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    Hi everyone I’m a 50 year old man from Glasgow , Scotland. I was brought up RC and then following a pretty troubled adolescence and early adulthood had the ‘born again’ experience attending a an evangelical Presbyterian church locally. I won’t go into the grisly details just now but it was a very unpleasant and damaging experience psychologically and emotionally and although I only practiced over a 3 year period the effect on me was profound. I left believing I had committed the unforgivable sin and was damned without hope. Not sure if anyone has experienced this but it’s a really bad place to be. reI’m still not sure how I got through it . It took some 20 years to slowly disentangle myself from this mess with the help of my endlessly patient and loving partner and friends and family. Anyway, around 5/6 years ago I started to read people like Bart Ehrman, Dan Barker, Richard Carrier etc and same to realise that I had wasted half my life believing a load of utter madness and fantasy. Life is good now, really good and I’m now free to explore all the wonderful variety of life that I had previously blocked myself from. Back in the day, there was nothing like this. I was completely alone. My family and friends had no idea what I was talking about and I’d never met anyone who had experienced what I had. Now I’ve discovered a whole world of people who have been there. It’s great and I look forward to exchanging experiences and engaging in discussion with you all 😊😊
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    So if God hardened our hearts .... your mission here is pointless.
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    If God is the one that harden's a person heart, like Pharaoh for example, that would be problematic on so many levels. Fortunately for mankind, the Bible has human origins and the God of the Bible only exists in the minds of those that believe "It" exists. I know you don't believe this JimmyfoJesus, but the Bible is a collection of myths, legends, and folklore. In other words the Bible is a collection of fictional stories with fictional characters. That includes Jesus who was simply an imaginary character in a manmade story. That is why historians have been unable to find a historical Jesus. It seems he was only a literary character in a mythical story.
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    No. Christianity never worked for me. I tried it for 33 years and it wasted every opportunity that came my way and left me deeply depressed for decades. The cure was becoming an atheist. I am now happier than I have ever been in my whole life.
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    Childhood indoctrination *works* sure, but reason cures one of that when one grows up.
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    Ah, you've answered my question above: You believe because you are afraid that bad things will happen to you if you don't. Fear is one of the greatest human motivators. Overcoming fear leads to true freedom. Some day I hope you will escape from Plato's cave and find real freedom.
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    I grew up Mormon, the only difference is the proximity in time that the religion was established. We can tell that Joseph Smith made everything up, because we can see exactly how his story evolved. But with Christianity it was written two thousand years ago with no eye witnesses so we have even less evidence to deal with, which ironically gives people more faith in it. Mormonism at least can evolve as new prophets can supersede the opinions of older ones, and they don't believe people really go to hell. Except for someone like me, a son of perdition who knew the truth about the restored church and rejected it. My fate allegedly is outer darkness. But at least their missionaries are nice and not like crazy protestant picketers who warn us to repent or burn in a hellfire.
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    Then you stand with a monster who is no better than the one's you claim to stand against. You then are no better than the Nazis.
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    The is an example of what happens when a human brain becomes infected with the God virus.
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    Yep, which explains why there are over 4200 religions in the world -- not to mention the thousands upon thousands of denominations within christinsanity itself. But wait -- we're so fortunate here at Ex-C, to have THE ONE person who got it right -- JimmyfoJesus. Ta-Da!
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    This is a good example of how the bible can rot your brain. Anyone can come up with any number of interpretations, no matter how contradictory or inconsistent, claim divine inspiration, and take off trying to find converts. And people are really stupid, it seems that at least some people will sign up to just about any claim that suggests it's the real interpretation of the bible. That's why there's an LDS Church, that's why there could be an LSD Church as well.
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    Hmmm. That's interesting. I've read Proverbs. More than just the once. In fact, when I was younger, I memorized several chapters. Not once did God speak to me. I must not have been listening properly.
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    Hey Jimmy: So you believe in this power that exists everywhere, knows everything (he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake), and can do anything (except eliminate cancer in children, or causing some to be born with horrific birth defects (https://pro.magnumphotos.com/image/NYC6985.html, https://pro.magnumphotos.com/image/NYC6978.html, https://www.medicalvirals.info/article/1724) (there are thousands more examples I could link to if you wish)), and who loves everyone on the condition that they love him back (and if they don't, he'll send them to an eternity of unspeakable misery and suffering), and who sent himself to earth and then had himself tortured to death in order to avenge himself for a curse he put on us because one of our distant ancestors and a rib woman ate fruit off a magical tree after being told to to it by a talking snake. Now the question is: do you believe all this because it makes sense or because other people have convinced you to fear that bad things will happen to you if you don't?
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    That's great - can you provide evidence for your claim of God please?
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    Listen properly = Listen to Jimmy or his Christbots.
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    You know how God works, huh? Where did you get this knowledge?
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    Well, it wouldn't be the first time some one thought ex-C would be a good place to go and witness to. Depending on how tough and thick skinned you are, will likely determine how long you continue trying this witness campaign.
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    For a moment I thought this was a typo and it was an LSD Church in question.
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    Any idea when that will be?
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    Thank you for trying to help those whom you believe need help. Are you done now?
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    No, I have not "look[ed] at those dudes on a bike and just think there’s no way the antichrist could be anything but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Sorry, should I think that? Am I missing something important?
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    After my deconversion I wished I could just believe and have a big protective sky daddy to watch over me. That lasted about 2 years. I'm over it. Also have fundy friends who know, or suspect, that I no longer roll with Christendom. As many have said on this site they wish they could keep the friends w/out the influence of the church.
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