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    Chantel my love. Welcome to Ex-c. I just read your story. Thank you for being so open, honest and vulnerable sharing your life with us. I'm so sorry you went through such dysfunction and had to at the hands such confusing and abusive behaviors. You're going to make it. I can see that. One thing that I learned coming out of all the religious bullshit (and dysfunction in our own family growing up) was that we humans are just animals. Animals. Some human animals are better than others. Some human animals have a better conscience. Humans animals are givers and takers. You have to be a very aware and always on the lookout to see who is fake and who is true. Keep your eyes peeled and get around kind, loving people who are sincere. I have seen inside and outside of religion that every one of us human animals are dysfunctional in some way. (Although you may not get some to admit that.) I am not agreeing that just because we are animals, it gives humans the right to abuse in any shape or form. But if anyone in your life still chooses to abuse you at this stage because they don't have a good, healthy conscience, you get away and say to yourself, ''Never again''. The thing is...you made it. Now it is time to put up strong boundaries of what you will and won't allow in your life and stick to it. If you feel someone is going to hurt you....get away from them and move towards people who show some kind of loving kindness. Do not allow anyone to abuse you ever again. I'm so glad you are here with us! You're going to come through this. I can tell. Stay here with us and we will give you all the encouragement we can to help you form a new world view. Big (hug)
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    I agree with what ficino said earlier about the skeptic's position not really being "not P" but rather "you have yet to prove P". In general, I think that the principle of the burden of proof cuts both ways; ie, if you say "P" and I say "not P" then we both share an equal burden of proof. Keep in mind that "P" could be anything, including "not A" for some other claim "A". But in this case "not P" reduces to "A". From the right perspective, every assertive claim is a positive truth claim and requires proof if it is to be accepted of necessity. But, in every day life, many claims are accepted without proof, and this is fine. The burden of proof only really exists if someone is being skeptical of the claim being made, and the party making the claim wishes to convince the skeptic. Otherwise we can just agree to disagree. Regarding proving negative statements like "the exodus did not occur", I'll just say for the moment that one common way of doing this is to show that the corresponding positive claim leads to a contradiction. If we can show that the claim that the exodus did occur entails that some other verified fact can't be true, then we have a contradiction. And, so long as we assume the law of non-contradiction, we can conclude that the exodus actually did not occur. Unfortunately I don't know enough about history to make any comment on whether or not this can actually be done in the case of this particular claim.
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    Hello, measly creation. I've been meaning to drop in here, just had a lot going on with my wrath against humanity and all. Irma was a bitch to get going and I've got a lot going on with all those fires, trying to demonstrate my displeasure at the general midwest. I'll drop in every now and then to clarify my divine words, I know how everyone clings to them. Now, by all means, tone down the worship so that we can get shit down around here. Got any questions for me? (You better not question me TOO much, hell is hot year round...)
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    Hello and welcome. I reckon I've identified a serious flaw in this argument. It's used by Christian apologists to (allegedly) demonstrate the existence of the God of the Bible. But before I go any further, I'd like to make three polite requests of you, my fellow members. Please do not participate in this thread if you are unfamiliar with the workings of the Fine-Tuned Universe argument. Please do not participate in this thread if you are unfamiliar with the basic workings of science and the scientific method. Please do not participate in this thread if you are unfamiliar with the basics scientific concepts underpinning the expansion of the universe. In making these requests I mean no offense and I am not trying to put anyone down or to be elitist. If possible, I'd like this thread to be where my claim about this flaw can be rigorously checked and tested by those members who are familiar these three things. The need to explain the workings of any of them would (imho) slow the pace of this thread down to a crawl. I hope you can appreciate and understand where I'm coming from on this. If this pans out we Lions will have gained a new and powerful weapon to use in demolishing that particular apologetic argument. Thank you for your cooperation in this. BAA.
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    Thank you!! I am very lucky to have him. I have read some stories here of others who have to hide it from their spouse. That would be so difficult. He's my best friend. I was definitely afraid of how he would react. I will look into how others have approached the parent issue. I definitely have no idea how to even begin. Part of me just wants to send out a group text and post it on all my social media accounts at once and say to hell with it! But that wouldn't be fair to my family. I can dream about it though.
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    In addition, the numbering of Biblical chapters and verses did not occur until the 16th century CE.
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    Clearly you've never eaten a good club sandwich with extra bacon. That shit is worth it. I know I said you couldn't eat bacon, but you need to learn to do as I say and not as I do. I know how expensive toilet paper is, I'm God remember? I didn't even make toilet paper for Adam and Eve so consider it a blessing. As far as the diet, you are a woman and I do not care about your body, especially since you've known a man. I could have you stoned, so.....chin up, buttercup. What, you want me to spell it out for you? There is no free will, because I do not give a shit about humanity. Christians love to talk about how they were bought with my son's blood, that's pretty expensive anyway. So at the very least, it's rented will. But as for me personally, I don't answer people so they will leave me the hell alone, there is a REASON there is no evidence for me, because I have no interest in making myself known to you. Congratulations, you're on your first step toward sanity. I do consider you a teeeeeny bit of wasted space, but ultimately I don't care what you do. You need to learn that the only person judging you (that matters) is you. You humans like to call the voice in your head me, but it's not. It's you. There is no evidence for me, if my existence is ever proven, rest assured I do not give two shits about you.
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    Oh, I'm not questioning whether you loved your father. I too know from personal experience that it is possible to deeply love a parent that goes from super good to really scary. It doesn't mean you were responsible for the pain inflicted upon you. The adults were. Hugs!
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    Thank you for the support you gave. I send you off now and if we ever see each other here again, you won't expect hostility (never would I want to be hostile with anyone here anyway) from me. Only love and support and no preconceived judgement.
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    Thank you @LovelyChantel. Really glad to know that what happened to me I can actually share and not be judged as seeking for famous attention or pity (in which I don't seek both at all). The admins here are right, though we are posting in a public space (online) these are still private information about ourselves vulnerable to attack if the wrong people happen to get a glance of it then take it out of context. We still have to be careful what we reveal here, safe space or not.
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    Welcome to Ex-c dear Anna. I'm glad you found us through your friend. You are amongst many who understand the mind fuck of religion and the abuse one accepts while in it, thinking it is normal. Keep reading all the posts to see that you are not alone. I am looking forward to hearing more from you and again, I'm so glad you are here. It's gonna be alright. It just takes some time to sort things out. The members here all understand. I, personally would have lost my mind if I hadn't found this site. I was in very bad shape when I arrived here and the members loved me back to 'somewhat' normal again. Reach out honey, there is always someone here to help you. Big (hug)
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    Thank you so much. It means a lot, truly. You're right. I just have a poor sense when it comes to protecting myself. But I'm getting better I think.
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    I'm in agreement, disillusioned. As to Eve Keneinan's posts, I think she tries artificially to narrow the scope of the applicability of burden of proof demands. One way to look at religious claims is on a model of sales pitches. Someone is trying to sell you something. Someone else is trying to sell a rival product in the same industry. And so on. Whose product are you going to buy - the Baptist's, the Catholic's, the Muslim's, the Buddhist meditation cult guy's ... ? i think it's intuitively obvious that it is irrational for the consumer of religion not to demand some justification that one religion's claims are true - let alone that the others' are false. Don't call it burden of proof, I don't care. But don't come onto my front porch selling me your religion and then refusing to take up some burden of justifying your claims.
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    My Mom, same way, except she parents me, of course. She's been great despite her shortcomings.
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    Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? C-PTSD is differentfrom PTSD in that PTSD is usually from one or a few traumas (like a natural disaster, war, a car accident, or one rape) whereas C-PTSD aka complex post traumatic stress disorder and it's caused by a cumulative effect of traumas spanning over years and where there is no means of escape (such as being kept in captivity and/or prolonged abuse in childhood, multiple rapes, or a long-term domestuc violence situation etc). I personally had all of the above. But only a doctor can diagnose. However I was self-diagnosed for the longest time. There are questionnaires you can do online to help you along. You're not alone. The Christian religion is very traumatizing in and of itself and throw in abuse and rapes and domestic violence and you have a trifecta for mental health issues and trauma-related issues.
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    "Daniel 9 predicts the EXACT date of Jesus death" So was said to me by a Christian. I'm offering a reward for the person who can tell me what date that happens to be using Daniel 9, and show conclusive proof that Jesus actually died on that day. PS Establishing conclusive proof of Jesus actual existence would be handy for this challenge. Christians play with numbers yo, and with a bit of interpretation and fudging you can make anything out of anything.
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    Dear God you are welcome. Thou speakest truth here - me wonders if thou art truly god? Me thinks thou may have misunderstood, or misunderestimated the question - it wasn't about my free will, it was about yours. How can GOD (YOU) have free will if you are all knowing? Like omnipotence its a contradiction. I thank thee for actually answering me after all these years, though having a nice conversation while I was having panic attacks and praying to you would have been nice!
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    Why did you make us have to eat? Do you know how many health problems you created by making us have to eat?? And then go to the bathroom?? do you know how inconvenient this is? And do you know how much money groceries cost all to go down the sewage?? Do you know how much toilet paper cost these days? Groceries alone are another mortgage payment!!! I could have designed better! PS. Can you help me stay on my diet.? I'm having a hard time getting a few pounds off I gained. Like...just remove my appetite or something?
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    I'll bring it up at the board meeting, but the son and the spirit assist enough to make things interesting. Just don't tell people you're my child and that you're going to live with me forever, it creeps me out.
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    They say creepy shit talkin 'bout how they're my kids, and how they want to be filled with me, and how they'll worship me forever and spend eternity with me, and that no matter how much they fuck up I've got a plan for them.... I don't even know most of their names, talk about pressure.
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    Whichever one will piss off the most amount of people. I love a good ruined day. To feed the birds and the fish while making you as miserable as possible for your dirty sin. Think about it, you wouldn't enjoy life fully if there weren't shitty things in life to help you tell the difference. That's kinda the good/evil argument, where you don't know my goodness without a corresponding evil to clarify shit. For the lolz. I mean come on, that shit is funny. It depends on which farmer and which bride. As a general rule, I don't care about women, but I find favor with the occasional overly pious and worshipful one, if she's especially aware of how shitty she is and if there's enough groveling. The farmer just needs to remember that I promised Adam he'd have to work the shit out of the land, I'm not just gonna make it rain at his every request. This weather shit is not impossible, I'm just an asshole and don't care, we've established this.
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    When both teams pray before the game, how do you decide which team to favor with a victory? Why did you create mosquitoes? Why do men have nipples?
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    I take great pleasure in being an asshole, so thanks for noticing. A lot of people seem to worship me for some reason and don't take notice of all the asshole stuff I do. Luckily I can just smite people at my fancy. The short answer to the omnipotence thing is no. Because omnipotence is a (wait for it) logical fallacy. But if you want to be more prepared for an argument with a christian, you should google the omnipotence paradox. That way you can show them you've looked into it before you tell them that the omnipotence paradox doesn't change the the rock scenario is still fallacious. Another good one is to ask if I can make a prison so strong I can't escape, gets their little minds working. The freewill thing is kinda like having a dog. You're a gentile, you'd know that you're the dog in this example. You know how batshit they go for a bone or a walk....you know that when you ring the doorbell or have a sandwich they are GOING to bark or beg....you even know that they will occasionally piss in the house. So, even though you know they're going to do it, you let them. What you need to focus on in this example is that, as the owner, you will taunt them with a sandwich and then punish them for salivating. You will offer the bone and then hide it from them. You punish them for shit they don't understand. And they just better goddamn sit when you tell them or they are going the pound. Ya know? It's a bitch. Unless of course you don't treat dogs this way, which just circles back to the asshole attribute of mine. Takeaway, you're probably better and more moral than me, since I am a figment of the dark ages' imagination.
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    Well Joe.... I was super duper looking forward to your answer that you avoided giving me several times. I think you've really misunderstood who we are here, which is namely people who have come from the faith and have opened the bible many a time. But anyways I guess if the Big Boss is calling you away you have to go. Maybe if you come back he'll actually give you some proof or answers to equip yourself with. That said there is absolutely no polite way to do it and you know it. See you later, Joe.
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    Note how poster Joefizz claimed to take responsibility for his actions (in some of his posts) but conveniently places responsibility for his leaving this forum on his sky fairy (i.e., "I know not why God is calling me away but I shall obey as I have made clear before,So goodbye" - his words) to cover up the obvious - he is leaving because he, and he alone, has chosen to leave. Why he has chosen to leave is not important, at least to me. I conclude he is a willfully ignorant coward, a typical result for an indoctrinated religionist deeply infected with a particularly virulent Abrahamic god virus. Here's hoping he spends time learning how to write complete and coherent sentences and paragraphs utilizing appropriate punctuation.
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    What tickles this Mean Ole Man is the complaints of "far-right" doing anything. Our Staff, of which I am now the longest lived member among a group of fantastic people and decision makers has always had a generally hands off the posters line of management. Idea to ensure that "politics"; partisan name-calling side taking tit for tat ass burning eye jabbing crotch shot taking all but mean shit has its own place here makes Ex-C different. Not only is it permitted and allowed, but is encouraged. People as they deconvert from prior long help religious systems also tend to take a review of what political thoughts were included in their previous lives. Totally Off Topic exists here as One, our "mosh pit of ideas". Two, a place where people can slug things out trying to use some form of reason and thoughts allied to their efforts. Three. that spot to place things that just do not quite fit elsewhere however may be of enough interest to provoke and promote discussion. TOT is not a spot to purposely denigrate inflame or provoke "...'jus cuzz ah kin.." IF a person does not care for that libertarian bent in ability to use TOT, good possibility that it is NOT a good spot to hang out in. Judging ALL Of Ex-Christian dot net by contents of political area of TOT while ignoring an absolute plethora of intelligent, educated, learned and seeking voices elsewhere HERE is simply vapid. kevin,FenceRiderBottleWasherFloorSweeperTeethHanderBackTo,Fuckin'L
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    I'm definitely jealous, see my scriptures on this, but it can be touch and go based on my whims. Just be righteous, of course. Also is this facebook god anything like twitter god? Because that guy is hilarious, I almost want to burn him up for being funnier than me. I'm a little pissed off now, snapping my fingers isn't making the like button work with less than 20 posts. I might have to monsoon some peon island just to blow off some steam.
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    Human emotions and psychology is a funny thing. Subconsciously you might be thinking that God is the cause of your current pain because of this fear of hell etc. So you seem to be direction your emotions towards what appears to be the cause of your fear. I think recognize that it is human and actually normal for a person in your position. While I haven't gone through all you have the emotions you describe are cognisant of some emotions I have gone through. Did you mean that Christianity 'might' be true, or you think it is true?
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    I could have written this, all of it. I'm in the same boat. Solidarity. It's is Mot e than fear, it's like you said, a cold grip, pure terror.
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    When I told someone what my dad had been doing to me they replied, "Your dad is such a good Christian man. He loves you very much, always remember that." - completely disregarding what I'd told them he'd done to me.

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