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Posting Format: 

  1. Own your opinion. Just as newspapers will not publish unsigned anonymous opinion letters, only registered members are eligible to post in this OPINE CLUB.
  2. Keep it short. Most newspapers have restrictions on length, and under 200 words is usually best for keeping a reader’s attention.
  3. Start strong. Compelling opinion posts usually pull in the reader with a startling fact, a visceral description, or a strong statement.
  4. Use your own words. It can be helpful to use other sources, templates, or talking points as resources for your OPINE CLUB topic, but don’t simply repeat what others have said or written. Use your own voice.
  5. Speak your truth. Readers relate strongly to personal stories. If you have a story to share that illustrates the importance of your issue, include a few sentences that frame your story in your post.
  6. Reinforce with facts. All posts in this section are opinions, and yours gains credibility when you clearly state data, facts (and sources) that support your point.
  7. Ask for action. Don’t shy away from asking readers to support your cause, and give them a specific way to do so in your post, such as visiting a website to learn more, attending an event, or changing a personal behavior (if appropriate).


Posting Rules:

  • All posts should be presented and recognized as opinion (please refer to #6 in Posting Format above) 
  • All responses to OPINE CLUB topics should remain on topic (no rabbit trailing)
  • All posters are expected to remain respectful to all other posters at all times. Personal attacks & "ganging-up" on any member, no matter how much someone disagrees with his or her opinion(s), will not be tolerated
  • Absolutely no Maroon 5s



  • Topics will expire and be closed at the sole discretion the moderator
  • Opine Club posting policy infractions are subject to progressive moderation, such as:  
    • Warning(s) 
    • Temporary suspension from the club
    • Permanent ban from the club 


This club is owned and moderated by TheRedneckProfessor

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