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  2. And breathe... www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/no-mitochondrial-eve-not-first-female-species-180959593/
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  4. So true. Actually need to edit my post I just re read it and realised my point is slightly lost because of imprecise language. This is why one shouldn't hop out of bed and attempt to clarify things with a person intent on building strawmen.
  5. Well...males have both x and y chromosomes, right? Besides what dimwit informed you that females were even part of the human race?
  6. "In 1987, Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson published the results of their study as "Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution." By combining mtDNA sequence data from different human geographic populations and applying the molecular clock hypothesis, Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson traced the modern human gene pool to Africa and a common female ancestor who lived approximately 200,000 years ago. Mass media called this ancestor Mitochondrial Eve or African Eve." https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/allan-charles-wilson-1934-1991 Please forgive my ignorance here, but, is the above saying the entire human race comes from one woman? I've heard we are descended from a "common ancestor" but I didn't think it literally meant all from a single female ancestor. I don't know, I just thought there would be females all over the earth that evolved from ancestors, all over the earth. That quote seems to suggest there was an actual single female at ground zero, somewhere on the earth. Is it saying, literally one female, or were there thousands of females and the human race stems from one of those thousands of females?
  7. I was never into contemporary Christian music, but I do enjoy listening to old-fashioned hymns once in a while. The other day I listened to the Peasall Sisters singing "Where No One Stands Alone". Great song, beautiful ladies! And sometimes I get on YouTube to listen to an old hymn like "Amazing Grace" or "Be With Me Lord". I don't have to agree with a song in order to enjoy good music!
  8. I've had a google at it but precious little came up, apart from one website where Christians were debating (with each other) about the veracity of the claim that the Romans would release a prisoner (Barabbas) on some, "annual holiday" (as Richard Carrier called it). Carrier said there is no record outside the NT of this happening, but the above Christian website did pull out a few possible scenarios where this might have happened. If anyone is interested, the website, and possible sources from antiquity, is located here: http://apologeticsuk.blogspot.com/2012/04/would-pontius-pilate-have-released.html I was hoping to read a scholarly secular source on the matter. Does anyone know for one? Thanks all.
  9. Holy shit! All I can *imagine* are giant machines that are used to grind up their enemies while they masturbate over their ground up remains! But wait. Everyone is their enemy. They're just jerking their meat over the ground meat of everyone in the United States. Then they turn on one another and wind up feeding themselves into the machines while jerking it the whole time. This continues until the U.S. is just one big pile of ground human meat and jizz. The HORROR! mwc
  10. Or, and hear me out now, "Idiocracy" has no useful meaning. It's just become a pejorative label. It was a fun little movie though. mwc
  11. @Joshpantera @disillusioned I think we're missing the point in debating whether BLM are True Marxists. Yes, they claim to be Marxists, and yes, they don't spend as much time talking about class conflict as Marx did. And yes Josh, they are definitely entitled little shits. If someone says they are a Nazi, but are more interested in killing blacks than Jews, would you worry about the fact that they are misrepresenting Hitler, or worry about the fact that they want to kill people? Let's not spend more time analyzing their ideology than they do. And yes, I do mean to compare Black Lives Matter to Nazis. What they are doing to white people in public is basically what Nazis did to Jews before assuming political power. Imagine what will happen when we have a Black Lives Matter president.
  12. I know, its astounding. The old 2016 article that you've linked above had no clue what would unfold in the left following the 2016 election. It was all about calling Trump stupid and making fun of the right. Then the left goes and tops it all over the course of the next 4 years. Neither Mike Judge nor the author of the article consulting Judge in 2016 could have guessed that by 2020 we'd be seeing left wing, self proclaimed marxist's, tearing down confederate statues and then double backing and tearing down union statues of the very people who defeated the confederacy. That brings a "cherry on top," so to speak, of the idiocy in politics that they were critiquing after the 2016 election. It got worse!!! "Dumb, and Dumber" Where the right is dumb, the left has become even dumber. What's surprising is that the left has generally represented intellectualism. That's changed now tremendously. It's become pseudo intellectual by and large. And in worst examples, well, anti-intellectual it would seem. The gender issues, the perversion of science for subjective based political ideology, the push for trans-athlete's to brutalize natural born females in sports, etc.,etc. It's unbelievable that it's come down to this. As technology has been increasing. Stupidity is somehow riding along side of the advancement of technology and science instead of slowly dissolving into a well informed, well thought, and well understood society of non radical, centrist type people. Anyways, this is but one example of why the past matters. Even to the extent of our contemporary blip in future historical records. The early 20th century will probably look like a massive down turn in social progress through regressive efforts gone extreme. I can imagine people looking back on us now in the way that we look back on something like prohibition. A dark time of senseless social policing and virtue signaling. I expect the same general results now. It will have to fold under it's own weight eventually because these radical censorship views are too nonsensical to be allowed to continue very much further by the greater population......
  13. Did you know that you can be a primate and also a human being and also a Christian at the same time? It's true.
  14. Are you sure of this? There's nothing I can find that agrees with this. I have found authors that speak to a "heaven" being created (ie. a place for god) but not "space" (ie. the universe). This idea seems to exist with Philo of Alexandria as well as in 2 Enoch and is less well formed in Josephus. Later authors seem to pivot to the idea that this is an introductory phrase and has nothing to do with creation at all. It simply tells us that what is the creation story is about which is the creation of the heavens and the earth. The next phrase is where the creation begins (with the earth being without form). However some think nothing happens until god speaks with all the previous phrasing being the lead-up. More recent authors simply take the first phrase as a sort of "big bang" moment with the universe and earth (somehow simultaneous yet separate) popping into existence in this first phrase. Anyhow, back to my initial point. How are we sure of this when we have our more ancient sources thinking otherwise? They seemed to not picture what you're imagining. What? Sure. Makes sense. If you want to be really clear you'd want to call two different things heaven. Anyhow, the heaven in Genesis 1:1, according to Philo, is incorporeal. It's the realm of the gods. 2 Enoch has gods throne there. This is Heaven. So since we cannot place stars, planets and other objects in that heaven we need to place them into this heaven, or the sky. So we're running into trouble. We're just back to where we started. I'm not sure where you're looking but the only other place the word in Genesis 1:6 is used is Ezekiel 1:22. You'll have to explain the how and why you want to drag all these other things into this because I'm not seeing it. mwc
  15. Nor did I say that you said or believed these things. You never said that, and I never said that you said that. What you did is try and compare accusations of Trump with accusation against the left and BLM, and I commented that the two don't compare. Because Trump doesn't profess these accusation while a group like BLM does public profess such things. It is an accessory point. Agreed. That should clear up the first point. This is odd logic. Of course anyone can say anything. But when someone takes on christianity as their worldview and professes it, but then adds to it that they also believe in something like evolution, well, they've added that to an old belief system that didn't have it originally. Yet they're still christian. They believe in the "sin and redemption" narrative in their own ways. Regardless of adding their evolution beliefs into it. Same with these social marxists. They've added to marx. They've switched around class or race. But they still believe in the "oppressed versus oppressor" narrative. So they make of marxism what they want of it. Just like a christian like say, Justus, makes of christianity what he want's to make of it. Very similar. And the bible is based in special creation. That doesn't mean that supernatural guided evolution beliefs haven't crept in. In the mid to late 19th century the pressing issue do to with oppression was a class issue. That's changed somewhat. Now it's become more of a race issue in their minds. So they've changed the focus. While still keeping to the oppressed versus oppressor narrative. The social marxist's stand against individual and personal freedom and liberty. Free speech, free expression, etc., etc., are suppressed and should be suppressed in their views. They are acting opposite of the standing constitutional republic. And they have become something of an infestation within the democratic party, of angry, not so well thought out enemies of the freedom that our constitutional republic represents. They started coming out more and more as they grew in number, much like a colony of roaches coming out in to the light. The infestation of "anti-American" anarchists, is all fine and well from their own perspective. They're right, everyone else is wrong. But they're living within a constitutional republic that doesn't gel with their own agenda's. So they want to topple the republic, by their own admissions, based largely on their own personal interpretations of Karl Marx. One might compare them to a growing infestation of nazi's in mid 20th century Germany. A political infestation that grew out of control. Till it was finally exterminated down to obscurity. They are free to try and do it, actually. But they are also subject to the blow back that is coming from them trying. Me calling them roaches. Militia men and average citizens shooting them down for self defense reasons. The government arresting them and putting them in prison. And possibly the DNC having to purge them out of the party into obscurity. To be honest, they belong as a third party political effort. In line with the libertarian, Green, or similar. Not in either one of the two dominant parties. This is one of the many burdens of Biden......
  16. @Joshpantera, I'm tired of this, so I'm basically out. But there are a couple of things to clear up. First, I never said that we have a video of Trump saying "I'm a nazi!". I also never said he was a nazi. I actually don't think he is. But there is plenty of video evidence which can be used to make the case that he is a closet nazi based on his actions, and on things which he has said that are aligned with parts of the nazi agenda. There's some of this kind of thing even in your most recent post, when you refer to Marxists as "roaches". I don't think you're a nazi either, but this sounds very much like the language of Mein Kampf. So no, it's not a direct comparison, but it isn't a stupid one either. You may, of course, disagree if you like. This is an accessory point. Second, it seems patently obvious to me that just saying "I'm a Marxist!" does not make one a Marxist. Saying "I'm a Christian!" also does not make one a Christian, although this one is a little trickier, because Christianity is not as well-defined as Marxism is. But either way, both of the assertions that I just made are easily demonstable: I just said both sentences out loud, and it remains the case that I am neither a Christian nor a Marxist. Case closed. The key point though, which you are ignoring, is that Marxism is codified in the fairly recent writings of Karl Marx (who, apparently, you regard as "an entitled little shit"). It is clear and explicit. Christianity is a mish-mash of poor translations of ancient writings of unknown origins. It is self-contradictory, and generally incoherent. To claim to be a Christian, if one wishes to be consistent, one must pick and choose. This is not the case with Marxism. This is a bad analogy on the face of it, and even if it wasn't, your conclusion is false as demonstrated above. Third, Marxism is essentially and explicitly based in class issues. Its central assumption is literally that societal issues are inherently class issues. You literally cannot have Marxism without it being based in class issues. This is just a simple contradiction in terms. Incidentally, nazism is essentially race-based, and nazism and Marxism are diametrically opposed to the point where Hitler viewed Marxism as a manifestation of the Jewish problem, which brings me back to my earlier point about how disturbing it is to see you referring to Marxists as "roaches". But I digress. Finally, I hope it's very clear that I'm not saying that everything about the current state of either the left or the right in the US is agreeable to me. Clearly the recent unrest is making people upset. My point is just that Marxism is a clear, explicit doctrine, and that while the BLM platform does have some similarities to some aspects of Marxism, it contradicts and neglects others, and hence it is not actually Marxist. This remains the case even though its leaders have claimed to be "trained Marxists". At this point I think I've either made this point or not, so I'll shut up and let you guys get back to whatever it is you were doing.
  17. I refer back to Justus's scientific explanation of how rainbows form. Considering one needs water vapour for rainbows to form, and also considering that with a burning earth and all the ashes that will be going on, I highly doubt there will be rainbows. However, take heart my friend, due to the ash in the atmosphere you'll likely be treated to some glorious red/orange hued days, especially around sunrise and sunset. Praise be to the holy one!. See first you'll have this: Followed by this: Ending with this:
  18. Malachi 4:1-3 4 [a]“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. 2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. 3 Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty. When the earth is burning and the righteous are trampling the wicked, do we still get rainbows? I really like rainbows....they are God's promise not to flood the earth ever again!
  19. I thought he smelled of Elderberries? hmmm.
  20. Telling people they have TDS is not very polite. Having concerns is normal, given how much the media smears the man. I was nervous before his election, because I still sort of trusted that the media could possibly be reasonable about Trump. Turned out they were fearmongering, and they still have the temerity to keep up the same act. Trump tries to resolve differences peacefully with dictators and rogue states, which may include some polite praise for them. No need for hysterics there. Trump doesn't support the far right either, that's all just spin and wilful misinterpretation. Also, promising to quell riots may be "advocacy for violence" if you wanna be pedantic, but come on!
  21. No, I still can't figure out what to say.
  22. Isn't it amazing how you can take a line from a member here, completely miss or ignore the point, then suggest they believe something (when in fact they don't) or have said something (when in fact they haven't). You seem to be chronically afflicted by this condition, Justus, because you keep on doing this. FYI - According to the story God killed everyone and everything BEFORE placing the rainbow in the sky, then has a moment of conscience and promises never to flood the world again. But fear not, those of you who love judgement, pain and suffering - apparently the world will burn in fire and the righteous will step out on the ashes of the damned. Oh aren't you moved to tears with the mighty justice of the Lord God of Hosts?
  23. Oh, so the manipulation changes tides and now the polls start reading like this: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1305342/Trump-news-Donald-Trump-US-election-2020-latest-Black-Lives-Matter
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