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    Hey all, I't's been a minute since I've been on here. My former self was quite the hard atheist and rather confused in a lot of ways. I have to admit I'm quite animist these days. Not so much "spirits" in everything, more like everything is alive and conscious. Admittedly I was in a very bac place when I was on here before. I finally got some help that I needed, and as an aside really discovered the whole "universal consciousness" thing. Orbit -- who probably hasn't been on here in years -- referred to this quite a bit when I was on in 2014 / 2015. I admit I wasn't ready then. Whether I am ready now, who knows. I do know I've been able to reawaken the musical part of myself ... my true self, and use writing music as its own form of meditation. I think those of us coming away from a monotheistic god can pretty easily go to atheist, maybe not easy of course, but the incel god we worshipped acts like that 16-year-old boy whose girlfriend broke up with him. "If I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!" I see a lot of people, myself included, who leave the fold and then join the other fold ... to be properly atheist, and most of all, to listen to ol' Pizza-face there, and let nobody else have us. That's a metaphor which came to me when I was outside smoking a dooby, to be honest, but I do think it fits. That religion would have you be afraid, even as an atheist, to see Gaia as a goddess. All I can say to anyone looking on who is where I was, just stay curious. And you don't have to listen to that particular incel telling you if he can't have you, nobody can ... Just some rambling thoughts I guess, Leo
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    the strangest thing, which sends me into a rage attack, is something akin to what Matt Dillahaunty said. Intelligent, reasonable people, mature, educated, when confronted with the issues of religion, revert to 5 year old logic, slogans, absurd cherry picking, idiocy. Like a psychiatrist explaining that suffering is not because of God, but because of the actions of people. And her PROOF was quoting the Bible. How in the name of fuck do you do medicine? Like a patient comes in, and you say, ahaaaaa, you have psychosis, because a textbook I have never ever bothered to verify and investigate says so? Do you even prove the existence of God, of freedom of choice, real freedom of choice I mean, of the fact that human choices make earthquaques, but you just jump to magical thinking conclusions like an infant. Really? Proove to me a a murderer is entirely conscious, intelectually, and emotionally of what he has done, and still does it, just to piss everyone off. No being, absolutely no being acts in contradiction to its own benefit, even if it is not obvious. Self harm, by traumatises individuals, for example, actually is a form of discharge, it is a benefit the brain is chasing. The stupidiy, the sentimentality of a third grade romantic movie, and of the most crude forms of fairy tales...The sheer lack of depth in their thinking and sensibility is just outstanding. You are a full grown adult. The fuck you are doing, man? The power and level of brainwashing, like it was with me, in a way, is just outstanding. Just outstanding. It is like a virus which keeps evolving to become antibitic resistant and kills of the immune system as well. I am amazed. God would be, in a metaphorical sense, extremely dissapointed that the beings endowed with wisdom, reason and depth just give that all up for some simplistic formulaic bullshit. Like, hey, I created you so you have the ability to complete a post doctoral paper in quantum physics and ancient writing systems of the world, while indulging in fine art and poetry and you choose to be a sleazy used car salesman, drinking moonshine whiskey! Talk about a waste of talent! Really? The being created to experientally know the holiest mysteries of the world? these guys. You gotta be kidding me. Sometimes I just want to tell them. You are so selling yourself short, even from you religion s viewpoint.
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    This has been the story of Christianity especially since the Reformation. Before then, the Catholic Church was able to control the narrative, still picking a subset of scriptural dogma, but without any rivals to say otherwise. Once the Bible became available to a wider audience, the splintering began immediately. And so it continues today. The Bible, not Satan, is the author of confusion.

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