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    That's what bugs me the most. Frankly, I don't care what they do inside their churches as long as they aren't hurting someone. But when they try to force it down our throats, that's where I draw the line. If I was in a theater where this happened, I'd be making a complaint to the manager.
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    I don't want to get too into it because it's personal and involves my second family (roommates family) but I was at a funeral on Tuesday for someone I cared for very much with them. We were all already tense because it was going to be very baptist and involve the church a lot but I was. Just absolutely seething. You shouldn't use someone's funeral as a platform to talk about hell and how if you don't have your affairs in order that's where you're headed. And you also shouldn't constantly spout evangelist shit. It's a funeral. Everyone is grieving and trying to celebrate the life of someone who touched all of them, if the sermon doesn't relate back to that there is literally no reason for you to give it. Save it for a Sunday. He also started the second part of his sermon talking about how she disagreed with him on whether or not we get our old bodies back in the resurrection (she thinks we don't) and then proceeded to talk about how he was right. Like that is so disrespectful to me. Anyways I'm still fucking livid. Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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    This sort of thing is a predicable part of the de-conversion process. Christians are tribal & you are no longer part of their tribe. Your mutual faith was your common bond but that no longer exists.
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    Sounds like her dog gave you PTSD. Maybe you need a service animal? mwc
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    I have a good one. My freshman year of college I had a roommate who had a service dog. At first I was like yeah okay, she's a survivor with PTSD I understand and service dogs are trained so it shouldn't be a problem. Boy was I dumb. I learn not only is her dog not trained, but she just bought the paperwork online to get it fake certified. I was still like okay this could be okay. Nope. Dog had zero discipline, was still basically a puppy. A list of things that this little shit did include: Getting on MY bed on my side of the room and her doing nothing about it when I wasn't there. (I had to train him not to) Pissing on the floor because she didn't take him out. (Forced her to clean it and had to leave the room) Chewing on notes. (Had to clean that up) Puking under my bed and on my computer charger. (Cleaned it because she wasn't there) Shitting on my side of the room. (FINAL STRAW) She was an awful roommate aside from that and I wound up switching rooms before the semester was over. Couldn't take it after the shit. All of that said though, I absolutely hate people who fake service dogs because it makes it all the harder for people who actually need service dogs in order to function. It's selfish and thoughtless and I wish there was a simple solution but at the end of the day people like my roommate are the reason we can't have nice things.
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    American Airlines Announces New Support Animal Policy: Goats Not Allowed, Trained Mini Horses Are ...snipped kL
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    Yep. Funerals are the best place for preachers to hock their product. They've got the real life consequences laid out in front of everyone, not something they've got when demoing the product on the weekends, and it's now time for you to choose. Really choose. I imagine they say they hate it but if I were a salesman I'd love it. How else can you pass off such a sad moment as a happy one? That's a crazy amount of spin. mwc
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    It's really disheartening to hear this is such a common thing. Thanks Fundies for finding a way to exploit literally everything I suppose! Doing the lord's work by making grieving people even more miserable
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    I'm bracing myself for a particularly tragic one that's coming up. While I didn't know the person, I will probably be expected to be there. Saturday one of my grandsons and six of his friends went for a hike to a popular river that's fed from an upstream dam and small power plant. They were celebrating their upcoming high school graduation. A sudden release of water from the dam washed one of the kids away. This part of the river is a rocky, narrow gorge with almost vertical rock walls and no way to grab anything or have anything to climb on. As of today, Tuesday, his body has not been found. One other kid washed down-river also but got out; a third was pulled out by my grandson. The lost boy's brother was also part of the group. They are all traumatized. They are all also home schooled through the same fundy church group, and the Facebook pages have already been filled with Bible verses about God's will, Heaven, and so on. Talk has been heard about how everyone will some day meet again. Regardless of the nature of the religion, this will be a tough one.

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