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  2. Not to mention that everything he said is blatantly false and delusional on his part. If he has disproven evolution or knows of someone who actually has, it would be global news. But as it stands, every christian claim to have disproven evolution is false. And that's why evolution still stands - because no one has disproven it. No one has silenced all of the atheists, in fact. Let alone this joe blow who no one knows. What you need to do with a chump like that is tell them to go to ex christian.net and show everyone the winning arguments for christianity. Whoever makes bold claims, send them here. Then observe what happens to their claims. So the next issue is if this were a sign, what kind of a sign could it be?????? He's clearly wrong. We can demonstrate that he's wrong. What kind of a sign is a guy who shows up with 'incorrect information and false claims' out of the blue as you're denouncing christainity? Wouldn't that be a sign that christianity really is false as you've conclused? And that christian adherents really are this level of delusional as they try and grasp at anything to cling on to false beliefs? There wasn't anything true about his claims. He represents a sign or affirmation of false beliefs if he represents anything at all. Why don't you take THAT as a sign and move on in confidence knowing that the opposition is this weak and unable???
  3. I like some of the old pagan symbols that carry ancient meanings. Obviously not in a religious or nationalistic sense, but in the sense of respecting old symbolism. Maybe someone can coin a clever symbol that symbolizes the final collapsing of christianity.....
  4. Yesterday
  5. I think you have pretty good critical-thinking abilities, @SeaJay. Critical thinking comes from one part of your brain, while faith and the accompanying anxiety come from a different part. Your challenge will be to pay heed to the critical-thinking side, and recall the things you’ve learned, when anxiety raises its ugly head. You’ve shown the ability to do that on a number of occasions. The more you exercise that skill, the better it will get.
  6. This is the kind of critical thinking skills I hope to learn! Thank you for sharing this.
  7. You are wrong. Flat Earthers and some Christians do have logic. They believe that Noah did have Google and that polar bears were brown at that time but turned white since then by being exposed to the far edge of the world for almost 3,000 years.
  8. Now for your next exercise, try applying logic to Christian beliefs. I'll start: Noah was able to procure a male and a female polar bear to live on the ark, by doing what? (using Google is not permitted here, because Noah didn't have Google)
  9. The universe is such a complex system with billions of living beings (that we know of), and things and processes interacting constantly, that events which could be explained in multiple ways are going to happen all the time. When we encounter such an event, we still need to respond do it somehow, so if we've spent a lifetime thinking in Christian terms and valuing things according to Christian values, our first reaction might be to see it through that lens: "Could this be a message from God?" "Could this be a miracle?" etc. This is biased thinking, though, and considering the full implications of that proposed explanation makes it more clear: "Why might my friend have stopped by today?" "1. He hasn't seen me for a while, and he's just come up with some new argument he wanted to tell me about", "2. Some other plausible explanation", or "3. There's actually a person existing independently of space and time, without the need for a universe to exist in, and he's got very specific opinions on eating pork and shellfish and having sex, even though those things probably don't exist outside the universe, and he's hiding so that it seems like he doesn't exist, but will occasionally talk to us by having very random or strange things happen and leaving us to guess." One of these explanations is less likely than the others. Of course, assuming that reality is in any way coherent can also be seen as a bias, but reality is at least there every day.
  10. Well, the need for reassurance can go both ways. An absolute trust in your own opinions/reality gets you solipsism, an absolute, unquestioning trust in another gets you mental servutude and possibly brainwashing. I like to think of this as the middle good position is a skeptical openness to dialogue. And this a process where can and do get things wrong, more of less. But it has a built in correcting mechanism
  11. I've only seen one testoster-truck in the last few weeks.
  12. Last week
  13. Sometimes people just quietly walk away, and that's the most likely explanation. I do hope they're okay. Perhaps someone from the Spirituality forum should try to contact them. (Too soon?)
  14. No response to my PM to either of them, and they haven’t visited since those dates reported by @sdelsolray above.
  15. So no contact or any info re MOHO and Geezer?
  16. @SeaJay, it's okay to trust yourself. Truth rings true; and our minds are designed to recognize that. If something causes so much doubt and confusion, it's not likely to be true; and it is perfectly fine to ignore that topic until/unless further evidence presents itself.
  17. Thanks both, that’s really helpful and eases my anxiety a bit. It’s odd that I can’t really think like this. I’m trying but I’m either not capable or, if it’s just a case of still learning, then I have been learning for years and still can’t seem to do it. Sometimes it’s like I’m a child who needs comforting or tutoring or something. Perhaps it’s a case of I can and do think this way, but I need to hear it from another person to confirm my own conclusions (so reassurance then). Is it called critical thinking?
  18. I grew up with them and enjoy them. It is just odd that there is a strange god/gun/patriotism thing with so many believers today. I was watching a rant-cast by comedian Lewis Black where a listener wrote it that their right-wing family has ruined the American flag as a symbol because they use it on everything to endorse their new proud-to-be-stupid politics. The testoster-trucks raging down the roads locally have had the same effect for me. I nearly equate the flag now with rude fascist jerks who equate big loud trucks with being a good American. People gravitate to symbols, religious and political, so much that they equate them with what they are supposed to represent. And it gives them a reason to be enraged when someone disrespects their symbol. And the bigger the symbol the better! A local run-down motel was recently purchased by a avid Christian who wants to use it to help people get off drugs. Noble cause. But out in front is a giant glowing white cross fluorescent sign. Above that is a sign with a Harley engine and a skull, because Jesus and skeletons driving Harleys. I supposed it is advertising to the crowd he wants to attract. After deconversion, I've backed away from cherishing symbols or adorning myself with any. I do like the old Norse ones, but I have no business wearing them, nor do I really want to.
  19. I had the opposite of this. I prayed for a sign I was wrong but I was very specific about the prayer. I wanted it to be undeniable that it was a sign from the Almighty himself. It didn't happen. A sign from God couldn't be passed off as a coincidence. He supposedly walked on water as Jesus. Led the children of isreal by a pillar of fire and a pillar of smoke, blasted away two cities and turned people into salt. If he can do that. He should be able to give all his followers proof of his existence and he can't. Bc he's not there
  20. What's interesting is that it didn't take an atheist majority for christianity to collapse, it's collapsing regardless of atheist minorities at present. That just goes to show that even with people leaning towards theistic beliefs, christianity has become increasing irrelevant to those theistic people. And I think that you're right about the bibles myths being viewed not differently than greek mythology. Myths and fables.
  21. Hi Seajay Good to see you are still around and questioning. I did have a little bit of this, but as I studied further into how the brain works, and how easily we can deceive ourselves by interpreting random events as "signs" I realized it was just my Christian upbringing and indoctrination working on my mind. You might find this is happening to you? It's mainly a fear response in reaction to a perceived threat I.e. what if you're wrong?
  22. I think this question got lost in the Edit I added after it. I thought I’d repost it here as it’s very relevant. “When you left the faith, did you worry that you were seeing signs, or, being communicated with in some way, to show that you were wrong? I have this anxiety that it might be happening now and then.”
  23. Yeah. Plus, let's say all current scientific theories are wrong ( incomplete, biased , etc any definition of wrong) . Evolution is wrong, quantum physics, germ theory of disease. So? That is WONDERFUL news for science. It means you can get to new, better models. Proving "science" wrong is what science does. . And the fact that he came to you. You were a Christian, with Christian friends in a predominant christian country. Running into a Christian telling how Christianity is true is not THAT impressive :))
  24. Kind of the opposite of the recomandation
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