the student body of more than 1,600 people at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Shasta County to lock down at their homes and apartments after 137 students and staff members tested positive for COVID-19. The cases represent 10 percent of Shasta County’s total infections so far.

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