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    I actually agree with a lot of this. My transgender son and I have never been to any pride events, but although I suspect that a lot of them are not like the bizarre ones in some of the big cities, I do agree that such behavior in those particular parades doesn't help their cause one iota. I would hate to see my son's rights and reputation destroyed by the actions of such extremists, which is an entirely possible outcome. My son has openly said that he doesn't support "social justice warrior" tactics, and I am confident that he would also dislike the behavior in the clips from those parades.
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    As an African American woman I agree with this woman's observations. The educational and prison systems in the US are two of the largest problems for the community as a whole. It's not Confederate statues, a few so called Neo Nazis, and White supremacists that we should be worried about. These statues have been erected for decades. Yes, it is a reminder of slavery for many of us. My question is, why all of a sudden have they become a problem? I could care less about any of those statues. These statues are all over the country. Unfortunately, it is a part of the history of the United States. I do care a lot more about all of the African American people who are shot and killed in Chicago every single day. As this woman stated, most homicide victims are killed by someone of their own race. The media perpetually pushes the narrative of the Antifa against the Alt Right. If you watch any of the CNN and Fox news casts listen to the background music in the news casts and notice the colors of the headlines. The music creates a sense of tension and urgency, similar to something from a horror movie. The lettering of the headlines is in red and black. It is all designed to create fear and belief in the narrative they are broadcasting to the public. Don't believe the hype. The real problems lie elsewhere. I also have a strong feeling that the protesters are not going to go into Alabama and Mississippi protesting about these statues. I have family that part of the country. A significant portion of these protesters are what I call "professional protesters." If they really want to help minorities and people of color there are many ways they could help besides going to a protest with bats looking for a street fight.
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    I first discovered ex-christian.net about six months or so ago when I was still heavily involved in the faith. I used to look over the articles and see what people had to say regarding the reasons they left the faith. Truth be told, I understood a lot of their positions, but at the same time I had the usual platitudes and ad hoc answers flowing through my mind as well. It was not until recently did I start to really question if what I believed had any empirical evidence to back it up. That all began when I was attempting to win over an atheist who would find himself in my office every now and then. Our discussions were never nasty polemics, but discussions based around what the evidence showed to be true....and that is the sticking point that always got me. I could never provide empirical evidence, all I had were some philosophical answers to why the Christian worldview could be true. Answers from the likes of William L. Craig, J.P. Holding, Glenn Miller....I am sure most are familiar with these fellows. But when I would muse over the answers the atheist gave me, I realized he did in fact seem to have the science to back up his worldview. When I started to be objective, it occurred to me my answers were not based on anything which could be verified, but mere unproven hypothesis. A little about my story: The doctrine of hell is the only reason I got into Christianity back in 2003. The idea of hell has terrified me from day one (I grew up with Christianity in the background and most of my family were either very serious or at least gave a nod to the Christian worldview) and I realize, even now that my faith was always based on fear....I am inclined to see that is a bit of a shame. It is not based on evidence, nor love, nor do I even buy into some of the teachings (surely a woman who gets beat every day by her husband has a legit reason to leave him and marry another; eternal hell just seems over the top). I have just stuck around, fully engaged, out of fear.....I am not even sure what to make of that other than how sad it is. Do you know what really started to unravel it all...? The idea that God seems so readily eager to punish someone forever and he asks us to love our neighbor as ourselves. How could he ask such a thing? Better I hate my neighbor and never consider him opposed to truly feeling empathy, especially when it comes to their eternal fate. And when I truly started expressing mercy and compassion, and other attributes such as the aforementioned for their own sake, I realized how valuable these concepts were. I just cannot buy into the idea that God is expecting us to be more loving, more forgiving, or more compassionate than he is willing to be himself, that seems hypocritical. At the end of the day it just becomes "might makes right." If that is the case, then loving your neighbor like yourself is not good in of itself, it is just something you should do not to go to hell. I am at a bit of a crossroads here. After reading some material from other sites such as infidels.org, I realize how little evidence really exists for my beliefs. No wonder I have lost every argument with naturalist.....the evidence and facts back up their position. My rational mind tells me to follow the evidence, but there is still that hesitation because I do not know for sure that Christianity is false and I may end up making a bad wager. That being said, the other reason I started to question all this is because there are just too many ideas about what the Bible teaches to pin any one thing down. If the Bible is true and truly divine, how in the world are there approximately 30,000 denominations who cannot agree on anything the Bible teaches. Sure, there are some hucksters who are in it for ulterior motives, but I have met my fair share of people who seem very sincere in discovering the truth (regarding the Bible) who come to very different conclusions on what the Bible teaches.....salvation, living, etc. What am I to make of that? How can I know I have the true inner witness and I am not deceived myself. It seems to be a riddle unsolvable. No doubt others here have been through my experience and that is why I am here. Who better to speak to my woes then those who were in it. I am still struggling now. I have read other testimonies where people stated de-converting was a process, not a decision. I really do not know where this is going to lead me, but I will say I feel stuck. I am not sure if I have the right tools to evaluate the evidence correctly, so how could I possible know how to determine if Christianity was true. On top of that, most apologist will say the definition of biblical faith is based on evidence or proven trust, well that being the case, how could I possibly sift through all of the religions of the world, and the naturalistic worldview and determine which one had the best evidence (that would probably take at least three lifetimes). I do not get the impression God is willing to show up and have an hour of Q&A even though I offered to take care of the catering. Even if I did find the premise of Christianity to be feasibly true, I have no idea what denomination would be correct because everyone is all over the map, even with the fundamentals of the faith (salvation, baptism...etc.). On the flip side, I am not sure I am ready to embrace naturalism either. But if I am being honest, I only say that because of the underlying fear. I am afraid to make the wrong decision, but more than that, coming to terms that this may in fact be all there is give me some kind of phobia I do not know the name for. I am not afraid of dying because this is all there is, it is feeling that I want to know how it all plays out. If naturalism is true, I want to know how far humanity goes before we get wiped out....I do not know why that is a thing with me, but it is. At least if I accepted naturalism and Christianity turned out to be true, we do get to be immortal even if it is in Gehenna, at least I know what happens (how strange is that). I appreciate any sound advice or counsel anyone has for me. I know I am not the only one who has or had these thoughts. If you find yourself able to empathize with my current position, I am interested to hear what ultimately led you elsewhere? Or did you uncover some new information that kept you in Christianity. There is another question I have as well, and that it is, how do you account for Christianity getting off the ground? What I mean by that is why would all these people make up a story about the resurrection and seeing Jesus, especially Paul? I get the idea something happened to get this all started, I just am not sure of what; and right now, I am unable to walk away because of this. I could say this for all religions, it baffles me how all of these weird stories and sacred writings came to be. It is possible I am unable to conceptualize it because I am such a person of candor and I want to deal with reality. I am not one to make up stories, nor am I a story teller, and perhaps that is what keeps me interested in religion - I find it hard to believe somebody would just make it up out of thin air. Any insight on this? I found this excerpt on infidels.org. It is by Robert Ingersoll and I have to admit, it describes my religious experience so far: In view of these facts, what, after all, is religion? It is fear. Fear builds the altar and offers the sacrifice. Fear erects the cathedral and bows the head of man in worship. Fear bends the knees and utters the prayer. Fear pretends to love. Religion teaches the slave-virtues -- obedience, humility, self-denial, forgiveness, non-resistance. Lips, religious and fearful, tremblingly repeat this passage: "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him." This is the abyss of degradation. Religion does not teach self-reliance, independence, manliness, courage, self-defence. Religion makes God a master and man his serf. The master cannot be great enough to make slavery sweet. Through it all, I kept being told a relationship with Christ would uplift me, but truth be told, all it did was make me feel guilty and depressed.
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    Folks, Please take five mins to read this article about observing the eclipse safely. http://mreclipse.com/Totality3/TotalityCh11.html Don't chances with your eyesight. I made that foolish mistake when I was in my teens and I've had to live with the consequences ever since. The vision in my left eye is considerably weaker than my right and my optometrist puts the disparity between left and right down to that mishap. Borrowing my big brothers binoculars I sat on a hill near our local airport and used them to track the planes as they taxied, took off and climbed away into the sky. I followed one plane too far on it's flight path, which from my viewpoint, took it across the face of the sun. AAAAGH!!! It felt as if somebody had hammered a red hot metal spike into the back of my eyes. The binoculars magnified the power of the sun tenfold, turning it's blinding light into concentrated heat. Long story short, besides blinding myself for a short while I'd also damaged the retina of my left eye. Yes, I know. That was a mighty ****ing stupid thing to do. So please learn from my stupidity and take all the necessary precautions to watch the eclipse safely and enjoy it. Thanks, BAA.
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    I'm afraid you've painted yourself a narrative here that just doesn't match historical reality. Start at around 37:50 and watch roughly the next 10 minutes as these historians fill in a few crucial details. Don't worry, they aren't right wingers trying to revise history:
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    Sin is letting people tell you that their imaginary friend thinks you're bad.
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    And the rest are liars. I'm sure they feel bad about being sinners but that doesn't mean they're goanna stop.
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    Did the aliens finally get Reboot? This place is like the hotel California Roboot, you can check out but you can never leave. Till next time then. Have a safe trip & watch out for the asteroids.
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    NBA Star Charles Barkley Disses Confederate Statue Obsession — Tells Black Community to Focus on These 3 Things Instead
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    This young Lady owns a very timely opinion. August 17, 2017 | Frieda Powers | Print Article “Let me invite you over for a cup of hot steaming facts.” A conservative black woman completely trounced the leftist narrative being pushed by the media on violent rioting last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. “White supremacy and the KKK. Really? That’s what you guys want me to be concerned about this week?” Candice Owens asked in a scathing rebuttal of liberal media agenda in a video published Wednesday. “Do I look like an idiot?” (....snipped)
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    That is true in any war. Currently American soldiers don't own any oil companies or care about enriching bankers and arms manufacturers yet they fight for their masters anyway. And they are enthusiastic!!! Our Civil War was about states' rights. What rights? Primarily the right to use slaves to make their single cash crop profitable. The south built an untenable and shortsighted economy while the north diversified into manufacturing and finance. Southerners, other than the land/slave owners, were not as successful as northerners and were pissed off about it as if it were the fault of the northern states rather than their own poor decisions and planning.
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    I tend to agree that if they're contextually relevant that they should stay (ie. battle fields and whatnot). If they're not they should be removed, but best to a museum and properly displayed and contextualized there, not simply destroyed. I just spent some time in the Carolina's (mostly South Carolina) and made a point to hit up as much of this sort of thing as possible. I filled every day I was there virtually non-stop with this history. It's entirely different in person than what you get taught especially from a distance in Ca. But depending on where you're at and who you're talking with I sure got an entirely different impression of things. Some really took a soft glove approach to the whole thing. Pretty much calling slaves "helpers" as opposed to "slaves" whenever possible and downplaying the amount of slavery by saying other places, like Brazil, had more. All sorts of things to make it seem not so bad. While others didn't do this at all. Anyway, it's certainly not the same as living there but it was interesting as an outsider never having been to that particular part of the country before. As an aside I really enjoyed the whole trip. I loved most everything I ate too. Can't get food like that out here (well, you can it's just not as tasty). I will say there's too many damn churches. I was seriously taken aback by the number of churches. It got to be a kind of driving game where I had to spot all the churches even in the middle nowhere. I've never seen so many. Crazy shit with those churches. Can't believe those people are afraid of a few Muslims or whatever invading with all them churches. mwc
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    Speaking to blacks in Canada that used the 'underground railroad' to escape slavery in 'murica'... they said this: These monuments were put in place at a time when there was lots of resentment against the union win. Goal was to create reminders that blacks were still second class citizens in a segregated US even though the union had freed them.
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    Why were the statues put up in the first place? I don't think the lion's share of them went up until around the turn of the 20th century so I imagine they were tied to people and events from that time more than anything. People may have been romanticizing the the earlier period as not so bad. People may have been using them to justify laws from their own time (I think Jim Crow was around this time). And maybe some just wanted recognition for their side since it was ultimately Americans who died on both sides (it did divide families after all). mwc
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    I'm heading about 40 miles south and 15 miles west tomorrow to camp on a friend's farm for Monday's Eclipse. At that spot (Dallas, OR) we'll have 1 minute and 50 seconds of totality. I'm bringing both of my telescopes and two binos for stargazing on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday nights, but they won't be used for the eclipse because I don't have a solar filter for either scope.
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    Thanks for the cautionary tale BAA, though I'm sorry it comes at the cost of your partial eyesight. I'm in my 30s and that's a mistake I could easily see myself making with a pair of binoculars. I doubt I'll ever pick up such an instrument again without thinking of this! In any case, I wasn't able to make travel plans since I've got a wedding to go to a couple weeks after the eclipse...and I'm cheap. So that precludes looking directly at the sun by default. I do regret not being able to see the total eclipse though, since the 85% coverage I'll be seeing is certainly not the equivalent of 85% of the experience of a total eclipse (so I'm told by people who've seen the phenomenon). Oh well, this will not be the last one on the North American continent in my lifetime. Since I work at a company with a large number of scientists, they decided to order lunch on the corporate dime and give us a couple hours off to step outside and check it out. They even ordered special glasses for viewing the eclipse; though again, I'm quite certain I don't want to risk my eyes for this. As long as I'm not thwarted by clouds, it should be a great experience.
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    We're going to Greenville, SC for the full experience. I'm as excited to go to Greenville for the first time as I am to see a total eclipse! Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, but the forecast looks good, four days out. It occurred to me that making a cross with the fingers for good luck is likely a vestige of Christianity...
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    The evidence shows we are not there yet, but evidence also shows that we very likely will be. I assume we will eventually overcome the things that prevent us from intergalactic travel. I assume there is a high probability that we are not the only civilization in the universe. I therefore also assume that somebody somewhere has probably already overcome the obstacles we are just beginning to tackle. There is no evidence that any of this is true, but the likelihood seems great.
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    For me, personally, I have started to be more at peace with where I am. I have accepted that I could not control indoctrination but that I can control not staying that way....and you can only say the same Matt-Dillahunty-Bart-Erhman buzz word phrases so many times before you realize that there isn't much you can do to get people to open their eyes until they're ready. I also felt like venting my personal problems on here all the time without doing something about it was a bit of a time waste. Ex-C has a special place in my heart and it brings me comfort. I still visit but the posting, at least for me, is kinda the same thing reworded over and over. I'm willing to do it, but I'm far less up in arms about it, I've calmed.
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    Yet people still lurk here annonymously and then sign up and tell their story. It still helps people deconvert, so this is good.
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    No, I don't think that's normal at all. I agree with the other commenters here. Forgiving is more normal than not forgiving. Forgiveness isn't a Christian thing, it's a human thing. If you can let things slide that he does that you don't like, then he can do the same. Besides, who says the things he doesn't like are even justified! You have every bit as much right to be you as he does to be him! It's also normal to stand up for yourself. Now that's something Christianity doesn't teach! You may very well overlook his habits that you don't care for, but don't overlook his being hard on you. Don't forgive his lack of forgiveness. Let him know he needs to cut it out.
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    You need to ease off the pedal on this conspiracy shit a bit. You're overdoing it. I'm not saying stuff like that doesn't ever happen, but I don't see it in this case. The Trans thing is a part of the GOP's religious agenda. It's stroking the cock of Evangelicals. I'd bet a box of doughnuts and a week's worth of beer that Mike Pence had pretty much everything to do with it. It's conservative religious bullshit trying to regain lost ground in the most hamfisted way possible to keep the Bible Belt in their voting block. I'm not seeing a connection to it being a "distraction" for something no one has been paying attention to anyway. I'm not saying that's not a problem, but you're suggesting that propaganda is being used to distract from a "problem" for them that largely doesn't exist and are jumping through too many hoops here when there's a far simpler and more believable explanation. Occam's Razor and all that. In fact, one of the scary things is the lack of propaganda surrounding that sort of thing. There really isn't much and it's mostly kept out of view. We're not being sold war bonds, told to ration or send supplies, aren't being asked to support our troops in any meaningful way. We're not running factories to build munitions or equipment for them. There's no "war effort" here at all. No one is really being asked to sacrifice anything in the US. In fact, we're being told to act as if nothing is going on and to go about business as usual. "Support our Troops" is just a general slogan now that doesn't seem to mean anything but "Think nice things about our troops and tell them how proud you are of them". It's not tied to any theater, action, and most people don't even know where our troops are even deployed or what they are doing. This is a rather new development that is unprecedented in history. Most of America has no idea what the government is even doing in Washington, much less the rest of the world. How many people in the US can tell you what progress has been made, where the front lines are, or our status in any place our military is active abroad? The US doesn't need to be distracted with stuff like this to begin with. The average US citizen is more concerned with iPhones, social media fluff, and reality television than anything having to do with any war or military action we're involved with. In fact, if anything this is counterproductive because it brings attention to the military, which it seems to me the government is trying to avoid. Also, the lens cap thing is lame. I know people who use binoculars that way. They mess with some people's eyes if they use both lenses. Something to do with eye separation distance and how the focus is set up. That and people who need glasses and have different focus for each eye. Most people can use them normally, but you'd be surprised how many people will either cover up one lens or close one eye when using them. Yes, it's still a propaganda photo op, but how he's using the binoculars isn't evidence that shows it. You know, for a thread that you claim is against Media BS and Propaganda, you sure are intent on focusing on the US and making "us" look as bad as possible. I don't see any criticism from you of China, the EU, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, any place in the Middle East, or the Asian Pacific. Many of those countries are notorious for their propaganda and bullshit machines. It's kind of suspect that you're claiming that this is a general thread about the subject of propaganda, but are focusing so much on US media and distractions, and get defensive, downplay, brush aside, and push the state narrative when examples are cited from the place you're living as a citizen. It's as if you're a part of the propaganda machine yourself. Don't think we're so stupid as to have not noticed that. I've been critical of the US and its propaganda machine here and in other threads. You on the other hand are posting fluff videos of Putin doing PR shit, as if every other world leader doesn't do that too. Since the thread is about "Battling BS" you shouldn't be surprised when someone calls you out on yours.
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    I'm great. A winner. This was a very good thread. A great thread even. Very impressive. I did very well. Others, not so much. But hey, what are you gonna do? Not everyone can win like me. Anyway, this was a really spectacular thread for me, it went really well. I think everyone will be really impressed with how really great this thread is.
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    This reminds me along time ago of a chat friend I had he was a good friend that i lost contact with. one night he was depressed and did not want to say anything at first. He started to come out and he was raped as a kid repeatedly by a decon who his mom made him live with. I was angry this could happen to him and Shit he was a christian kid...Why wont God even protect his own children. He decided to write about it too his friends on the group at the time and We decided to go to Christian debate group and ask why God let him go through this. I am glad you had this place and could write it...I think it was therapy for him and He needed to release his hurt and anger. I wish I knew what to say...I did not really know what to say to him and remembering it I told him...He said"You are helping alot by just listening to me.." Thing is no one he knew in town would listen so, he never got to release his feelings. My friend was the turning point for me in my deconversion. Imagine believing so strongly in a helpful God and Having such a good friend say that. I have read news articles, met people in these situations, and Now, I think were the hell is God....I am glad you are here I know it will help you.
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    Really? The American public is deeply divided across the board, and even though this is a part of ideological biases, it is also reflective of the fact that such political dichotomies are allowed to persist and exist in relative harmony with the Republican-liberal model of government. Consensus isn't a bad thing fundamentally, but political consensus of entire populations on almost all issues is extremely rare, except when there is an authoritarian element which exercises consensus building at a very thorough scale. Propaganda in other words, exists in all countries, but authoritarians use it as a long term means for a continuation of a particular regime, whether that be Putin as an individual in the case of Russia or the Communist Party of China for another example. You also mistake bias as being the same as propaganda, certainly different outlets emphasize particular stories and frame them in certain ways in order to communicate the message that outlet thinks will be responsive to their reader base, i.e. click bait can be ideologically charged. This is a problem which has pernicious consequences on both sides of the aisle in the United States, with liberal bias being apparent in certain platforms, such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Ny Times, Wa Post, etc. These platforms receive material benefit from being fsithful to report on what their base is interested, but there is also some semblance of journalistic standards that exist with some of these outlets when it comes to more partisan issues. However, the Right has developed an alternative media and knowledge system as well, developing think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, AEI, etc. While also producing media largely populated by intellectuals from these think tanks to write their editorials. Town Hall is a good example of this, as they regularly report on the news, but daily feature partisan editorials on the Left/Liberals that appeal to a base which has a common ideology or at least common enemy (progressive activist liberals). In the United States it is quite easy to diversify your sources to understand at least, the different narratives promoted by particular segments of political factions, but in Russia there are no explicit factions contrary to the State. At least none which are not thoroughly condemned and subverted by the State, who has total sway and control for the narratives produced by Russian speaking media organizations, and use RT as propaganda to contradict much of what is reported on in the West. I do find it ironic that people are defending a despotic and authoritarian regime to such a degree, while claiming I am indeed irrational or misinformed. No one wants war, but bullshit that comes out of a country which sought to undermine our democracy will be called out for what it is. Sorry, it doesn't jive with the opinion of the "in" crowd here, but someone had to speak up in the echo chamber which this subforum has become.