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    I plan on being the last person to die during my lifetime.
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    Christianity ruined my brain. I’m 44 and just now realizing how powerful my own mind is, and how powerful I am. Meaning, I work really well without some genie out of the Bible making it happen for me. I grew up in church, my mom was 17 when she had me and she flooded me and my siblings with the omniscient loving father God belief. I always felt chosen and important, like I had to save everyone’s soul. I felt serene and peaceful all the time, knowing that God was in complete control. I never had to use my brain! I only had to just trust God! A lifetime of poor decisions followed. A life of being a kind Christian doormat followed. A life of marriage to a completed loser who gambled away all of our money, stayed out all night, lied constantly, was a horrible lover, zero ambition, poor intellect and so much more I kick myself for believing in God’s divine plan when I met him. He was a ‘christian’, a pastors son and my mom liked him. So I married him, had 3 kids with him, and took care of him during 20 years of seizures. All in the name of God, love, honoring the Bible, being a virtuous wife, forgiveness and all this other bullshit I believed in and laid down my life for. In the end, after 20 years, he cheated on me, left me for a 40 year old gangster type girl with tattoos up to her neck. She couldn’t spell and she chain smoked newports, she was married when they met and she lied and disrespected me and my kids regularly. This was the big payoff from the almighty loving God. He adorned me in humiliation and pain that ended up sending me to a mental breakdown. My ex husband and my kids supported the new relationship like I never existed. Facebook was also a stage in which my awesome loving God also publicly showed me how insignificant I was and how little my life of sacrifice and devotion meant. Even though my ex husband tried to remedy his mistake and leave her for me 4 times after that, I couldn’t do it. The thought of him made my skin crawl and she was the type of leechy personality that would always be lingering in his life. I knew she had no respect for me or my family but most of all he didn’t have respect for me or his own family. She and I were just a game to him and I was too old for that bullshit. At that point in my life, alone was better than him, and trusting the cold darkness was of more comfort than trusting God. I accepted the loss of my family and started learning how to love myself. It took years for me to come to terms that god did not give a fuck about me. This God of the Bible that I tithed to, cried to, sang to, became ‘like’ as possible, this God I tried to be the best for in my ambitions, interactions with everyone and this God that I loved my family really hard for and prayed for my family all the time for wasn’t interested in my life’s journey. It took me years to realize I was a brain dead human for the first 40+ years of my life. Trusting God inhibited my emotional and mental intellect. Trusting God took my body and gave it to a low life to have kids with. Trusting God destroyed my understanding of how to navigate life like a smart human, how to make good decisions for my well being, how to speak my mind, how to pursue what’s good for me. Trusting God destroyed my brain. And I would say I hate God, but God doesn’t exist. So in turn I hated myself and the life I created until now. It was all a mistake, a huge one, and I have to live with it, all the memories and all the attachments that I created. A life with this God of the Bible left me so wounded, wow, stories far beyond just my family life exist in the archives. Don’t let me get started on what it meant to backslide and how hard I fell when I believed god turned from me and my sinful nature and the ‘devil’ was ‘buffeting’ me. I could write books of epic god-fails. But they are really my-fails. And that truly is the hard part of my existence. I have 3 daughters and a son, I’m sure the faith I taught them has been damaging although they are in their 20’s and seem to live fairly ‘free’ lives. My son is my firstborn and he has been a good person through everything. I am now married to a man that I would have married from the beginning had I had no fucked up religion blindsighting me, having me to think trash was gold and trusting god was life beholding wisdom. My current husband is my best friend, he holds advanced degrees, he’s ambitious and funny and full of zest and enthusiasm for our love and our life. If I had the previous 20 years with him we would have achieved every dream because we both love life and living it to the fullest, we love thinking and reading and making love. It’s like heaven on earth if heaven was such a thing. He’s the man my brain chose. My life now is the life my brain chooses, I have hobbies instead of bible studies, I invest in myself and future with my man instead of tithing buckets. I feel pleasure in a glass of wine and a good meal instead of guilt. I’m back in school, I speak my mind, I don’t need to be liked or approved of by anyone. My brain is a good thing. She knows her shit. I’m just getting to know her. I just need to show her some mercy for all the years she was a fool.
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    You have received a lot of very good advice here and I agree with it. I would add one thought that might help you finally cut your ties with that church. Think of what you are doing for that church as a secular job. When many people decide to leave their job for another opportunity, they give notice with a definite date for their last day of employment. That gives the employer time to hire someone else and gives the employee a definite date of departure. You may want to take that route. Tell them you will give them two weeks (or whatever time period you decide on) and at the end of that time you are departing. And don’t negotiate the departure date. Stick to it!
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    I’m 74 my wife is 76. I’m in good health but she is having some issues. At our age death becomes a certainty rather than an abstract reality. Like you Weezer returning to religion isn’t an option for me either. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that both Heaven and Hell are myths created by ancient superstitious cultures. I am also convinced, after much study and research, that Jesus is a mythical character in a fictional story. Christianity is just one of many ancient man made religions. Death is simply the end of life. There isn’t anything else.
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    And what Wertbag writes is the reason I avoid saying I am an "atheist." I prefer to say I don't believe, or that I'm not religious. As I've written on this site before, the term "atheist" is often used as a pejorative by Christians and I don't want to give them an opening for inaccurate claims about my world view.
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    There's a saying by Reinhold Niebuhr known as the "Serenity Prayer." It says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". A discussion in the forums made me realize something today: For a Christian, the above is impossible, or nearly so. That's why they think the prayer is so important that they post it on knick-knacks all over their houses. They want their god to grant these things to them, but because they really think that by praying they should be able to change those things that are beyond their control, they will never have that serenity. But as an atheist, this is easy! Once I realized that there was no such thing as Yahweh or any other god, I actually gained that peace that is beyond the Christian's understanding. I know for a fact that there are some things I can change, and some that I can't, and so accepting the things I cannot change becomes easy. There are many things that Christianity claims for itself that are merely wishful thinking. The "peace that passes understanding" is once. Another important one is "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." These are things that only the atheist can enjoy.
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    Hey, Prof, that sucks. I'll never understand why some people just can't set those things aside once in a while. IMHO there is little worse than turning kids against a parent.
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    Try thinking in logical terms when the issue on your mind is hell. The Christian viewpoint is that one sin requires a person to burn in hell for eternity. But the Savior, Jesus, came as a means of redemption so each person who believes in him and repents of sin will escape hell and go to heaven because belief in Jesus garners forgiveness of sin. Begin with that. So a person born in the Amazon jungle and who never heard of Jesus and thus could not profess belief in him must go to hell because of the circumstances of his or her birth? Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t. Another anomaly. Suppose there is a good person who helps the poor, assists children in need, and does any number of good deeds in his or her life. However, this person does not believe in Jesus. One day he or she sees another person whom he or she finds sexually attractive and in his or her heart he or she lusts after that person. According to Matthew 5:28, the one who lusted committed the sin of adultery. Immediately after this lustful episode, the person crosses the street, is hit by a car, and dies. Does this otherwise good person go to hell just because he or she was human enough to find another person sexually attractive? That’s ridiculous. My point is that if we mere humans can point out these absurdities, then it proves that all of the talk of hell is of human, not divine, origin. An Omniscient god would be perfect in his proclamations and we mere humans would not be able to find the logical fallacies. Hell is not real. The concept is of human origin as proven by the fact that we can see the lack of logic in the concept. Rest your mind. Hell is falsehood.
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    The first thing that pops into my head is the question "But is it?" Sometimes we have to pee, but it isn't philosophically important unless looking for an analogy of getting rid of stuff that you don't need. Tea can be a relaxing time, which contrasts with much of life. Right now I'm typing this (and eating jalepeno hummus and drinking stout), interacting with you over a concept after having worked a full day of physical labor. I find it worthwhile to bounce ideas around, partially to help myself see if I missed something that I should incorporate, partially to see if I have something worth contributing that may help another person make it through life more satisfyingly.
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    I think these people are demonstrating how little faith they actually have. They are coercing you to stay on, while also exploiting your talents, when they really should be trusting that god will provide, with or without you. In the end, it's god who wants to be worshipped; isn't it his responsibility, not yours, to provide the means and wherewithal for that worship? And, if your ministers really believed that god is all he's cracked up to be, they'd have graciously let you go a long time ago in order to give god the space to work mightily in their presence. The fact that they have to manipulate you into staying demonstrates that, deep down inside, even they suspect that god is bullshit. They ain't never going to admit it, though; so you'd best just go on about your business.
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    Thank you Taba! Finally becoming who we could of been... I think about that so much and at the same time I’m so excited to take advantage of this opportunity for the rest of my life. Life has never seemed so full of hope and I love living now. I hope to finish school and work in helping others recover from religious trauma. It’s such a gift to live in your own power and love for self and life as it actually is. Thanks again.
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    Thanks again for your almost always well thought out and spot on thoughts. I am quite thrilled that maybe I have this observed quasi contradiction figured out. I have been bothered for some time why my response to deconstruction was so immediate, and different, than so many others. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. It is the trauma, real and remembered, that generates the anxiety. For me, removing my religious programming was an action that firewalled off most all of the trama. There is nothing else in my life, sans religious advertising/social media, insisting I relive and reprocess their abusive mental garbage. Few childhood memories, out side of Sunday School, to reprocess. And, most importantly, no family interjecting along the way, one of the few bonuses that comes from losing all immediate birth family at only age 45. It makes sense. I am open to all discussion on this, confirming or noncomfirming. Eight years without anxiety whatsoever. Life is so much better.
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    You didn't fail, you woke up and are thriving. You learned. You were one of the lucky ones. Treasure that instead of looking back. Yeah you really need to show yourself some mercy and self love. You should be giving yourself a big pat on the back every day, look at where you are now
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    NASA has requested an increase in their 2020 budget of $1.6 billion in order to make another crewed mission to the Moon by 2024, supposedly followed by a sustained U.S. presence on the Moon by 2028 if it is budgeted. Trump says he supports all aspects of this project.
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    They are better than those lousy Irish.
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    Want a better world? Treat everyone with respect!
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    florduh read your post. I think, like me, he might see your reasons for taking a step back from your faith as having more to do with you not wanting to live the Christian life than anything having to do with any specific theology or the existence of a God. That is the reason some folks leave their faith, but for most of us we’ve left because it just isn’t true. We’re more focused on the science, physics, cosmology, and historical realities that provide proof and evidence that God only exist in the minds of believers. Your posts suggest to me that your reasons have more to do with you not wanting to follow the traditional laws, rules, and commands that are commonly associated with the more conservative versions of Christianity. Switching to a liberal version of Christianity might be more in line with what it appears you’re looking for.
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    I agree. I don't put up the tree and decorations because then I don't have to take them down, which pleases me greatly. However I consider it just a cultural holiday with different meanings to different people. Good food, parties, music and a chance to delete my checking account (because of grand-kids etc). Pretty hard to totally ignore
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    The sad fact is that, in this as in religion, most people don’t want thought-provoking, they want their existing beliefs and biases confirmed.
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    HA! Excelent observation. I had never heard that questioned. It seems there is no end to the ridiculous things, especially in the old testament.
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    It's disheartening to see attacks on science from intelligent, educated people. It helps to open the door to conspiracy theories (anti-vax, flat earth, global warming, safety of tobacco, etc.) by painting with such a broad brush. Of course there are pet scientific hypotheses and the need for funding. Ancel Keys was able to embed his flawed data on cholesterol into mainstream thinking and the sugar and grain industries were allowed to create the food pyramid that sparked an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Not perfect, as with any human endeavor. Still, comparing science to religion is not only unfair but dangerous, IMO.
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    It's so great to hear from you again! Glad you're doing well.
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    No, but a band named Weezer had a song called Buddy Holly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddy_Holly_(song)
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    I know this desire to absolutely know everything before you reject it. It is a variant of the need for total certainty, I think. Alas, that does not seem to be possible for humans, ot at least now. I thought like this. Christianity says that God is a being with infinite knowledge and power who has created me. As such, it is his responsability to show me exactly what I need so I can believe, not mine, a limited being with biases and prone to error. So to repeat, I think it is not MY duty to study christianity fully, it is GOD s responsability to show me exactly what is the truth. - altough I actually like studying church history and the psychology of christianity in particular and religion in general. It just seems fascinating to me. About morality. - Does that mean how to behave towards others? Well this seems to come also from a short study of your biology. You probably feel the need for safety and connection, as do most mammals. So act in a way that brings that to you, most probably, and so you can live in a society that brings more safety and affection/connection. If you steal/lie/cheat/kill without discrimination, it obvious you destroy or damage your safety and connection with others. I think this sounds like a good principle. What brings safety and connection. Does exploiting others bring that? Obviously very little to my mind. Of course things, practically, are in the gray area, but so are things in christianity most of the day. That is way the ability to forgive, or another expression to let go of grievances, which involves processing pain and loss in a non harming manner, or not very harming manner is also necessary. And anyway there are, it seems, psychopaths who do not feel/think normally, even with the most strict teaching. I suspect, upon listening to some podcasts, that there is a problem with their neurology/brain. But those people would probably be killers and rapists and exploiters regardless of any religion/philosophy. The lack, it seems, the ability to feel certain kind of fear and connection, so lacking these main elements, only weird pleasures remain for them , like sexual pleasures, power, etc. These people need treatment and, if nor possible, confinement. It is possible you could benefit from certain kinds of therapy, by the way for these emotions/feelings.
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    Thank all of you for your replies! I think my problem is in my self esteem and other psychological stuff. In my life before christianity I've always been unconfident guy who is often difficult to make a decision, who avoids conflicts because he is afraid that he does not have the courage to defend his opinion, in which he is often not completely sure because he often thinks that he is not so good as anybody else. It all got worse when I was diagnosed encephalopathy in my late teens and after that I was just started screwing myself even more and thought that I wouldn't be able to effectively study and learn anything and accordingly wouldn't be able to make a reliable opinion on anything. Well, fortunately I realized that it is just me screwing myself up and things are not that bad) Though I'm not so hesitant person today, it's still hard for me to not give a shit on the opinions of people (talking about ministers, not a worship team) whom I have long considered authority and who relied heavily on, literally. These people has done so many good things to me during last 5 years, always were there for me whatever happens and of course I'm considered them my good friends. Maybe this is why I still can't just stop giving a shit and leave the ministry already, deep inside I feel that I owe them for all good things they were doing for me. However, yes, it breaks my heart so much that they are so brainwashed by their religion that manipulation is good for them to keep things as they think is right and better for everyone. Just like these prayers when they ask their god to send misfortunes and illnesses in lifes of unbelievers so that those have a reason to turn to this god, "end justifies the means"... Anyway, just want to stay in a good relationship with all of them. Hope they would want it too.
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    I use the MyStream feature as my default feed, so I see new forum messages but also blog posts and status updates from members. I definitely get the feeling that most members don’t see the blog posts or status updates.
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    Sorry my contributions to this thread are comics, but sometimes comics say it best.
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    FWIW, the legal department of my company sent out an all-employee e-mail about this the other day, advising us to write "2020" instead of "20". Might help. can't hurt.
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    Considering the fact that this thread is in the Humor & Satire forum, I think it's safe to say that TABA was well aware of that.
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    As a former member of the Church of Christ, I have a vague recollection of preachers telling us to respect Jews, even though they were no longer the "Chosen People". They were God's instrument of bringing Christ into the world, after all. Sure, the evil lil' buggers killed him an' all that, but that was part of the plan, dontcha know.
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    I'll be 60 next week, Weezer. I'm an old guy at work, but pretty young on bulletin boards of this sort! Younger people are on tumblr. I'm in okay health. I have a tachycardia condition that is fixable, but I don't like the fix (they go in and kill some nerve endings), so they gave me a beta-blocker to help control it. It's something that happens only a few times per year, anyway. But my sister died of MS almost 2 years ago, and my brother found out that he has a tumor on his liver and another on his lung. Surgery number 1 is next week. Our mother is still hanging in there. She's 91, and has been on hospice about 7 or 8 months, but the condition that sent her to the hospital a couple of times in the spring (which is why she chose hospice -- no more hospitals) has been under control since then. I find myself wondering if she's going to outlive a second child. Anyway, the mortality is right in front of us. I"m actually more afraid that I'm going to live 25 years beyond my wife and siblings. Truth is, I'm done. A year ago I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up, but somewhere in the last few months I've quit caring how long I live. But, like you, I realize that I'm not at all worried about it. I cannot imagine life after death -- that we merely cease to exist seems rather obvious to me. The "mind" is an emergent property that requires a physical brain. A few years ago I had my gallbladder removed. As I lay there waiting for them to start the anesthesia I realized that I wasn't the least bit worried. I thought I was supposed to be, but I just wasn't! Maybe that's a sign that I don't have much of an imagination.
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    This says a lot. For the life of me, I don't understand how how evangelicals can be so gung-ho for him.
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    You are probably right, but I haven't completely closed my mind to there being "something", "out there" we don't understand. Some kind of "spirit" existence?? Reincarnation?? LOL! If there is, and I die first, I'll come back and tell everybody!
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    Definitely not amongst the 10 of us around the same age. I’m going to see my best friend tomorrow. I moved away a few years ago and haven’t seen him since becoming an atheist. He was pretty miserable back in the day. He was always guilty about something, and his dad (the pastor) had crazy high expectations. I had a few conversations of doubt with him growing up but I think the doubt was mostly on my end I’m sure he’ll bring up religion and church tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.
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    I remember my really cool uncle. I was able to tell him anything and he would support me. He passed away in 1995 but I still carry him close in my heart
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    I think the idea of "this is the one true religion", which got shoved down my throat by a lot of people, is the only reason I ever believed it. The apologist arguments are just insane to me. The way they twist things, and have so much confidence in all of the nasty, ridiculous things they day. That certainly did help, and I actually felt a little more normal today. Thanks.
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    You could contact Recovering from Religion. I understand they have trained professionals to deal with exactly what you are going through. Probably better than a doctor or just general secular therapist because they are specifically trained for dealing with religious trauma. They've got live chat function, ability to phone call etc. It probably should have been my first suggestion in hindsight - I know about these guys, don't know why I didn't immediately recommend it. But I am now - give these folks a call or contact them via website. https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/ (phone 1-844-368-2848)
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    I agree with you. When they come here, it might be a good idea to limit them to the lions den.
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    Hat-tip to Bob Seidensticker at Cross Examined for inspiring this post with one entitled More Damning Bible Contradictions: #25 Was Jesus Crazy or God? Did you ever wonder what was up with Jesus' mother, Mary, in Mark chapter 3? Mary and Jesus' brothers show up where he's been preaching to his followers, and they're wanting to take him away because they think he is, perhaps, mentally ill. (Well, they thought he had an unclean spirit.) But we know the stories! The angel told Mary about the immaculate conception! When Jesus stayed behind talking to the elders, at age 12, with the wisdom of an adult, she "kept these things in her heart!" (Luke 2:19). How could Jesus' own mother, who knew better than anyone that he was the "Son of God," now be wondering what's wrong with him. I remember wondering that when I was a believer, but the answer didn't occur to me until I read Bob's post today. The gospels are different stories. We have studies in "the harmony of the gospels" in order to try to gloss over the contradictions. This story wouldn't normally be included because it isn't one that shows up anywhere besides in Mark, but in hindsight the reason is obvious. In Mark, the oldest gospel, there's no story of Jesus' birth and no story of his childhood. He starts off preaching and right off the bat his family is worried about him. By the time the other gospels were written, stories of his birth had been imagined and these writers included them, as they were now part of the narrative. But with stories about Mary knowing her child is the "Son of God" now as part of the narrative, Mark's much older story of his mother and brothers' worry made no sense, and so the later authors left those out (even though they copied from Mark a whole lot!). This is just one more of those things that I once thought curious but never bothered to pursue, which now from the outside seems obvious. And just one more bit of evidence that the Bible isn't inspired by a god. When you think it all has to be consistent it's impossible to answer the questions you might have, but when you're able to step back and see the stories for what they are, there's not even anything to be curious about. But the Bible is a lot more interesting now!
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    This sounds about like the process I went through when deconverting. Finding out the whole story of moses was a myth, plus studying that it all started out as a pantheon of gods under EL. That basically like you said. Ba'al was Yahweh's brother originally. etc. once those things come to light there isn't much else holding anything between the cowhide together. DB
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    I see your point and am glad it was in the Rants and Replies section. But there are ways to vent anger without being disrespectful to others. My situation may have been different from some others. Mine was such that I never felt "abused" by anyone in the christian scene, at least on purpose. Even though some of it was whacky stuff, I always considered they thought they were doing me a favor by trying to "save my soul." I understand how they came to be how they are, and actually feel sorry for them. Also, consider that being disrespectful to them simple reinforces the belief they already have of us, as being depraved or warped human beings.
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    I would welcome that accomplishment and put a silhouette on the side of my truck to signify one successful mission. Then...on to more. Now we just need some inspiration for said silhouette. Any ideas? you know...like the ones on the front fuselage of a fighter plane.
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    Good move. I also found a religious tract in the Dr.'s waiting room and took the same action. I know the doc or his staff didn't put it there. Something else that happened: He's in a group with a number of offices. They share a common CCTV that plays medical videos in the waiting room. One that showed several times was from a group called "Crisis Pregnancy Center." This is an outift that masquerades as a health clinic with staff that wears scrubs, and sets up across the street from universities, and is in reality a Christian outfit that uses strong and deceptive methods to talk women out of getting abortions. They distort medical facts and are heavily biased. I don't know the religion of my doc but I have reason to think he is not Christian. I wrote him a note complaining about that vid. and I haven't seen it since.
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    “God’s ways are higher than our ways”. This sentence is one of many in-built, phrases/protective mechanisms of christianity, which keep you from questioning and leaving. This realization was the final straw for my faith.
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    Oh, the joys of being semi-closeted! I knew I'd hear some ridiculous stuff after hurricane Harvey hit our area. My wife's sister and her husband lost their home. They're insured, but the house was paid off and they intended to live in it until their kids told them they were too old to be on their own. It's going to be a multiple-months long headache rebuilding. They're with us for the moment, and she was in Walmart the other day waiting for the next self-check register when the woman ahead of her randomly spouted off that she thought all of the events had been good for us, because it brought us all together. My sister-in-law replied that her house was literally under water, and she didn't think that whatever social impact it may have had was worth it. Of course, that wasn't a Christiany opinion that the woman had, just a generally clueless one. Then there's the facebook share of an article claiming that this must have been a miracle, because only about 60 lives were lost and with a flood this size you might have expected 1000 or more. So, what, your god underestimated the number of angels he needed to save people, and sent 60 too few? Or maybe 59 too few, because that husband and wife in Katy -- the husband was a beloved pastor -- could have been saved with the help of only one angel. Tell the families of those 60 people that this was a miracle. What a wimpy god you folks believe in! And then there was church Sunday night. In churches of Christ they don't believe in miracles, but they do believe in divine providence (which really is just miracles that aren't obvious). So the preacher was talking about "the chastening of the Lord" and about how sometimes problems are the Lord's chastening, and sometimes they aren't. He talked about how ol' Yahweh said that Satan had incited him against Job, even though Satan was the one doing the work. So Yahweh sort-of took credit for the actions of Satan. The conclusion of the lesson was that it's impossible to tell whether it was random chance, the work of Satan but allowed by God, or the work of God himself trying to bring about some eternal good, but that we should use it to strengthen our faith. Because what really matters is salvation, of course, eternal life, not this temporary life on this wild and woolly planet Earth. I wonder when people say things like that if there's any cognitive dissonance. Or maybe it's evidence that he's found a way to get rid of the cognitive dissonance. But I don't think he knows what he said, which is that is that it's impossible to tell the difference in a world with this kind of god in charge and in a world without one. There are no obvious happenings that would show us that there are invisible helpers (or invisible hinderers). Church-of-Christ folks know this, yet they still believe! My sister-in-law and her husband have been going through a lot in the last few years, and just a week ago a major difficulty in their life was worked out. They thought they were finally going to get some rest. For one day. She basically said that she figured she'd learned enough patience, and didn't need any more training. I think maybe she has some doubts. But she'll shove them down and get on with her life, and continue practicing her mythology. They'll continue to live a life where they take care of way more than their share of their own and other people's burdens, and never see that it's they who are "angels," not any invisible beings. They'll attribute their own strength to the help of this invisible being, despite the clear evidence in their own lives that that god doesn't exist.

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