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  2. For years now I have had this desire to take a paint stick and paint feet on those fish. Have yet to do it. You might be an ex-Christian and fully deconverted if all your night time dreams are now pleasant.
  3. SkipNChurch

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    I'm a Chrome/Chromium user with my Linux box, so heck yes! kL
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    Facebook.... (sigh)

    @SkipNChurch do you know if that extension works on chrome?
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  6. Justus

    How do Christians view God?

    That was Jesus response to Gaius who addressed him as Good Master. Of course you understand the parable of the penny right, where Jesus was asked if it was lawful to pay tribute to Caesar or not. So Jesus told the hypocrites to bring him a penny. (While I would be interested if any ex-Christian knows why he asked the hypocrites to bring him a coin, since those who claim to be Christians don't know why, then if you were really wanted to separate yourself from them then try to find out the truth to that question.) So upon receiving the penny, Jesus asked them whose image and subscription was on the coin? And they answered Caesars. Then Jesus answered them " Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's." Yet back to your reference to Matthew 10:18, since Gaius was the name held by those of the Roman ruling class, Jesus response to Gaius "Why do you call me good,? there is none good but one and that is Caesar." (SEE Matt 12:35 ) Jesus never claims to be the LORD but rather that the LORD raised him up to bring the written Gospel to go forth and teach men how to read and write the written spoken word.
  7. webmdave

    #22.25: The Thinking Atheist

    Matt Dillahunty with guest Seth Andrews. The Thinking Atheist. Matt has Seth Andrews of the Thinking Atheist podcast on for our 1000th episode. View the full article
  8. Joshpantera

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    What's happening to you is something natural and what christianity is telling you is basically unnatural. You're as nature has brought you into being. Nature is not corrupt in the aftermath of some original sin in a mythological garden, basically. And I think learning more about the mythological aspect of judeo-christianity can make that very clear. If you're thinking in terms of liberal or more modern christian views which can allow for accepting bisexuals, I think that's the wrong tree to be barking up. Because it's doomed to failure. The scriptures are clear about what they say. And they do not fancy gays, they do fancy slavery and other assorted nonsense and that's just what the bible is. In my advise, moving beyond the bible and christianity is where I think you need to be focused. If you desire a spiritual outlook, I'd look to Buddhism, or Advaita Vedanta, or some other place to find it. Because trying to keep one foot into christianity and Jesus think just isn't going to amount to anything other than you (1) struggling to find acceptance or (2) putting all your cards on liberal christian views that amount to a house of cards and can come crashing down in a moments notice leaving you leveled and barren emotionally. You say you're fed up, I hope that's true. Because you can do a lot better for yourself than pandering to a bunch of blind believers in the faith....
  9. justaskingquestions

    Do you ever wish you could grow up ''normally''?

    I often fantasize about a childhood where I didn't have parents trying to pigeonhole me into things I hated because as a female "that's what God wants for me."
  10. justaskingquestions

    What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Believed?

  11. justaskingquestions

    What question could Christianity never answer for you?

    Why is God always labeled as a "just" God when he does categorically unjust things? Is He just simply because He says so? Can we trust that judgement? Is He perhaps lying or manipulating us?
  12. What planted the seed for my journey away from Christianity was when I realized I could never live up to anything God "wanted" for me. I'm bisexual. I've known I wasn't straight since I was young, around age 10 or 11. During my Christian life, I always tried to reconcile the religion with my sexuality because I genuinely like SOME of the teachings. And I lived up to those teachings well. I didn't smoke or use drugs, barely drank, didn't have sex, was extremely kind, held my tongue (even when I shouldn't have), was giving, helped in starting a club at my university for community service, was an officer of said club, etc. I did everything I was supposed to. I prayed constantly, always seeking God at every turn. Then my Christian friend showed me an app they use. It's basically an app that provides answers to popular questions people may have about the faith. Most of them are questions about the nature of God and things like that, but I came across the Love and Relationship section and found several parts of the app just downright calling us (LGBT folks) sinners. How God was so opposed to us. I should say that this is not new to me. I grew up around homophobes, people who were homophobes BECAUSE of Christianity. But I had allowed myself to believe that that was the "old time" Christianity, and a new generation was coming and changing things. Hell, I even moved to Pennsylvania just to clear my head of the damn homophobia. And guess what? Here in Philly, the only horrible homophobia I've ever encountered was IN THE CHURCH. But going back to the app - the best part was that it said that Christians must approach LGBT people with ~~love~~ because ~~~God still loves LGBT people despite their dIsGuStInG sIn~~~. I then realized that no matter WHAT I did, no matter how good of a Christian I objectively was, no matter how much I dedicated my heart and soul into my faith, often to MY detriment, I would never be good enough for a God that could make me bi only to hate me for it. And these damn Christians would always be insidious enough to insist that they are rejecting what I naturally am "for my own good" as a way to gaslight and emotionally manipulate me. That was it for me. I was officially fed up.
  13. Riven

    An Update On My Life

    I'm a hockey fan, so I like you already! (Go Kings Go!) 🏒 I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage -- that's got to be so hard. I just started listening to Humanize Me and I absolutely love it. I found it by accident from another related podcast, and I was surprised to learn about Bart and his exit from Christianity. I had no idea! I have a connection to his father through a good friend of mine, who is good friends with Tony. I've met him on various occasions when he was visiting my friend. That was in the 1990s and I can remember thinking "how liberal" he was. That's hilarious now... but that was the mindset of my very evangelical mind. Listening to Bart, and hearing his story has been amazing. I want to see the documentary he and his dad did, but haven't plunked down the $14.99 that Amazon wants. But soon. Hang in there and thanks for blogging. I so appreciate it.
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  15. What about atheism? Christians likes to say atheism is a religion. So now can atheists refuse service to all religious people? Christians don't stop and think where actions will end up. They think they are protecting their own little worldview without considering that they live in a dynamic community and if everyone can refuse stuff based on their beliefs then society could stop functioning and right quick!
  16. Riven

    Spring is Coming

    I may look into the Yoga thing. Thanks for explaining how you've been finding your way in that. I'd be interested in the Youtube channel (if you happen to see my comment!) I also am at the point of feeling that the soul is a made up invention of man. I don't have any spiritual desire at all. I may grow out of that with time, and maybe find something, but who knows. I'll tell you one benefit that I immediately had -- enjoying each day and appreciating those around me. I'm much more in the moment, probably because I now realize this life is all I get. And weirdly, I don't see that as a bad thing -- rather -- it's freeing!
  17. I hear you @offtheromanroad This is actually one of the core issues that caused me to walk out the door. The very people that Jesus hung out with are demonized as "the other" in Western Christianity. It's sickening. I have trouble getting past the rage some days. Of course, I'm fresh off the turnip truck as they say, so I'm still raw.
  18. LogicalFallacy

    How do Christians view God?

    Yes, I think what is interesting is that (And I haven't checked this out) but if you got NDE's from say Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, and Buddhist followers the NDE's would all relate to their religions. That would be my hypothesis. Which it would then indicate that NDE is a function of the brain/consciousness not of any external experience. In other words I'd posit there is no supernatural or classic spiritual experience going on.
  19. Joshpantera


    The aside wasn't meant to derail, but it does open a rabbit hole of relevant links and pdf's all the way down the linked thread:
  20. Joshpantera

    How do Christians view God?

    There's some odd things going on with consciousness here in a NDE state. But what's clear to me is that this man completely projected what he thought god "ought" to look and sound like during his near death experience: This guy likely experienced something. But his experience is so colored with human preconceived projections (from christian mythology) that it's beyond obvious that he conjured up this experience in his own mind. And it was touching. And it brings tears to his eyes and he's flooded and overwhelmed with emotion. But he clearly did all of this to himself all the while.
  21. Joshpantera

    Meditation advice?

    I like Peter Russell's effortless meditation:
  22. Really where the line ought to be drawn is for me fairly obvious. (Let's say in an imaginary country I will call Lyniezia for sake of argument.) If you are refusing someone service based on a specific religious objection and not due to who the customer is, AND that service is not related to a basic need, then such a refusal can be permissible, but if you are just refusing the person any and all potential services you may offer on the grounds of who they are, or are denying them basic needs such as (non-luxury) food, clothing and shelter, not acceptable. Perhaps the only difference I have in opinion regarding these kids of cases is that I now believe such religious objections to be irrational and stupid. But I also believe there needs to be some give and take in a free society, and these religious objections are, as I am sure many of us will well know, hard to overcome. The idea of freedom of religion Of course I suppose my inner left-anarchist is shouting "but do you really think it is alright for the capitalist owning class to have the power to dictate what people can and cannot have access to, especially with regards to a historically oppressed class?" (So for example, if an employee is happy to do it but the boss says no, should that really be correct?) I'll let that question remain rhetorical.
  23. Another one: Why are certain Christians so preoccupied with praying to Jesus, loving Jesus, finding out what HE wants for their lives and praying for a parking space... but then they don't follow his example? Hello.... anybody out there? Jesus hung out with exactly those people that they wouldn't even look at when walking past them. Immigrants, foreigners, prostitutes, criminals, single mothers, the divorced. And I don't think he cared about people's sexual orientation as much as they do. Dear "Christians"... open your eyes! Sorry... stuff like this makes me SO angry.
  24. Curious: What did/does "TOT" mean?

    1. Orbit


      It refers to the "Totally Off Topic" subforum

    2. offtheromanroad


      Thank you! Funny. It sounded like something deeeeep.

  25. Anushka

    Funny Videos Thread

  26. Castiel233

    How do Christians view God?

    "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone. Matt 10:18..... Highly suggestive they are not one : )
  27. end3

    Secular Grace

    Believe it or not, I think you and I pretty much agree. As I've aged, I've become more silent and less fundamental/vocal. But I also realize my lack of I just find it unique that the world appears to be hammering out this grace/justice rather than practicing a "higher subscription". Thanks for the comments.
  28. wellnamed

    Peer review at work

    Some articles on flaws in research that I've enjoyed reading: How a subtle mistake in a poli-sci paper became headline news P-hack your way to scientific glory An Erratum on trends in men's facial hair Also Howard Becker's recent book Evidence is really good. I especially like the way he discusses the relationships between data, evidence, and ideas in scientific work. He has a way of getting to the heart of the difficulties with research very clearly and accessibly. I feel like a lot of the time the actual process of science is pretty obscure from reading news articles about studies. It becomes a lot more meaningful when you are able to start reading articles themselves and thinking about the methods used and their limitations. I also like that, in the case of the facial hair study, the authors included the raw data as an appendix to the original article, which is what allowed others to find and point out the error. Especially now with the internet making it very easy to share even large datasets, I think all scientists should try to make all the data necessary to reproduce their results/calculations available.
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