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  2. I had bad experiences, but for me those were not the main thing. After all Jesus was sacrificed by his own people and he warned that our enemies shall be among those from our household. Also many stories of martyrs and saints persecuted by the official Church. So, while painful, I do not think they were the real culprit. For me , the beggining and end were unanswered questions and contradictions in the official teaching. I realised it was and is impossible to be a christian the way they asked me. 1. Unclear terms in official dogmas. God is a trinity, but not like a trin
  3. I hadn't seen this word 'ghosting' before. Found a NYT article on it https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/22/smarter-living/why-people-ghost-and-how-to-get-over-it.html "Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation — extends to all things, it seems. Most of us think about it in the context of digital departure: a friend not responding to a text, or worse, a lover, but it happens across all social circumstances and it’s tied to the way we view the world."
  4. An alien version of "hold my beer, and watch this!"
  5. Or, having spotted us earlier in our evolution, they decided "oh, this is gonna be entertaining!" and planned then to stop by later for a few laughs.
  6. "Childhood's End" Arthur C. Clarke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childhood's_End
  7. Maybe I would start by placing a marker on the planet to show I had been there, something so big that it would easily be seen from space, too big for the dumb humans to destroy, right at the axis of the longest land meridians, encoding some advanced mathematics of planetary scale, using technology that is far in advance of anything the humans could do... Then keep an eye on them every now and then, using full stealth technology, with a plan to help them out if they ever looked like going extinct. Maybe even encode in their religious books some mysterious explanation of our prognos
  8. Think about it... with the capability to travel to distant solar-systems, you found this planet and encountered human beings. If you had no pressing need to interact with us, what would you do?
  9. It is hard for me to keep up with all the interesting responses in this thread! So now going back nearly a month to this great question from Josh. The point in this concept of “the next change” is that we can find material in both scientific and spiritual cosmologies that can help us to predict and construct the future of our planet. Most material on this agenda in popular religion is garbage, due to its acceptance of supernatural mythology. So a first goal should be to ensure analysis is compatible with modern scientific knowledge. That means that ideas that come from religion
  10. If there are in fact advanced intelligent beings on other planets, it may be that they're just avoiding us. Could be they've heard about us and are just too intelligent to have anything to do with humans. Perhaps they've been here in times past and now they're "ghosting us".
  11. I've been wondering if I am a Christian or if I am not a Christian. I don't know if I believe there is a god or not. A very big claim of Christianity is that Christians have the Holy Spirit living inside of them. With the way they are acting right now, it doesn't seem possible that there is a god living inside of them. I'm not judging, I'm just thinking things through. Looking for evidence of a god. Here is the thing, whether or not I believe that god exists or not, whether or not I believe that Jesus existed, it doesn't seem harmful for me to do what Jesus said. I mean things like treating ot
  12. Modernity, by that I mean the industrial revolution seems to have been driven by do now, think later mentality. People invent stuff and rearrange things in nature without much thought to the larger, medium to long term effects.
  13. Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! The hosts of Atheist Experience today are our very own Matt Dillahunty and Johnny Angel. Not only is Johnny a co-host but he co-produces the Non-Prophets reboot! Nice hats Johnny, very clever. Our first caller, Heath in TX asks how you can tell if a claim is extraordinary or not? Does it comport to our human experiences? All claims warrant as much evidence as is needed to believe that claim. You need different levels of evidence for the sky is blue versus there is a god. Adam in Romania asks advice on how to deal with an irrational fear of death
  14. Yesterday
  15. If you think living without regret is hard, try living with it.
  16. Last night I ordered the book, "The Gods Never Left Us". I think i read his original book years ago.
  17. You got that right! Everyone seems to want trees around their house for shade, aesthetics, etc. But that is not a rational decision if you live in a forest. Several years ago I had a friend who build a house in a forest in Arkansas, and he cut the trees back from his house several yards. Growing up in Oklahoma with hardly any trees in the immediate area, I ask him why he cut all those beautiful trees. You can guess his answer. He was a rational thinker.
  18. Wildfire in the west is a complex topic. Man has re-arranged much of the western US to suit himself, and that has both altered the natural patterns of forest renewal and put man's life and business in the path of it. The complexity of current modern forest-management science and techniques is mind-boggling. And we often get it wrong. I'm not saying categorically that climate and changes in climate are not a part of the current wildfires. I am saying that there's far more to the present situation and reality as we watch so much tragic destruction unfold.
  19. www.au.org is where to go to get help with those issues.
  20. No, we deconverted around the same time. She's quite good at number crunching and seeing patterns (usually in business), so when we see the power plays going on behind the obvious politics it is natural to wonder who is the power behind the power (to her it could be a cabal of humans/aliens/extra-dimensional beings) and if there is anything we can do about it. The same guys she listens to also talk a lot about religion. Some are believers, but even some of them see the Bible in context of aliens interacting with Sumerians and creating the myths that eventually started the cult of Yahweh. Some
  21. Yeah, you need a place of your own, keeping the friends that will not be a bad influence on you, and eventually a job that you like. I don't believe you need to tell anyone that you're an atheist excepting for a wife and one or two good friends if you wish. Others will be able to tell you're a changed man and atheist by the good choices you make in life, by your worthy ambitions, and by your friendly and happy disposition It was maybe 5 years after becoming an atheist before I told my parents of my beliefs, and still am not sure it was the right thing to do. If you wish to do so I think it wi
  22. Salemite, I can't imagine anything I could say to be of value to you, but in my own situation, very different than your own, I see similarities. No one tells you at age 18, or 25, or 35 that there comes a point if you live so long where your regrets begin to stack up and loom so large behind you. The hope is that all the good things, the achievements, experiences, and memories you accumulate will outweigh the regrets. And this is such a part of the natural human experience. As the church imposes such a range of expectations and 'standards' upon your life, wit
  23. 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang may not be infinite time, but it certainly gives plenty of opportunity for ancient interstellar civilizations to evolve. The problem is why SETI efforts have had no success. Perhaps their communication methods are far in advance of anything we can detect? I personally believe that advanced alien support for ancient human development is the most parsimonious explanation for why the hundreds of thousands of years of stone age culture suddenly advanced to metal and mathematics in the pyramid age, and for the truly amazing and inexplicable mysteries of t
  24. I’m sorry that you have such a steep hill to climb. It’s not fair. My son is 18 and has Aspergers. He doesn’t have any close friends either. His father was verbally abusive, but when things turned physical I left with him and his sisters. I should have left earlier, I worry that he is damaged psychologically, he now has bad anxiety. He refused to speak to his father more than a year, but has recently been in contact. He has set up firm boundaries and the relationship is now on his terms. His father is desperate to be back in his son’s life so is on his best behaviour. M
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