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  2. Child sex abuse coverup, protecting the organization regardless of all else, massive hordes of wealth... Which other cult-like church does that remind you of?
  3. This was a powerful program. I hope it is available for viewing outside Australia. If not you can read the transcript. It shows the level of corruption in the Jehovah's Witnesses organisation, with massive coverup of sexual assault designed solely to protect the organisation while shunning the victims with heartless cruelty. It reminds me of Voltaire's dictum that believing absurdity permits atrocity. The cult cannot allow reality to penetrate its bubble. Such fantasy thinking leads JWs to believe they can get away with abuse of human rights.
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  5. So no, you don't have an example or argument, only some kind of vague appeal to "authority." Got it. Frankly, I think you're a bit of a control freak with a dash of, forgive the expression, god complex. Good luck.
  6. Yeah Weez, that's an argument that's harder to dispute, whether there could be a God of some kind outside the religious spectra. IMO we don't need one since evolution theory explains almost everything. Missing "certain-explanations" in theories that otherwise have indisputable evidence would be abiogenisis which has a number of hypotheses, and the Big Bang theory, which I think is entirely wrong. But believe there are a great number of possible alternatives or yet hypothesized explanations concerning the very beginning, one of which I believe is correct. I don't think we have to go outside the scientific method to find all of the answers. Hope you take my advice concerning a drive-by posting here from time to time since besides myself, I think you continue to have many friends here. with best regards, Forrest
  7. Thank you for your respectful comments. Yes, I am agnostic, but understand that all religions are created by humans. It is "god" or the "creator" that I don't know about. If there is one, I don't believe it is the one(s) that the bible, or other religions talk about. The "I don't knows" are about who created "god" (if there is one), and the billions of galaxies in existance, and is there an afterlife, etc. Is it magic? I believe there are some things we simply don't know, and likely will never know, at least in our lifetime. Therefore the title "agnostic". No, I am not about saving "souls" in a reliigious sense. I am about what is in the best interest of humanity on our planet, and of our planet itself. And the disrespect I see going on is not in our best interest. That is at the core of my concern, here on the site, and in the world. But many here don't appreciate my concern, so I'll go elsewhere. Best wishes!
  8. Nearly all could understand Christianity if the bible were generally true, but it's not. For instance, reading Genesis and Revelations alone literally one should be able to realize the stupidity of Christianity and the Bible based upon related studies and evidence of modern science. If you do not know of such things then you could never be a good judge of the validity of alternative explanations without such an extensive study. Do you have questions, a logical dispute, or wish to argue these alternatives? If so I will provide you with the Info and evidence you will need. This is what I have studied for many decades. There will be no attacks or embarrassment. I will just provide you with information, evidence, and explanations, and you can retort if you are interested.
  9. Yes, 36 years experience as a behavioral/social scientist working with people about how to deal with life more effectively. But my suggestions have been largely ignored here. So I am going elsewhere. I am no longer a christian, but do consider myself a humanist.
  10. Blah, only you can convince yourself that there's no god. I, however, am increasingly certain that there isn't. In particular, I find the god of the Bible to be a totally inept, inconsistent character whose behaviours betray the ignorance and personal agendas of the mortals who wrote the Bible stories. Unlike the gods of other mythologies, who occasionally serve as useful archetypes and role models, Yahweh has no redeeming qualities. And I don't think that a god dying (even temporarily) for someone else's "sins" is a very good idea at all. I believe firmly that everyone should pay their own debts, and therefore I reject substitutionary atonement unconditionally. There is also no justification whatsoever for eternal punishment of anyone. To cause someone to suffer unceasingly for eternity is an act of infinite evil. Do you really want to worship an infinitely evil god?
  11. Hey Weez, Hope all is well with you. I understand that you are an agnostic, saying I don't know regarding religion. I believe nearly all Christians that come here have good motives IMO-- trying to "help" non-believers to "save their souls." I have been a confirmed atheist for countless years (believing I'm an animal) but don't like picking on religious folk, but can't help laughing at their beliefs. Hope you decide to continue with us, at least a drive-by posting from time to time? Take care, Forrest
  12. There is nothing mysterious about my leaving. midniterider is correct. This is no longer a site I wish to support and have decided to throw my support to a more professional approach, RECOVERING FROM RELIGION.
  13. As you might have guessed, dating and marriage within Fundamentalism wasn't often egalitarian and was usually controlled by the pastors and leaders. Warning: This episode touches on issues concerning rape and domestic violence. If you are in Australia and require support, please reach out to Rape and Domestic Violence Services via: https://www.rape-dvservices.org.au/ or Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you want to comment on this episode or interact with us then visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3188989997871128 You can support the podcast here: https://www.patreon.com/IWATF Grab our merch at: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/79379858 View the full article
  14. Yeah, more the hit-and-run topic-posting type with minimal engagement postings. I'm not much of a lion concerning religious apposition. I'm more the Androcles type that tries to pull the thorn of stupidity out of the paws of pussy cats and wanta-be lions. But when doing so I can't help secretly laughing at, or making fun of the intentional stupidity of religion. Let's say at age 20 they can't help having religious beliefs. But if in reality they are really not stupid, I think by age 40 they should have already disposed of their major stupidities -- one being religion.
  15. I'm agnostic. There may be a God. I just dont think he/it necessarily aligns with the loving personality of the God as described in the bible or Christianity in general. Yes, we still have murder, rape, child sex trafficking, seemingly under the watch of what Christians say is a loving God. How does that work? It reminds me of Epicurus: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” ― Epicurus If his claim to good fatherhood is null, is he worthy of praise? If he allows innocents to suffer or die, is he worthy of praise? If he 'loves' us but never communicates, is he worthy of praise? Why or or why not? If God lets his creations burn in hell , is he worthy of praise? If he lets good people who dont believe in him burn in hell, is he worthy of praise?
  16. You don't understand it so it must be magic? That's nobody's job. It is YOU making the claim who needs to do the convincing. I don't care what anyone believes but I am always very curious as to WHY they would hold such beliefs. And to be clear, you are only entertaining the god portrayed by the particular culture that you grew up in, right? To go further in understanding, so we have a better idea of what you specifically believe, which Christian sect defined that god you referenced?
  17. "I think it is really ironic... that an organization which has long predicted that the end of the world is imminent, and predicted the end four times, the last time in 1975, would create a long-term investment portfolio with real-estate, that they carefully maintain. And made a great deal of money from it.. "
  18. If you need a busy site to help new ex-christians I can send you a link. Beware, though this same forum that has people all day long asking for help also has other people ripping Christianity to shreds like we do here. They also ban proselytizing. Brorando would not be there past his first post. Yet it all seems to work. Negativity (or maybe I should say 'challenging Christian doctrine') doesnt affect their traffic. A place that lets people know that Christianity is not a revered thing will allow them to be real, be honest and not afraid to process their emotions there in text. Not every place is right for everyone, though. Maybe this place isnt right for you.
  19. (The Conversation) — The former Beatle’s classic 1971 song is taken by many as an atheistic anthem. The post ‘Imagine’ at 50: Why John Lennon’s ode to humanism still resonates appeared first on Religion News Service. View the full article
  20. What if god isn't jehovah or jesus? What if god is something completely different from what is written in all of the holy books? What if each of us only see a little piece of god but none of us sees the whole picture? god can be anything you want god to be. Why limit yourself, and your god, to what is written in one single holy book compiled thousands of years ago by bronze age goat herders? Do you think they had a better connection to god than you or I can have today?
  21. So, I know there is a creator. D.N.A. is more than just words, it is highly complex, 3 dimensional, multi-coded and communicative microscopic matter that uses matter to shape highly designed animate objects. This must be formed in an instant. It is in all things living, even the so-called simplest forms. It is not like a cake that can be made over the course of a few hours, or an engine for an automobile that can be fashioned over a period of time. Every single bit of the millions upon multiplied millions of instructions and capability to perform said instruction must be altogether at once, or it all falls apart fast. There are many other things that point to design and GREAT intellect and power, but this is one of the most overlooked facts that living beings are ignorant of or choose to mud-over. So, those of you that want to tell me there is no god, please, don't. I notice that many claim there is no god out of some rationality, which I respect, but emphatically do not agree with. I believe that many that think there is no god are smarter than I. I am not here for that exercise or lesson. I am here because no matter how much I ask or beg him or try to believe the good parts of his word or try to do his will, my life and this world do not seem to match up with being cared for by a god that loves me so much he would pay the price for all my sin -Forgetting the fact that he allowed or caused me to be born in sin. I don't mean that to say my actions are not my responsibility, I mean that if I am conscious of my sin, understand why they would be a sin, and try not to do them knowing that the price for them can only be paid for and forgiven by said god, why do I not even 'feel' loved by him who loved me so much he died for me, yet won't even say hi. Yes there are times when you can enjoy the wonder and marvel of it all, but it is fleeting and not enough to trust in for eternity. god in his word, makes comparisons about how much more he loves us than an earthly father does, yet children get hit by cars frequently. Any earthly human that claims to be a father would make every effort to stop that from happening, forget free will. A father would break his own bones and maybe some of his child's to knock them out of the way of a car. My problem is I know that the god that made just d.n.a., nevermind the universe, has the power to do this. Unless he is diminished in power, then his claim to good fatherhood is null. Yes there is a verse for everything in the bible, like 'in this world you will have trials and sorrows,' but to me that is just a long list of things that maybe even god himself just said to cover everything. To be clear, I want goodness, and have totally admitted I need salvation, and will go so far as to say that god is the only alternative and I don't want to burn in hell. It just really seems like maybe god didn't get the whole picture by 'ALL KNOWING observation and being sort of human for 33 years. Oddly enough, I am here for help with this, since I am honestly seeking it. If you attempt to help, not hurt, remember, you WILL NOT convince me there is no god.
  22. Here's a debate between MacDonald and Carrier. About, "Jesus From Outer Space." This is a debate between two atheist PhD's. Something that stands out for me when going over the debate is how MacDonald, representing a traditional atheistic view of jesus as historical - is full of presuppostions, even to the extent of trying to read things into passages that are not clearly there. Such as Carrier deals with around 1:50 of the debate. This strips down the mythology to bare bones and tries to assert an historical existence despite the obvious mythology, which is the position of Ehrman as well. But it doesn't hold up very strong against someone like Carrier. And presuppositions become very apparent in the process. This is important because most of us know and understand, theism itself is solely dependent on presuppostions to the tune of there must be a supernatural creator, because how else could all of this exist if there were not one? Now in atheism, we obviously recognize those presuppositions and disagree with them. But that's just one step. To look at the historicity of jesus is another step forward in this line of atheistic reasoning. What's found are more presuppositions there. To the point where most of the argument for history comes from presupposition. Carrier is furthering atheism in that way. Broadening the spectrum of healthy skepticism. Looking at it closer than what many of these now aging, older and more traditional minded atheist types are willing to do. They feel like he's gone too far with his skepticism. But I don't Carrier has gone too far at all. It's reasonable and plausible. And I think that just as is the case with scientific theories never convincing their opponents, the same may be true of the myth theory. The opponents will eventually die out and new generations who open and familiar with the new theory will likely change the landscape of academia - all within time. That's where I place my bet in this game.
  23. Huh? I don't know what you're referring to. What ex-Christian? Whatever you are talking about it's not in this thread. Here we are dealing with a JW proselytizing with videos and cut and paste Bible verses and JW pamphlets. Our resistance to that seems to irritate you. I truly don't understand what you want or expect from us. Feel free to discuss as one of our "regulars" and clarify unless you prefer to just leave in a mysterious huff. Got anything?
  24. Hello again BroRando. I see that you are still treating the bible as a trustworthy and reliable source of information, despite the fact that I have demonstrated that it is not. https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/85679-the-last-days-that-began-in-1914-are-now-coming-to-their-end/page/2/ Please see my posts in that thread on Sept 6 and 10. Please interact with me there. Thank you. Walter.
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