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    I'm finally ready to post this... Where to begin? I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with alcoholic and addicted parents who, despite all that, did their best to love me. As an adult I see my parents for what they really are: Humans who make mistakes. They never physically or verbally abused me, but there was a LOT of neglect and a lot of loneliness. My grandparents swooped in to save the day on many occasions and, as a result, I was very close to them. I spent at least some part of every day at their house and if they knew my parents were in a bad place, they would just keep me with them until something else was sorted out. They were kind, loving people who I looked up to with starry eyes and always looked forward to seeing. My Granny dedicated her entire life to religion, a fact I am now a bit depressed thinking about at times. She had a very tragic and gripping tale about how she lost a daughter in a car-wreck and became angry with God for many years. She said she one day found healing and rekindled her relationship with Jesus, remaining faithful until the end. When she passed away she was 93 years old. This story of hers, along with many others, always led me to believe she was an incredibly strong human being to have survived some of the things she did. From picking cotton in the southern heat as a child, to escaping a horribly abusive marriage, to somehow surviving the unthinkable and continuing to live after the loss of a child... Through all of this, she kept her faith. I wanted to be just like her. Oh, how I prayed for such strength and unwavering faith... The trouble was, I just couldn't be that faithful. I didn't have whatever it was that my Granny had that allowed her to remain a believer until death. When I was 17 I thought I was saved and born again, but I was never certain like my Granny. I believed very much in God and Jesus, but I didn't think I could ever reach the top of this faith mountain I had built in my head. I didn't think I would ever be good enough for God and that led me to some very destructive thinking that I will likely suffer with forever. I was incredibly depressed and anxious the entire time I was Christian, terrified that I had purchased a one way ticket to hell somehow and was well on my way, along with everyone else I loved. If only I could be stronger like Granny... When she passed away in August of 2018, I felt the weight of grief for the first time in my life. I tried to turn to God, but my deconversion had already begun. In the last few years of her life, my Granny suffered with dementia. This was something I knew she prayed to avoid for many years prior to getting it. She became angry and scared and was barely recognizable at times. I watched the light fade from her eyes and questioned how a God she had served so diligently for almost an entire century let her slip away with the one disease she begged to never face. At this point in time, I was already living with my Atheist partner who was there for me through every bit of the ride. He watched me cry countless nights and, of course, could not answer my questions about why this was happening. Why had God turned his back on my Granny, our family, on me? Somehow, through all of the pain, I had to start finding answers. The answers I found were not in God's favor, but they absolutely set me free. I sometimes feel I attended my Granny's funeral as a Christian and left as an Atheist. As if enough damage hadn't already been done, the Pastor who had supposedly known and loved her for decades said the names of her children wrong, gave a really BIZARRE speech about the rapture that took up far too much time, and generally dishonored her in every way possible. I was sad and offended by everything that took place, but I also wasn't surprised at this point. This was because I had already been asking questions, praying, and reading for years in an attempt to get my answers from God. Shocker, he didn't answer. So.. I then had this task to figure out how the hell I was supposed to move on. How would I live on this planet without my Granny and accept what had happened to her? How would I live with her passing now that I no longer believed in Heaven? I could no longer take comfort in knowing that she served God her whole life and was now enjoying paradise. I spent my whole life believing that the only way I could ever cope with anyone's death was by being certain they made it to heaven. Then one day I had a groundbreaking thought: My Granny's faith didn't matter in the way I originally thought it did. When I removed faith in God from the equation I realized she was still a strong, loving, patient woman who adored her family and did what she believed was best in her time on Earth. She laughed hard, helped anyone she could, and loved me more than words can describe. She cooked amazing fried chicken, could grow anything in her garden, and had an excellent sense of humor. She was still my Granny and I will always remember her fondly and strive to be even a tenth of the woman she was. I realized that all I want out of life is freedom, truth, and love. When I spend time with my loved ones, especially that pesky Atheist partner, I simply don't need God to be happy anymore. In letting go of God, I have gained so much more than I ever could have imagined. I get to share my life with people who love me for who I am and vice versa. I can look forward to constantly learning new information, growing, and changing my mind. I can help others solely because I feel it is the right thing to do. The anxiety and depression caused largely by indoctrination will continue to plague me, but I'm determined to carry on anyway. Seeing as I now believe I only get one shot at life, I want to make the most of it while I'm here. Goodbye means something different and more permanent to me now, but life just seems that much more precious as a result. I will never have that faith that my Granny had in God, but I believe in love, kindness, and hard work. For the first time in my life, I also believe in myself.
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    I am so happy lately to be learning. I am 39 and finally learning about evolution. I am learning about things outside of the Bible. The Bible is not and should never be used as instruction for history or science or well anything. The day my children are forced to learn anything from the Bible in their public schools will be the day I come unhinged and out of the closet as an atheist. I will come out loud, proud, angry, and shouting. I just recently told my oldest children that if this ever happens to let me know. I told them that if they feel their teachers aren’t fully teaching them about things like evolution to let me know. We live in the Bible Belt so I’m pretty certain only the basics may be taught. I am going to take it upon myself to make certain my children learn the truth. Soon I am taking my girls to the Natural History Museum which is about 2 hours from our house. I am 39 and I have never seen dinosaur fossils except in videos. I saw a replica at the O’Hare airport but never the real thing. The replica literally brought me to tears. I can’t explain to everyone how much happier I am to have finally fully escaped the religious delusion I was living under. Sometimes I am angry and sad about the whole ordeal and you may sense that in my posts from time to time. I am not simply blaming my parents for this. The indoctrination was wrong yes, their continued pushing beliefs on me and my children is wrong. I however take responsibility for not pulling away from all of this sooner. I take responsibility for ignoring truths which were directly in my face and I also take responsibility for my own ignorance regarding scientific truths. I want to learn and know. I have been watchcing a lot of AronRa’s videos lately and I’m loving it! ❤️ If anyone can point me to more learning resources I would appreciate it.
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    Well guys it's been almost exactly 2 years since my "rebirth" into a more logical frame of mind. I wish I could say it's been a great two years but it has not been without it's trials. Me and LadyBishop have been on the verge of splitting a few times. We have pulled through though. I'm hoping as time passes and she continues to see that I still love her even though "God" isn't in my life that the tensions will ease. I feel that I continue to be the good father and husband that I was before so hopefully she will also come to the same conclusion. She is the main reason I don't frequent this site much anymore. I'm going to start trying to post more frequently however from work. I need the companionship I get from this site. Just knowing that there are others that have been through the same........ "trauma" that I've been through. Maybe some wonder why I used the word "trauma"? Well that's because it is a traumatic experience to fervently believe in any faith, let that faith control your life for (X) amount of years. Only to find out that what you believed and what you followed was all a lie. It isn't an easy process for everyone to de-convert. Some (like me) it is a slow process that finally comes to a point where everything clicks together and you see the truth. Others may be hit with the truth suddenly. While still others may have a slow or even a sudden loss of belief and be ok. I don't think that is true for the most part though. When one's life (like many of ours) revolves around a common belief with friends, family, and Co-workers, then you are taken out of that social loop, It is like you are suddenly all alone in the world. Myself and others have described it identically as going through the stages of grief. It's like losing a part of you that you feel can never be replaced. At the same time you are dealing with all of that on the inside, NO ONE seems to be there for you on the outside. Suddenly you are a "Bad guy" or "gal". In there minds you must have committed some horrible sin to have come to this point. Or of course my favorite excuse of all that severely PISSES ME OFF. "You must have never been saved (or) believed in the first place". then they see you as a fraud, a deceptive liar that acted the part just to fool their innocent "God fearing" souls. Your suddenly the "Big Bad Wolf" to everyone on the outside. Simultaneously you feel like a scared, hurt, and innocent child on the inside. I hope this post isn't to much of a downer for you guys. I guess I'm in one of my moods today. I get frustrated at times because I do LOVE my wife and I DO NOT need some "God" in my life to make me keep loving her. It gets frustrating ya know? I'm powerless to make her feel better about this. If it was financial issues I could work overtime more. Medical issues I could try to get the treatment she needs. I can even usually smooth out problems between her and the kids. But this is a complete loss of the faith that we shared together and that isn't something I can bring back. It's not like I can walk over to the wall and flip a switch to turn it back on, Nor would I. My whole Christian life I would pray that God guide me and show me the truth. I've always wanted to know the truth. Now I know it and I would not trade the truth for the lies they tell every Sunday for anything. sure I can go and spend time with her and the kids on Sundays. And sometimes I do. But then it gets to the point that I feel "obligated" to go and I don't like that. When I go it is only to spend time with my family and enjoy the social aspect of the gathering. I admittedly like watching them to. To me it is now like an outside observer who goes to Australia to observe the beliefs and life of the aboriginal tribes. I've moved onto something greater. A better understanding of the universe and the truth of the mysteries that are contained there in. We no longer have to make up stories, legends, and myths as to why we are here. We can study the stars, the planet, and solar system and know. Isn't it nice to know that the earth isn't flat? I think so. Dark Bishop
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    A quick note before I begin this: All of what I write may not apply to everyone. I apologize ahead of time if it seems I am lumping all people of faith into one category. I apologize if this seems like or turns out to be an us against you all type of post. I apologize if I offend anyone with the anger that might be present, my choice of words, or any sarcasm. If certain bits don’t apply to you, great. I don’t need to know about it because I realize there are some religious people out there who aren’t zealots. I, personally can tolerate that brand of it all a whole lot better. All of these are likely scenarios so you have been forewarned. By the way, I’m really kind of not sorry if this offends you. I just can’t keep these feelings to myself any longer. Everyone has an opinion and these are simply mine. Dear Whomever this May Apply To, There are those among you who condemn people who do not believe in your god to an eternity in hell. Not only do you condemn people to hell for their unbelief, there are some who go as far to condemn even fellow believers to hell based on how they live and certain beliefs they hold. If they don’t follow your brand of religion then they are doomed. I was one of those fellow believers. I hope it is all worth it to you because honestly you’re ruining friendships, tearing families apart, polluting children’s minds. Your fantasyland, your idea of heaven, your belief in god, your misplaced trust, your blind faith, your condemnation of others not like you is NOT worth it. Nothing is worth the pain you cause others when alienate them, forsake them, ridicule them, give them ultimatums, scare them with the threat of your hell, entice them with the promise of seeing loved ones who have since passed, damn them to an eternity in your hell. I think that it’s time the tables get turned. I think it’s past time many people woke up and faced reality. It’s time that people got a clue and faced the facts. Look at the sheer amount of evidence in front of your face. Open your eyes! Listen! Read an actual book, one not based on ancient myths. Believe actual truth, facts, evidence. I beg you to stop living your life believing something that requires blind faith. I rarely believe anything simply based on the word of another person, let alone based on what an ancient book says written by literally UNKNOWN authors. The Goat Herder’s Guide to the Galaxy, no thank you. I really think that there’s not a person out there who hasn’t had doubts regarding their religion. Some aspect of it has made everyone doubt at some point. I think if people say otherwise that it’s likely they’re lying which supposedly is a sin. I had so many doubts and I could no longer lie to myself anymore. I couldn’t continue to pretend. The games of make believe were over for me. Don’t you ever get tired of fooling yourself? Don’t you wish you could just live your life? Don’t you want a life where you are responsible for your own actions? A life where you can take credit for the good things that happen or give credit where it is actually due? A life where you can own up to your own mistakes, shortcomings and failures instead of blaming them on the forces of evil which supposedly are working against you? Don’t you want to grow up? I can understand to an extent a child choosing to shut their eyes and mind to the reality around them because sometimes the world can be a scary place but to continue doing that into adulthood? Also what adult indoctrinates a child? Neither idea seems comforting to me - the idea of living forever in eternity worshipping god if you’re good enough, if you’ve believed, if you’ve lived right or going to hell where you will be tormented for eternity or separated somewhere from that god in some sort of eternal punishment, whichever you believe. Like I said none of those options seem optimal to me. Why can’t we just be honest with children? We are born, we live, and we die. Why do so many people of faith want to deny science? Why do they not want children to learn about evolution? I know why. They don’t want them to have this knowledge. Knowledge is power. I can see how evolution may seem unbelievable but really which is harder to understand - a fossil record we know exists, the human genome which has been mapped and shows we are IN FACT genetically related to all life on earth meaning humans were NOT created separately from other living things OR that we were magically created from an all knowing god who created evil (yes it says that in the bible Isa. 45:7) and in turn is going to punish us for the effects of this evil eternally unless we accept him and not only accept him but live our lives as some Christians claim without “sin”. Good luck with that. I feel so sorry for children who are raised not knowing the truth about this world. Not only that but I feel sorry for children who aren’t at least given the choice as to what THEY would like to believe. See that is what pisses me off. I wasn’t given a choice in what I wanted to think, feel, or believe. I was limited as to what I was allowed to learn! I was made to feel shame about my questions, I was told I was offensive to god because of my doubt. I was even physically abused, slapped when I asked about dinosaurs and why they weren’t mentioned in the bible. So many children suffer silently through this with no voice and no hope for redemption from this hell. They wait until they are older, they keep their thoughts to themselves, they remain silent - on the inside they are screaming and they are angry. If you believe in a god and you want your child to have a relationship with that god then forcing your god on them is NOT the way. That is child abuse. Scaring children with the concept of hell, dragging them to church every spare moment day and night, brainwashing them. Keep this shit out of the public schools. If you want to indoctrinate your children do it at home or put your kids in private Christian schools. There are many reasons for separation of church and state and this is just one. I want my children to have an actual education. I want them to be taught based on facts and evidence. You say evolution is simply a theory. It is a PROVEN evidence based theory. There are other proven theories out there, gravity, special relativity, quantum theory, plate tectonics, heliocentrism, general relativity - all proven. I don’t understand why people would want their children to be uneducated. If you want to teach your children creationism and you want to exclude evolution then do so at home or put your child in Christian school. Public schools are NOT the place for that because then every other religions version of creation events would also have to be taught!! Why do people not see the fucking absurdity in this???? It angers me so much. I also do not get why so many Christians want to incessantly preach to others or try to make aspects of their faith law like banning gay marriage and such. America is NOT a Christian nation, we are a melting pot of diversity and our founding fathers weren’t even considered Christians. In fact, several of them spoke out publicly against faith. Truly no one wants you preaching to them. How other people live is none of your fucking business or concern. Contain the condemnation to yourself and sadly to your own family. It should NOT seep out into our communities and pollute others hearts and minds. It should NEVER be allowed into our laws. There are are many reasons I left Christianity. Something that always got me was this, in Matthew 10:34-38 it outlines the requirement for loving god more than yourself or your own family. I am sorry but um, no. My children are my life and I’m sorry but anyone who puts the god of their mind before their kids is in my opinion insane. For all those Christians against abortion, guess what? Straight in the bible in Numbers 5 it outlines just that, an abortion sanctioned and authorized by god. Maybe start actually reading this book you carry around and say you fully believe in. Believe rapists should be punished? According to the bible if you rape a woman you have to marry her and pay her father. Other than that you’re good to go. That’s fucking bullshit. Slavery wasn’t so cool, was it? Well the bible not only doesn’t speak against it, it outlines how to beat your slaves and tells you how much each is worth in shekels; females of course are worth less. I suppose you are also okay with child abuse? Spare the rod, spoil the child. What about if a child is disobedient? You can just stone it to death. How about when god told the Hebrews that he was going to make them eat their children???!!! There are literally people eating their fucking kids in the bible. That’s absolutely horrific. Simply because of what? They were disobedient to god. Such a just, loving, merciful god. My ass. This is not an outline for morality. If you followed the bible entirely, well even partly you would be imprisoned or sentenced to death most anywhere in the civilized world. I don’t want to hear it’s just the Old Testament either because that’s a lie. This insanity permeates the entire story. Not only that but supposedly god does not change, the god of the Old Testament is still the same and is still the one gave the okay for all of what I mentioned. It begs to question? What sort of god are you really worshipping? Even in the New Testament Jesus said he did not come to bring peace but instead a sword, tearing families apart, setting people against one another, again this is Matthew 10:34-38. This is not my idea of love or goodness. I don’t know what your idea of it is but apparently we don’t share the same view. Back to the topic of doubts. I’m pretty certain we all have them about many topics. I believe those who don’t lie. I also speculate that many Christians and people of other faiths are just lying to themselves about their certainty in what they believe is true. I think many are simply pretending and too afraid to take the step away from their blind faith. The indoctrination, the fear is too strong. They worry about disappointing family members, they are afraid of the possibility they may be wrong to step away from their faith and they again fear the potential consequences of displeasing this god they don’t know even exists. If there are any out there who feel like this I want you to know I understand. Indoctrination is powerful and sometimes rather than face reality we think it’s better to just continue the whole charade. It really isn’t. You deserve to be yourself, think and live for yourself without fear of an unknown future. You get ONE life, don’t waste it trying to please and appease anyone. If there is a god and I have nothing that convinces me there is then I ask you why would that god create us merely for his pleasure, to worship him both on this earth and the next life you think exists? It makes absolutely no sense. Please realize that your religion is just borrowed relics from other religions and cultures of the past. The god you worship exists solely in your mind, was made by men, in the image of men with what are human characteristics and not divine attributes. Take the time to look up the ancient myths of other gods people made up just like the god of the bible. Look up Zoroastrianism or even other gods who were part of resurrection cults promising eternal heaven. They all came before. History has a way of repeating itself.
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    Hello everyone. I've been lurking the site for a couple of months as a guest and finally decided it is time to join. I will give a full testimonial at some point in the near future, but for now I feel I should just introduce myself. I'm a 27 year old woman from Texas, trying desperately to find my way in this world after being Pentecostal up until the last few months of my life. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I was calling myself Pentecostal, as my deconversion has actually been a very gradual process that has just been sped up immensely in recent months. My Granny, who was the light of my life and had a huge hand in raising (and, unfortunately, indoctrinating) me passed away in August of 2018. It feels as though I went from crying at her funeral and being certain that she was in heaven to believing heaven doesn't exist at all overnight. Needless to say, this has been a great and devastating challenge to accept. I tried to call myself Agnostic for a minute, but I'm becoming less afraid to say the word Atheist and I know it suites me better. I hope that someday I will be able to say that loud and proud in public, no longer afraid of eternal damnation and the judgement of others. I hope that I can make friends who understand where I'm coming from and won't disown me overnight for what they call sins. I hope that I can help others like myself feel better when they're struggling. So far my journey is difficult, but full of hope... Which, ironically, is more than I ever had as a Christian. While my past is full of pain, things really are looking up. I managed to escape the small. toxic town I was raised in and I now live my with my very loving and Atheist (I know, scandalous 😋) partner of 3 years in Pennsylvania. I've been reading Dawkins and Hitchens and listening to Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman, as well as scouring these forums and listening to various testimonies on YouTube for months because I'm finally free to do so. It has brought a great sense of relief and I'm excited to meet others who have also felt that weight lifted from their shoulders! Thanks for listening and I look forward to talking with you!
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    We should probably not take an in-your-face response to xtians or other religious folks and bombard them with our logic, reason, and beliefs - unless they truly ask for it. If a more aggressive approach is your thing have at it but that just makes us appear obnoxious as a whole. That Said, and with the understanding that most of you are aware of my situation with Mrs. MOHO being a devout, in your face, "MY flavor of xianity is the only TRUE version and if you don't adhere to it then you are a piece of crap " type of xtian, I am of the mindset that we do not have to simply sit idly and face the daily attempts of indoctrination stoically. Periodically, and with only slight regularity, my spouse will send out emails that are frequently links to fundy sights but sometimes rewrites of scripture that can only be described as snippets from the Book of Renee. This time it was one of those links that I never visit and, in fact, I never even read the book snippets that she writes. I delete the emails instantly when I realize what they are...and that's it. NOT THIS TIME GODDAMIT! Here's the link... Link: https://www.gotquestions.org/Spirit-walk.html?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email ...and here's my response... "What it really means is self indoctrination. Once you come to the understanding that the Bible is not the word of any particular deity but a collection of literary works the "magic" of attempting to adhere to the nonsense disappears. You can then begin to live a life free of the fear and mind control imposed by the cult. " She knows I'm an atheist and our relationship is one of mutual tolerance so I don't expect any fallout - with the exception of a brief lecture when I return this evening from working my fingers to the bone in order to support her in the manner in which she dictates. However if my recent campaign to push back in the face of the fundy speak conflagurates into a battle of the divorce attorneys then so be it. We cannot cowtow to these abusive shit-heads and knucle under and allow them to make us sick.
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    And there comes a point where toxic people, regardless of who they are, should be excluded from one's life. I've begun trimming out the remaining ones. I rarely see my fundy relatives, and when I do it is almost always in a non-religious context. The ones that live closer to me seem to have excluded me already, so I don't even try to contact them. There is no changing them. Your own choices for your life are powerful and can take you places that are wonderful and fulfilling for you. You don't need anyone's permission or approval, and it is really best to stop looking for it, especially from those that are devoted to an insane cult. Some people from my past were very manipulative and controlling personalities, and I cut them out of my life. I owe them nothing. Any nostalgia from the past is the past, and I am a different person who chooses not to subject myself to their condemnation and manipulation. As angry as that may sound, it is more healthful than angry. If one keeps taking a small dose of poison, one will never be well. Don't take the poison ever again, and take in the good stuff. Be around those that build you up as a person, who are kind and thoughtful, loyal and helpful and creative.
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    Chris and Joni had known each other since Joni was a toddler. As long as Joni can remember, Chris had been part of her life. In Junior High, they made their relationship official; and in High School they were completely inseparable. They even went off to college together, to strengthen their relationship. One day, Chris asked Joni to become his bride; and she readily accepted. A year went by, during which time Joni spent a lot of time looking at dresses, picking out China, and reading Bride magazine. But Chris never gave her an engagement ring. Joni just figured the ring must be something really special; and Chris has some mysterious plan for giving it to her in some spectacularly romantic way. Another year passed; and for Joni’s birthday, Chris produced a ring with a low-grade, ¼ carat diamond wrapped in a bag marked “Big Al’s Gun and Pawn.” Joni was disappointed; but she just figured that Chris was wisely saving money to put toward the incredible future he planned to give her. Five more years went by. Joni was no longer excited about the wedding; but she was committed to the relationship with Chris. Because he had promised her that the life they would have together would be extra-ordinary. She dreamed of the house in the quiet neighborhood, the laughter of their future children, the vacations; and most of all, the love and happiness of their family. Chris had often comforted her with these thoughts during her periods of doubt and frustration. Twenty more years went by. Joni had passed the age where she was able to bear children. She would never hear their laughter, or walk them to the school bus stop. But Chris continued to promise her the bright future she had dreamed of since childhood. Do you think, maybe, that Joni would be justified in leaving Chris? If so, then you’ll understand why I (John) left Christ.
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    Called it early on. I am psychic.
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    Originally posted under Sarah Bowman here. Q. Why are so many Quora users antagonistic against Christians? Answer: Because Christians keep asking us. If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask. Questions like this assume that Christians should be “respected” for their “faith.” They are like needles and they cause resentment. We resent the attitude that Christianity should be given special status. We resent that Christians oppress (mock, call to account, fire, refuse to hire) anyone who does not worship their god. Oh, it’s more subtle than that but we know why you no longer need us, or why we didn’t quite make the grade. We resent that you don’t believe our honest answers to your “give an account” questions. We tell the truth when asked for answers to questions like this. But you don’t believe us. Many atheists in the West were born or converted into Christianity. Only with much anguish did we manage to break free, only to be persecuted by Christianity for our efforts. Then Christians ask us question like: What will atheists do if they find out on the Day of Judgment that God is real? Do you really think we haven’t thought this through? Please stop needling us and you won’t get these antagonistic answers. Sound good? I think so.
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    This was certainly true for me. It took 4 years for me to finally deconvert--four brutal years. And it was because of this mentality: But the seeds were there. They were growing. As I said before, for me there weren't really any arguments, there were just my own thoughts. I certainly would not have sought out a website like this one, or watched any YouTube videos (I didn't even start doing that until probably 8-9 years after deconverting). But I had those seeds of doubt in my mind all along. They were placed there by what I experienced not matching what I had been taught/promised/prophesied over me. When reality doesn't square with belief, the believer either doubles-down, or changes perspective. For me, doubling-down was no longer an option.
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    Oh, good -- you're actually reading and responding to our posts instead of whining about not wanting to engage in the Lion's Den. Listen up, William: Your beliefs may have helped you, but they didn't help us. You seem totally incapable of understanding what we went through. If the many fine people here were not True Christians™, then no one is. If we could lose faith, so can you. Simple as that. Don't pull that No True Scotsman shit with us. I make no apologies for my words, and I own them unconditionally. Interesting that they had the side effect of making your unpleasantness obvious to everyone reading this thread, rather than just expressing my own frustration at believers who arrogantly try to tell us what our life experiences "really" meant.
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    I'm done here, y'all, have more self-respect than this. I didn't even bother hunting down and quoting the other things I've said to him, he hasn't bothered to respond to me since I called him on "the only genuine post" around here. As I well remember from protestant theology, us women folk aren't apparently supposed to teach the males or act in such an un-submissive way. That's the only reason I can see for repeatedly trying to interact with William, going to his site, apologizing for my behavior, asking questions, and nothing. Some of us weren't initially "nice", no, we made assumptions about William being an evangelist and treated him with more aggression than the situation warranted considering his unintended insults to us. But one thing is for dang sure, several of us still apologized and changed our behavior. Several of us went to his site and followed his site's rules as best we could considering we aren't believers. We recognized we were wrong and fixed it. Let us take note of this difference, as it seems @Christforumswould much rather hang on to a grudge, rescind invitations, and berate us for our behavior from some kind of pedestal instead of being willing to see how he contributed to the situation. This isn't even an assumption anymore at this point, we can only go off what he says. Don't worry, William, lucky for us, I don't believe bible god exists, so he's not judging you. But your beliefs hold that God has told you to freely forgive. Actually, it says to let someone slap your other cheek. I'm sorry, AGAIN, for the ways you have felt insulted. I'm not sorry for standing up to your presuppositions. If you feel like apologizing OR forgiving, you can join me up here on the moral play-- I mean high ground.
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    Oh yes, I have heard plenty of this over the years. There is a specific ring leader of this movement: Douglas Del Tonto He runs a website called jesuswordsonly. As usual, he disagrees with everyone else and that you should only read the gospels to hear what Jesus had to say. This, and every other website out there is exactly why I left Christianity. There is no consensus on how to read the Bible, the whole Christian movement is rife with conflict regarding what "truth" is. It is just so insane that you will lose your head trying to figure it out. I mean really, if God wants all man to come to the truth as is stated in 2 Peter, it should not be this difficult. You know what makes me do a double take with these guys? They will say that Paul is a false apostle, and his writings should not be in the Bible, but then they automatically assume everything in the gospels is an accurate snapshot of Jesus' ministry. Why do you believe that some of the Bible is false, but yet you believe everything from John back is true? How did you come to that determination?
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    You were indoctrinate, just like the rest of us. Indoctrinated minds do not process information rationally. Indoctrinated minds process information in the way they have been trained to process it. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. You were smart enough to figure out what was happening and you overcame it. That was a major accomplishment. Congrats.
  16. 5 points
    Been on both sides of this fence. Um, no. No way. There is sooooo little real actual Christian persecution. Get back to me when your child gets fired for being gay, when you are immediately disqualified from being elected to major office when being open about one's non faith, your child is not respected for marrying the one they love simply because they are the same sex, and when you experience most all of one's lifetime social relationships shun you and your kids for your lack of belief.
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    I haven't had a chance to keep up but I appreciate the update. I'm curious how it goes. It's so uncommon to see anything resembling an actual discussion between people with vastly differing views that I think it should certainly be encouraged. I mean I'm sure that from their perspective the goal is evangelization and I have no interest in that goal, but dialogue and mutual understanding is a very good thing imo, to whatever extent it's possible.
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    Have y'all been reading the thread on his forums? He IS reading our testimonies and he IS trying to understand. More than one person has said they had not heard our side presented this way before and that they feel they are learning from us. Many have sincerely apologized for the ways we've suffered. Yes, we have real and serious wounds from our old faith. But there was a time when we were believers and we did and thought the same things to/about people. I'm not sure I agree with y'all's assessment on this one, he's asking you politely to consider how you're acting.
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    She doesnt want to do something that her husband feels is a sin , or that she feels is a sin or that the milkman feels is a sin. According to scripture, sex on Mon Tues or Wed is bad as well as certain Thurs Fri and Sat also. Sun of course is the sabbath. No sex that day either. If she thinks of sex she has to tell her husband she has sinned and therefore has to abstain from sex for a month. Now and then her panties cause , well , a tingle that she immediately knocks down with opiate painkillers. She then drops to her knees in sobbing prayer. Meanwhile her husband has been fucking someone else for 10 years. I wish someone would do a satire video on her video.
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    Y'all still think I was too rough on this guy the first time around?
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    Just throwing my $.02 cent into the pot. Religion is based on emotion not intellect. And emotion has proven to be far more powerful than education for many people. Religion is all about “beliefs” aka faith, not evidence, science, logic, or reason. Religion teaches belief without evidence is a desirable virtue, even though Thomas required proof. Anytime people are told to take anything on faith, rather than evidence, that should send up red flags.
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    Fuego, you always seem to hit the center of the dartboard. Almost every single time. I am both impressed, and grateful you are here on this board. Folks, your choices can be powerful. And they are all your's. They need no review or preview from any outside party. But, these choices will never become powerful until you exercise the choices you are craving to make. Do it.
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    I’m sorry about your grandfather’s decline but I’m glad you were able to be there with him and other family members. You handled it well. We’re all on this rock together, believers and non-believers and sometimes it’s just best to link arms and support each other regardless of any differences. It’s good too to have an attitude of thankfulness even if we have no deity to thank. It was a bittersweet day I’m sure. Thanks for sharing it with us, Dexter!
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    Just because you say you're not something does not mean you're not. And keep on keeping on with the passive aggressive. This is not about hatred. Every time you post in here you clearly reveal what kind of conception you have about atheists and non believers. You've done very little to try understand the perspective here and ultimately you can't because your preconceptions are just blinding you. Throwing out words like hate is just the lazy route. Attempting to actually understand their perspective is more difficult and you're not willing to even try put in that mental energy, it's all too evident.
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    I know this question wasnt directed at me per se; but I'd like to say my bit anyway. I think something of the opposite. What we hate in others is often what we subconsciously hate in ourselves. We "become" that, only in the sense that we finally realize we've been that all along. It becomes easier to love others once we understand that our hatred of them was actually based on self-resentment due to our own flaws. I think this is one reason christians often seem judgmental and condescending. Firstly, they "hate" us for giving ourselves the freedom they subconscioudly wish they had. And secondly, they can't or won't look at their own faults and flaws because jesus. Just the ramblings of a drunk-ass redneck; take it for what it's worth.