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  2. Thank you @Margee I am enjoying this! Especially 9:00 forward. More perspective.
  3. Josh I think you would love listening to Zach Bush, M.D. He studies evolution, the microbiome, bacteria, soil and all the different viruses in the human species.. (without any political gains) And he's not anti-mask, anti vaccine but what he says makes so much sense to me. And no, I do not trust every medical doctors opinion. I like to listen to those who study evolution and this guy does. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  4. My point is that I'm done with the masks. I'm vaccinated. Could I spread it anyways, yes. But so what? It's in the air. It's running through wild animals. Mutations are not going to stop any time soon. I've determined that it's a situation where people have to determine what they are going to do as individuals and mandates and forcing people into things isn't going to produce better results than what we've seen so far. If we could stop it, great. But we can't. So get ready for a potentially long, long, long ride. I guess some people are facing the possibility of masking themselves for potentially the rest of their lives. Have a nice life then, folks. I won't be joining you.
  5. Well I'm confused. I advocate mask wearing based on evidence that it slows the spread of the disease (And thus helps in a number of areas such as the medical system, lessening impact on the economy etc So in response to my post you said: "It may slow the spread to some degree but the argument is that these masks haven't, nor can they stop the spread. For X reasons. It can be slowed by factors and yet never go away" So, the POINT, as referred to above I think is that while masks do not stop the virus, they, in conjunction with other tools such as vaccines and lockdowns, help slow the spread and protect the population therefore being a net benefit. So saying that masks don't "stop" the virus I think misses the point. Have I missed the point? That's my point, care to clarify what you think the point is?
  6. Final update on my second dose. Only had soreness and a mild headache. Everything has cleared up. No other issues. I'll let ya know if anything weird happens.
  7. The best thing would be for you to clarify what you think the point is. Then we can go from there.
  8. There is also the argument here that if everyone doesn't wear them and wear them properly then they aren't really doing any good. That's what makes mask wearing useless right now in this area. If there are only 10 people in a store filled with 100 plus people, the masks arent doing much at all. I agree that if everyone would wear them that it would be a good thing. It's just not happening here right now. I literally saw a fundy friend post a meme that said if God says it's your time there is no amount of masks or handsanitizer that's going to save you. That's the type of mentality that we are dealing with from the fundy Christians around here. My mom said, " If it's your time to go it's your time. We ain't gonna die until the good lord wants us to. " Ugh. Ya see logical. That's what we are dealing with here. I know multiple people that are in that mind set. And they are fighting mad about possibly being forced to take the vaccine. If you've heard a conspiracy about the vaccine. I guarantee I know someone that believes it as gospel truth. Even down to the "it's gonna kill you in 3-5 years" BS. I've heard it all. Nanobots, population reduction, magnets sticking injection sites, chips, big pharma conspiracies, Govt. Conspiracies, I'm surrounded by stupid here. Atleast I just wanted to see better numbers before I took it. Better numbers came out and now I support the vaccine. I even support mask wearing if everyone would do it.
  9. Who is arguing they can stop it completely? That isn't a strawman over there on the field is it? If anyone is arguing that vaccines and masks and prayer can 100% stop covid they are wrong, but that would be missing the point. And here in this thread it would be a strawman.
  10. Slow the spread is being conflated with stopping the spread in the above post. It may slow the spread to some degree but the argument is that these masks haven't, nor can they stop the spread. For X reasons. It can be slowed by factors and yet never go away. Or take a dam long time to go away regardless of masks. The reasons cited previously range from the transmission anyways, the virus crossing species and basically getting out of our control altogether, not being able to get everyone vaccinated within a very short period of time, and all other factors that go into it.
  11. I had some fatigue for a few days after the fever conditions. But when it was gone, it was just gone. Never to be seen again.
  12. It's the same data everyone is using. The new daily cases from I assume the big delta spike has already peaked and started trending down on both charts. Looks like the projections of a sharp, but short lived spike in new cases is finally starting to pan out and reveal itself. But the bigger issue is the problem of continuous variants and new spikes, short lived or otherwise. That seems to be the issue we'll be facing for years to come. There's several people that I have business relations with in town that got covid this time around after dodging it previously. I know for sure the anti-vax nutter fundie wasn't vaccinated. The others I'm not sure of. But I'll be asking when they return to work. If they survive. I feel good enough about hedging my bets on getting the Moderna vaccine. The nutters think I've taken the mark of the beast, and I'll drop dead with everyone else when the genocidal conspiracy drug kick's in, but, meh, fuck'em all. They can kiss my ass and keep praying to an imaginary jesus for the end of days to come soon. If these vaccines can help thwart this spike and future spikes then ok. If not, I'm not as protected as I hoped for. It will be what it will be.
  13. If you can distribute masks and get people to wear them, do they work?" ^ taken from article ^ This is the trick. I dont think any of us doubt that IF everyone wore masks that it would cut down the spread of germs. I saw that last year. Other than my experience getting covid I didn't get sick with anything last year other than allergies. The problem is getting EVERYONE to wear them. And possibly just important is getting them to wear them correctly. Everyone is sick of wearing masks and especially here in the south there aren't many people wearing them anymore. On top of that, what are we to do about the potential for contracting covid from an animal. Say we all wear masks for the next 4 years, we all get vaccinated, and we get numbers down to manageable lows. Low enough for us to feel safe again. We tak off the masks and boom. We start getting flare up everywhere and they find that it's from the animal population? Do we wear masks the rest of our lives then? Ugh I hope not. I'm not saying we shouldn't wear masks. But if we don't all wear masks. Its almost pointless.
  14. Earlier in this thread we were discussing whether masks help slow the spread of Covid. We have a new large study: Largest study of masks yet details their importance in fighting Covid-19 (nbcnews.com) A link to the actual study for those so inclined to delve into the methods etc Mask_RCT____Symptomatic_Seropositivity_083121.pdf (poverty-action.org)
  15. @Joshpantera I'm sorry for your loss. It sucks. It really does, this virus kills so fast if it gets in the right person. I wish my parents would get the shot. Apparently someone around here is giving an alternative treatment for those that become infected. My dad told me about it. I think its that stuff they were trying to treat it with last year. Next morning after the shot. My arm is really sore and feels weak like I expected. Had a slight headache earlier. And I feel lethargic. Same as last time. Other than that I'm good.
  16. Hmmm. This is not what I'm seeing. What source do you use? I use https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/florida/ which shows a very sharp increase in active cases. Seems like there is more of a see-saw trend with overall increase.
  17. For me, headache lasted off-and-on for weeks, but finally went away. That was a common reaction among my family members. It should still be reported as a vaccine reaction. You can do that here: https://vaers.hhs.gov/ Although, not sure if you need to be a US citizen to do that? I'm so sorry to hear this .
  18. As for Florida, we've been watching the charts and it does look like entering September the delta variant spike is already trending back down.
  19. So more update: Spoke to the doctor. He thinks it was likely the jab that caused it because migraines are related to inflammatory forces and the 2nd jab does cause a decent inflammatory response. However its normal and nothing to be concerned about, especially since the last two days I've been fine. He thinks I'm now out of the reaction period.
  20. Sorry to hear that mate. I do have an update: Not sure if this is related to the vaccine or just something that happens. I get migraines every so often. Normally every 6 months. I haven't had one for a bout 6 months. I reported on Saturday I was fine and dandy. Saturday night I got a migraine. It wasn't severe. I was fine on Sunday, Monday had bad headaches and felt nauseous, then on Tuesday I got another migraine. Now, none of that is particularly unusual. I get migraines and headaches, and I've had back to back migraines before and generally feel shitting for a day or two after getting one. But due to the proximity of my 2nd shot I thought I'd report it. @DarkBishop Hoping you get through it like a breeze mate. From what I've heard, any side effects are better than the actual thing. We have 8 cases in ICU in NZ - and we are locked down! Hate to see case numbers if we weren't locked down.
  21. I've lost another good surfing buddy. He was only 43. I don't know if he was vaccinated or not. But he got covid and was hospitalized and died in a very short period of time. Leaving behind a wife and three daughters. I'm going to ask around and see if anyone knows if he was vaccinated or not.
  22. Ok. Well I guess it's my turn to let everyone know how it goes with me. Just took my 2nd dose of pfizer a few hours ago. So far no ill side effects other than a slightly sore arm which I'm sure will get worse like it did with the first shot. I'll let yall know how it progresses. I'm expecting it to be much like the last shot.
  23. Haha, it is a bit ominous I guess. Biology mate. People react differently to different things. That's the really short basic answer.
  24. This is a very promising article for me. I've been saying I think the immunity last longer than 3 or 4 months. I was exposed side by side with unmasked coworkers on break that tested positive a day later. I only got it the one time. And now with the vaccine I'm probably even more immune according to this. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/08/having-sars-cov-2-once-confers-much-greater-immunity-vaccine-no-infection-parties
  25. Well I actually makes sense because the virus works the same way. I knew people that were positive with not one symptom. I lost my smell and taste for a month and coughed for a week. Had a headache for a few days. Others are down for a month with symptoms and recover. Our friend that just died caught it and eight days later died. So it makes sense that the vaccine would be similarly puzzling. The first like it. Pretty much all other epidemics followed similar symptoms for everyone that caught it. I think. Not an expert tho.
  26. That was a bit ominous, until I read on… I’m puzzled by the differences in reactions to these particular vaccines. For instance, my wife and I got the same Moderna second-shot at the same time, but she had nasty flu-symptoms for 18 hours and I had no reaction whatsoever.
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