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    Rachel, I'm so sorry hon that you had you go through all this in your life. You are right, it is insanity. When the church gets control of people's minds and they use the fear of god as a tool, anything can happen. I have been so bitter through my deconversion that I thought for sure I would bring about a heart attack on myself, the 'hate' was so strong. The confusion a person goes through when they wake up can be just terrible. I validate your anger. Cry those buckets of tears. It was only when I started to cry and let out the anger that my physical body started to get better. I had made myself sick with hate. Validate that anger for yourself then try to brush yourself off and begin a brand new life. Just take one small step at a time. What can you do to start all over? Have you made a plan? Do you have the strength? Do you have the desire? Maybe, Ex-c can help you begin. Keep posting sweetheart. You don't have to be alone in this. We know what you're going through. Huge hug for you today.
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    The hardest thing for me is understanding and processing that people simply just do not care, they just dont. I have always cared about everyone as much as I can, and that has been a lot, I have lot of natural empathy. The cognitive dissonance this shit causes me has been frying my brain for decades. I think though the truth is finally starting to get through. I have two ladies that have been my friends for a very long time. Neither of them want to discuss how badly this rift with my daughter has hurt me. I tried with one on ther weekend and she changed the subject twice. I didn't push it, but I am very sad that she doesn't care how I feel. The other one was doing her school reports and could not even find half an hour just to sit with me whiel I vented. I have listened to these people vent to me for decades, but they cannot find time for me anymore. I just don't get it. I can't afford to see my therapist at the moment, and if I don't get the shit inside of me out, it starts to eat holes in my soul. I thought they would have understood and appreciated that after knowing me all theseyears, but no. One would rather discuss recipes and knitting (FFS!) and the other just, well is too busy I guess. I have never done things expecting to get things back, I just thought life was about reciprocity from a loving heart. Silly me. So now along with the fury at my daughter for causing a rift between us over practically nothing, now I am angry at my friends for not caring. I just love being alive.
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    What do you think about these two, BO? It's just constant bitching and fighting... you'd think they'd get tired of it.
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    What this essentially boils down to is an intellectually bankrupt abuse of mathematical language. I have taken several physics courses in college, so let's look at it from that angle. When we want to model a situation, we make sure to set up a differential equation and solve, making sure that the units are logical and that everything matches up. How does modeling god as infinity work exactly? In calculus, we use infinity as a concept to take limits, derivatives, and integrals. In any case, in what respect would god be infinite? Cubic meters? Kilograms? Assholes that talk about him? Our friend might say that the units don't matter. Yes they do! Otherwise the answers you get are just numbers, and your model is meaningless and abstract. Clearly, this model was made hastily and without much thought. There are much more meaningful ways to describe the Big Bang, such as how much energy the initial explosion involved etc.
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    Someone explained this to me a few years ago by pointing out that we are not the only animal to alter our environment this way. Look at a bee hive, a paper wasps' nest, a bird's nest, a beaver dam. They go well past just digging a hole for their house, and go out an collect material to build structures that "nature" would never have built without them. It's somewhat arrogant to claim that we're so separate from nature and animals that our structures fall into an entirely different category. It's just as silly as claiming that industrialized food is dangerous because it contains "chemicals" (it may well be bad for us for other reasons, but all living things are made out of chemistry so using that as a scare word is pretty ridiculous). On the other hand, I must admit that our structures are often somewhat ugly, smell bad, and sound bad compared to being outdoors. So I do feel a bit of conflict there, when I'm surrounded by people who are scared of getting dirty outside and love to sit around and watch TV for hours. It helps a lot when the weather's nice enough to open some windows (but I do love screens to keep the bugs out) so I can get better smelling air and hear the birds (but I close the windows during a thunderstorm so that my stuff doesn't get wet). I'm not sure yet how exactly to get the good things out of man-made structures and the good things about outside all at once. I have plants in my window at work (since I'm lucky enough to have a real window - that helps), and have a small number of plants outside at home that are edible. I'd like a more convenient way to eat breakfast outside (after making it inside), but I'd still like something overhead like a porch roof or an umbrella, because nothing ruins your meal like bird poo. I guess if keep making an effort to include more "outside time" in my life it'll help me figure out exactly what it is that I want.
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    Take it from me, laughter during the more religious bits is frowned upon.
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    Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC 2014) (uses the frostbyte engine that powers Battlefield Bad Company- Battlefield 3)
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    Stop reading my posts and telling my parents. This site is supposed to be confidential. You're a jerk and a jack ass whoever you are. Thanks also for hurting my folks. Good Christian actions. NOT.
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    I like Gary's article but his use of the word religion I think can be a little misleading. Modern Pantheists tend to be outside of any religion in an organized religion sense. He's using the term religion where belief would have been more appropriate. Pantheism is a type of belief and philosophy more so than a religion. Atheism is about what we lack belief in, that is, lacking belief in personification deities and other mythology as literally true. Pantheists are generally Atheist in that we mostly lack belief in God(s). However we do tend to believe that the natural universe and existence in general is what the mythologies are really aiming at, trying to personify with elaborate symbolism and what not. I'm generalizing of course because there are many flavors of Pan beliefs, but roughly speaking Pan's are not literalists and don't think that the universe is YHWH, or Brahman, or something like that. Atheism is about what we do not believe while Pantheism is more about what we do believe. The dichotomy between Atheism and Pantheism can often be a false one because most are both. "All is God" doesn't usually amount to thinking that the Biblical God is everywhere and everything. It's much deeper than that. That's a straw man that monthiests like to raise against Pantheists. "Hey, look at these idiots, they think that God is in the mosquito, and air, and water - what morons." I remember hearing things like that raised against eastern religions and Hinduism as a Christian youth. That sort of thing kept me away from ever exploring eastern thought or Pantheism for any length of time, which, is what it's intended to do. And even after converting to Atheism I still thought to myself that if God did turn out to be real, then it would have to be the God of the Bible instead of any of the other God beliefs in the world. There was still a left over type of Christian superiority complex in my mind for some number of years even as a deconvert, an Atheist. But as Lewis noted, I did find my mind naturally drifting towards Pantheism when left to itself during those bachelor years where I had all the time in the world for contemplation and free time. I didn't recognize it as Pantheism at first though. I was just thinking about how the first and last, that which was, is, and will forever be, and "I am that I am" sounds more like a description of mere existence than anything else. Probably ancient people thinking about how existence had to have always been and will always and slapping the name "God" to it. Then personifying existence itself as if it were in our image, has emotions like we do, etc. etc. I started thinking about eternity in more of a naturalist sort of way. And eventually I began to realize that divinity and the divine has more to do with the awe and wonder associated with contemplating eternal existence more than anything else. Not some deity with no beginning or end but rather the realm of existence itself - a never ending multiverse going on forever or what-have-you. And to drive it home the interconnection of it all came into focus too. And how things are so interdependent. That is where my mind went when left alone to contemplate the mysteries of life and existence. I didn't even know about the eastern religions in any real detail at that point in life because I thought they were all sub-human and beneath western concepts. Then I ran into Joseph Campbell not long after and everything changed. I began to respect Hinduism and Buddhism and even see them as superior and much more mature than western thought in a lot of ways. I had it all back wards! I had been sub-human, ignorant, and thinking in terms of barbaric tribal nomadism instead of in the way of spiritually sophisticated societies. I was the horses ass! But I welcomed that self correction with open arms too because it represented change, growth, and advancement. Not only was I the horses ass growing up as a right wing creationist fundy but also as a left wing anti-theist over compensating from one extreme to the other. My mind was seeking out center ground in some way and I guess that in order to get there in life I quite literally had to experience for myself the extremities of religion and anti-religion in order to gain sight of where middle ground might be located. Atheism < Scientific Pantheism < (Pantheism) > Panentheism / deism > theisms To the right supernaturalism emerges and intensifies and the further right the more radical. To the left naturalism emerges and intensifies and the further left the more radical. This isn't very different than a political comparison between left wing communists and right wing nazi's set to a religious scale. Neither pan out too well as the survival of the fittest human thought, as two radical positions doomed to failure. They've peaked and declined in some sense. And to some extent so too have hard edge theism and atheism. I've noticed that a lot of people tend to gravitate towards some type of middle ground. You hear about "Spiritual Atheists" and people who are spiritual but not religious and to be quite honest that usually amounts to some type of Pantheism whether they realize it as such or not. Panentheists, Panendeists, Panpsychism, Idealist Pantheism and all sorts of things. So I think that Gary's main point is realistic in that Pantheism bodes well with science and could turn out to be the only type of belief left standing after generations and generations of future technological advancement because it has only to do with an attitude of respect and reverence towards the natural universe and planet free and clear of superstitious super naturalism which becomes less favorable along side of technological advancement.
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    Galien gave good advice. She advised Lilith to follow the law even though US laws are rather retarded in some cases as they dont really take into account teenagers not too far apart in years getting interested in each other and having sex, which when you think of it is pretty normal sexual attraction. What is the really horrible crime - an 18 year old with a teen maturity having sex with a 15 year old with a teen maturity ... or a sophisticated 40 year old who knows exactly what to do to seduce a 15 year old? I think we both know, yet some asswipes have pressed courts to permanently assign registered sex offender status to 18 year olds forever because they did nothing more than have sex with a 15 year old. On the other hand when someone gets out of prison for homicide or any other non-sex crime no such registration is required. Galien is correct that in the USA the attitude is prevalent that underage yet consensual sex is horrific and worse than any other crime. This is standard yet bad cultural programming. And when we apply logic, reason and critical thinking to this attitude we see it for the absurdity that it is. Not all laws make sense in all cases. It is quite absurd to allow alcohol to be sold when so many people drive drunk and kill people. It's not right. Yet it's legal anyway cuz alchol manufacturers lobby to make sure it stays legal. It is still wrong to sell alcohol when so many people kill other people while drunk driving. It is our bad cultural programming that says alcohol is ok. But marijuana is the Devil's weed. I think one of Galien's main point was that while you ought to follow the law so you don't go to jail there is sometimes a difference between right vs legal and wrong vs illegal. From what I've read Lilith gets the point, understands the law (if she didnt before) and it is doubtful she will be driving several states away to immediately pursue sexual relations with an underage 15 year old whether Galien had responded or not. That's my take on it. Hijacking the thread became irrelevent after the first few replies concerning the possible legal issues.
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    It's wrong to steal, except when God tells you to. It's wrong to lie, except when God tells you to. You have to be a moral relativist to be a Christian.
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    Okay, you got a reputation point because I clicked on the wrong button. I wanted to click "quote." LOL Anyway, I'm thinking what I use that runs on batteries. Telephone, watch, alarm clock, and wall clocks. Flashlight if the power goes off. I guess I'll just drop off the face of the earth for a week and do my penance, huh? In fact, I could probably arrange to do that--just cancel all appointments for a week and live hit-or-miss so far as it regards time. These days it's dark only six hours or so per night. The rest of the time you can see what direction the light is coming from. Yeah, it might work. Besides, my dog's internal clock is quite dependable and would keep me on track. The struggle might be getting back on a rigid schedule again the week after such a laid-back life... What would really kick me in the gut would be to do without computer for a week--no email or contact with the wider world, no writing--which is my work, no research for this writing. So maybe I could round up a typewriter and use library research, but where to find a typewriter and someone who will still struggle reading through the old-fashioned font. Worse yet, the libraries are all online, not to mention the information I wish to research. Cutting out computers would stop my life more than cutting out batteries. Maybe I could cut out library books but I'd just spend more time on the computer. Besides, they're part of the research, too. It seems I live a fairly aesthetic life as it is. Then again, so did the medieval Catholic peasants who had to fast for lent anyway. Of course, we don't know how many people suffered healthwise, or even died, because of their fasting. Supposedly, Muslims in first world countries during Ramadan have a way to do their fasting in a way that accommodates health issues but I would guess that hardly applies in less enlightened times and places. I'm just not willing to fast. If all it's supposed to do is teach self-discipline--I think I learned my lesson very thoroughly in my forty years as a horse and buggy Mennonite. And no, that experience did not bring me "closer to God." If it did, I'd still be a Christian because all I need is evidence that he exists and obviously if I got closer to him I'd know he exists. The device that runs on batteries that I was thinking of is......well....a little more personal......
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    They play mental gymnastics and make up shit when it suits their purpose. They ignore scripture when it contradicts their point of view (wearing polyester is ok but being gay is WRONG!). They claim you "took it out of context" when it contradicts their point of view. They say "you dont have an ear to hear", (opposite of Ask, Seek, Knock Mt 7:7) thus simple sentences somehow become complex mysteries...when they dont want to hear you use scripture against them. They claim "allegory" so they can ignore literal meaning of scriptures that damages their point of view. If the old testament is to be ignored then there is no original sin and therefore no need for Jesus Christ. If the old testament is to be ignored why do Xians carry it around with them all the time and quote from it? And then there's Matthew 5:17-19..... One of the standard escape clauses listed above can be used to ignore that too I suppose. :-)
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    It is to see this kinds of quality fb statuses that I keep coming back to this forum. Yes, I've seen this several times actually. Pretty annoying. I like how guns AND the bible take precedence over, I don't know, classes on how to balance a checkbook, budget your money, etc. Judging by the multiple overdrawn accounts at our bank, I'd say most people are badly in need of those lessons before biblical or gun lessons. And with the way they call up, hysterical, saying the bank is depriving them of eating, jeeze. Hey, maybe you shouldn't have overdrafted your account while at the CASINO? But, hey, go read a BIBLE. Geeze, maybe they should.... at the casino and all, LOL! Well - Americans should be taught what to do with these items. One of them should be handed into the police to be destroyed so that it cannot be used to spread fear and harm. They should also get rid of the gun.
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    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you Heavenese I'm not going to quote it but you talk in depth about some of the Old Testament laws regarding rape victims marrying their rapists, stoning of disobediant children etc. I fail to see why you cannot see this is barbaric behaviour. I'm sorry, but it is. You talk about how you doubt that these rules were alwyas enforced. So? They were laws dicated by 'God' in his all knowing, all loving capacity. Does it matter how many people were actually stoned? Some presumeabley were, and this was considered ok? Is that not barbaric? And you also say that the rape victim's 'may not' have been forced to marry their rapists. Again, there is no evidence for this being true, and given the bibled degrading attitude towards women I doubt that the women's feeling's would have been considered. But we do not know how often or indeed how this law was executed. We just know it's in the Bible. Doesn't it strike you as barbaric that this was EVER considered the right thing to do? I'm sorry if this seems offensive, but to me these are some of the worst passages of the Bible and I cannot understand how you can not see them as barbaric.
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    Finally did a review for Amazon...
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    Wow, I had not expected you to come back. Alright, I will go easy on you on account of LL. The Law required a rape victim to marry her rapist and a wife to drink mud if her husband felt jealous. Parents were to execute rebellious sons. There are dozens of other Old Testament laws that are sick, barbaric, ignorant and so on. If you were not aware of them I can provide verses. If you were aware then why would you say these are not flaws? Humans have worshiped gods that didn't give laws so it seems to me that giving laws is not a requirement for humans to worship gods. If the law is such a consuming fire then why wasn't rape against the law? Note taking a woman who belongs to another man was against God's law as an offense against that man. Taking a woman that belongs to you wasn't against God's law even if she didn't consent. In fact the very concept of consent is missing in God's law. God spent four of the ten commandments talking about how to worship God but rape wasn't even an after thought. Isn't is strange how certain sins still bother Christians but most of those Christians are not offended by eating shellfish or wearing blended fabric? God use to be offended by such things and is no longer bothered by them? This thing about blood covering sin is silly. It's all window dressing. People can forgive without doing anything. You just forgive. Why are humans so much better at forgiving than God? Can't you see how you have created a God who is deeply flawed in order for God to fit in the tiny logical gap left by cracks in the Bible? Your God's view about animal blood is no better off than that of Posiden, Zeus, Apollo, Oden or thousand of other gods. The Bible does not ensure the safety of the slaves. It allows Israel to attack other countries and enslave people who were minding their own business. Then they get to rape and beat those slaves. I think the slaves would have been better off if they had not been attacked in the first place. Again I can provide verses if you were unaware. No slaves were not treated as men. Slaves were treated as women because in the Bible women were a type of slave. Show me a Bible verse that says that Job's children were not gone when they were dead.
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    They're just butthurt that they're no longer the only game in town the way they were during the middle ages. Cry me a fucking river, xtians.
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    It actually scares the piss out of me.. because I realize that there are billions of people who think pretty much the same way... and have the same cognitive dysfunctions... and they can vote and stuff. *shudder*
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    For many programmers the term "undefined" is the same thing as NULL. So to equate God to an undefined (undetermined) result can also be seen to say that "God" is a NULL concept.
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    In some cultures, they might say that our ancestors are spirit guides, who guide us from the great beyond. I'm not so sure, though perhaps it contains a grain of truth. I think you are on the right track when you say that it is psychological, though I would not call it a quirk. Whenever you are considering the behaviour of a living thing, consider whether there may be an evolutionary explanation. I'm not a scientist, but I'm going to have a crack at the whip. Our ancestors survived in part because they were able to analyse situations, recognise danger, and stay away from it. Sometimes this would be a rational process. But it would also be advantageous to have a brain that could make the danger assessment subconsciously and instruct our concious mind to stay away from perceived danger. If a brain could do these things, and therefore keep away from danger, and therefore keep the body alive long enough to reach sexual maturity and have children, that aversion to danger and unconscious survival instinct would be passed on to the next generation. So, you should not be surprised that your brain creates urges to stay away from danger. In fact, you should expect it! That's why your ancestors survived long enough to bring you into existence, and they pass on that gift to you! For me, it is a beautiful thing to be able to attribute our sense of awareness to our own biology, and not to supernatural spirit guides. But - and perhaps you will appreciate this - if the instinct for survival was passed on to genetically us by our ancestors - you might say that your ancestors are guiding you after all. Honestly I'm sure you're right. One thing I've noticed is that people tend to "see" things that they already believe in. For example, people report having "demonic" experiences or seeing spirits. But the more I think about it the more I think it's just all in our heads. For example people with schizophrenia often see and hear things that don't exist. Are they peaking into the spirit world? No. Their brain is just conjuring up images and sounds that aren't there in the real world. Likewise if people look for something hard enough, they will see it. I remember when I was a Christian people would tell me about "answered prayers", and they would hinge their entire life and faith on these moments of pure chance. One time a guy told me he was praying to find his lost car keys, and he found them. Things like this are what religious people base their entire beliefs on. Just small, insignificant moments of chance or mere coincidence.