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  2. I have a hard time with having free will but you will catch hell if you choose wrong! How can that be free will? Especially if you know it up front! If God did create us with free will, knowing all things as he supposedly does, he knows that most of the humans he created will not pass the test. And that bothers the hell out of me, why doesn't it bother him?
  3. @fuego, I believe you to be dead on in your assessment of religion and politics in America, in fact, I have long believed that politics and government was created by religion and religion was created by wanna-be rulers. In the old saying, Religion and politics makes strange bedfellows', I dropped the word 'strange' and it all made sense in light of what I kept observing. Bob Altemeyer has an essay out (, The Authoritarians, that explains a lot about the connection between American politics and religion, specifically Christianity. Worth a read.
  4. was the book titled The Age of Atheists? it was kind of implied in the heading...just curious... Mike
  5. Margee: You are the wisest and most insightful person on this site. You need to write a book: The Wisdom of Margee.
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  7. This week, Bonnie and Karen discuss their time in Baptist day school. They read a listener’s letter about bringing her boyfriend to church and the Sunday School teachers deciding to divide the boys and girls up so they could talk about sex. And what would Christian school be without unruly boys who dive in dumpsters and pull out nudey magazines? We still pander for Facebook likes, Ratings, and Reviewers (click over there to the right to be taken to iTunes). iTunes Spotify Stitcher Website
  8. Tweet Keeping it in the Great White North, this week I’m returning to Canada for a great conversation with Neil604–the Canadian atheist! On his YouTube channel, Neil loves to speak with people who have left religion behind–religious deconversion, spiritual transitions, divorcing religions–whatever you’d like to call it. Religion has done a tremendous amount of harm to humanity, in spite of its claims to the contrary. Strip away the ideology, and much of it looks very similar in terms of the psychological, and other, effects on people worldwide. In this conversation, we get into Neil’s own story and discuss how people can recover from their time spent in religion. Support Independent Media on Patreon! Amazon Affiliate Page Amazon Resource Page Contact Details Neil on Twitter: @604atheist Me on Twitter: @MindShift2018 Medium Article Link Is Evangelicalism a Cult? View the full article
  9. That settles it! If this happened to a pig, then Jesus rose from the dead! Case closed!
  10. He's able. I bet there's some bibles or some useless crap that didn't burn that proves his power. mwc
  11. I don't believe that last meal occurred at all so anything that says it's a literal event would be blowing smoke to me. It's easy to blame the RCC but protestants have their own versions of a lot of these same sites over there. I don't know if they have their own upper room for the last supper but I'm pretty sure they have their own place for the tomb which is older (much too old) than the RCC's. The bible says it's all about faith. That's the only product any of these guys have to sell. That you can visit a building that has a room that may occupy the same space of another room of some previous building where jesus may have eaten his last meal takes less faith, for me, to accept than to think that believing that somehow that person was a magical god-man that died for something called "sin" and if I believe in him (whatever that really means) I can go to some eternal life after I die. mwc
  12. Josh...I LOVE this sad analogy. It was their choice to ski this dangerous mountain. Very sad....but their choice.
  13. It was your 'kick in the ass' posts that helped me soooooo much, you'll never know. (hug) from the 'love-bug'...Lmao!
  14. This I believe is an excellent example of how the RCC is blowing smoke up the backsides of its followers. They claim this to be the location of the so-called "Last Supper", yet the building they admit wasn't built till around the 12-14th century, on top of an older 4th-century church. One must really have faith to believe the last supper took place in a building that wouldn't exist for another 300+ years after that last meal. All boils down to absolutely no proof at all this is the location, even if the bible were true! And just to prove my point of the "church" trying to appease the other religions of the area, they just so happen to also claim it's the location of King David's tomb for good measure.
  15. I have found for me that guilt is quite a good thing. I look at the 'feeling' and ask myself if it is valid? Guilt reminds me that I might have hurt someone with the way I have spoken or acted. That's when I change my behavior to try to become a better person. You have done nothing wrong just because you don't believe the same things as your in-laws. Shame is when we hold on to the fact that we aren't good enough. Well, guess what? Humans aren't good all the time. We blow it. We make mistakes. We screw up. We fuck up somewhere just about every day. We don't share the same beliefs. So do not allow yourself to hold on to the shame because it's a totally useless emotion. Be yourself!! This is where your in-laws come in and you feeling like a piece of shit for something they believe and you don't. That's not your fault. You are allowed to be different and they should not be allowed to hold that over your head. You cannot change them. You can only change yourself and only you have the ability to change how they make you feel. Some may feel that I am a phony person. In a way, I am....but I like getting along with people. I do not like confrontation at all. (I am a natural born people pleaser myself) But now I have the ability to smile and say hello and in my mind say 'fuck you' at the same time! Lol ( One lesson I have learned in my life is that if you yourself don't really like someone, most of the time, they don't like you either.) But we can still be kind and that's what I try to do. Even at family gatherings, I have the ability to be nice to family members and I know deep inside, we really don't like each other a lot. And that's OK. Allow that elephant to be in the room. It will only be for a short time. Just time enough to get along with each other and then when they leave, you can have a nice feeling that you really tried. It's the best you can do. We all have different personalities and beliefs and sometimes, personalities clash. You can't make someone like you. Even if you believed in their religion, there would be something else you would do to try to do to be accepted by your in-laws. That's the people pleaser in you. You'll waste your whole life trying to get everyone's approval. Only you and your husband can set the new boundaries of how you will allow anyone to act or treat you in your home. Talk this over with your husband. I have lost friends over some of the new rules I have for myself now. And then again, I have gained great respect from others and those are the people I like having in my life. It normally goes one way or the other when you clearly tell someone how you want to be treated. Just last week I had to tell one of my friends who is a bit of a bully and quite aggressive of something I couldn't accept. She wasn't happy with my assertiveness but she will respect me or go away. I'll leave that up to her because as I said, I am the one who looks after me now and I refuse to be bullied by anyone. It's not easy being assertive (when you're a softie) but each time you take care of yourself by speaking up (in a loving tone) it gets easier. Do not put off being happy, even for the smallest thing. This is a daily challenge for most of us because we want everything to be perfect and it never will be. Something or someone will always be there to try and screw up your happiness. This is why you can never depend on people (anyone) to make you happy. I hope by sharing some of my own struggles, this might help you in some small way. Take control and make your life what you want. It is not your job to try and change anyone. You can always offer support but you cannot make someone change. It's a huge lesson in life. I have someone extremely close in my life right now who is practically killing himself and I cannot rescue him. I offered all the support in the world but he refused so there is nothing I can do now. I hope so much you and your husband can reach a decision on how you are going to work this out with his parents. Stick to your guns, honey. If they leave and cannot accept you guys, there is nothing you can do. One thing that always helps me with my christian family and friends is to remember how brainwashed I was. This helps me to be a bit compassionate when dealing with them. I wish you the very best. Keep us posted on how it's going. More hugs........Hundreds of them!
  16. Ah, so Jesus was there but unable to stop the fire? That makes him totally useless.
  17. So did jesus go to heaven or not? Is jesus going to return to do a bunch of shit or not? Apparently, jesus went sit at the right hand of god only to make random appearances that don't really count as returning. So he's gone but here. Here but in heaven. He's wherever but not actually back. If he were to ever come back would he actually be back or would he pop in and out like now? mwc
  18. mwc

    Hand of God

    Which god? mwc
  19. It’s funny I’ve come to appreciate how a growing number of gay guys aren’t letting Christians determine the religious narrative. This surprised me. I think there are a lot of gay guys like myself who had deeply emotional religious experiences. I just think of how many gay men must have been the writers of the Bible. Leviticus I attribute to the heterosexual men. Psalms, and so called prophetic books to the gays guys. Ive even come to appreciate that my way of interpreting the Bible heaven and hell and all else was not religious after and it took a lot of time to see that what I was experiencing was my brains amazing ability to translate meaning using the language of religious text that I had available (aka that was forced on me). As I’ve gained coping mechanisms, life experience, grown up etc... and actively taken an interest where I needed to push myself, I’ve been able to see the superstitious mythology that shrouded my sense of self and reality fall away. The only thing I regret is not having had a real parent or someone who offers you guidance through life. I’ve experienced a lot of things before I had the coping mechanisms and psychological framework and endurance to hold the weight of the tasks that life and my brain were being forced to confront. Deconversion is an extraordinary weight. When my brain can carry certain things it mythologizes them or redirects attention, among other things. This is a lot of pain, pain which forces me sometimes to abridge my aspirations while I focus on smaller things that I often don’t see as important or fulfilling, or that I sometimes see as beneath me. This makes me sad, frustrated at having been robbed by religion. It also makes me impatient sometimes.
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  21. Frankenswine. ROFL. It was worth it just for that word. lol.
  22. I heard an illegal alien from Honduras torched it on purpose.
  23. I'm not sure what country you are in, but you might want to investigate its bankruptcy laws. Often, they can help immensely in getting that debt behind you.
  24. Notre Dame is owned by the French Government, which is likely self-insured for the structure. Some artifacts may have commercial insurance. Two of the main contractors (who may be held responsible for the fire) are insured by AXA Insurance.
  25. That's a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if it meant something different originally.
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