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    We have a tree, give presents, and cook good food. To me, it's a folk holiday based on winter solstice, and it's really easy to leave the religious stuff out of it.
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    Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
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    I have already started saying “happy solstice” to people. (“Happy Yule” sounds funny.) Winter solstice festivals predate christianity, so enjoy that tree, the singing, the candles (to light up those long nights), the glasses of “cheer” . . . . It’s Saturday, December 21, at 11:19 p.m. EST in case you were wondering.
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    Some of my neighbors decorate vigorously in a secular fashion, but we tend to do nothing. No tree or ornaments since we got cats (apx 20 years now). We also decided not to travel and spend $3K going to visit family who don't really give a damn. So a quiet and probably working Christmas week for us. I did think about getting large Scrooge and Grinch dolls and putting them in rocking chairs on our porch, looking out at the neighbor's decorations... Still might. I'll post pics if I do.
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    As an example, I found out Friday that I did not get a job that I was really hoping to get. It would have been a "perfect" position for me; and certainly "the next big thing" for my career. But the company found somebody else they liked better. It happens. In the past, I would have obsessed over missing out on the prestige that would have come with working with that particular company. I would have fretted over the lack of financial security I'm currently facing, and lamented the loss of the salary that position offered. I would have used this opportunity to wax philosophical, poetical even, about the vanity of life, as our esteemed author of Ecclesiastes did. Instead, however, I've spent my time this weekend reflecting on The Moment. I ask myself, "Did I really need that job, when right now I have a good, home-cooked meal in front of me?" Or, "Do I really need more money in the bank, when right now I have a nice, warm winter coat on this frosty morning?" "Do I really want to pour more if myself into my career, when right now I have a beautiful wife who is having a wonderful time going grocery shopping with me?" Obviously, this shifts the focus off of the negative (I didn't get a job I was perfect for and it really sucks); and onto the positive (I don't need an incredible job, when I've already got a pretty rad life). But it also enhances The Moment I am currently experiencing. I am able to be present with my family over dinner, present with my new coat, present with my wife... present with a good cup of coffee and nothing more. Rather than just being present with the suckiness of life; I am present with the awesomeness of my life. That's what helps me out, anyway. Take it for what it's worth.
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    I give gifts to my sons and use the holiday to reflect upon peace on earth and how i can improve myself as a person. It is a "spritual" time for me (for lack of a better word).
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    There's a couple songs I still like, but I've never been a huge xmas music fan outside of like, billie holiday or frank sinatra.
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    I still enjoy the Santa Claus stuff, like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, etc, but can do without the religious stuff.
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    You evil, vile, terrible soldier in the war on Christmas!
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    How about this, Josh? Just as humans display a range of inherited and acquired traits, so there may well be a range of empathetic feeling within humans. We can see this displayed by looking at the opposite ends of the spectrum. There are some, like Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who show deep empathy to everyone, no matter what. Conversely, there are psychopaths, who have no empathy within them at all and who perform inhuman acts of cruelty and indifference. Perhaps those who prefer to believe that morality drops down from a supernatural agent have trouble finding empathy for others within themselves? But, once they settle on this belief, a kind of key turns within their psyche, unlocking their deep store of empathy. Then, they can behave with great empathy to others. But belief in the supernatural is the only key that will fit their lock and change them. The supernatural agent doesn't have to be real, it just has to be real to them. Does that sound feasible? Thank you. Walter.
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    All claims about the supernatural are far better explained by reasons other than the existence of actual supernatural processes or entities. For example, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is best explained as an allegory for the annual death and rebirth of the sun as a regular natural process. All other alleged miracles in the Bible have similar natural explanations for how the stories arose. Their value is as moral fables, not as claims about actual events. The best explanation of miracles is from the philosopher David Hume, who argued more than two centuries ago that lies and deception are vastly more probable causes of miracle stories than any inconsistency in the laws of physics. Belief in the supernatural is solely a psycho-social process of emotional comfort, combined with a corrupted distortion of moralistic parables.
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    I got so hungry on a fishing expedition years ago that I ended up grilling the shrimp I was supposed to be using for bait. That was the last time I planned to camp out and live on what I caught.
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    Wow, that was pushy ! I don't know why these people can't be content with a silent prayer. Odd!
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    Wow! No dogs. No cats. No mold. Just extra pious stepson saying grace and over-the-top fundy wife saying "Yes Jesus!" to every word. Granddaughter made a peanut butter chocolate pie that was not destroyed by anything except my fork. No talk of religion. We've been there and they know they cannot refute anything I say w/out resorting to "You can't deny god!" "You can't deny Jesus!" You know...shit like that. "I can and I will unless you can prove the existence of either."
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    Time with family is always relative-ly good.
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    I think Republicans and Christians share an authoritarian mindset. Atheists and free thinkers are not welcome in either camp. Funny, because if Jesus existed he was a Socialist and everything he espoused ran counter to the ideals of Republicans.
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    P.S. -- As Wertbag mentioned, the Republican party is too intertwined with religious nutjobs. I used to be a Republican when I was a Christian, but after waking up to the reality that religion is a farce, I eventually switched to No Affiliation. The Republican party's attempts at marrying religion and politics makes it the most dangerous party we have. It would seem to me that most conservative atheists would be more aligned with Libertarians than Republicans.
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    Don't assume that poor = lazy. While there are lazy poor people, there are a lot of hard working people (some holding 2 or 3 jobs) who barely scrape by. There are also people with decent paying jobs who are lazy and get away with it. The problem with politicized discussions about issues like this is that both sides talk past each other and paint an unbalanced picture. While many liberals approach it as though the poor are all hard workers who've simply not had good opportunities (thus ignoring those who bilk the system), many conservatives approach it as though they're all lazy leeches (thus ignoring the hard work and struggle that many endure). I don't claim to know the answer to how best to deal with the problem, but the reality is that it's a mixed bag, and both sides oversimplify the issue and slant it based on their own biases.
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    Often conservatives are religious based, with their ideas being based on church teachings such as bans on abortion, bans on contraception, speaking out against gays, non-Christian immigration, or fighting sex ed and separation of church and state. While there are many one issue voters out there, you will find the more educated voters will look at candidates stances on a range of issues and find incompatible ideologies as they dig deeper. When the extremes are raving SJW's on one side and Christian bigots on the other, I wouldn't be surprised to find most atheists would be more central. As for not wanting to help lazy people, its understandable but very hard practically to implement. There are hard working people who fall on hard times, suffering illness or accident outside of their control. To provide help to those in need without giving handouts to those who want to milk the system is very hard. This is one area where Conservative speakers like Ben Sharpio struggle, when pushed to explain how aid to those in need should occur they give a hand wave "charity will pick it up", knowing full well that it never could with the resources available.
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    What kind of morality would be provided by a god who allows the rape of ten-year-old sex slaves?

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