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    What amazes me is that they never take it to the next logical step. If god wants this so bad, why does he leave it to fallible humans to make it happen? Why doesn’t He do it himself? He’s all powerful, right? Where is his “hand” in all this?
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    The slave issue may or may not bother her. What would probably really be a shock to her is the Jefferson Bible, in which Thomas Jefferson pasted together his own version of the Gospels, leaving out ALL of the miracles. Gasp! In reality, though, there's not much chance of getting through to people who think like Deborah. They rewrite history to serve their agenda and nothing will change their minds, no matter how much you point out the Establishment Clause, the Separation of Church & State, or the fact that many of the founding fathers were actually deists rather than Christians.
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    Thank you so much for your help and opinion. It is not easy but it is life and sometimes things don't work and it is better for them not to work..
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    Sometimes our needs just genuinely are more important than others; because none of us is perfect and all of us, at times, are vulnerable. There's nothing selfish in that. It's just part of the human experience. Deconversion would set you free from this kind of guilt, End3.
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    I'm always amazed at people who will tell you what God wants and thinks. "God wants America to succeed" or "God wants abortion to stop", its the ultimate claim to authority fallacy. He is not stepping in to fix or change anything, and its always a case that God must want exactly what I want. Shouldn't we be saying God hasn't struck down abortion doctors therefore He has made His choice clear?
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    I'd innoculate them well before grandpa even appears on the scene. Have a conversation with them about what grandpa believes, and make it clear that it's only his belief, and that there are a lot of people out there with a lot of different beliefs. Talk about how important it is to include people, and be kind, and not be hateful. If and when grandpa starts with the bigoted comments etc, it's much easier for the kids to see them for what they are since conversations have already been had. It works. Everyone should do it, fundie relatives or not. Last week I caught my niece informing my nephew that certain things just aren't done by fundie relatives, but that they can do them when they get home. These kids have certainly been inoculated against the crazy, it's very apparent in their behaviour.
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    I think it’s great that you’re going to set some boundaries. Since they’ll be trampled, have a plan. Are the kids on your side? Make a Fundie Xmas Bingo card so each of the kids can identify and track the cray-cray from gramps. First to get a BINGO gets another helping of dessert. Or inoculate the kids by having them secretly count boundary violations.
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    What gives with these people? They want to share their delusional beliefs with primitive people who are better off without them. They probably see outsiders as a threat to their way of life, much like we would view aliens arriving in space ships telling us we are all wrong about our belief system.
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    @Someone123, Take it from someone who tried for 20 years to do the unequally yoked gig. It's a pain in the arse! Don't even consider it unless your partner shows strong sign of being a thinker and, even then, I would advise against a relationship. Mrs. MOHO brought me into Christianity but, after years of study and praying to God, Jesus, whoever, to show me a sign and/or take away the doubt, the doubt grew. Eventually it became complete and utter disbelief and even a little anger at myself for having ever believed. At this point there is such pain and angst in the relationship, fueled by the doctrine, that I am angry at Christianity for effectively destroying my marriage. Aside from the religious differences, it would be a very strong union. We agree on everything else. What I'm trying to say it that, even if you both love each other and have similar interests and life goals, if one person is entrenched in the superstition and one not, you will have a very tough go of it. Many days we are OK but when Mrs. MOHO starts in with the attitude that she is superior to me because of the Fundy crap I begin wishing I could go back 20 years and use better judgement. You, sir, are in a position to make better choices. Get out there and find the non-religions, non-judgmental young lady who will appreciate the fine lad that you are. - MOHO (Mind Of HIs Own)
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    She and her family are part of an old cult called Christianity. Most on this website spent years believing just as strongly as they do. The religion defines reality for the believer, and literally everything else takes a back seat or no seat at all. Romantic relationships are strictly governed by the cult, and serious believers really don't want anyone who doesn't echo back the same beliefs. Fear of making god angry is paramount to a believer. (When they are evangelizing, they typically emphasize love and mercy, but once you are in it becomes mostly fear of making god angry, sadness that you already did, weeping over "sins", looking for mercy again and again, followed by periods of happy and joyful, then repeat). To a serious believer, you are just a devil trying to lure them away from god. They really do see it that way. There are LOTS of females available that are not part of a cult. I'm like you in that I tend to throw my heart in first, then try to make it work. But that is backwards, as I've learned after doing it many times (in church and out). Learn to make yourself attractive and you will draw females to you. All other animals know to do this during their mating seasons, but many times human males are clueless that they need to take care of their bodies, dress appropriately to whatever social circle you are part of, and treat women as people first, and move towards romance after attracting her. Get involved with others doing things you like, take dance lessons, do creative things that get you around women. Most of all, be yourself instead of putting on an image of something you aren't, or else you'll get tired of playing games pretty fast (and they see through it anyway).
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    I received an invitation to try out, ....but I failed to make the team. The rejection notice indicated that I failed to measure up.
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    'cuz it's what I do.. Everyday! kevinL
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    I told my husband a few months ago I needed to tell him something,that I couldn't carry it on my own anymore. We sat on the couch and I shared I wasn’t a Christian anymore and that I didn’t believe in Jesus. We both cried some and he told me “I’ve never been through this before but I’m here and I love you.” And he does. Sometimes I go to church with him and our children. We still hold hands around the table to pray for dinner but he doesn’t ask me to take a turn anymore. We choose each other and I trust his heart. It helps that he’s never been very loud about his faith. He quietly lives it out by being a good husband and father and I’m very lucky.
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    Oh yeah, all of that is easy to explain. God talks to Christians and gives them direct instructions and commands. God's ways are not our ways, don't cha know? God could do all of those things, but he prefers to leave the heavy lifting to his loyal followers. I've been considering the possibility that I never was a Christian, because God never talked to me. If He had I'm pretty sure I'd still be a Christian. Oh yeah, it's probably best not to tell the lady that Thomas Jefferson wasn't a Christian,...and (gasp!) He owned slaves and actually fathered children with them! God cannot be happy about that.
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    "Unsubscribe from Aunt? [Y] [N]" Select Yes.
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    If you are struggling, this video is excellent and well worth the watch. Hope it helps somebody. (hug) P.S. Check out the responses from the christians after you watch this youtube. Christians cannot or will not watch this with an open mind because they do not want to know.
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    My older granddaughter used to put a very distinct “r” sound in the word “look.” “Lerk, Pops!” It was really, really cute 🙂 I needed a new online name at the time and thought to use her pronunciation. I googled it and discovered that there’s a mythical creature by that name, and figured if I used that for my icon it would be less likely for people I know me in person to associate my posts with me, should I happen to be careless. I’ve written some things that would definitely give me away, yet this creature would likely make them second guess themselves. Of course, if they were to read this comment, I’d really be busted!
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    It won't be easy for you at first, for sure, but it will eventually get better. The "unequally-yoked" thing ruins a lot of relationships!
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    Consider informing your father of your chosen boundaries well before Christmas in writing (e.g., via e-mail). That way there's an opportunity for discussion and agreement before the holiday. Save the "my house...my rules and my children...my rules" retorts unless and until you absolutely have to use them. Also, instead of focusing on the religious aspects, you could focus on drawing specific boundaries around such things as bigotry, hate, xenophobia (and other phobias) and fear-mongering (if your father exhibits them).
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    On a side note: I remember my first x-mass as an atheist. Mrs. MOHO asked if I would at least go to church xmas eve with her. I said "No." Not "I don't feel well." or "I'm too tired." or "I'll stay here and guard the xmas tree." (We don't have one.') Just...."No." I felt kinda bad after that so, when she was gone, I placed a star and a couple of those colored ball thingys on a fake palm tree in the living room. When she got home we both laughed our asses off over a glass of holiday cheer.
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    I will probably be in the minority here but . . . eww! 🤢
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    You dodged a bullet. Several folks here are unequally yoked and that creates a lot of problems in their relationship.
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    So I was nineteen or twenty when this happened, so we're talking better than twenty years ago, but the incident is burned into my mind for reasons that will become evident. My good friend Bob lived with his dad in a little cabin outside of the small town where we grew up. It was a Saturday morning, and Bob and I had been out late the night before, so I crashed on their couch. I knew that his dad worked nights as a security guard, and I had slept on their couch more than once, so I was familiar with the rule about staying quiet in the mornings so that his dad could sleep in. His dad was notoriously grumpy when he wasn't tired. It was early, probably around 8am when the knock came at the door. I was semi-awake on the couch, and Bob was standing in the kitchen in a pair of sweats, cooking some eggs on the stove. He immediately raced to the door before they could knock again, and of course was greeted by two older women, dressed in white, carrying their literature and clutching their bibles. I couldn't hear all of the conversation but it was easy to figure out that they were JWs. Bob was repeatedly shooshing them and trying to respectfully ask them to leave. This went on for a good minute or so before Bob's dad yells from his room "Who the hell is that?". Bob yells back, "It's Jehova's Witnesses dad!" "Well, tell them to... aww F*#K it. I'm awake now." This is when I learned that Bob's dad, who was in his fifties, slept in the nude. His bedroom door flies open, and out he marches, old man cajones swinging in the breeze. He pushes Bob to the side, points emphatically off in the distance, and screams "GET THE F*#K OFF MY PROPERTY!". I was laughing too hard at that point to catch much more of the incident, and Bob was just horrified, but their house was never visited by Jehova's Witnesses again. I don't recommend it as a form of JW repellent, but it was certainly effective.
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    From Sciencemag do org: Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ ..snipped from article source via above URL kL