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  2. While you're Gathering thoughts, I'll just say that some like William Lane Craig use Genesis 1:1 as a pivotal arguing point. The word "beginning" is used: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalam_cosmological_argument Craig looks at some dated cosmological theoretic's (I'm privy to newer theoretical thinking than that) about the BB and concludes that the bible says there was a fixed beginning, science says there was a fixed beginning, therefore the bible has it right. And then, based on the first set of assumptions, Craig then moves forward arguing that everything that has a fixed beginning needs a cause. And then automatically inserts that the cause (based on a whole line of previous assumptions) is not just a god, but YHWH of the biblical tradition. First of all, I'm wondering whether or not you agree with WLC about this. I don't know yet. I'd rather ask and find out then assume that you do. If you do not agree with Craig, and have some other interpretation of what's going on in Genesis 1:1, then I'd like to hear you out regardless.
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  4. The error should now be resolved. Please let me know if it persists.
  5. It's one of the catch-phrases they teach us in atheist school, along with the proper temperature for cooking babies, and how to fill that "god-shaped hole" with illicit sex and hardcore street drugs.
  6. I agree with you in every respect you discussed. IMO. Three of the four foundation pillars of the present Big Bang model are not testable: Inflation, dark energy, and the expansion of space. Although most think there is evidence to support these hypothesis, all are seriously questionable if none can possibly be confirmed by observation. The Big Bang therefore then would be a theory founded upon three untestable hypothesis. The fourth foundation pillar of the model is dark matter. So far they have come up with nothing concerning its reality. All four of these hypothesis have more likely alternative explanations IMO. Other supposed evidence for the "theory" is that the observed microwave background is a remnant of an original BB, and that the abundance of light elements cannot be explained by stellar synthesis. But there are also good alternative explanations for these observations. I think the James Webb will put an end to the BB model, when old appearing galaxies and galaxy clusters are observed at the farthest possible distances. Maybe 2-3 years after such observations the search will be on for alternatives. Unknown to most astronomers, mainstream theorists, and the public in general, there is a great multitude of such alternatives that cannot be disproved by these, or any other observations to date -- and which have equal or better explanations and interpretations for all observations to date IMO.
  7. You're in the right place to get the help you need. Hang in there!
  8. I've informed tech support. A couple other users are having the same issue. Hopefully the issue will be quickly resolved,
  9. I'll happily observe your "debate" with Josh from the peanut gallery, if that will give you one less excuse to tuck tail and run. Any other thread, though, is public domain.
  10. So that means you're going to be freely interjecting in the "debate"? I have absolutely no interest in enduring that.
  11. I'm on my PC at home. I just don't want it to continue. We'll see.
  12. Yes. Anything you post on this website becomes all of our business. Were you not aware of how the internet works?
  13. Maybe clear cookies and try again. I'm not sure. But we can go with your response. So you claim a win here in favor of god. But why? Please explain how you know this to be true. Thanks.
  14. This was my 1st response. What / why is this error message? it was done from Android, so maybe that's why. Don't know.
  15. As awful as you feel now, just remember that if you were actually swallowed up by the Christian belief system, you'd be a whole lot more messed up in that hysteria than you are now. So keep being you.
  16. Well at least they have options, other than the 1 door Jesus offered.
  17. Are the people (Alien's) living on another planet close enough to observe the light from our star seeing our past or our future?
  18. Funny you have time to read back that far in the forums, and to respond to me; but not to meet josh's challenge.
  19. In the condensed version, there are 10 planes of existence, a few of which are similar to hell. The ghosts eventually get out, though it takes many lifetimes. They are able to reincarnated in a higher plane of existence-- maybe a tapeworm or meerkat. Again, I give these ideas nothing more than a chuckle, same as i would jesus.
  20. Yeah...just like you assumed Christforums was lying when he said he was moving until one of your own shoved it back down your throat.
  21. No. I think they all expressed the sentiment that they had other life activities in which to engage as an excuse to cover for not being able to answer questions/challenges/counter-arguments at all, let alone in a timely fashion. But kudos to you, your powers of misperception are without equal.
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