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    Leia, if I'm being honest, I'm concerned about how much the hateful environment in which you were submerged might have affected you. I'd caution against allowing their hatred of others become your hatred of them. Anger has its place in life, and certainly in the deconversion process; but either we master and use it for good, or it masters and uses us, for results that may be less than good.
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    Hello Disgruntled, I think "sin" is a theological construct best left at the door. It is Christianity's tool to create a false need, i.e. "I am damned and need to be saved" so that Christianity can then offer [ETA: or "sell you"] the solution to the false need it created. We all do wrong things and we lead better lives as we grow in moral character. To do that does not call for the theological construct, "sin," and in fact I think one's moral character is much firmer when one acts because the thing is good rather than out of fear that God will get you.
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    Hi, after many years of questioning my Christian faith, last night I became an atheist. I've 40 years of god and religion to undo in my thinking. My brain is on overdrive and feels like it's about to explode. It's all a bit scary at the moment.
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    The well dressed man entered the chemist shop. He paused to scan the shelves packed with boxes and bottles. With a sigh, he made his way to the counter. "Good morning sir. How can I help you today?" said the pharmacist, dressed in his customary white lab coat, the white on black name tag proudly announcing his name as John. "Yes, good morning. I've left the doctors office where I was told I have the flu. When I asked the doctor what I should take he said 'there is nothing for it, anything I give you would be no better than a placebo', so hence I'm here to buy a placebo." "Err, you do realise a placebo is simply an ineffective product that you put your faith in?" "Absolutely, what do you have that has no benefit?" "But surely knowing that the product is not helping would invalidate the effect?" "Nonsense, I have complete faith in the placebo effect, so please point me to your most useless item." "Okay, umm... Well, these herbal remedies are unproven junk. A few roots and berries with no reason to believe they do anything at all. Very popular with people wanting a placebo." "Hmm, that's good but it feels like it still leaves the door open for some herb to actually be beneficial. Do you have anything that removes all doubt?" The pharmacist scratched his head, eyes sweeping the stacked shelves. "Ah, I have just the thing. Essential oils! These things smell nice, but people take the air freshener idea to believe it cures all sorts of things." "Any science or suggested method for it to work?" "The science says it doesn't work. The only suggestions I can remember were either reminding you of pleasant smells from the past, or perhaps some endorphin release." "Well, it still sounds like it has an effect and I was really hoping for something that does absolutely nothing." The pharmacist was at his wits end. How could he possibly find something so completely benign that it has zero effects? Any chemical, no matter how inert, would do something... Perhaps something non-chemical? Then inspiration hit him. "Have you tried prayer?" "No, what is it?" "Well, you talk to yourself, imagining some invisible and silent super being is listening and you ask that imaginary character to aid you." "Does it matter what name I use or what my imaginary character looks like?" "No, not at all. Its equally ineffective regardless of what super being you think of." "And absolutely no science or suggestions on how it could work?" "Quite the opposite. All research shows its useless and the only suggestion is pure placebo." "Perfect, I'll be feeling better in no time."
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    Don't be afraid to do a lot of crying honey because it helps dissipate the hate and anger. I was very angry for a long time. It's called grief. Don't be afraid of it. You are probably a gentle person who is angry at yourself because we got duped and brainwashed by the lie of the christian doctrine. Today, a very good acquaintance of mine (who runs the corner store and I know him fairly well) told me that this virus was here because Jesus is sending a clear message for people to go back to church. If I didn't like him so much, I could have punched his face in. I guess I still need counselling. Lol It really does make you do the biggest eye roll....
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    WOW! Is this the first documented occurrence of Ex-C married couples both finding their way out of the mind-control? I envy you, @PSR!
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    I can sympathize with wanting there to be more. If you're looking for a saviour, though, it seems to me that a God who gets so upset over a piece of fruit that he needs to resort to human sacrifice is probably not the best candidate.
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    A religion designed by a perfect god should not have turned out so imperfectly.
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    Hi. I'm looking for other people who are interested in skepticism, atheism, apologetics and Christianity. I grew up in the Lutheran church. In my early 20s I earned a degree in biblical studies, but that experience led to my deconversion. It's a strange analogy, but I think of it like someone who loved hot dogs finding out exactly how they are made. Now I don't ever want to eat another hot dog. Goofy, I know. But I'm still fascinated by the big questions, and how and why people believe. Thanks for reading.
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    Some days I am beyond depressed and terrified.... and other days, I take back my mind and power and tell myself I have to continue. My dear husband is still classified as an ''essential'' so I worry about him. His hours are already being cut down. I'll be glad when he's ordered to stay home.... but..... financially for me and him, this will be a disaster. (and millions of others also, I empathize) I wish they would lock-down the whole god damned world right now. I think deep down, I know this is going to go on for a long time and I don't seem to have much fight left in me. I post silly things on Facebook and try to read everything that is encouraging. I think most of us are grieving because the way we knew life is gone and could be gone for awhile. I'm so sorry that I cannot be more uplifting. We are all facing trauma. And it takes time to process that the whole entire world as we knew it, is gone for now. So in the meantime, keep watching everything that can give you hope. Maybe we can pull out of this. Stay safe everyone. Put on those invisible boxing gloves and hang in there. We're all in this together. Love and hugs to every one of you.
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    In a sense, my motorcycle is magic. When I ride it, I feel 50 years younger!
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    This is the point I wanted to get to, where I mentally could not cite scripture. I used to be able to cite book. chapter, and verse. I haven't read a Bible in years. For me, deconverting was like an alcoholic keeping drinks out of the home. So proud today.
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    AD, You are not the one with all the power. God is supposed to be the one with all the magical power. He is supposed to be Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. He's supposed to fix the earth? It's his creation, right? I'm sure trillions of people from all over the world are praying right now and nothing seems to be stopping this virus. It will run it's course and not everyone will get out alive. This is part of life, virus's. Hundreds of virus's have taken over the earth for centuries and any prayers that people sent out throughout history did not stop it. So who's fault is it? The one that is supposed to have ALL the magical power and yet 'he' doesn't stop the sickness or suffering?? You mustn't blame yourself. You have to comfort yourself. You have to do what they are suggesting to do to protect yourself. We have to let it run it's course and cross our fingers that this will go away fast if we all do the right thing. Try to get your mind on other things. I am trying to pretend that most things are normal but I am not in denial either. Go out for walks and take in the sunshine. Stay off the sites on social media that scare the shit out of us. I deleted them all and now look only to the reliable information. The solace you are looking for is within yourself by accepting that this epidemic is here, it is part of living on this earth and we all have to go through it together. Go watch a funny you-tube tonight. If you think I find this easy, it's not. It's not for billions of people, me included. I spent 4 days in terrifying, paralyzing fear as I know that I am older now with compromised lung problems. If my husband is laid off, (which will probably happen because everything in our city is shutting down) I'll be with the other millions that will fall financially unless the government really does step in and help us all. I will lose my house that I worked so hard to keep for 23 years...... blood, sweat and a lot of tears.... without the help of jesus. It' has taken a few days for me to wrap my head around this whole thing and it's scary. Just never give up. And don't blame yourself. You didn't cause it nor can you fix it, accept by protecting yourself and your loved ones and do what they suggest. Hang in there. We're all in this together. Big (hug) P.S. If it makes you feel better, tell god you are sorry for not praying. And then start praying right away. Pray for the next 7 days and see if you can stop this virus. I can tell you that you will be wasting your time.
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    Telling a child, someone with a lifetime of potential ahead of them that they're nothing but depraved sinners is the epitome of child abuse. I think the testimonies of the members of this site can attest to that fact.
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    Not too long ago I had to go to a service at a fundy church and there was a 10-year-old kid there who stood up and said he was terrified of going to hell. That's child abuse of the first order.
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    I honestly don't mean to get all political here, but this is where it becomes very apparent that electing someone like Donald Trump was a very bad idea. Conservative, liberal, whatever. I don't care. The person in charge should be intelligent, coherent, literate, capable of telling the truth, and aware of his or her own ignorance where it exists. Trump is none of these. It's been an issue for a while, but now it's really an issue.
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    Because he was invented by chauvinistic men.
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    I think the real question is fairly clearly "can you be a true pagan if you fear hell?" **ducks and runs away**
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    Hi Zen, Parents aren't perfect and often they say stupid shit (kidding or not). My advice would be to consider her comment a silly remark and ignore it. Plus keep doing what you're doing (therapy, planning to move out, etc). And, just for the record, there are plenty of guys who have had no girlfriends by 19 years old and well beyond that age. Relationships will happen organically. If you feel no partner is needed in your life right now, don't bother seeking, especially for the sake of someone else. Best to you!
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    Yes. Keep your eyes open. Just keep your hands away from them.
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    Yes, as long as beliefs cause no harm I have no issue what a person believes. I might disagree with you, but I respect your right to believe what you like, even if I don't respect what you believe. On your morality question: Not really. Many of the mythical gods are narcissistic or have other sever behavioral traits that are undesirable. Largely this is because gods are made in humanities image, and not the other way around. Human's can be narcissistic, brutal, greedy pricks, as well as kind, loving and generous. So it is with the gods we have made. Now if you are the sort of person who only worships the 'good' gods, all power to you, and I certainly think you display a better moral compass than someone who worships and endorses a morally abhorrent god/s. However, note that being a polytheist doesn't guarantee you such a morally superior position. What if you are the sort of polytheist who only worships the bad gods? Meanwhile many Christians cannot come to terms with the difference between their own moral compass and some of the stuff in the bible so they say their god is all loving. Jesus loves you. He loves the gays. He loves trans people. He loves the god damn atheists! Again that person is a much better person, and morally superior than a polytheist who worships the bad gods. If you study people, their gods generally take after them and their biases. A judgmental person with little empathy will tend to go after the Yahweh type god and preach that gays should be burned, eternal hell awaits the unbeliever etc. The empathetic kind person will preach that Jesus loves everybody and all can come to salvation, and that hell is not a real place. The same will probably apply to polytheists. Good people will worship good gods, arseholes will worship the bad gods. . . . The smart people don't worship any gods *Ducks and leaves the room*
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    Ah. Apparently I'm not a woman, then, because I've gutted two houses, torn down two ancient garages, built three porches, shingled a couple of roofs, hauled lumber, carried sheets of drywall up flights of stairs by myself, and am currently putting the finishing touches on my new home office. I have a strong kinesthetic component to my learning style, and I am extremely spatial. Been that way most of my life, and even got a final mark of 100% on grade 9 geometry (in-class mark plus Provincial final exam). I visualize better in 3D than in 2D, in fact.
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    In answer to the O.P. question: I can't do much about it so I'm not going to stress over it. I'll take care of myself and my family and that's all I can do at this point. As I can, I will also do my part politically to move things in the direction I think they should go. As I've posted on this site before, this quote is particularly appropriate now: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe
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    I've been out of the church for about four years now. I moved out, took a job in another state, and just stopped going to church. Over a period of about two years, I started kind of hesitantly researching different pagan traditions—Wicca, Heathenry, Greek reconstruction—found shamanism resonated with me, and thought that was it. I'd left the church and didn't hold any ill feelings toward it or Christianity in general, and I was happy. But when I visited my parents (who don't know about my beliefs) this past Christmas, I went to church with them, as usual. They'd changed churches over the past year, and the pastor of this one used the Christmas Eve and New Year services to deliver….not quite fire-and-brimstone sermons, but definitely come-to-Jesus sermons. One of them was a little lighter, more of the "Jesus loves you, please come to him" variety while the other got into more of the "there are eternal consequences if you don't follow Jesus" theology. And I remember feeling just this sense of terror. I'd be lying if I said I didn't seriously consider rededicating my life to Christ right then, just because I was so afraid of what would happen if I didn't. You know those stories you heard in the church, where converts say they felt so convicted over their sin that they dropped to their knees and prayed for God to save them? That's what it was, except I didn't pray. I went back to my parents' house, processed what had happened, and concluded that fear of eternal hellfire was a terrible reason to embrace a religion. Ever since then, though, I've been thinking about just what I was raised to believe. There was a lot of abuse in my household—emotional, verbal, mental—and I've spent the past few years coming to terms with that. But I also became a Christian when I was 11 years old, after I started crying when this stupid "Biblical womanhood" self-taught course thing I was taking explained why sin is such an affront to God. I felt so guilty, so dirty and unclean, that I just sobbed as my mom led me through the sinner's prayer. It was always framed as a beautiful moment, and I thought of it that way for years, but the more I look back the more I realize how messed up that was. I was just a kid being taunted with eternal torment because I hadn't been following God's rules, and I was the one expected to feel guilty? But then again, that's how I was raised to see authority. My mom would sit me down at the table and say she loved me, then proceed to dismantle me as a person, as a daughter, as a good Christian. She'd tell me my depression and anxiety were a lack of faith. I think she suspected I was a lesbian long before I even learned what a lesbian was (I was very sheltered) and cut me off from female friends I now know I was crushing on. She refused to let me dress the way I wanted, refused to let me listen to music that wasn't made by Christians, and demanded I get straight A's even when I struggled with algebra. And she had a temper. I can't tell you how many times I'd be talking to her and think we were both having fun and joking, when all of a sudden she'd turn on me and verbally abuse me for my "snotty disrespect." Through it all, she'd say she loved me. The abuse is what stuck with me, but the love is what she wanted me to focus on. The more I think about it, the more I realize that this is the God I was raised to revere. An all-powerful bully who would send you to hell for making a face he didn't like, cut you off from the people you love because he thinks your love is wrong, and demand you love him with all your heart. And for a long time, I did. Or I tried. I was a devoted Christian for so long, trying to make my love perfect for a God I thought I could please. I look back at who I was then, and I know that Christianity might not have been at the root of my anxiety, but the fear of angering God certainly made it ten times worse. I apologize if this was rambling. I'm just now coming to terms with all that, realizing that the faith I was raised with was messed up. Which is difficult, because up until now, I'd thought Christianity and I parted on good terms. I didn't have any ill will against it; I just chose a different path. Except now I see that path was one no child should have been made to walk, and I feel guilty. I feel guilty for seeing my childhood faith was toxic. I feel guilty for seeing God as a bully. I feel guilty for wishing I'd been raised with no religion at all. Even knowing that there was something deeply wrong with it, there's still a part of me that wants to acknowledge Christianity as the only true religion.
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    SARS-CoV-2 is the name for the corona virus itself. It is classified with the previous SARS virus, as the second classified variation of the SARS virus. The sickness is called COVID 19 coronavirus. It is a type of flu that many humans have less immunity to than other flu viruses. For most people they will have cold-like, or flu-like symptoms. Symptoms can last as short as a few days and some people may have no symptoms at all. Some may never come down with an active case of this virus but still can be a carrier for a period of time, but an unlikely transmitter. Others can have respiratory symptoms lasting for weeks similar to other flues. But the sickness can last much longer for those having a compromised immune system, especially the aged and those with lung problems where death could be the result. Of course other strains of the flu could also kill these people, which is more likely since there are many other widespread strains of flu viruses where the yearly flu shot would not be effective against for any particular year. It is unusual that children, for the most part, do not get sick with this virus, unlike other types of flu strains. Presently it is just speculation as to why children in general are more immune to this sickness. Future studies of children all over the world with mild symptoms might help in the development or improvement of a future vaccine. It expectedly will likely take no more that 12 to 18 months, in the opinion of some virologists, to develop and approve a vaccine in the US and other countries since there will be so many countries working on one, and then such a vaccine can be improved as time progresses. To start with this vaccine will likely be separate from the normal flu vaccine, but in time it could likely be part of our yearly flu vaccine regimen of a single shot. It is normal human behavior for certain factions of the population to over-react to situations of possible peril, especially when there are so many unknowns involved. This virus scare is probably no exception. Below you will see a link discussing some myths that have developed concerning the COVID 19 coronavirus: https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-myths.html
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    So, so sorry for the loss of your brother. This is where life is really hard. (I lost my sister so I really empathize with losing a sibling) He is finally resting now. Live for him sweetie. Live for him everyday. It takes time so allow yourself lots of rest and peace. Go do something nice for yourself today. I give you the biggest virtual (((hug)))
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    Yes. Even if not physical abuse necessarily, certainly psychological abuse. This isn't even a question as far as I'm concerned.
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    Here's what I do: 1. Follow enough news from reliable sources to know what you need to do, but don't consume too much of it. 2. Verify anything that sounds radical or questionable through multiple sources. 3. And, although we don't do the God thing any more, keep in mind the Serenity Prayer minus the God stuff: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.
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    That was a mistranslation. god meant that men shouldn't lie to other men the way they lie to their women. It was the old testament version of "Bros before Hoes."
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    Thank you for your support; it means a lot to me. What if the Koran is true after all? What if the Bhagavad Gita is true after all? What Odin or Zeus was true after all? Step back and look at planet earth. What in the world would make a person believe in that hideous bible? At some point the blinders will fall off and you will see things differently.
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    My personal belief is that god is not pleased with the fundagelicals embracing Donald Trump, so he has sent a plague.
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    I know this question was not directed at me but, for the sake of newly minted ex-christians, I feel I should opine. It is not necessary to go from one man-made bullshit doctrine to another.
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    This is a question that only you can answer. The same goes for anybody who asks the same question, and it gets asked a lot. However there are tips I've come across during the years. One is that you don't need to necessarily do what I did which was basically a big reveal moment... that went down like a lead balloon. There was no forewarning and they didn't see it coming. Suffice to say it was a big shock. I needed to come out as I no longer wanted to attend the small church we gathered at, even for pretense purposes. Had I lived in another city where me not going to church wouldn't have been missed I might not have bothered to say anything. As it was any absence from the Church would have been noted so I came out one night over dinner. My advice is to avoid that sort of situation. Is it possible for you to lay in hints, like points you disagree on, in conversation? I don't know what your values are, but for example say they are strongly against gay marriage and you support it, you could state that without outright needing to say you are an atheist. Do that sort of thing over a period of time and they will realize you don't necessarily believe the same things they do, and this may open a natural conversation about you being atheist, rather than it being a forced coming out conversation. Also you have to weigh in to your consideration your family dynamics, how close nit you are, how tolerant they may be of a "back sliden" family member etc. These are things only you can answer. As far as wanting to talk to people - I guess we just like having people around us that share the same beliefs and values. That's why I hang out so much here and on discord chat because I know I'm talking with people who at least share one major similarity. I somewhat feel the same way as you. Even though I know my family know I don't believe in God nor share many of their values I still don't fully discuss things and have decent conversations with them because I know many of our values and opinions are diametrically opposed and for me to state mine would just bring conflict, and generally I don't think its worth it. So you certainly are not alone in the way you feel.
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    Tell her you really just want to focus on dating jesus right now.
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    Disgruntled: Yes, there are a few good things in the Bible and about Jesus. But these things also exist outside the Bible, and without all the negativity that the Bible brings. If you take a look at "Christian values," you will see that those which are positive exist in many other cultures and religions. Even other animals have shown to have compassion for each other. And if you look for those values which are exclusive to Christianity, you'll probably see negative ones. Christianity is a cult of fear that creates fear in people in order to rope them in and keep them under control. What other religion teaches that you are worthless? Is that a religion that you want to follow?
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    A couple years ago I left the fundamentalist church I was attending. For a time after leaving I labeled myself as progressive christian but after a while that wasn’t satisfactory. It was me clinging desperately to whatever shred of “I am a christian” I had left. When I study the bible I come away of the opinion that either fundamentalism is the “right” way or I need to reject the bible outright. So now I’m scared of going to a hell I don’t fully believe exists but that scares me anyway and I’m becoming a huge fan of various atheists who are all on their way to hell like I am. My best friend still believes I’m a devout christian. My circumstances are such that me not attending church is completely understandable to her but I think about the future when my circumstances change and I could attend Sunday services if I wanted to. The further I get from fundamentalism the more absurd the bible seems, especially the old testament. The more I learn about evolution the more absurd the old testament becomes. I still struggle with “what if it’s true after all,” even though at this point I’ve lost any faith I had so a “what if” can’t bring it back so why even bother wasting time on the “what if’s,” because even if it is true, without faith I’m bound for hell anyway. My cousin recommended reading anything by Bart Ehrman so I picked up “How Jesus Became Gos” and am slowly reading it.
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    (Tongue in cheek) I am having some crazy, and evil thoughts. Thinking about resuming prayer and praying that Trump gets the virus. I don't want him to die. My thoughts aren't that evil, but hope he gets really sick for a few days so maybe he will take this problem seriously. I am truly concerned about those not taking it seriously, and risking infecting others. My rights end when I start endangering others, with this, or other situations. And as Fuego said, the economy and national debt is going to suffer greatly. But you can bet your boots that the government will bail out the big boys. I am concerned that so many families are living pay check to pay check, and racking up huge debts. Maybe this will teach them to start saving a few dollars each payday for a nest egg.
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    Fortunately, many of us are keeping our sense of humor. A recent comment seen online: "My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant in the last week that when I pee it cleans the toilet."
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    Thanks, now I have a better idea of what you mean. Hopefully you can get over feeling that you caused it. And I thought you were more concerned about getting the virus. I have the same concerns about what it will do to the world's economy, and getting the necessities of life out to people. I think there may be some overreaction considering that most people will survive it okay. Too many people live paycheck to paycheck and with businesses closed, and jobs shut down, won't be able to pay the rent, etc.
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    I live out there where the foxes fuck. I commute an hour every morning for work. In the evenings I work around the family farm; and on Sundays I shop for groceries at a local Asian market. However, if the KJV god existed, I'd live out there where the foxes fuck. I'd commute an hour every morning for work. In the evenings I'd work around the family farm; and on Sundays I'd shop for groceries at a local Asian market. Wouldn't change a damn thing.
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    My sympathies. Anger at this point in time is very natural. I haven't read your extimony - do you have one on here? I was angry for a good long while after I left my cult. That anger is mostly pity now for those still in it. You need to process those emotions - you are allowed to do so. Yes good points have been made here about not letting anger rule your life, but in the deconversion process (and in dealing with and coming to terms with narcissists) it's a natural part of it. I recommend reading Marlene Winell's work (Leaving the Fold) while going through this process - it sheds a lot of light on the psychological process, and understanding and healing yourself. It was very helpful for me.
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    I just got an email from jesus. He's cancelling the rapture on account of the corona virus.
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    Wow, I missed quite a discussion here. Couple of things to toss in: 1. Atheist as defined by those who lack a belief in god is not mutually exclusive with agnosticism as has already been mentioned by folks probably a lot more informed on the subject than I. I consider myself "Agnostic Atheist" based on my understanding that Agnostic = I don't know / no positive claim and Atheist = Lack of belief in God / lack of belief in theistic claims. Whereas Gnostic = I do know / I make a positive claim and Theist = I believe in a God / higher power. 2. I mentioned this in my original post many pages ago but basically I think fear, which can often be irrational, is not a good indicator of personal belief. I know I won't fall out of the Apollo's Chariot roller coaster, I still don't want to get on one. I'll also bring up the argument about religious trauma, which in defense of those who have argued you can't fear hell and be atheist is perhaps meant as a way to get people to face up / get help for their trauma. 3. In general, I try to avoid No True Scotsman arguments because everybody has an opinion on the subject and blanket exlusionary statements are rarely, if ever, accurate or useful. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" is a hilarious line because it is a self-damning paradox. 4. And finally in relation to the current topic of conversation, I am a Gnostic Fucker because I make the positive claim that I like to fuck. Also I'll toss my hat in with the "I'm not really offended or upset" crowd. This is a discussion forum, and the only way we get anywhere is by actually discussing these things, even if we don't fully understand somebody else's point of view. In fact I would say these work better when there is an abundance of unusual / unpopular views because otherwise it is just a bunch of preaching to the choir which, while sometimes fun, doesn't really accomplish much. As long as the air is respectful and productive, keep 'em coming, I say.
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    Boredom, most likely. Also much cooler jewelry than the simple cross or crucifix.
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    I can relate to a few of these. Even though I am not a theist, I am still sort of fascinated by other religions, the things people come up with. As I was sliding into my deconversion, I read a book about taoism and thought, “this is cool.” It was reassuring to know that everyone does not think the way my mind-controlled social network did growing up. I could add another, baser reason that people become pagans or adopt other religions: to get their family’s goat, an act of religious rebellion.
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    Welcome from me. You are starting an exciting journey - joyful at times, challenging at other times. Don't ever give up asking questions. And lots of the answers are here. This is my experience - and I was a Christian for over 60 years, much of that time in ministry.
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    No problem, I don’t think anyone took offense. We’re a bunch of godless heathens so we’re mostly pretty thick-skinned...
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    Not to steal WalterP’s thunder, but, the burden of proof is on the one making the assertion. As in, “god exists.” Someone who does not believe it does not have to prove their position; the person who is saying god exists does. I will guess that you do not believe that there is a race of ancient humans living beneath the surface of Mars. So, what if someone came along and demanded that you prove that those people do not exist, then said that they must exist because you cannot prove that they don’t. That is what believers are doing when they demand that nonbelievers prove that god does not exist.
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    You mean like the core aspect that we are born sinners and need saving in the first place? What a horrid idea. I think humanity needs saving... from this infectious god virus that afflicts the majority of the population. As for the rest of your questions - you are asking a bunch of Ex-Christians so I'd say at the most basic level the response is stop believing in Jesus. You don't need Jesus to be good, to do good, to love and be loved or have a fulfilling life.
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    Taken as a philosophy, much of what Jesus says about caring for those less fortunate, not judging others, etc. provides a good set of ideas on how to live your life. As you are noticing, the religion that has been built up around Jesus no longer reflects those values. This is one of the things that led to my deconversion. I think you'll find that you don't need these sermons that you're listening to in order to live a good life; in fact they are counterproductive and just cause stress and anguish. You might feel better giving the whole thing up and just living your life.

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