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    I realized recently that even though my deconversion process happened 14 years ago, there are aspects I'm still grieving. I've learned in therapy that if I ignore the parts of myself that are sad, it will eventually come back and bite me. So, I decided to write a letter to my deconversion process, as if it were a person. I was really surprised at what I wrote: I want to thank you for coming into my life at a time when I needed you but didn't want you. I was clinging to poison. Dysfunction felt like home to me. I was not grateful when you showed up. I was sad and scared. I thought you just came to take away everything I loved. I was angry and I felt alone. I was mad that you ruined my carefully planned future, my sense of purpose, my safety, my community, my friends. There were a lot of days I wondered if it would ever get easier. And there was so much to learn! You dropped me in the middle of the unsheltered real world and I had to play catch up. But I had courage and grit and I could learn! You gave me new friends, a new purpose. You gave me professors who cared and a library full of books. You gave me Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, a new online community. You revealed who my real friends were. You gave me space. Silence. Emptiness. Choices. So much room to run and question and demolish and create. Opportunities without judgment. You gave me new music! Bowling for Soup, Augustana, Gavin Degraw, remember the monthly CD club? You gave me rejection and pain and it hurt like a bitch. But afterward, there was hope. You gave me Fight Club. Rent. Marjoe. The God Who Wasn't There. Prple Fox videos. You gave me panic attacks and friends who supported me through the panic attacks. You gave me stress and the means to deal with stress. You gave me everything I love about my life. I didn't know how strong I was until I had no other choice but to be strong. I didn't know what I could do until I lost my support system and had to do things myself. I just assumed I couldn't swim until you dropped me in the deep end and somehow, miraculously, I kept my head above water. All this time I thought you were the villain in my life story. Now I see you were the hero. You saved me. As I wrote this letter, it dawned on me that my deconversion wasn't a tragedy that I somehow survived. It was the actual mechanism that saved me from a life of judgment, fear, dependence, and black and white thinking. If you wanted, you could even call it a blessing.
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    Obviously the more astute among us will be voting for Kanye.
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    Even as a Christian I began to think the cannonizers made a mistake by putting the book of Revelations in the Bible. It seemed like it was written by someone taking drugs. It, like the Old Testament, was seldom referenced by the Church of Christ.
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    As you can see, ex christians are very used to this sort of thing. The great disappointment of 1844, yeah, William Miller was a blood relative of my through the paternal side. Predicted the end of the world in 1843 and 1844, before it was finally given up on and is now known as the "Great Disappointment." My Millerite relatives splintered into the SDA church. From then to today, the end times are always right around the corner like a carrot-on-a-stick. Except that it never is the "end times." And they've been wrong every time. What you have to understand is that Revelation was never referring to the distant future. It was referring to contemporary people about contemporary times. What it was about was thinking that the end was near back then, as if the world was on the brink of collapse in the writers time. Take this in if you will: This is compelling evidence. And fits with everything else we know about the book of Revelation. What we're looking at is a situation where the bible, all of it, and especially Revelation, is referring to things contemporary to the now remote PAST. This isn't obvious when you're sitting in a church pew. And it may not be obvious even after you break away. But the deeper you investigate these things, the more obvious it will become if you pay attention to the trail of evidence. Pandemics have come and gone. We happen to have another one in a long line of others taking place now. What they all have in common is that none of them were (1) what was mentioned in Revelation or (2) ushering in the end times as described in the book of Revelation. Politics? That goes without saying. That's even more of a stretch. You have to be careful listening to christians because they will twist and manipulate any information they can get a hold of to try and use as confirmation bias. Yes, there is a political uprising with youth professing social marxism. But christians are trying to use this as confirmation bias when it really isn't anything of the sort. There's nothing in Revelation about Carl Marx, btw, or these social marxists now. And trying to claim that there is, is a huge stretch by anyone trying to do it. I see the videos going around, many of which are dead wrong in demonstrable ways. Post whatever it is that bothers you and I pretty much guarantee it will be debunked.
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    Welcome to the world of ex christianity spirituality!!! It doesn't have to be anything in particular. An interconnection to all things, the earth and universe abroad, is just the base level for pretty much all spirituality. From there it can take off into some organized form of it, or not. Some prefer to just leave it be in it's natural, base level form. And live independently spiritual minded. You don't have to believe in gods. You don't have to believe in just about anything. You can just feel it. Live it.
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    Just an observation. When you have an extreme on one side it causes a corresponding extreme on the other. Thus you have Trump who people either seem to worship or hate with vengeance. A leader who is quite happy to throw fuel on a fire. As a response we've seen the more radical wings on the left rising. In reference to TRPs quip, at this point I would not be surprised if the US elected Kayne as president if he ran. Trump has thrown the door wide open. The flood gates are open now and everyone sees an opportunity to rush through it.
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    Hello @confused00. Thank you for the open hearted letter and the vulnerability you showed, and trusting us to read and respond. I think you need to trust your instincts, and how you feel about the matter. I think you're thinking something along the lines of "How can these beliefs be so cruel? Am I not understanding something? Do they not know what it means?". I'm going to straight out say something that took me decades to realize and internalize: The cruelty is the whole point. You are understanding it correctly, and the implications are overwhelming. The long-term believers, pastors, and "spiritual-leaders" of the type know exactly how cruel it is and they revel in it - don't be fooled by their false posturing and lip-service to kindness. You don't have to take my word for it - in fact I prefer that you don't, and that you figure this out yourself. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition about the cruelty these beliefs imply, and their incompatibility with the kindness with which we need to live to be a decent person. Truthful people aren't afraid of you thinking for yourself and coming to your own conclusions. Believe me, I know how you feel. I was very hurt and conflicted - even for a decade after my deconversion. I have one additional advice: Your "white christian friends" are probably not your friends (unless they're secretly harboring feelings of conflictedness such as yourself). Be very weary of them, and please look elsewhere for new perspectives and different kinds of people. You might be surprised at the depths of friendships you can find outside the white christian community. Sincerely, -DT
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    Atheists don't solve exponential equations because they don't believe in higher powers.
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    The ‘idiocracy’ to me is the rapid escalation of the attacks on statues and monuments to include Washington, Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Ulysses S Grant and even Mount Rushmore. It’s become a frenzy. A moral panic. Likewise the frantic ‘canceling’ of whomever is deemed to be insufficiently on board with whatever today’s Woke agenda happens to be.
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    I didn't realize that taking down Jim Crow era statues (or the second wave that happened to just happened to coincide with the Civil Rights movements in the mid-20th century), whose intention was to intimidate some people (that I won't name or define since that seems to be an issue) and to also glorify the LOSERS of a Civil War (read: traitors to the current nation) was tantamount to an Idiocracy. Seems to me that fervently defending such things would meet that definition. mwc
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    Now here's one for the books. Not too far from where I live there are snake handling churches--churches where they literally pick up snakes as an act of worship. Not just little ol' garden snakes, either; they handle timber rattlers, copperheads, cottonmouths: the real poison boys. So, a few years back, a preacher got bit in one of these churches. Bit bad by a rattler. Well, he refused to go to the doctor, or even let anybody call an ambulance for him. No, instead, you guessed it, he had the church folks gather around him and lay their hands on him for his healing. They prayed over him for hours as he slowly slipped into oblivion on account of the rattler venom. He went on to be with the lord that night. Reckon heaven needed another idiot.
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    Oh, come on everybody. you know the only answer that makes sense GOD DID IT!!!!! It's the same reason, according to the Bible, why the earth is not flat anymore, and has suddenly become round GOD DID IT!!!!! If we ever need any unexplained bullshit...explaining Either GOD DID IT!!!!! or SATAN DID IT!!! No evidence needed.....Evidence is an illusion sent by SATAN to fool us even though I need to check all the evidence when I'm buying my house and car to check that everything is working.....uuummm......."People do what suits themselves" We certainly have our work cut out in making xtians see the TRUTH
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    One should be a bit skeptical of claims that vague prophecies and predictions are coming to pass after the fact. To take an extreme example, we could all agree that "Discworld" is a fictional book series, yet I just recently witnessed the launch of a manned rocket on YouTube, an event predicted in the Discworld book "The Last Hero" from 2001. In fact, come to think of it, the city I live in is divided in two by a river as well. Could I really be living in Ankh-Morpork? We might be tempted to apply such selective interpretation to Christianity, but not to Discworld, because of the emotional significance Christianity has to many of us as current and former believers, and because of the high-stakes questions Christianity seeks to answer. We want to make absolutely sure to leave no stone unturned so as not to make a serious mistake. However, Christianity's emotional hold on us doesn't make it any more factual than any other idea. Treating it preferentially to other ideas might feel better, as we've been taught to do so over a long period of time, but there's an infinitude of ideas out there, and to know which ones might be good or correct, we have to be prepared to examine all of them critically.
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    Maybe you were inspired by God.
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    Hence the reason they often get labeled as a cult. Reality truly doesn't exist for them.
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    Weezer, The essential point that I'm directing in Edgarcito's direction is that scripture itself and history clearly demonstrate that, contrary to Edgarcito's claim, god has not given clear guidance. You and I both made eloquent Bible-based arguments for our differing positions - yet the issue remains unresolved. God has not given the church guidance on this important matter. Do we have free will of does god predestine us to heaven or hell? Again, vitally important. Again, both positions backed up by scripture. Again, where's god's guidance? Does god still give Christians the gifts of the spirit or did he withdraw the spirit after Bible times? Some Christians cannot agree on this. Where's god guidance? Are the dead judged once they die or do we all sleep until Judgement Day, when we are all judged en masse? Christians disagree, still waiting on god's guidance. Once-saved-always-saved or is it possible to reject Jesus? (Very pertinent to this forum!) Where's god guidance on this? What about the books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch and so on? Canonical or not? Why hasn't god guided his sheep? Edgarcito's guiding god seems to be totally silent. Or non-existent. Thank you. Walter.
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    I disagree. There is s huge difference between salvation by grace through faith and salvation by faith through works. So huge, in fact, that if we can be saved through works, then faith is not necessary. And if we can be saved by faith alone, then there is no motivation for doing good. These two concepts can become mutually exclusive. My church attempted to marry the two contradictory concepts by teaching that we were saved through faith but would be judged according to our works. There would be a lesser reward in heaven for people who only used their faith to volunteer at soup kitchens and battered women's shelters; but bigly rewards for people who used their faith to vote Republican and use the N-word in public. This is really something an omniscient god should have clarified, if he wanted us to understand.
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    It's funny how they'll doubt everything scientists say that's not convenient to them, boldly declare God can make anything happen without need for scientific explanation, and then turn around and needily refer to an unspecified community of so-called scientists for "validation". Everything they say and do is willy-nilly, self-serving, and insufferably needy for validation.
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    The Bible: A hot condensed state of bullshit giving rise to massive ignorance.
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    And to think that someone would come back to life after being killed in a public execution and then show themselves for inspection to either a handful of people or hundreds but no one bothers to write about this astounding feat for at least 30 years! Not even one historian other than the anonymous bible writers mentions Jesus coming back to life other than the highly suspect single probable three or four word forgery added to a Josephus historical record. So really nothing outside the bible which was not begun until decades after this astonishing event supposedly occurred.
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    Well, people have already reacted to my post so I'll just follow-up here. I probably should have give some reasons why a solid surface of some sort might be preferred. Genesis describes the whole thing being separated into layers. There's a layer on the bottom that is water/land, the layer we're talking about here, and another layer of water above that. So a sandwich with water as a bread and "something" as the meat. What is that "something?" They had no idea that there was no air in space so to say there was "atmosphere" in space isn't entirely inaccurate. But is it accurate? The same for "expanse?" What I'm saying is we're told that in this "sandwich" not only is this the area where birds fly about (so an "atmosphere") but it's also where the sun, moon and stars are placed (not really the same place but they didn't know this). We're also told it's called the "sky" or "heaven." So inside this area is the "sky." Above this area is water. Which means beyond the sun, moon and stars is a lot of water but since they didn't know about modern physics it could not orbit it had to rest on something. What would that something be? Looking at the Flood story we're told that there are "windows" of some sort that allow the water through. This further indicated the water is resting on a surface and that it flows downward unless restrained. This is fully expected of water. They knew it flowed downhill just as we do. Even ignoring this later chapter the separated waters in Genesis 1 need to rest somewhere. We can't have them "float" about. Likewise they would not have been able to conceive of the various astronomical objects simply "floating" in space. They would need them to be attached by some means to something (ie. hanging lights, fixed, something/someone unseen repositioning them, etc.). There are non-canonical stories of angels moving the stars about. The author of Genesis here didn't seem to concern themselves with this level of detail. It's more about that it was as opposed to how it was. mwc
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    Which scientist? What do they mean by speculated, i.e., sounds like something pulled out of someone's backside. I hate whenever a claim like this is made but no source is provided.
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    The Jewish version (Chabad) translate it "expanse." In Genesis 1:20 and Ezekiel 1:22 they also translate it "expanse." I don't know if I'd equate this with "atmosphere." It seems different to "firmament" as well. An expanse can be pretty much anything that is "spread out" over a large area. It could be something like land, air or sea. Josephus claims that there was a sort of crystalline dome(?) placed around the earth at creation. He claims that his knowledge of Greek was limited (as it was frowned upon in his society at the time so he learned other languages later on) so the assumption would be he gathered this from his reading of the texts as a priests as well as whatever traditions may have been floating about. It was probably influenced by whatever ideas about cosmology were in existence but when they came to exist and how they came to influence him aren't something we will probably get to know. What we can learn from this is people are taking our own knowledge of cosmology and doing this same thing. mwc
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    I don't think Seajay is looking for any reasons to hang on, it is more he is trying to make sure he is not making a mistake if he ever decides to leave the faith. He reminds me of myself whenever I was going through the deconversion process, I wanted to make sure there was not some outlying information that might validate the general claims of Christianity. I did not want to step out and end up regretting it later.
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    If we are taking a literal interpretation of Genesis, then the general language, and especially the windows of the firmament opening to release water implies a cosmology such as this:
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    It may seem that way because xtians try to potray the last times for their own agenda. The world may seem worse than ever before but that is simply not true. the world suffers less poverty, famine, wars, murders, pandemics then ever before.....Millions used to die from starvation before they invented the plough, now we have the least amount of starvation on the planet. Not many are killed in wars like they used to be. Look at the 2 World Wars compared to Iraq. We are now more tolerant of others compared to a hundred years ago, slavery has been abolished, workers rights, pensions, Medical advances in science..... We have had the most horendous past history from awful leaders and dictators. We still have awful leaders and dictators but not like we used to have.... Believe it or not the world is actually better than ever before but we've still got mountains to climb before we are "good" Don't be fooled by xtian doctrine. If you are honest with yourself the interpretations you get from Daniel and Revelation are interpretations from Mankind of the present day and not from reading the text and you can interpret them any way you want....making their "evidence" fit the modern day so that they can fool themselves that it's the end times...It's all bullshit
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    This stuff is all such bullshit to me. The words that were put into Jesus's mouth regarding his second coming clearly state that some from his generation would still be alive when he returned to earth. Nothing in the bible makes a similarly clear reference to Jesus returning thousands of years in the future. It's a testament to human's ability to use cognitive dissonance to keep moving that time frame forward to whatever the present time is. In fact I think it is critical to making christianity work that the time frame always be at hand even though nothing in the bible makes a compelling case for this.
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    Sounds like mob mentality is as old as civilization itself. At least at that time they had an excuse in their need for the metal in the statue. Today, they're just revelling in destruction.
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    Sounds like you need to fix this at your present company, @Simone, so you'll have a favorable reputation if you find yourself in the job market. Here in the states companies are only supposed to validate employment dates now. This can be gotten around, however. I know because I do this on a regular basis hiring techs and coders for my department. I manage to get to the employee's former direct report (manager) and even some co-workers. If I really feel I will value a perspective employee and there was bad blood with a former company I will confront the applicant and ask them how they feel about the criticism. If they are sorry and understand how their behavior impacted their old company then I'm good. If they bitch and moan and blame blame blame then we're NOT good. I really feel you can fix this and that your boss will appreciate the effort.
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    No rules, no guilt ... no scripture either I'd venture to say. Enjoy it.
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    Guilt is a very big part of the christian religion. It is one of the tools christians use to keep people in the church; and it is very powerful. It is natural to still feel guilt long after leaving the religion; because guilt becomes such a major part of your christian life. Overcoming the guilt you feel may take time; because it has become ingrained into your way of thinking. However, going directly to the people we have wronged, apologizing, and asking for the opportunity to make amends often helps out a great deal.
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    I don't really know. I believe (I haven't checked) that MLK was a socialist so it may well be her attempt to fall into a similar camp? The reason I'm think he was socialist is that I seem to recall people tossing that around in a similar way when the Red Scare was a bigger deal. I don't see these folks as MLK but they do seem to want to start similar sorts of movements so I can understand wanting to come off in a similar fashion with him as a model. mwc
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    When an issue/problem is driven by emotion logical, reason, facts, & evidence become irrelevant. Those of us that have left/rejected religion are keenly aware of that. The current protest movement is being fueled by emotion. And It is being driven by a victimhood mentality. Logic, reason, facts, and evidence will be useless when it comes to combating the violence. Unfortunately, overwhelming force is the only thing that will stop the violence and it appears that isn’t a political option in this current environment. This threat is real and the outcome seems likely to permanently change the traditional American culture. And I don’t think history will view those changes in a positive way.
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    This verse is a later interpolation so historians would say that Jesus cannot be considered to have said this in any historical sense. Mark actually ends at 16:9 in our earliest most accurate copies. One of the major contradiction's I find with healing is not within the bible, but with what the bible says and reality. It's suggested in the bible that healing should be a fairly common occurrence if one has faith. If that was the case we'd expect to see a lot less Christian's in hospital dying from cancer. However what we see is Christian's in the hospital dying at the same rates as anyone else when all other factors are taken into account. Prayer studies have been done and it's been shown that prayer is about as useful as flipping a coin.
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    The fact that I do not know the future of my actions does not mean I act blindly. I rely on incomplete evidence, yes. But whose fault is it? That I have incomplete evidence? Luther and Calvin nailed it. GOD. Our will is weak and our mind is dark because HE wants and he IS the only one that can CURE us. God acts like a parent that intentionally cripples their child by amputating their legs, then gives a wheelchair and expects gratitude. What a load of bunk. Christianity in its usual presentations , fails on three levels - it does not correspond to observable reality, it is incoherent and contradicts itself and is socially incapable of functioning. For the last part you might argue that christian societies existed for thousands of years. I would say to really study how Christian they actually were, and to see that, actually, without the ability for "sin" and creative intepretation, it is impossible to live like that. It is pathologcal altruism and egoism in the same time. Even now, most Christians I know do not have even the basic ideas of their faith. I doubt things were much different after Chrristianity became an official religion. By the way I said in its usual presentation because I do not know every form of theology of every sect. If I were to think there is a supreme being, what the Bible and the Koran literally about him I think is downright blasphemous. That petty, vengeful, bloodthirsthy egomaniac tyrand and his world mending mind games, like a more powerful version of L Ron Hubbard. He is as deserving of worship as Hitler, Stalin and Mao, all who liked to be worshipped and chastised anyone that refused. Even less deserving actually. You want another simple plan? We have problems. The Jews did it. Just kill the Jews. Sounds so elegant, doesn't it?
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    Continuing with my thoughts from above. “All lives matter” has now been designated as a racist slur by the Marxists Revolutionaries. Apparently only black lives matter now. These revolutionary’s have essentially taken control of our language and they have obtained the power to determine what is and is not acceptable verbiage. Use of unacceptable language now has severe life changing consequences. The “victim” has no legal right to defend themselves. There is no due process, no assumption of innocence, no preponderance of evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Mob justice now rules. Being charged equals guilt. The accused has no rights. The mere accusation is sufficient for the harshest punishment as determined by the mob. The mobs power has become so great major corporations fear them and submit to their “demands” when ordered, as do government authorities. There is absolutely no way the accused officers in the Minnesota debacle can possibly receive a “fair” trial. Their guilt was established the moment the video hit the national airways. They are literally walking dead men. Some Major League sports franchises have been “ordered” to change their names and logos. Corporate America jumped on the Mobs PC bandwagon and threatened to pull their advertising dollars if the targeted teams didn’t comply with the mobs demands. If anyone doesn’t think this revolution is real, just look at what they’ve accomplished in a matter of weeks. Never mind these team names were intended to honor the cultures they were named for and to acknowledge their strengths and contributions to the American culture. Redskins has been determined to be racist, but “Redtails” the most popular potential new team name isn’t. Even though Redtails refers to an all African American U.S. Air Force fighter squadron in WWII. Are the Redtails worthy of such an honor? Absolutely. Ask any WWII Veteran that was a B-17 flight crew member flying bombing missions over Europe. The Redtails saved a lot of American lives protecting our bombers from German fighters.They were very good and very brave pilots. German fighter planes were superior to allied fighter planes. Individual pilot skills often determined who lived and who died. The Redtails were skilled pilots. I like the name too, but why is Redskins racists but Redtails isn’t. Both are honoring an America ethnic group, but I do understand “Redskins” could be interpreted as a racial slur so I’ll acknowledge that is one of the few required name changes that has some validity, even though it’s been around since 1933. How and when will this end? That is a scary question, especially with a National upcoming election looming.
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    Joe Biden seems to be working to drive away voters like me with this kind of stuff. I and many others don’t want America “transformed”. We just want a return to a steady hand on the helm.
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    Oh wow you have good attention to detail! My sister’s family is Baptist and I know they call it “ baby dedication” but I use the word “ Christening” because I honestly thought it was the same thing.
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    SeaJay, "There are some scientists who have speculated that before the flood there was a thick sheet of water surrounding the earth up in the atmosphere." From the quote you posted, shown above, I can realize that there is no validity in it. No PhD scientist in geology would believe or even speculate as to the flood of the bible being possible, or to the possibility that a thick sheet of water could have surrounded the entire Earth within the existence of humankind. As you probably realize, the flood of the Bible would have happened less than twelve thousand years ago. In geologic studies of the Earth there has probably never been a time when a thick sheet of water surrounded the Earth, at least not in the last 50 million years. When above the Earth, water is in the form of water vapor which forms into clouds. With or without a surrounding atmosphere of gases, water above the surface of the Earth spreads out as a gas and cannot stay together as a liquid. Very thick clouds can create a lot of rain, but PhD scientists in these related fields believe the flood of the bible is just a fantasy which might have had its basis in the pre-history floods of Mesopotamia. Such a world-wide flood was originally written in the Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh before the old Testament was written. Of course religious people could say that God can do anything including removing the evidence for any such occurrences. But if you believe there is any credible scientist that believes in the possibility of the above quote, post the link to such speculation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_flood_narrative https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flood_myth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilgamesh_flood_myth
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    The Christian website insinuated the translators reworked Genesis under Egyptian influence of a hard dome over the earth. What I am getting at is what year did they do the translation and did the Egyptians still believe in a domed earth at that time? For example, say Egyptians, by and large, bought into a round earth CIRCA 1,000 BCE, but the translation did not happen until 3rd Century BCE. By the time the translation happened, generally speaking, Egyptians did not hold to an domed earth anymore, so it would not really make sense that they were "influenced" by Egyptian cosmology. I am not really sure why that Christian website stated what it did, I am trying to figure out their though process....which is probably no more than making stuff up.
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    I would like to suggest finding a different icon.
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    It's actually true. Oddly enough, getting into recovery is what led me to agnosticism; and, more recently, re-opened the door to spirituality. On a sad note, though. You're right; many of the people I know from college ended up involved in some kind of addiction, while the rest are still addicted to jesus. The behavior patterns are the same; but, instead of crack or porn, they get their fix from their imaginary friend.
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    Hi Simone, I am with @TheRedneckProfessor , if you are feeling guilty about how you may have spoken to someone, it is never too late to apologize and explain yourself. I went through a period of my life where I had guilt about how I acted in relationships and even though it was years later, I went back and apologized for my behavior. I am not sure if you are still working in the same location, but if so, I am sure your coworkers would appreciate it if you waited for the appropriate time and tactfully stated how you believe you wronged them or made them feel uncomfortable, apologize, and explain where you mind was at the time and where you are now. Even if they do not accept your apology, which I am inclined to think most people would, you will feel a lot better about mending those relationships.
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    I found him! he really does exist! Praise the Lord!
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    "Cancel culture" should be made into statues, depicting the insane stupidity of this generation. And then placed up on all of the statue platforms of the statues that were torn down. And made sure to be in history books going forward, that we never forget the degree of stupidity that swept through society in the early 21st century. In decades past, a lot of creative fiction was focused more on a conservative based "idiocracy" in the future. But who would have guessed that our censors would change to the liberals in just a mere few decades? V for Vendeta saw a theocracy as a likely scenario for future authoritarian censors in government. And then reality unfolded completely opposite. Progressives turned to regressive. And not long after it looks like the lowest common denominator of left wing thinking rose up. Doing the very thing that had been forecast of the lowest common denominator of right wing thinking by those who had no way of visualizing what a left bent "Idiocracy" would be. And now here we are. The enemy of personal freedom became the left instead of the right. A liberal and progressive idiocracy trying to rise to power:
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    Hope these help a little Christians are selfish people. They only spread it around to feather their OWN eternal nest in heaven with spiritual godly gifts and so that they are not classed as the LEAST thought of in the kingdom of heaven...... it's all ME ME ME Welcome
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    Yes, good point, but many or most government and elected officials who made the US and most of the decisions around the world, came out of the climate of academia and generally have little consideration of possibilities outside their own fields of expertise. The lockdown decisions of Covid 19 were generally a medical decision, where such discussions and decisions should have also involved other aspects of academia IMO, since the lock-down effects have cost many other lives and have had a very broad disastrous scope. With tongue in cheek, churches, temples and mosques, for instance, should have been allowed to remain open, maybe a smooth way to deplete their numbers.
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    Welcome to Ex-C, glad to see you here. I know I was glad to stumble upon this site after becoming absolutely frustrated with Christianity and I wanted to hear something other than superficial, dogmatic apologetics. As @TABA stated, every generation of Christians has been claiming the end of the world since the movement started. And I would not worry about the Book of Revelation, I am not going to go off the deep end on it, but nobody actually knows who wrote it. It barely made it into the canon and significant church fathers in history did not think much of it. Martin Luther thought it should be thrown in the river and made it an appendix (essentially it was edifying, but not divinely inspired or something along those lines) in his own canon. Look at how many people thought we would experience the end times in just recent history, David Koresh, Harold Camping, the great disappointment in 1844. This same rhetoric has been stated so many times before it has become the boy crying wolf, though I never suspect a real wolf will eventually show up.
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    If ever there was a time for a strong, independent, moderate party. . . .it is NOW.
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    I briefly considered a deist God. Then I realized it was simply God of the gaps so went straight into atheism. Also a deist God is an unfalsifiable proposition. A god set everything off with a big bang then let it roll, and doesn't want to be found? Might as well not exist as far as we mortals are concerned.

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