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  2. Thanks for posting. I'm familiar with the band name but not their music offhand. I feel for him. Having played in Christian rock bands myself, I'm a bit relieved that we were never fully established in the CCM world. I can only imagine the kind of crap in print and online I'd have had to deal with if I came to the realization it's all bunk after being a recognizable name in music ministry.
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  4. I saw that article on my news feed app. I was surprised that Fox news is making it a headline. Would have thought they would hide it, but glad they are not.
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  6. Not familiar with his music, but glad that he's using his mind and isn't willing to accept misdirection as an answer.
  7. John Steinguard announces his renouncement. Sights problem in Bible that rampant misogyny indicates books where written by, and in the interest of, ancient men of the time(s). Smart boy! I wonder how many of his fans will take note... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/hawk-nelson-religion-christian-rock-songs-god-a9533286.html
  8. I'm glad you had the courage to get out of your situations. I also observed deacons, even elders, who were abusing wife and children and getting away with it. It was sickening. HANG IN THERE!
  9. Wow, Jenni, you have been through a lot. A lot that you did not deserve to go through. I am glad you are in such a better position now. You have a lot to discover ahead of you! FWIW a thought about the anger: Aristotle says it's a response to a perceived injustice. There is a lot of injustice in the whole bundle of Christianity as a system. I think it's legitimate for you to be angry against that and the people who profit from its injustices. That is enough to explain your anger, so I don't think you have to feel that you are "mad at God," the way Christians like to accuse ex-Christians of being. And I think you can say something like, "I defend A's right to belief and practice her/his faith, but I deny that Christians have the right to control everyone else, and their attempts to control the rest of us make me angry - and my anger gives me energy to resist!" Or something like that. Hope to hear more from you, F
  10. Anything that lasts forever would be hell. Just existing forever would be hell. There's just not enough to do. I guess that's why bible god is such a dick. The only way this works is if your mind is fundamentally altered to just enjoy things but then you're not really you anymore so who cares at that point? The new you may as well sit back and enjoy the eternal ride. The old, actual, you will be long dead and won't care anyway. mwc
  11. See: transcendental numbers. This is the point: you're right, I can't imagine the details of such an experience, but I can imagine that an experience that I can't fully conceive of could be possible, or could be made possible. Moreover, I can imagine new possibilities being continuously created.
  12. Hi, Jenni... I'm sorry that you had to go through all that adversity. Processing what you've been through can take time, for sure. Thing is, your healing started when you left the cult. Glad you found your way out.
  13. Leia, I wish you well. Thank you. Walter.
  14. Thanks for sharing... And Welcome! I'm sorry for all that you endured - especially all of the judgment for leaving an obviously unhealthy marriage. I, too, first lost faith in Providence. I always believed IN SPITE of all of the mounting inconsistencies i kept observing within the Bible and between the Bible and reality. But I chose to keep trusting despite my doubts. Once my faith in providence crumbled, i no longer had reason to rationalize away my doubts in order to sustain belief... I am a happy agnostic - fortunate to not be angry. Something that helps me not be angry at "God" is that i am now 99.9999% sure that if some version of God exists, it's not the fundamental-evangelical-bible version that let me down - that god does not exist, so there isn't anyone to be angry at... I hope that made sense. Anyway, glad you are here. I hope that, with time, your anger can pass - so that you can more fully enjoy this precious but fleeting existence. Maybe in a reply you can talk more about the details of your anger - get it all written out. It can be healing.
  15. Jacob grappled by the Jabbok in the night Filled with doubts and howling whys and interrogation lies No submission to the angels in his head Do you also lie awake and ask God why Why are floods and droughts reversed and why does coffee taste so good Why there are no answers in the back of that black book Do you live between the question and the mark Do your eyes see in the dark, does your face resent the mask ‘Cos there’s no time between the future and the past Do you see the puzzle pieces do not fit Do you pull your stomach in, grin and bear the heels that pinch Knowing God is love and made a place called hell Do you hug that angel fiercely through the night Dislocate your devious mind, calling this a limp of faith Do you surrender but keep wrestling for your life Do you?
  16. I kind of like to be like John Walsh in that way acceptance hunting criminals fighting cults. And I will try to enjoy my life outside this battle
  17. I spoke in tongues as a Christian, and I can still do it if I want to. I rarely do, but yesterday I did (I have a choice, it is not outside my control) which made me wonder whether other ex Christians have the same experience. I think that now, my speaking in tongues is more limited than before. It is as though it has got stuck in a rut and I repeat the same sorts of phrases, and when I was a believer there was more variety, but that was a long time ago now so it is hard to say. It's an interesting phenomenon and i was wondering what other people think?
  18. Stab me in the heart, why doncha! jk You sound young and full of energy. The reddit sub you have sounds helpful. Try to be moderate and enjoy life, even though you have a crusade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Walsh_(television_host) John Walsh was pretty successful in his crusade. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― There! Hows that?
  19. Yes because I think you're wrong about this particular matter
  20. Thanks for all of your advice. I believe I'm doing the right thing.if I had any questions about It i would not be doing it.
  21. No it isn't these are two very different concepts ,proportionality matters.
  22. Exactly I'm fighting against brainwashing not indoctrination writ large.I'm not sure about that claim of liberal Christians not being indoctrinated but they're definitely not brainwashed .also my beliefs about magick are based on my first-hand experience. Which is not something I can duplicate a laboratory to prove things to you.
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