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    Well said and an interesting point. I don't know how y'all look at MLK across the pond, but if someone actually did that, I think it'd touch off a race riot. I'm white and even I think that'd be hugely disrespectful and morbid and weird and hugely open to misinterpretation. Portraying someone like MLK like that doesn't even occur to people--if MLK is represented in art, it's almost always a portrait of him in life, speaking and being awesome. We don't represent him dead. But apparently a crucified Jesus is A-OK! The cognitive dissonance is just staggering. The Pentecostals I knew always hated that the Catholics tended to depict Christ on the cross in their churches. "But he's not on the cross anymore! He is risen and is now in heaven!" they would whine.
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    I'm not really a believer in "the good old days," but this is the best post that I have seen from a fundy friend on FB: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=550154135009477&set=vb.100000446875683&type=2&theater
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    thank you all for replying!! I'm in bed sick right now, but once I feel a bit better ill get in my computer and respond individually. just to answer a one question: my best friend has agreed to walk me down the aisle, and I couldn't ask for better person. He is a Christian, but has never EVER made me feel guilty about who I am or what I believe. I did consider walking alone, but I like this idea much better, because for me walking down the aisle with someone wasnt so much about a handing over of goods, but of a meeting of two parts of my life, and a transition. I think my best friend will fulfill this much better than my father (who once told me that my body was his until I got married and then it belonged to my husband with a completely straight face, not seeing how absolutely twisted that sounded), ever could. ok back to bed rest and fluids for now. I love you all so much!!
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    It's really sad to think about actually... any christian that has doubts or fears or depression or anxiety or whatever has to go along with a "happy, happy, joy, joy" thing all the time - because of how fucking grateful they are expected to be to have been 'saved'. There's no room in that philosophy for the pain of real life. Even death and loss has to be shoved below consciousness because 'they are in a better place'... or it was "God's will", and you can't be angry at that. If everything that happens (even the really horrible stuff) is "god's will" for you, how do you express any negative feelings at all? You got to suck it up and accept it.. AND be grateful for it. That can't be healthy
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    And crap like that was why I was suicidal and in therapy. (But was saying "I'm okay" with a smile at the same time.)
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    LOL thanks you have made me laugh (the best medicine). Now let's be quiet about it, people are going to think that Canadians are crazy Canadians are always right and yes, it does make us look crazy!! If we say there are reptillians, then there are!! Sometimes Deny, you just gotta have fun!! ChecK out the pope!!! Oh that picture is just scary........

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