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con·tro·ver·sy / noun / disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. "the announcement ended a protracted controversy" synonyms: disagreement, dispute, argument, debate, dissension, contention, disputation, altercation, wrangle, quarrel, squabble, war of words, storm; This "club" has almost nothing to do with recovering from Christianity. You will find here partisan politics, controversy, conflict and baiting. Please confine all such non-encouraging discussions to this area. And, please play nice.

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  2. I don't think he's anymore than the next douche in line for the power the seat. None of what I said has to do with Trump supporters. It just so happens that the economic point lines up with something they champion around. I didn't vote for Trump. I likely won't next year either. That's what I'm saying. If Yang gets in there I would take him as the closest thing to a libertarian win as we could expect. I think he's a descent choice for moderates, independents, libertarians and even people who did support Trump out of pure spite for the new left. Yang looks like a guy with the potential to change that around a little bit. I highly doubt that if Hillary won the economy would have done the same. Maybe it would have, I just doubt it myself. Maybe you have a point with flaunting it. But I don't expect we've had any presidents who were not violating the rule of law. Just more of the same. So I'm not any more concerned with it now than I was with Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan.......... Again, the thread is about Yang the potential to rise up through his opponents from the new left and possibly take out Trump next year. Probably a long shot. Probably won't make it. But interesting to follow IMO.
  3. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/114347666/bible-doesnt-say-thou-shall-not-pay-tax-judge-tells-christian-siblings
  4. Some people will support anything in the name of a "healthy" economy. Trump is violating the rule of law and flaunting it. Yeah, defenders will say, "Don't be dramatic. Calling people Nazis is the oldest thing on the internet." It is...only if you take an objective view of Trump's policies (and his defiance of checks and balances...and contempt for any oversight...and his advocating white nationalism, the rule of other dictators, and the chopping up of reporters) then it's pretty clear where this is all heading. Rich Nazis before the end of WWII "This economy is really booming!" Everyone else: "We're going to have to kill these a-holes and take our country back." The Nazis lost.
  5. You mean the proposed wall that he had two years with a Republican Congress to get funding for and didn't but then blamed the Democrats for not wanting to fund it as soon as they took the House? That charade was a ridiculous political game. How convenient for Trump that people give him credit for an economy that was already on the upswing before he was even elected and simply continued that trajectory. That makes about as much sense as when people act like Trump made himself rich even though his rich daddy gave him a shitload of money to start with. Don't fall for the bullshit that Trump supporters spew. He's not all that he's cracked up to be.
  6. We have two examples of what would happen if a war were to happen. Nothing but wastes of lives and money. Shit, it would be one thing if either place was one step closer to "freedom," the bullshit we promised, but they're not. They're just as entrenched in the "old ways," which are ironically probably newer than I am old, than before this shit all happened. mwc
  7. You have to remember Russia and China. They may not be happy with more US involvement in the ME so will actively seek to undermine the US. Possibly they will look at weakening the US without taking any overt measures. A war with Iran will drain resources and public moral which is helpful to the other big states.
  8. So what do you think would be the outcome if war was declared? Military wise the US will stomp them no trouble, until it comes to putting troops on the ground, then you run into a guerrilla style war that could drag on. The biggest worry would be Iran saying "we can't win but we can take you with us" and targeting their own oil production plus any oil fields of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi that are within reach. The hit to the global economy could be massive. It wouldn't help Iran, more of a mutually assured destruction kind of thing. Seems like a lose/lose situation no matter how it played out.
  9. I have no idea how much oil Iraq had, or has, but if the war we waged was to get at it then the price of that oil has to be outrageously overpriced at this point. I can't imagine paying a similar price in some feeble attempt to get at Iran's oil. Bad politics and ego seem like equally likely motivations for this administration not that they're any better reasons. mwc
  10. I think the sanctions are about their nuclear program & their attack on the tankers.
  11. Max Wright Most famous for his role as the Dad on 80s puppet sitcom "ALF".
  12. In which case what is the fuss about? Why even impose sanctions in response to them shooting it down? If it's in their air space its fair game. The US would not tolerate drones from an enemy in their airspace.
  13. So the Australian Christian Lobby did a donations campaign of their own - raised 2 million in a few days. So if you want to spread your hateful views you can because they are religious and people will fund the heck out of it so they can continue to do so. But try raising money for a practical cause - hard to get anything worthwhile. Bear in mind this guy is not a hard done by fellow. He's a multi millionaire with multiple properties. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/113829213/pause-button-hit-on-israel-folau-fund-after-surpasses-2-million Can someone tell me why its ok to tout the stuff he does and people feel its ok because it's a protected religious belief, but stating your sincerely held racist or anti religious, or white supremacist beliefs isn't because they are just beliefs?
  14. I saw an investigative journalist article today that indicates Trump called off the air strike against Iran because his military advisors admitted the drone was in Iranian air space when it was shot down.
  15. I never know how to feel on things like this. I don't really care for what I see as censorship but at the same time it seems that whenever you use someone else's service you're at their whims as far how things are implemented. So no matter what side you're on you really shouldn't ever get too comfortable. mwc
  16. I expect you know that some crazies in the Toronto Blessing period did actually claim this (and not just that video that was debunked)! ..... Maybe limbs don't grow back but tonsils can: https://www.healthline.com/health/can-tonsils-grow-back Take THAT , non-believers. (haha) Praise be to Jebus! Hallelujah Amen. Glory to the highest. See he has put into our designed DNA a way to regrow tonsils... that really aren't too functional... but PRAISE GOD. What's that? Your limbs were blown off by a mine and you want them to grow back? Sorry, God only does tonsils because tonsils are important.
  17. And his GoFundMe campaign has been shut down. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/113726953/israel-folaus-gofundme-page-shut-down Thoughts on this? Should this be shut down? Essentially it was to pay his legal bills to sue Rugby Australia for firing him because he wanted to post his religious stuff. Of course Christian's will cry foul, free speech etc (Bearing in mind these are all private companies that are shutting him down.) An interesting wider meta discussion surrounding this.
  18. midniterider: I expect you know that some crazies in the Toronto Blessing period did actually claim this (and not just that video that was debunked)! ..... Maybe limbs don't grow back but tonsils can: https://www.healthline.com/health/can-tonsils-grow-back Take THAT , non-believers. (haha)
  19. Can't say I really know what's going on with this guy but a quick scan of the first article gives me the impression that this he is kind of given himself over to being some sort of martyr. So in that case whatever he's done, and does, is just fine and dandy. And the xians will eat this up. mwc
  20. Just about anything is biblical. You just gotta want it bad enough. mwc

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