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  2. This would be true if we were living forever in an imperfect world where there are only finitely many things to do, but heaven is supposed to be perfect. I can imagine a perfect heaven where there are infinitely many things to do, so nothing gets stale.
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  4. it's better than that. if the god is omnicognisant, omnipotent and omnipresent and created the universe, then not only is every single soul's, every single atoms exact course and fate is set and sealed at the moment of creation, but there is no free will and every soul that goes to hell does so not because of choice but because it was ordained at the beginning of time
  5. This is a tough question to answer since there are a lot of authors in the bible so there's a lot of reasons for what they did. Certainly there's no one reason. I would guess that some of them wanted, or needed, to establish a history of some sort. A foundation story. We can see that parts of the bible are simply "borrowed" from other cultures. We can also see that the bible gives foundation stories to/for the eponymous place names in the region. Odds are none of these things are remotely true but they provide explanation as to why those things are what they are. We also know that there were issues between Judea and Israel and the bible gives reasons to explain these things even though they don't line up with what is known through archaeology. The accuracy here is not important but rather the fact that the bible was "created" (so to speak) to pass along something more like a set of folk knowledge, propaganda (not in the modern sense of the word) and things of this sort. mwc
  6. In liberal Christian Hell you get a participation trophy.
  7. Liberal xtians aren't brainwashed? That's news to my ears. I tend to think anybody reading and believing a bronze age book of fairy tales written by men to control other people, is indeed brainwashed.
  8. Probably the idea of living forever, even in heaven. Do any activity, even ones you love, over and over and over, and you start hating it. When you have infinity you will do all things you can possibly do infinite times. That would drive anyone crazy. So short of 'God' giving us a lobotomy for attending infinite heaven then the idea of a spirit me doing the same things for infinity is probably the worst.
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  11. I have a room in my subreddit for atheist too. My goal is to get them out of the NIFB not where they go later.
  12. I don't care which spirituality they end up with as long as they are free of the cult.
  13. I think Midnites point went clean over your head. Please re read his post and think about what he's saying in context of the thread.
  14. Indeed. A tiny little land mass on a small planet in an infinite universe is where the entire mythology plays out. Of course it probably made more sense, or was at least somewhat believable, when it was thought our planet was the center of everything and no attention was paid to any place but the Middle East.
  15. Yes, replacing one unsupported belief with another doesn't fly with those who left a religion due to critical thinking.
  16. LeiaBryant seems to recommend her new supernatural beliefs to those leaving Christianity here on this site so I can't imagine this group is going to be a neutral landing place with or without Christians making their evangelistic recommendations.
  17. Even the "apostle of love" summarized how to love this god "This is love for god, that we obey his commands". He is a petulant narcissist with a lust for blood. He blesses mass rape and orders genocide, often in the same command. Happily, looking around at reality such as photos of earth floating in space, we can better understand that none of the Bible stories can be real. When we look at history, and the complete dearth of any evidence supporting the Exodus or the gospels, we see that it was always just cult writings (like the book of mormon, the moonies, the manson family, etc) intended to convert through a combination of dangling a carrot of promises of paradise and threats of eternal torture.
  18. God's special plan for your life is the same as his plan for everybody else's life.
  19. Yeah Jews didn't like Hitler and you ignore him and he Holocaust people these people want to exterminate the LGBT+ community. Let that sink in
  20. Not all of Christianity is destructive and brainwashed. I believe the liberal Christian sects are a net positive for my community and the not radical conservative ones are okay-ish compared to the bastards and I am fighting. Any conversion to another mainstream sect of Christianity is preferable to continued cult membership. Remember the enemy of your enemy is your friend! As long as the fight targets the most extreme and damaging sects of Christianity it will keep going until only good Christians are left. In other words those who are a net positive for the community they exist in . Christianity being good or bad is a question of degree not type of faith. Try to see it pragmatically like me.
  21. That god was based on all the writers of the time knew or could imagine; kings, courts and authoritarian rule during the Bronze Age.
  22. Oh this is very late and has no replies after all that time, but yes.
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