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Former Christians are liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent, progressive, feminist, anti-feminist, kind, harsh, bitter, angry, laid back, hyper, heterosexual, homosexual, black, white, brown, yellow, red, capitalist, socialist, spiritual, atheist, etc., etc., etc. 


In other words, the only actual commonality between all former Christians is that they all formerly considered themselves Christian. 


When leaving Christianity, a person gains a certain freedom from needing to agree with or adhere to others' opinions, no matter how strongly held those opinions might be.  Ex-Christian authoritarian dogma does not exist. The only requirement to belonging to this community of ex-Christians is the act of leaving Christianity. 


When posting topics or participating in discussions, please keep the site's primary purpose in mind: encouraging ex-Christians.  


Encouraging ex-Christians to think differently about a controversial subject is fine, but insulting and baiting others when they disagree or for sheer entertainment is contrary to this site's purpose. 


Feel free to play here, but please respect differences of opinion and keep discussions civil. 


Discussions will be allowed to continue only as long as mutual respect is maintained. 

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