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  1. I will tell you why not only Xerces has animosity towards you but the entirety of the population of this site. Because you are a fucktard masquerading as an intellectual, and we personally think you smell like a shitsicle melting on a hot summer day. How is that for a reason to dislike someone? Your presence here makes us angry. Your arrogance wreaks of the same filth and grime the dirty bastards who stole our youth wreaked of. Here you are, pretending to be someone you are not. You sir are an impostor, a fraud, a charlatan. You should climb down from off your high horse while you still can.
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  2. As a "silly superstitious" theist, I can say I've never done such a thing. Not even as a christian (I felt I wasn't "saved", so I couldn't remove the mote, etc.). I don't fear hell, I am most certainly not christian, and I discuss my beliefs only when asked (and sometimes not then!). And I never talk about them in the sense of "well, I know X, and you should believe in X because Y." I find it all rude and silly, and my beliefs don't have a "grand commission" attached. I am most certainly an Ex-C. Just not an atheist.
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  3. Funny thing is that the world has never been better off. Yeah, the U.S is in a bit of an economic slump. But in the U.S. there's no plagues wiping out a huge chunk of the population and there's no mass starvation. China is much more prosperous than ever. There is war on this planet, but there always has been. Quality of life has improved drastically since jesus supposedly walked this earth, but because of technological advances, not christianity. You act as if the sky is falling. Its not. Sure things can become much worse. Things can become much better, too. Good times and bad are in store fo
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  4. I have a message for Yahweh-Sabaoth. Bring it. If Jacob could wrestle him till dawn, I think I could get in a good nut kick and bash his head in with a rock. Fuck that psychopath Yahweh. If he comes around here talking all that shit,we'll all curb stomp his ass.
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