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  3. your beliefs are none of their business. no need to argue with them, which is what will happen. You’re still the same you. Sending hugs! Sharing your disbelief is for people who will be supportive. Stay safe, and trust yourself and your new treasure.
  4. I am so glad you are doing well. Sometimes I wonder how often religion gets mixed up together with mental illness. Not necessarily just with psychosis but also with anxiety disorders and things like OCD. Reading the Bible through the lens of mental illness makes much of it make a sort of sense that some of the obsessiveness of the biblical writers could have been born of their mental illness and some of the visions and things could be from psychosis. Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you’re not being tormented any more. Stay strong and It is awesome that people here were a source of
  5. Would you describe for me what it means to be spirituality immature versus spirituality mature in your own words?
  6. no sir, there is a distinct difference between immature and superior. Not only that... you have no way of discerning an absolute interpretation... so don’t go there...
  7. You seem to be between the two ends of the spectrum. Maybe you can elaborate on your encounter of what you believe I'm describing. I take it you mean the mystical realization which I've been discussing. You will have to tell me how I've failed with Oneness despite my pleadings. Just saying it doesn't get us anywhere. You have to make your claim demonstrable in some way. I've gone into graphic detail about interconnection and the unity of the totality. So claiming that I've failed will be hard claim for you to substantiate won't it? My outline, b
  8. Yesterday
  9. Let’s get past this part... the evangelical nature of the church puts it typically in the forever fundamental stage. We agree. That does not make one superior... it does speak to maturity but not superiority.
  10. Look I am myself a read between the line mystic type when it come to the Bible. I myself have encountered what I believe you are describing. My main contention with your stance is you have failed with Oneness despite your pleadings... simply because you don’t read between the lines with me. Secondly, I’ve pointed out how Oneness likely doesn’t even exist in our condition.... but you want me to somehow stay in this conversation while you unload another file drawer of knowledge... and then direct me into staying with your outline? Better make it quick... I can’t see you have much to argue...
  11. My premise for one being superior to the other has been laid out. The literalistic can be eliminated as valid in most cases. We can keep it limited to one thing at a time. And this spiritual issue parallels my other Genesis 1 debate. If we have two people, let's say an SDA who believes that the world is 6 thousand years old and created literally in 6 days and someone like Origen of Alexandria the early church father who readily confessed that the literature isn't literal and explains the nonsense of taking it literally, and explains that spiritual language is symbolic and metaphori
  12. Ok LF, We seem to be misunderstanding each other somewhat. Sorry about that. Fyi, the weapon I'm wielding is the bible itself and I'm using it to show that its the yardstick by which Christian morality and spirituality is measured. Therefore, its a weapon that can be used against any Christian and not just against Edgarcito. As I've explained to him, its not personal. Any Christian is fair game. And there's no ill intent either. Using their own holy book against the Christians in this forum is somet
  13. Hello again Weezer. I'm sorry but I can't answer your incisive questions. But, since the Christian god is supposed to be all wise and all knowing you would think he'd know ahead of time that Satan would intrude into the bliss of Eden and bring harm and suffering on the two child-like innocents he put there, wouldn't you? After all, the bible itself says this. 1 Peter 5 : 8 8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Knowing this in advance, you'd thi
  14. Walter mate, you missed the point. Mark left his legacy, perhaps you could try and leave yours? You don't need my permission to use his posts. It wasn't a cease and desist command. We aren't the CCP. @Edgarcito hit the nail on the head and got more to the point of what I was meaning when he said "It’s not what Mark said, it’s Walter intentionally mining old conversations for ill intentions..." So yeah, it's not so much literally what Mark said, it is using Mark as a weapon in these conversations. That's what peeves me off. But you do you if you feel it achieves somethin
  15. As if there were a choice.. The universe can be quite unforgiving of ignorance. Reality is often a bitch! Not everything/everywhere is conducive to human life or survival. Seems obvious, but... All the best to you.
  16. Well, everything is a matter of degree. However Trump was no ayatollah Khomeini . . Altough I will say. Crises make or break dictatorships. Have to see where this is heading.
  17. So no, then. I am genuinely curious why some people think life is a journey, that it has a destination, that you're supposed to be "better" each step of the way. Why do some assume we all have "lessons" to learn and should "advance" spiritually through certain exercises and disciplines. Why do those who think we are so much in need of fixing think we can fix ourselves with yoga, meditation or something? Again, where is the evidence that we are on a journey, and one with a purpose?
  18. What matters, is not whether you are paranoid, but rather whether you are sufficiently paranoid.
  19. LF wrote what he wanted to openly, so why would I not do the same? Btw, my comments on your moral and spiritual condition are based upon what the bible says. It is the yardstick by which the conduct and behaviour of Christians is measured. Holding your behaviour to account by quoting the bible is not a personal attack on you, Edgarcito. As I said 10 hours ago, I'll hold any Christian to account like this. So No, this is not personal.
  20. Nice left handed personal attack Walter....you could have just messaged LF.
  21. LogicalFallacy, I apologize to you if I've hurt your feelings and your fond memories of Mark. In future I won't go back to his dealings with Edgarcito (or End3, as he was then) and use them as I've done so recently. The way Edgarcito conducts himself nowadays is more than enough to display his moral and spiritual degeneracy. However, because Mark was a polymath he left behind a wonderful legacy of posts about astronomy and cosmology. These have been very helpful to me in advancing my knowledge of these subjects. They cert
  22. I sense that advaita vedanta is true. I believe those words are sanskrit so are of Eastern origin. It could also be called non-duality in the west. I'm not drawn to Christianity. I sense that it is bs.
  23. Let's just discuss one thing at a time please...I'm old, hard to shoot my arrows multiple directions at once....or just shoot for that matter. If you think about it Josh, spirituality requires manifestation(s). There would be no division of anything given we didn't perceive the manifestations. A mystic reading of the Bible vs. a fundamental interpretation requires resolution in your opinion, that one is superior. Off the cuff, let's look at marriage. Common universe, common earth, common atoms, two manifestations, a man and woman, and even I would think you would a
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