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  3. I hope you and Mrs Geezer stay healthy and safe!
  4. It's ok I am a weirdo too. Imbrace your strangeness .
  5. Yes if you only have one God , that God inevitably becomes a narcissist. As someone with a narcissist for a biological mother I see the same in all monotheistic religions. I fact I found a YouTube video that explains this perfectly. Watch this: https://youtu.be/qjZ3f-IXEXU EDIT:Note the video was made by a atheist. He points out the problem of monotheistic narcissism. As a polytheist I don't have these problems.
  6. Grocery Stores & Costco, in my area, are offering seniors only the first hour of shopping. They are also placing limits on specific items that tend to be the target for those that want to horde. Local government has ordered citizens to shelter in place, and most people are abiding by that. Our son and daughter are doing our grocery shopping for us due to our age and vulnerability to the virus. We haven’t encountered any serious problems obtaining pretty much everything on our grocery list. As others have noted, all anyone can do is use common sense and do the best you can under the circumstances.
  7. I suspect, if there isn't some wailing soon, there will be some gnashing of teeth as a result.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Generally speaking, people in general don't like generalizations. As a general rule, anyway.
  10. I doubt that there's any demographic or categorization wherein all really are exactly the same. Generalizations are only worthwhile as long as it's recognized that there are exceptions. Sometimes there are a lot of exceptions.
  11. Every store manager is agreed. If the panic buying would just stop there would be no problem keeping the shelves stocked. Supply lines are not impeded in any way and normal buying practices could continue if we let it happen. But people are crazy, panicky and above all selfish hoarders at any hint of adversity. I see this behavior every hurricane season. As for me, we and our pets are always stocked up for 6-8 weeks but we shop weekly anyway. Therefore, we are fine with not leaving the house for a couple of months at least. We're used to hurricanes and power outages, so this is a cake walk.
  12. The population at large has proven itself to be stupid and selfish. Our government entities have been very slow to act regarding personal behavior; they offer "suggestions" for distancing. It's already too late, but finally there are some restrictions in place and no doubt more to come. It's good to see the reluctance to institute something like martial law, but I'm afraid we actually need to be forced into acting responsibly. The dangerously stupid need to be stopped from doing harm.
  13. I am a bit peeved about some of the stores that are crowded. Our number of known infected doubled in the last week, and still the markets are full. The bigger ones are limiting how many are in the store at a time, wiping down everything, keeping people apart, at least trying to limit exposure. We stocked up on food today, WAY more than I thought we might need, but then again we won't be out shopping next week or the week after. I cook a lot, then fridge or freeze it. Then I eat less to make it last. Plus I'm not out and about, so using less body energy.
  14. I'm sorry. I've projected all women to be the same. Like the ones in my family. I need to stop thinking all women are the same. There are some really admirable respectable women out there. I need to take more care to not lable and demonize women because of my bad experiences with them. I was being ignorant and very disrespectful. I sincerely apologise.
  15. I've encountered too many mysandrists and misogynists. I'm an androgyne. Neither masculine or feminine. So I'm in the wrong here. I'm a weirdo, abnormal, freak I guess.
  16. I seriously doubt that such a thing as "magic" exists, outside the realm of illusionism - which is a very clear proffesion. And about it anyway, most religious guides in human cultures stretching from south american shamans to greek polytheist priest to monotheist mystics have been mainly men from what I know. And celtic druids. Maybe this was also discrimination. But it was a global one for millenia in lots of unrelated areas. I am not a fan of equality. I consider it a unrealistic goal because it leads to nowhere. What I think should be more seen is realistic rights and responsabilities. For example can a person judge reality in a mature fashion? Then he/she should have the right to vote. So a sort of meritocracy in this regard. The answer is yes, women can judge reality in a mature fashion. Not all but not all men. Smth like that. People should get what they deserve and can handle based on reality not ideals. What is required to do smth? This to me seems the pertinent question. Can men give birth to children and breatsfeed? No. Then they should not be allowed to try breastfeeding. I am starting to be very atached and focused on discovering and living in reality rather than ideals beliefs and ideology, no matter how atractive and high minded they might seem.
  17. So having multiple imaginary gods is better than imagining only one? Wow.
  18. It is so much better with fellow polytheist we can both acknowledge and accept each others Gods with the spiritual dick measuring contest of labeling one person's Gods as demons.
  19. They do, they just call them demons that are tricking you. That's what I used to do anyway... So there is still hope that people with monolithic thinking can finally see through it.
  20. I just wish Christians would accept my Gods exist. I acknowledge the Christian God's existence the least they could do is reciprocate.
  21. I agree all generalizations are false including this one.
  22. I can agree to that. I just experienced more than my fair share of misogynists, hence why I identify as a feminist.
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