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    Maybe you were inspired by God.
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    Ok, I think I've got this figured out. Justus is saying that science fails because of the above. He thought we'd like to know this and so he didn't use any science at all to tell us this. Case closed!
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    Weezer, The essential point that I'm directing in Edgarcito's direction is that scripture itself and history clearly demonstrate that, contrary to Edgarcito's claim, god has not given clear guidance. You and I both made eloquent Bible-based arguments for our differing positions - yet the issue remains unresolved. God has not given the church guidance on this important matter. Do we have free will of does god predestine us to heaven or hell? Again, vitally important. Again, both positions backed up by scripture. Again, where's god's guidance? Does god still give Christians the gifts of the spirit or did he withdraw the spirit after Bible times? Some Christians cannot agree on this. Where's god guidance? Are the dead judged once they die or do we all sleep until Judgement Day, when we are all judged en masse? Christians disagree, still waiting on god's guidance. Once-saved-always-saved or is it possible to reject Jesus? (Very pertinent to this forum!) Where's god guidance on this? What about the books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch and so on? Canonical or not? Why hasn't god guided his sheep? Edgarcito's guiding god seems to be totally silent. Or non-existent. Thank you. Walter.
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    I studied him fairly extensively, read the Gnostic Gospels, and decided he MAY have existed. And I very much appreciate the statement attributed to him about loving neighbor as self. And IF he existed I think he probanly believed he was the son of god because he was conditioned to believe that. But he was made into something he wasn't by the early church who slyly fabricated the Christian myth as they killed off those who did not agree with them. They knew how to manipulate the masses, and built an extremely powerful institution that became very corrupt and abusive during the middle ages. I am willing to bet my soul that the New Testament, and the idea of the trinity, the plan, etc all came from them. Not God. Loving neighbor as self is good guidance for mankind, but I cannot believe it came directly from "god" to Jesus, because after studying the history of religions, I don't believe the God of the Bible, or any other religion I have studied, actually exists. I used to believe as you do, but finally decided that the "simple and truthful plan" came to us through mortal men that make up what is now the Catholic church. Wow! I didn't mean to write all that, but when I got started, i couldn't stop.
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    I found him! he really does exist! Praise the Lord!
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    I never see him around. Do you?
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    I feel for you; it's a difficult position to be in. I chose from the outset to live my truth and let the chips fall where they may. It did break my mom's heart; and she's still very passive-aggressive About it even after 17 years. I learned during the process, though, that their response is their responsibility, not mine.

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