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    @ donthodl: in answer to your question: Yes. the leg lengthening thing is a scam, by the way. I had it done on me.
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    That's like asking adults to describe their childhood Christmases as if their presents really were brought down a chimney and delivered by Santa. Why in the world would you expect people who no longer believe something is true to still describe it in a manner implying that it actually is true? Do you honestly not see how that would make absolutely no sense whatsoever?
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    @donthodl I'll reply more fully to your OP later, but very quickly: I have a friend who lost his fingers in an accident as a teen. I understand your God has healing powers. My friend is a Christian, though I'm obviously not. He has prayed, the family has prayed, fingers still missing. However from your story it appears you have a connection to God. Can you pray for my friend please? (God will know who you are praying for) If his fingers grow back you have an instant convert and a grateful friend. Don't bother with excuses like its God's will etc etc etc. We've heard that.
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    Hi everyone! I feel like I already know so many of you, I've been lurking here for almost three weeks! (Actually, lurking is barely accurate... Stalking? Voraciously consuming? At any rate, this whole time my phone has been lugging around 30+ open internet tabs like a little Hydra in my pocket.) I don't know when I'll have time to write out my rather unexciting testimony or contribute to any other posts, but right now I just had to say - to shout: This is the kindest, most caring group of people! Earlier today I read through several old threads started by someone recanting their atheism, even trying to preach to and reconvert the rest of you. And your responses literally brought tears to my eyes. Instead of scorning the OP, teasing them, or immediately blocking them, you all expressed honest concern for their mental well-being and total acceptance of them, even if they ultimately would choose to reconvert. Further, someone who did scorn them even retracted that post, apologizing profusely for being rude. It was one of the gentlest, most compassionate online conversations I've ever witnessed. And not one loving word was said out of a desire to prove your worth for an eternal reward, but out of a genuine desire to make life as pleasant as possible for as many people as possible. Nothing could be more pure, more GOOD, than that. Thanks, guys. I'm excited to finally join 😊
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    Hold that thought because SB has a history of changing sides. He is a Christian today, but he may not be a Christian next month. His "faith" seems to ebb and flow with the meds he's taking. And that is not meant as a slur towards SB. I like him. He's a good guy, and he's certainly welcome here, but his faith tends to be a little fickle and he has some issues that he's getting professional help with. Whichever way he ends up I wish him well. If he's happier as a Christian then that's where he belongs.
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    Wow, that was a rather lengthy way to say, "You were never a real Christian anyway." Thanks, because we never heard that one before. Thanks for playing!
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    hi! glad to find you. i am an old fart, former schitzoid über Christian, still mixed up about identity and personal values. i waited ‘til kids were grown to pack up the u-haul and get out of town. pretty lonely out here.👹
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    This is where you can trace a pin point to the beginning of the current self imposed delusion you've been suffering. Orchestrated by you yourself, within your own mind. Based on the mythological format of choice, christianity. I believe that the initiation of self imposed delusion did proceed forward as a drastic change from your perspective. If you step back and take an objective look, then yes, it seems more than obvious that the self imposed delusion began to manifest in these ways. Where you're the god, the devil and holy spirit because all of the above only have any existence within your imagination, and in the imagination of others who prescribe to the same set of mythological symbols.
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    Good, good... so my friends fingers should grow back? What do you mean its better in person? It's simple, you talk to the big guy who is everywhere, and he works his magic. He's omnipotent, you don't need to be anywhere near the subject.... unless God is limited.... or doesn't exist. Oh and if you search this site you find people posting videos of "limbs growing" out. It's a cute trick. Not what I'm talking about though. I'm talking about missing limbs growing back. It's one of the very few inarguable cases of healing you could have, but has never been medically proven. Lots of stories.... from many religions and cultures, but no properly recorded cases.
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    I too have felt "demonic" presences, witnessed "healings", felt the presence of the "holy spirit", etcetera, etcetera. @donthodl, I don't doubt your sincerity. But I will say it again: none of this is new, and none of it is convincing.
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    Good Lord LB, chill dude. Go have a drink, masturbate, do something or you're gonna explode.
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    I wonder why it matters to a believer whether any of us were "really" ever Christians in the first place. What does that have to do with our present status? I think the question should be, "Why aren't we believers now?" That seems to me the question you should be asking donthodl. In order to "save" us you have to know why we left the faith and then you have to come up with reasons that will overcome why we left. In other words, you'll have to come up with better reasons for us to be Christians than we have reasons for not being Christians. And that is going to take some time and intensive study and research into the origins and evolution of both the Bible and the Christian faith.
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    Oh yeah donthodl, quoting the Bible, as God's personally inspired words and therefor the ultimate supreme source of authority for all mankind, to people that aren't believers is a really poor strategy. We understand the Bible to be a collection of myths, aka fictional stories with fictional characters, so we don't believe the Bible is in any sense of the word true much less that it's sacred.
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    Well then you've missed that. Because many people have declared all or some of the above. We're made up of many different denominations of ex christians. It's not impossible, though. Many here were once more pious than yourself, among clergy, studying to be clergy, etc. Zealous evangelizing, faith healing, speaking in tongues, etc., etc. There's nothing new under the sun for this community. And yet, upon waking up and realizing inside that the fairy tale is not literally true, the whole game was over just like that. The problem here is that you're clearly engaged in a form of self delusion. It's difficult for you to see it because you're right in the middle of it and are not looking in from an objective outside perspective. But it's very obvious for those who were once in your shoes and have since opened up and moved forward. For instance, many of us have experienced the world through eyes very similar to your own. But you have not experienced the world through the eyes we see through now. So that puts you at a disadvantage among an audience like this, where we know you but you do not know us, at least not yet. We'll see how history unfolds.....
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    Yes, indeed. I thought my life was a conversation with God through signs, emotions, thoughts, other people. My hands would heat up during prayer and people would experience pain relief. I experienced many "healings" too but they all turned out to be me refusing to acknowledge the pain, dissociating it away. It hurts the most, I think, when you've been living like your relationship with Jesus is the one thing in your life you cannot lose no matter what, and then it's gone. That happened to me. I nearly died. I wanted to, I had someone hold me down physically so I did not harm myself. It wasn't boredom with church rituals, it wasn't that i was trying to have a relationship with a book. I thought I really had the real thing, Jesus walking with me through my life. However, these days I'm more gentle and loving than I was as Xtian. My hands still heat up the same way, and it seems something flows through my hands that calms down pets (and people too), I took very long to dare to try it but it still works. I also speak in tongues to help myself focus when I meditate. It works very well for that. How do you know it's Biblegod, donthodl, and not just abilities and sensitivities that some people happen to have for no particular divine reason? Why do similar things happen in so many religions and spiritual practices - feeling close to gods/spirits/Gaia, a type of touch that calms and seems to boost healing (well, all gentle touch does, so there's that even if the "flow of energy" is just a trick of my mind), feeling peace and kindness towards the fellow humans and the planet?
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    hope all the doctors are out of jobs now amd hospitals closed in australia oh wait. there are still doctors and hospitals in australia
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    You said you thought maybe your father was calling to you via the dream, but when asked if he was okay, he said yes. Would that be the response of someone talking to you from Hell?
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    Mrs. MOHO uses the Holy Spook reference, and what she has chosen to believe regarding those with faith (her) and the rest of us downtrodden, wicked ass, non-believing rech's, to put herself up on a pedestal and mute her fear of death. This is extremely useful to Pastor Asshat and the rest of the fundy machine in their quest to control people and politics as well as line their pockets. They are using many people's emotions and need to satiate their narcissism for their own gain and screwing up people's lives and psychological well-begin in the process.
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    What if it is you who has found pride and bravado instead of god? Maybe you're just in such awe at your creative mind that you presume it has to be divine revelation? lol I mean it's you who is boasting and disdaining right here right now, isn't it?
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    Wow, you really put a good deal of thought into this question, kudos. To answer simply, yes. I did believe that I had a true, deeply personal relationship with God. But now I do not believe in the existence of such a deity, so therefore I suppose I cannot have had a relationship with something that didn’t exist in the first place.
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    ...It can destroy families ...
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    This just goes to show you didn't even attempt to understand my post, nor did you read the guidelines... or at least did not comprehend the meaning behind them. As previously stated THIS section of this support forum for EX-CHRISTIANS (I.e. we once were Christians) and is off limits to Christians sharing stories, or attempting proselytizing of any sort. We have had plenty of exposure to Christian views thank you. We have plenty of sections to hear differing views. Like I said go down into the Lions Den if you dare. We will meet you in there... if you are not afraid of the lions of course Here it is: https://www.ex-christian.net/forum/6-the-lions-den/
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    This sort of behaviour. Big assertions and bible quoting as if that's the end of the argument.
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    Again, if it's out there, people can react to it. If it's underground, then people can't. Without challenging their ideas they just pick up membership and resentment, which is a great formula for impending violence. Even if they are driven underground, they can still reach interested parties via the internet, like ISIS does. Better to have it out in the open where we can keep an eye on it better. Also, giving them the freedom to speak means that they can't use censorship as a point of martyrdom.
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    Welcome back, Thumby. Thumby says: "When reading the bible one has to be a deep sea diver and not just a mere water skier-- figuratively speaking. You have to prayerfully and humbly study the texts and you'll discover their rich mean in.  The Holy Spirit reaches people who are as meek as little children (one can't depend on preconceived ideas to understand scripture). Just because the bible doesn't say the law was not written down before Sinai, it does not mean the law didn't exist. I did say that the aim of the law is loving God, and loving one's neighbor as oneself. Prior to sin the law was basically stated in the affirmative; in Genesis it shows this when God gave Adam and Eve simple commands. First He stated His commands in the affirmative--- of every tree you can freely eat (ahem, freedom to choose) --- and then He stated His command in the negative without giving too much detail and putting ideas in their heads--- of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat ... or you will surely die (more choice)." ....... When you say 'deep sea diver' I think you mean 'believe what someone else tells you about the bible. Imagine that all this nonsense is true. Ignore common sense and reason and logic while reading this baloney.' 'Prayerfully and humbly study the texts' means 'don't criticize them for Jesus is watching you!' "Just because the bible doesn't say the law was not written down before Sinai, it does not mean the law didn't exist." Pulling more crap out of the air, I see. if God didn't give them knowledge of good and evil then how would he expect them to follow his command of not eating from the tree? How would they know he was (supposedly) good and that they should pay attention to him? It's like some guy off the street takes a can of spray paint and paints a line on the ground. Then says, "Hey, don't cross that line over there." You have no idea who this guy is and there is apparently no reason that you can see not to cross it. Tell someone they can't do something and that's like an invitation to do it. It's human nature. I guess God didnt know anything about human nature or logic. And then there's that "you'll surely die" BS. "Cross my line and you'll surely die....(cough) in 50 years or so..."