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  2. God obeys his mother

    I'm a bit skeptical of it, but I've experienced personally that there is power in the Rosary. I just think at Fatima those children would have been in a lot of trouble with that huge crowd if nothing happened. Portugal was a communist country at the time.
  3. God obeys his mother

    If you study the actual sources of this miracle claim, you will discover that the evidence is weak, contradictory and explainable without the need to invoke magical cause. Of course, you haven't done that. Various Catholics embellished the claim over the years to fool gullible folks like you. It worked.
  4. God obeys his mother

    Oh Yeah? Well, as i was reading this, my bowels sounded off like an harp for Moab! I'd say that easily tops YOUR story.
  5. Lame Jokes

  6. God obeys his mother

    When my dad worked in Haiti he done seen a Voodoo priest bring a dead guy back to life and my uncle seen a Bigfoot trying to break into his beer shed. Them there are real miracles! Top THAT, Mary!!! Yes, I'm treating this with all the respect it deserves.
  7. Progress?

    Man, I envy you. Good luck =)
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  9. God obeys his mother

    Perhaps the believers were so pumped that it somehow rubbed off on others. Another possibility is an optical illusion. For all I know, the claims of antireligious people also seeing it could be greatly exaggerated or even totally fabricated. Regardless, none of us were there, so there's no way to know for sure. What we can be certain of is that they really did not see what they thought they saw. The sun didn't do anything crazy, because people all over that side of the world would have seen it if it did. By the way, it appears that you were replying while I was editing my prior post to address the rest of your comment.
  10. God obeys his mother

    It could be psychosomatic, but a lot of people who are communist (Portugal was communist at that time) and anti religious , had the same psychosomatic sounds very unlikely. Yes I agree, nothing actually happened to the Sun
  11. God obeys his mother

    So, they expected to see something and then they saw something, but that something wasn't something that was real because nobody else in the entire world saw it. Do you fail to see the potential that it was psychosomatic? The article you linked doesn't appear to mention that stuff, but the October Revolution happened around the same time as the so-called Miracle of the Sun, so there were probably things brewing that would make it easy to speculate about where things could go. Making general predictions that come true really isn't all that impressive. What would be impressive would be if predictions were made with a lot of specific details that couldn't possibly play out exactly as predicted without it being a miraculous prophecy. I'd put my money on the notion that what really happened was not that impressive scenario. It's probably no more impressive than what psychics do all the time.
  12. Guess who's dead now...

  13. All out of love

    ... so the LOGICAL conclusion to this is that your god with human emotions was a god made in man's image. Not hard to work that one out is it?
  14. Letting The Mentally Deranged Tell You Who To F***

    I bear that weight so well tho.. kL
  15. God obeys his mother

    As far as supernatural nonsense goes, Catholic mythology is certainly creative and interesting.
  16. Two reasons here, @crushed, Believers must have their loved one's believe also because. 1. They believe that you will not be with them in some afterlife if you don't believe. 2. Anyone who does not believe, but especially those who once believed but now do not, means that they too could lose their belief. And that scares the shit out of them. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  17. UFO's as per Luis Elizondo ex-DOD

    It's freaky stuff.... from our perspective of course
  18. UFO's as per Luis Elizondo ex-DOD

    That's a fascinating question... and a complex one too. It's been reported that they buzz facilities with nukes (Malmstrom, Rendelsham... etc) We can only speculate... you mentioned an extremely advanced specie?! Within 100 light years who knows how many species there are and what stage of technological advancement they might be?!. You might have species with perhaps 50-100 earth years of relative advance on us up to a many million years... (age of universe is approx 14 billion years... age of our solar system is 4 billion years... ) The intent would vary according to their relative technological advancement and whether they sensed a potential threat from us to their civilization. In short, the lower their level of advancement the more they would feel threatened. Just for fun.... take a civilization a few light years away that finally has developed interstellar travel using exotic technologies that counter Einsteinian limitations. First task with this new tech is to take full inventory of nearby solar systems. A comprehensive risk assessment initiative to measure the long term survival potential of our specie lol. If possible neutralize potential threats while remaining stealthy ... As in make sure these noobs get the message without them getting any hints on how we got here (avoid technological transfers). ... I think this is exactly what we'll do when we develop that technology. It makes good sense to me... It's my adopted 'keep it short and simple' view. At Malmstrom they disabled the nukes, at Rendelsham its classified. Robert Salas thinks these entities tried to send a message as in: 'You're wasting your time and playing with fire with these nukes... we can disable them'
  19. BAA

    Me too. It's been a kick to the gut, and it's not going away. I'm posting this here because it reminds me of the way that BAA operated on this board. Always taking the risk of thinking for himself, and always engaging in "the only conversation worth having". His perspective is missed by us all.
  20. God obeys his mother

    Mary appeared at Lourdes to Saint Bernadette soubirous, and the miraculous spring erupted at the site. A Medical Bureau was established in 1883 to examine and certify the cures, and the medical methodology improved steadily in the subsequent years.
  21. UFO's as per Luis Elizondo ex-DOD

    @REBOOT you completely failed to answer my question. What the hell is an extremely advanced alien species buzzing military outposts for?
  22. UFO's as per Luis Elizondo ex-DOD

    Tons of evidence but not much will to investigate the phenomena (gun cannon camera, radar tracks, pilot visuals). I'd compare the subject to when Galileo first looked through a telescope. His observations contradicted the church geocentric view of the solar system. A heliocentric (sun centered) view could send you to the gallows. This time the transition is different. The removal of humans as the prime sentient being (most evolved) in the known universe seems to be extremely hard to swallow in many cultures around the planet. Even harder is the horrifying possibility that we are being visited by these entities. Actually an entire 'Pandora' box of possibilities actually opens up: Were humans created by superior sentient entities? Are we being exploited/farmed by superior entities? Are we an experiment ? ... the list goes on and on... and in a way disclosure of this kind of information could have a 'deadening' effect on any civilization that realizes it is thousands if not millions of years behind. Start the video at position 4:17 on the link above and you'll get a whiff of what's happening in the DOD or DIA concerning the phenomena. Reporter George Knapp: "Did you hear that, that it's evil?Harry Reid: "Yes. I think there are a lot of people who don't like it for a number of reasons and religious views. It didn't fit with what they wanted to spend money on." We're in 2017... 453 years after the birth of Galileo and UFO's are Satanic
  23. Judge Tells Jurors that God...

    The judge needs to be sent off to a padded room & kept there for a long time.
  24. I don't know how you do it

    I have much skepticism regarding Religion. If a man or woman discovers the Cure of cancer, he or she deserves much praise... If a Healer prays over somebody and they are cured of cancer, then the praise should go to a greater entity... Many people claim to have had miraculous healings through prayer with scientific and medical documentation
  25. All out of love

    You are not paying attention. You assume God is eternal. You assume God created our universe at a certain time. You assume that God made humans in God's image. That means that God sat around for an infinite number of years before God created anything. The same number of years that Christians think they will be enjoying heaven are the number of years that God was sitting in an empty void with nothing to do and nobody to care about. And God must have been cool with that because during that infinite number of years God did nothing about it. And while humans have a function for our hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, ears and all our other body parts that God gave us because we are in his image . . . God has those same body parts even though they serve no purpose! The Bible is very clear that God is a man. Why is God a man when there are no female gods for God to ask out on a date? If a human was stuck on an island they would go crazy from loneliness in just a few years. But God is totally cool with being alone forever prior to creating? Maybe your assumptions about God are wrong because they lead to nonsense.
  26. I don't know how you do it

    I despise the Bible... But there is some wisdom there if you look in the right places. I agree with Jesus when he preached about forgiveness, care for the poor, love others, and love your enemies... But I do despise the Bible
  27. I don't know how you do it

    Again, there is that brainwashing talk instead of your own mind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and your accomplishments in life, or the lives of your children, loved ones, or friends - while remaining humble. It can be done, but this is where the poison is and goes back to the comment of: "Without this, you are nothing." You are not allowed to be prideful of what you have accomplished (on your own, with no divine intervention), which, to me, sounds very cruel. You could go invent the cure for cancer, something that anyone would be very proud of (you just literally saved millions of lives), yet in your mind: Nope, can't do it. Put in all this time and effort, and I can't because an invisible sky monster says I can't. All the while, you know you invented that cure for the betterment of humanity, and would be humble enough to accept the thanks of families of whose loved ones could now be saved and rid of a terrible disease. The whole Devil/Satan diatribe is another story all together, and is full of fallacies and constancy errors. I do wish you the best, but I hope you figure this out - you obviously have some doubt somewhere.
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