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  2. Christian's have always taught the world that sin nature is present in all of us, that we are born dead spiritually. If this is actually true, why aren't our children & younger teens literally doing all the sinful shit that the Christian point out that adult's do. I am aware there are cases of some children doing crazy stuff, but it is definitely not on par with the adult sinner's. What would you rather. Be in a room of angry adults Or. Be in a room of angry children Have ever seen a group of pissed off little kid's grabbing weapon's and killing each other?
  3. I actually doubt the christian belief at first but i kept asking older christians about my doubts. They also told me that some times god do not want us to know some stuff as we dont need to know everything and he have a reason of doing that. I just find so much loop holes .I eventually eccepted and i thought it was the best decision in my life but it is probably the worst. I just feel gullible and i dont want other christians to be like me. Ive put in so much thoughts and emotions but it was all a lie. I really want to help my friends who are still believing this but im afraid that they wont listen. I shouldve listen to my parents advice and not just have blind "faith". Btw,how did you manage to get out of the hurt ?
  4. Aww thanks! Its nice of you:)Im just here to be more firm about the false in christianity and never make the same mistake again. Hopefully also get some of the christians because i dont want them to waste their time in that(ik most of them arent open-minded). Have a nice day:)
  5. Ah, I see that you are having a bit of a hard time letting go of the hurt (Recent past hurt) of the Christian experience. One day you'll look back at that mess they call a religion, and laugh, because you'll know that you are absolutely free.
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  7. Plot twist: Chris was just an imaginary friend all along
  8. Yeah, and we don't even have gun's to deal with these threats.
  9. Dude, you have 8/10 of the worlds deadliest snakes and 7/10 of the worlds deadliest spiders. Giant crocs, breeding great whites, killer jellyfish and those terrifying drop bears. How do you not live in fear when your lizards are the size of dogs and your dogs steal babies?
  10. The Talmud says that schools were setup in Jewish towns during the first century. Now, the Talmud isn't always the most accurate of sources but if this were to have happened then we might imagine that they were more literate than we think. But what did that literacy really consist of? What I mean is what language did they learn? Was it Hebrew? Aramaic? Or even Greek? I ask because because this is a very important question. According to Josephus he, and other Jews, were not encouraged to learn Greek (or foreign languages) so I would think Greek (to read the LXX) would be out which leaves us with Hebrew and/or Aramaic. However, the NT is all written in Greek. So how did this literacy happen for a group that was not taught, and perhaps even discouraged from learning, Greek? People tend to go the other way by making multi-lingualism far more commonplace than it should have been just to make up for this. If people were multi-lingual, even though, as I said we have people like Josephus saying they were not, it means we don't even need to care how things got done. mwc
  11. "You devious, slithering snake." - LuthAMF That . . .is fucking hilarious. . . .You GO Harry Potter! Sorry . . . I'm a li'l bit drunk.
  12. No no no, no no no & no. She still has freewill and choice no matter these religious people do to her, or him, or them, or us.
  13. Look, I know how much you love your US of A, but fuck it! It's only going to get worse, you know. So, get your butts down here in Australia, you won't live in such tension & fear as you do there.
  14. Curious case of Benjamin Button On another note, another fundie, another tither, secured. Another childhood wasted.
  15. Have we not found a myriad of cure's & solutions to many problems we've had for thousands of generations? So yeah, I'd say that the universe has a built in key for solving all our woes. Or we can take Yahwank at his word and use chickens blood to cure leprosy.
  16. Redneck Professor would call this an unfounded assertion if I were the one to have said it.
  17. Redneck says, "Yet here we have a "true christian" presuming himself equipped to teach atheists about atheism." Please support this claim by producing a direct quote from me in which I presume this. Otherwise, yet another unfounded assertion. Sound familiar "Prof"? Your own words, dude. "Prof" also says, ""Virtues", however, is your term, not mine, for the difference in approach between critical thinkers and the religious.  It's good that you recognize them as virtues, in theory at least; perhaps someday you can recognize them in practice as well." You devious, slithering snake. I said "alleged virtues". I also said it's disparaging PRESUMPTION. Conveniently ignored those words, though, didn't you? "All parents are guilty of either omitting information or over-emphasing other" But Prof says, "This is quite different from indoctrination. To equate the two is intellectually dishonest." Only in your demented world.
  18. I get this bizarre thought that she looks like a grandma praising Jebus.
  19. Here, this will make you want to throw up. Once upon a time, When I belonged to the church, I thought this was 'cute'........
  20. I know where those bio-chemicals come from Right out of your head Right out of your filthy heart Finding any moment you can to occupy a mind But I've got plans for you And you'll see that the worst thing Is to be trapped, just like all your victims But it won't be me who shut you down It will be what you do to yourself When you can't intimidate anyone anymore And there you'll remain Until death & the ghost Comes for you.
  21. How about this: Get to the part about how you have special access to knowledge, through authority, Scripture and/or revelation. That would be funny, as well as expected. That way, you wouldn't have to waste time pretending to be something other than you really are. Bonus question: According to Genesis, how could there be water (H2O) at the beginning of creation when the stars which form all oxygen were not created until the fourth day? Use only the Bible to support your response. Or use science. Your choice. Don't claim magic. That's boring.
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