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  2. Hey Geezer: As I recall, back in the late '60s, it was either "up or out." IOW, an officer had to either get promoted or his commission was not renewed. While this was a disciplinary thing, it was also for those who just didn't measure up for whatever reason. (And I would think that internal politics and schmoozing would be a part of that, too.)
  3. Greetings

    I'm not all that good at introduction but my name is Jess and I'm an eighteen year old from Colorado. I was raised in a Christian family (as in pretty much the entirety of my family is either Christian or Catholic). I started questioning Christianity when I was maybe 6 or 7, stopped identifying as Christian at 12, and started identifying as agnostic at 16. I've been struggling to de-program myself for quite a while but it's proven to be quite a challenge. I wanted to join so I could hopefully find support and helpful advice. Thanks for letting me join.
  4. The Gifts of the Spirit

    Yup. We Ex-Christians should start our own denomination complete with Bible proofs and what various authors say that agree with whatever we want to claim is true. It could be a lot of fun!
  5. I believe this cop was out of line..

    He was found not guilty...yet was fired from the police department.
  6. The Gifts of the Spirit

    Because the bible doesn't really mean what it really says. What it REALLY means is... whatever Ironhorse agrees with.
  7. The Gifts of the Spirit

    Now that I think of it, there is probably a book in his dad's library that will tell IH what he independently thinks and believes. I'll bet it won't be the Bible though. It will be what someone else tells him the Bible is really saying.
  8. The Gifts of the Spirit

    And I'm sure that "someone" probably came up with the answer by approaching the scripture with his/her beliefs and then trying to validate them. Which means the answer is wrong. Unless Ironhorse agrees with it.
  9. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    "Modern Art" is like modern education in most places. A race to the bottom. People eating crap sandwiches because it's trendy while BLT sandwiches and cheeseburgers grow cold. People enjoying and exalting the rotten and useless as art because it reflects what they think of themselves. Being different for the sake of being different just like all your friends to prove that you are a cool non-conformist. Plus it keeps being popular because some stupid people have thick wallets, and don't get me started on the National Endowment for the Arts. I paid for what again?
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  11. Series of causes

    Hmm... this sounds promising. Can you elaborate? I can hear someone replying, "Well, let's say the moon is made of green cheese. And green cheese is made of molecules that are made of etc etc all the way down to subatomic particles we'll call Cheezies. But Cheezies do not exist. Good night, Moon."
  12. The Gifts of the Spirit

    It also makes it obvious that one can make the Bible say anything and fit anyone's idea of what Biblegod should be like. I can't wait to see IH's response to the Prof's question. I'm sure Ironhorse is searching the internet right now to find someone's answer.
  13. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    Trying my best to not just sound like an old fart reminiscing. What's missing today is elegance, style. Just look at architecture, for example. Steel and glass monoliths contrasted with art deco buildings of days past. How about automobiles? Why did we have to leave behind elegant, sexy designs for the ubiquitous boxy SUV and gas powered roller skate? Fashion has abandoned flattering, coordinated looks for weird, anything to be different mashups of ugly colors and cuts. I think it might be due to the proliferation of selfies. And rap.
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  15. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    Reminds me of a comment Dad made last night about we are turning back to barbarism with increased homosexuality, gay rights etc, and he referenced the ancient Greeks. The same Greeks that were the height of civilisation at one point, with technology advances, and an empire that spanned 1000's of miles. With art, buildings and culture, that are still talked about today. So one persons barbarism can be another's achievement for civilisation. (This is not to say we don't have our problems, we do and they are many, but has barbarism increased or decreased over millennia? Well ask those slaves who were crucified and their take might be different) On the art - it could be a cultural perception thing... but certainly there are some 'interesting' examples of what 'good' art is.
  16. The Gifts of the Spirit

    So, you reference other scriptures to better understand what you already believe. Which means you do "approach the scriptures with 'my beliefs' and then try to validate them". Which is EXACTLY what those other guys (who are wrong) also do. So, again, I must pose the question, what makes you any different from them? Please try to answer the question this time.
  17. The Simplicity Of The Christian Message

    But if "once saved, always saved" is really what you believe, then our "misrepresentations" shouldn't matter to you, or anybody else. Because we, and the lurkers, and the guests, and you, are all still saved, whether we have rightly divined the message or not. And if we are still saved, then we have no need for your "different approach to the scriptures and christ." Which brings me back to my question, why do you feel compelled to bear witness?
  18. Why is free will so sacred?

    Your internal honesty will help you get far.
  19. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    Why is everything so bad? Bad is relative of course, maybe I mean just worse than it once was.
  20. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    Modern art has been infected with political correctness. Stick figures become great works of art if they are drawn by someone that is a member of a recognized minority. Paint thrown on a blank canvass becomes inspired art. That's why a blank canvas with the artist signature on it can be sold for a six figure number. That really did happen by the way & It was referenced in the video.
  21. And of course the Flood Story was taken from the Epic of Gilgamesh & then edited.
  22. Why is free will so sacred?

    That's the best approach. Good luck with where it leads you.
  23. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Or even dark inside if they hadn't turned the lights on yet. There are plenty of explanations that are far more plausible than a kid channeling the inner spirit of someone on the phone with grandma.
  24. Why is free will so sacred?

    My "understanding" means that it makes sense to me from a religious theoretical point of view and seems to answer the question. Have I fully accepted it? No. I have not fully accepted Christianity nor have I fully rejected it. I am honouring and exploring my doubts from both sides. I am taking it day by day.
  25. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Maybe it was just dark outside, if I recall it was at night time the call came through.
  26. I never thought I would be here

    @Geezer Totally. I think it's especially revealing that they were killed for holding back some money - not giving ALL of it to the church. What a perfect self-serving boogie-man fear to instill to scare people into giving their hard earned money away to avoid being executed on the spot by God! For me it was that Jude quoted Enoch from way back before the flood and enoch's quote was not written anywhere in the bible besides Jude. How the heck did Jude know what Enoch said 3000 years prior?? Of course he lifted the quote from I Enoch... But, yes,the small things... The little crack in the dam.
  27. Bizarre Christian reactions

    The kid may have been pretending to be a dog and saying, "Bark, bark, bark." If it really was, "Dark, dark, dark," then perhaps she was checking in on a kid she has locked in a closet or the basement.
  28. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Yeah, but you don't think of shit like that in the moment.
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