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con·tro·ver·sy / noun / disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. "the announcement ended a protracted controversy" synonyms: disagreement, dispute, argument, debate, dissension, contention, disputation, altercation, wrangle, quarrel, squabble, war of words, storm; This "club" has almost nothing to do with recovering from Christianity. You will find here partisan politics, controversy, conflict and baiting. Please confine all such non-encouraging discussions to this area. And, please play nice.

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  2. I believe the number of wounded and killed in mass shootings pale in comparison to the number of people that are killed or wounded daily across America. Gangs would seem to be the primary offenders. Gang violence is nationwide and out of control. It is now even a problem in small rural towns. Shootings and fatalities are a common daily occurrence in the area where I live. Gangs need to be treated like organized crime, because that’s essentially what they are.
  3. The fact that english doesn’t have a “real” second person plural is annoying. It’s “yous” in the east, “y’all” in the south, sometimes even “y’uns” (you ones). It used to be “ye,” and supposedly still is in some places. Why don’t y’all decide on one . . . .
  4. We've hit almost every major subject on these forums but I can't remember seeing a discussion on veganism. Cosmik Sceptic turned vegan a few months ago and the subject has come up in a few of his recent YouTube videos, most notably the latest podcast where he interviewed Earthling Ed, a vegan activist. My own contact with vegans had been either from religious types (we have a few hari krishnas working for us and veganism is part of their beliefs) or for diet (allergies or digestive issues) but the idea of vegan for purely moral reasons never really occured to me before. The first advocates I came across were the over the top SJW types, who abused meat eaters, called everyone immoral monsters and appeared to have a real superiority complex. Of course those offensive tactics make people dislike you, turn defensive and not want to engage. So seeing well spoken and deep thinkers like cosmik sceptic and Ed lay out the case without recriminations was quite refreshing. I do find it hard to find what the truth from a health and nutrition standpoint is. Vegans will say you don't need meat and can live fine without it, but then half of them are on vitamin supplements to fill in the gaps, especially regarding iron and B12. Sure you can get iron from spinach but you need a bucket full to equal one steak. I also hear without the meat industry there wouldn't be enough food to go around. It is the industrial scale that allows dense populations like we have to get enough food. I also struggle to see why vegan verse vegetarian. There isn't the same harm when collecting eggs, honey or milk. They do have quite a compelling argument that animal harm is immoral and as both an animal lover and omnivore I can see the cross over. Where do you stand on this? And has your views changed?
  5. People who swear so much that its just a habit that shows their terrible lack of social ability. I was on the bus and listening to these two drop kick teenagers: "Did you go to Fkn Sam's party?" "Fk it was sweet, went Fkn hard all Fkn night and FKn caught up with that guy, whats his Fkn name?" "You mean that Fk Dave? Fkn bald Fk with the Fkn hot girlfriend?" "He kicked that fkn chick to the curb, she was fkn some other dumb fk" It was tragic to listen to, kind of like swearing instead of pausing for a breath. I can imagine they would be the same to their parents and openly said they abused their teachers cos "there's nothing they can fkn do"
  6. This pisses me off no end. My friend says it all the time. No I say, it's are you all going to the shops? "you all" indicates a group, "yous" it not a word. It's Fringlish.
  7. Damn that hurricane shitmixed some areas. Josh did you get off lightly?
  8. It's gonna look like an atomic bomb went off. I hope they evacuated most of the residents to the southern Islands. If this doesn't turn as expected I have multiple families coming over to evacuate the central east coast.
  9. It’s gotta be really bad in the northern Bahamas right now.
  10. Here's the weather data base site that we like to use here on the east coast: http://trackthetropics.com/ We're looking at a tricky situation here in Florida at the moment. And it could get tricky for coastal Georgia and Carolina's. The situation is that we're on high alert waiting and watching to see if Dorian will move as predicted, and make an abrupt right hand turn at about West End on Grand Bahama Island. If not, if the turn is slower or more drawn out, we have a currently 180 mph category 5 (much higher than predicted) hurricane moving up our coastlines. Those of us in the middle of the state and gulf coast are probably less threatened right now, but everyone needs to be on high alert for the next few days.
  11. Pretty much based on gut feelings but I think it's at least to a large amount a combo of 1. yes, wide-spread gun possession and 2. - at least compared to us - an enormous amount of machismo and prudeness, simultaneously. Gotta be a real man(TM) right? A real man never accepts a loss or else he's a loser and will stay one for the rest of his life; a real man fights for what he wants and grants no mercy. I'm exaggerating a bit here but I trust you understand what I mean. And Orwell wasn't that wrong I think when he had the heroine in 1984 postulate that sexual repression leads to an enormous amount of energy that must be spent somehow, if not for banging. And if you channel it correctly... Maybe that infamous concept of American exceptionalism plays into that too. You know, that idea that the US are better than everyone else and the last best hope for the planet et cetera ad nauseam. Last time we Germans thought like that... well we both know how that ended. And how many tens of millions of lives it cost. Just my 2 cents, mind you. May be correct, may be not. But perhaps it at least gives someone food for thought.
  12. Touché Thurisaz. I think the answer to violence in America will never be found. Tonight's news reports that 20 children have been shot and killed in the St. Louis city area so far this year. In Chicago 309 people have been killed this year. As I sit here pondering this, dozens of causes come to mind, the solutions to which require major changes to our culture, our government, and our attitudes toward ourselves and others.
  13. Ah but then it's hardly like other countries had a recent history of peace and rainbows and unicorns is it? *cough* world wars in Europe *cough*... shouldn't we Germans above all others have developed a love for violence then?
  14. Many decades ago when I was an undergrad student I read a book titled, Violence in America. (I don't think it was the same as current books with the same title. The book was some sort of formal study with numerous footnotes and references.) This was an historical account that traced our history beginning with the first settlers onward. The hypothesis was that the country was settled and founded as a result of violence, by people for whom violence was almost a norm. Thus it is bred into our national psyche.
  15. Saw a blurb wishing the Koch family a speedy reunion. Cold...
  16. Well, we're murdery, but not *that* murdery otherwise we'd all be dead and the problem would solve itself. Most of us are actually pretty nice. mwc
  17. Our company runs a helpdesk for a large corporate client. Our helpdesk has dropped every SLA, terrible customer reviews and stats that are a disaster. Our client went to market to consider dropping us, found it would cost tens of thousands with no guarantees that it would be better, so we got the contract extended. Money over quality for the win.
  18. I know damn well what you mean. Not surprising of course... as we say over here, "you pay in bananas, you can only hire apes". Contemporary capitalist ideology runs everything on "gotta be cheapest and, huh, what does 'quality' mean?", so the cheapest way to run any 1st level support is staff it with untrained morons (who aren't even supposed to ever learn anything) and have them mindlessly work through scripts. I bet the fucking managers running that shit only see the wages as a cost factor - the untold man-hours of productivity lost due to shitty service cannot be calculated easily so they don't appear in their excel wallpapers. I'm working in a 1st level phone support and I fucking swear, we must be the only ones in the entire VW Group who usually know what we're talking about. Every other fucking helpdesk and such is a zombie infestation (desperately in need of braaaaaaaaaaaaains).
  19. Sadly it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. He's actually beginning to sometimes sound like a dyed-in-the-wool morontheist lately. He's not yet turned full fuckface yet, mind you, and I hope he won't... but some things he posts on FB certainly can make one go OHNOEZ!
  20. Well nothing wrong about wanting to be a hero(ine) - who wouldn't want that? - but there are ways that one better... not try out in real life. Especially not if the chosen way easily puts others' lives on the line. That said, there's something about the US and guns that is not easily explained. So many simple explanations about what to do to resolve that clusterfuck but they usually don't work once you think a bit more about them. I've seen web authors state that for US folks guns are basically another kind of porn, which may or may not be true... but I do think that at least aims in the right general direction. It's certainly not just that there are so many guns around - otherwise countries like Switzerland would be right up there in the carnage statistics (and on the other hand, "more guns = less crime" is also wrong, or else we Krauts with our very strict gun control would just drown in crime...). Something makes US citizens want to use their guns against fellow humans almost literally at the drop of a hat. Whatever it is.
  21. And something that the heroes don't think about is the legal expenses that will arise after the action is over. The probability of said hero needing a lawyer is very high, and the fees for a good one will likely run to the tens of thousands. A lawyer once told me that taking a case all the way to court is a minimum of $100 grand.

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