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    For me, the list fails at point #1, because everything I've achieved in my life is a direct result of taking responsibility, challenging my own weaknesses and conquering them. No matter how powerless you think you are, you will not make any genuine inroads until you claim your power and use it, rather than expecting help from a supernatural source.
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    What if I understand "god" to be a man-made mythical creature? It seems odd, if not downright crazy, to expect a total fiction to be helpful in any sort of way. If the argument here is that the twelve steps have submission to god in them and boy are they successful (they're not as has been pointed out) then that would mean slapping submission to god on anything should make it the best of the best all the time. So Islam? mwc
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    Thank you so much Margee. I am watching now. I appreciate the response and the share.
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    As a religious person it was a time to; • be offended at people ‘not honouring the true spirit of Christmas’, • cringe at having to invite people church to hear what you were starting to see was b.s. • buy extra food for church fellowships even if you could barely afford it. • be scared that people were under the influence of the devil for ‘worshipping Santa’ • be torn when you saw a Christmas tree because the bible said bringing a green tree indoors was idolatry (somewhere in Numbers I think). Now I recognise this about Christmas • that in western countries winter is a gloomy time and in older times even life-threatening. The evergreens were a symbol that spring would return. • The winter solstice was a point to look forward to as it would get better from there. • They needed something to get them through winter and something to look forward to and keep spirits up. A feast to look forward to. Celebrating that the days are starting to get longer. Of course the church got in on the act and appropriated the Winter Solstice. So I can now enjoy it for the cultural phenomenon it is. The carols as folk songs. I feel pain that it’s not real but It is a relief not to have to think about this newborn being illogically tortured to death by someone who is also ready to send you to hell at the drop of a hat if you don’t love the baby enough.
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    Pure gold that statement. The key word for me (bolded) is responsibility. Far too little of it these days.
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    You state (located to the left of each post you make) that you are interested in "Theological Debates" and that is "why I am here". Here you say you are only here to "enjoy" reading debates and are not interested in or willing to enter debates yourself. Yet your broadcasted the short version of your religious life story conveniently adding typical Christian dogma. Yes, it's probably best if you do not post anymore on this forum. It would likely interfere with your "research".
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    https://www.orange-papers.info/ One of the take-aways from the orange-papers was that people tend to attribute successfully stopping an addiction to whatever 'program' or 'method' they used last when usually they were just 'ready' to quit. They had had enough of their addiction so any method would have worked. Now what if "God as I understand him" means "I understand him to be imaginary" ? Will it still work? Does Allah work for Muslims? Does Krishna work for Hindus? Zeus? Thor?
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    I find that sad. It's not a judgement. It's just sad that life is so awful to someone that they need to hide behind an alternative reality to survive it. I also can't help but think that surely she could find, if she were willing to try, a healthier perspective.
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    AA. Hon, I'm so sorry you are feeling isolated tonight. I will come back tomorrow with some thought but I am going to leave this here for you if you want something spectacular to watch tonight. I have watched this at least 100 times (no joking) and it has helped me soooo much. I hope you enjoy. You have to watch the whole thing! It's amazing. It will answer all kinds of questions for you! (hug)
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    I hope it's not too late to respond to this. Here I am sitting home alone this evening trying to shut out the anxiety I have felt, due to my OCD, black-and-white thinking as well. I couldn't help but resonate with your original post here. Lately my OCD has been revolving around work. I graduated college less than two years ago (the exact time I became an agnostic, now atheist). I started my job just after losing my beliefs and struggling to have confidence in myself or in my work. Now, 1.5 years later, my confidence has gotten much better, but my black and white thinking is still plaguing me at times. Recently, I've started working with a new coworker who's difficult to deal with and who sometimes makes derogatory comments in the workplace, which makes me feel like I'm walking on eggshells working with them. So this week, it's been the thoughts of, "Oh, you didn't think of this a week ago? You're awful at your job and undeserving of the promotion your team feels you should have." Blah blah, negativity, negativity. I usually try and talk out my racing thoughts with people around m e, but this weekend it's just me, and I hate when it's just me. I feel the main cause of my thinking obsessive and negative thinking patterns stems past the religious indoctrination I experienced and is more because of the emotional trauma I endured as a child, thanks to my emotionally immature parents. All in all, here I am on a Friday evening, feeling lonely and isolated. I've had a hard time making friends where I live now, 4 hours from home. Of all my friends back home, only one has visited me so far. Plus I've made plenty of trips home to see them. This year was better than last year, but it's been a very challenging road overall. Not that I would ever have the guts to hurt myself, I find myself thinking many times how I just don't care to wake up anymore. I keep searching for, "What's the point?" So hang in there, from one struggling ex-Christian to another. Positive thoughts your way.
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    This Plus Size Inspiring Model Was Inspiring But Then She Lost 100 Pounds, Which Was… Also Inspiring? Even Though She Was Already Perfect Before? But She Is Also Perfect Now? http://www.clickhole.com/article/plus-size-model-was-inspiring-then-she-lost-100-po-4936
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    As an agnostic, I have not yet fully stepped into the "there is no god" field. I am slowly making my way there, but I don't really think this is something that we can know either way. All I can say is that a] there is no evidence to suggest your particular strain of god virus is any more true than all the other strains, and b} belief in this religion can cause physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, mental (etc) harms. I also don't necessarily think you are imagining certain experiences, I think you are attributing them to the wrong thing, namely god. I don't really know how to address the rest of your post, the number of people who believe something is irrelevant to me, there are at least a billion muslims too but that don't make it right. Again, no need to apologize. If your god exists, then it's on him not you. The only reason I said anything was to lend understanding, not to make you feel like crap.
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    Well, duh? Them science dudes obviously have never read Genesis. God didn't need no stink' n S/Zn to form nut' n. God just said, "Yo, let there be dirt!" And there was dirt all over the freak' n place dudes. Same thing with the oceans. Them science dudes think they are so freak' n smart. They don't know nut' n.
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    Some of you may know that I experienced 2 category 5 hurricanes this past September. As you can imagine, most people in this highly religious region went full Stockholm, and simply will not quit gushing about how good their god is. For the most part, I can only grin and bear it, as they are private expressions protected by the First Amendment to the USA Constitution. But when I spotted a First Amendment violation on the front page of the local paper, I had to respond. When the public schools finally reopened, the local paper published a front page photo of a public school principal and assistant principal leading their students in prayer. There was no commentary on how illegal this was. I’d lodge a legal complaint, but I lack standing. One hopes some parent will notice their child’s rights being violated, and feel that taking action will be worth the potential blowback. Meanwhile, I wrote a letter to the editor. A photo of the letter is attached; a description is below: A letter to the editor, with a partially clipped photograph. (The newspaper is the Virgin Islands Daily News, October 19, 2017 edition.) Caption of partially clipped photograph: “Daily News file photo by BILL KISER “Assistant Principal Michelle Wilkinson, left, and acting principal Merlene Jones, lead students, teachers and parents in prayer at Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School on the opening day of school Oct. 10 on St. Thomas.” Headline: “Disaster is no excuse for violating the law” Text of the letter: “The front page of the Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, edition of the Daily News shows a photo of Assistant Principal Michelle Wilkinson and acting principal Merlene Jones of Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School leading the students in prayer. “Boschulte Middle School is a public school, and as an arm of the government, it is required by the 1st and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution to remain neutral in religious matters. “What the principal and assistant principal did is flagrantly illegal under U.S. law. “If school officials wish to pray in the privacy of their offices, they may do so. If students wish to pray on their own, they are guaranteed that right under the First Amendment. They may even pray as a group, so long as they do it on their own, as some stateside public school students to with their “See you at the pole” events. But school officials, as representatives of the government, are not allowed to lead such gatherings. “I understand that in times of difficulty, many people turn to their gods for comfort, strength, or assistance. But just as with the anarchy on the roads of St. Thomas, disaster is not a license to break the law. And both driving and praying can be done without breaking the law. “If you are wondering What Would Jesus Do, then please read Matthew 6:5-6. “ — Richard Callwood III, St. Thomas” Up till now, atheists[1] in the VI have shown no inkling to organize. I'm hoping all the god talk in the aftermath of the storms will change that. Unless we speak up, the theists, especially the Christians, will continue to take these violations for granted. As it stands, they don’t perceive us atheists as real people; to them, we are just abstractions. [1]In this paragraph, I’m speaking for the subset of ex-Christians who no longer believe in any god. The rest of the post relates to everyone, though.
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    My home office is right there in the front of the house next to the door and most folks can see that I'm there before they ring the bell. They can also see that I'm not answering the door. Sometimes I get a muffled rumble of discontent and/or disbelief in my antisocial behavior but my motivation is to not do anything to encourage these people.
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    I think it's important to admit, as parents, when we have made a mistake to our children. Maybe you might consider sitting down with them and tell them the things you've taught them about God & the Bible you believed were true when you taught them those things. But even parents make mistakes, and you have become aware of new information that has changed your mind about what you used to believe was true about God & the Bible. And now you want to share this new information with them.
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    Mullins is remembered by most Evangy types because Amy Grunt had a couple of hits with songs of his. He is also remembered for "Awesome God", one of the stupidest songs imaginable. The lyrics are awful - and Mullins SAID so. He actually admitted that he wrote it because he knew it would sell due to its rah-rah chorus and awful bible-ish sounding verses. He is ignored for a deep spiritual journey that ultimately was leading him to reject evangelical Protestantism and become a Roman Catholic. He is also marginalized because he smoked and drank and struggled with addictions to both. It's par for the course in JeezusLand. They will take his songs, earn millions on his work, even talk about him after he died like they had always just loved him so much, but his actual life - fuck him.
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    Hey, SeaJay! I read through the other posts here and didn't see anything quite like my comment so hopefully what I have to say helps a little bit. The "not knowing" bit as an agnostic/atheist is exactly the same as when we, as christians, would say we didn't know the mind of god. As a christian, someone who didn't believe would question me on god's morality, how he could send someone to help, how predestination worked with free will, how suffering worked with god's goodness and the list goes on and on. Heck, they were questions I asked myself most days. The answer, even then, was "I don't know." And I was completely comfortable with that. We, as humans, really do want to "know all the answers"....but sometimes there just isn't one. I know you've already given an explanation for how this question came about, I know you have a lot of questions in general! We all do. As someone who wasn't educated in evolution, I struggle to accept it and was interested to hear others on the board answer your question. But a great deal of peace washed over me the day I realized that someone else demanding the answers from you is every bit the same as you demanding answers from them. Ain't nobody know, we're all just winging it through this life! It gives me a great deal of comfort to remember the OG scientists who believed that the earth was the center of the universe, or that maggots spontaneously formed from rotting meat and we now know what was happening, or that doing rain dances pleased the rain gods when we now know so much more about weather. Ironically, the bible tells us to lean not on our own understanding. Embrace it and just be filled with childlike wonder, it's ever so good for the soul. <3
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    SeaJay, keep searching. I also had to go through everything that you are going through in order to completely convince myself that christianity wasn't true. I have to turn every stone before I give up on something. It's a hard road to travel for some of us. I don't let go easily. I need to be completely convinced. The members on Ex-c helped me with all the questions I had. Keep posting my friend. At some point, you will become comfortable. Big (hug)
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    One does not have to be a biologist, archaeologist or expert in any of the sciences to see the overwhelming evidence for evolution. Conversely, one must be deliberately obtuse to think that an invisible and undetectable magical entity created humans from dirt and a rib 6,000 years ago. My suggestion, for your own peace of mind, is stop looking for a logical reason to believe that Old Time Religion. If you simply must believe anyway, it will be on emotional grounds, not an intellectual footing. The Bible, creationism and all the crazy tenets it's spawned have no basis in science or reality. Yet, many are driven to believe it anyway, so you must make a choice.
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    For a moment I thought this was a study of my ex wife. Never mind, carry on....
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    Lorenzen Wright (Ren) was a local basketball star that played for the University of Memphis and then went on to have a 13 year career in the NBA. He wasn’t a superstar, but he was a very good player as evidenced by the fact he played 13 years in the NBA. My wife and I attended the same church with the ex-wife’s father and step mother. The ex wife's name was Sherra. We were not close friends with her father and step mother but we did fellowship with them in their home numerous times. Ren had been traded to the new NBA Memphis Grizzlies franchise that had recently been relocated from Vancouver to Memphis. My wife and I and another couple had season tickets to the Grizzlies and had become huge NBA fans. Ren’s wife’s name was Sherra as I previously noted. We met her several times at her father and step mother’s home. Needless to say she is a beautiful woman. She and Ren had 6 children. At the time Ren was making 8 million a year according to contract information that was leaked. He’d just signed a new contract. Ren was a legit NBA player, but not an All Star caliber player. He did, however, score 30 points and grabbed 30+ boards (rebounds) in one game. So, 8 million a year seemed likely for a player of his caliber. Needless to say Ren provided Sherra with an extravagant lifestyle. Her father once told me Ren’s making 8 mil a year and I think Sherra is spending 10. It was no secret that Sherra spend a lot of money and didn’t deny herself much of anything that she wanted. Ren’s career ran its course and the last year he played with in Cleveland as a backup center, but his salary was still in the millions. They ended up divorced and Ren’s career in the NBA came to and end. The City was shocked one day when it was announced Rens body had been found with 12 gunshot wounds. He was murdered execution style. He was killed in a remote place but in a place with lots of homes around it. Our kids used to take the path where his body was found as a short cut when they were in high school. So, we were familiar with that area. I’m not clairvoyant but I told my wife the day the news broke that Sherra killed him. I watch a lot of Date Line and 48 Hours. It’s always the spouse. My wife asked me why I suspected Sherra and I said because he was shot 12 times. It was rumored that this was a drug deal gone bad, but I told my wife a drug dealer isn’t going to shoot his victim 12 times. Two shots behind the ear is their style. The case went unsolved for 7 years and then it was suddenly announced a couple of weeks ago that the murder weapon had been found 75 miles from Memphis in a remote lake that no one but locals would even know exist. I told my wife somebody talked to collect the reward.An arrest was soon made. The man was a local guy with a past criminal history but nothing in several years. People that knew him said it couldn’t be him. Everybody that seemingly knew him said he was a great guy. Later it came out that he attended the same church that Sherra attended. (Hum) I told my wife then that Sherra killed Ren, and hired this guy or else he was her lover. I also said he might take the fall for her but since she lives in California now I doubt it. I was fixing my breakfast coffee this morning when my wife came running down the hall hollering “She did it. They’ve arrested Sherra for first degree murder!” U.S. Marshals arrested her in California and are extraditing her to Memphis today. The story is still unfolding but at a news conference the DA seems to believe they have all the evidence they need. It seems two guns were used to execute Ren, so it would logically seem like there were two shooters. And two people are under arrest. She had it all. I can’t imagine what she was thinking but it seems likely she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison. A Dateline show, I was watching not long ago, was interviewing a Detective about a case. He said, "We're fortunate as Detectives that most criminals aren't very smart." So very true.
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    I had a beautiful Catholic lady in my shop yesterday. I've known her for a long time and she is the most wonderful 'do-gooder'. You could not help but love her. She knows that I lost my faith. We got talking yesterday and she explained to me that she couldn't hear what I had to say because she totally understood all my reasons for questioning god. But she also told me that she absolutely had to hold on to her faith or she would die. She told me she wouldn't be able to make it here on earth without believing in god. She is purposely putting on the 'horse blinders' and can't even look at the destruction of the Catholic church. All she said is she thought those priests were terrible. She knows nothing about the bible. She has to have god in her life. I told her I understood.

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