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    I can understand how fundies might consider God is throwing them free chicken if they think about it in a vacuum, but once you look at the grand picture, surely the idea God is kicking a breeze your way while thousands are sucking has to strike you as silly.
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    HUGS I am so sorry you have been suffering so much, for so long. You don't deserve this. Hoping it gets better for you. ❤
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    Christianity like many other abrahamic religions are known to vastly increase the risk for developing Bipolar and Schizophrenia due to the religion requiring to reject logical reasoning, rational and scientific explanations to instead assume middle age beliefs such as visual and/or auditory hallucinations being visions and words from God, simple everyday occurrences being signs and wonders from God, random acts of kindness being only the works of God and many other irrational and mindless beliefs. What I am saying is that you are not hearing personal voices from God nor any visions from God, your brain is suffering from a misfiring of neurons and you are suffering from fear, hallucinations and delusional thoughts. Merely denying that you are hallucinating is not going to help your case and if you take action Now and seek medical help these hallucinations will go away and you will look back at your Christian beliefs as simply being in a state of madness. I have been where you were, although I never hallucinated I had very delusional thoughts when I had spent months of my life suffering from anxiety and panic attacks as I had convinced myself God gave me signs that I will go blind, but ever since then I look back at those days and wish I just stopped to logically think about it all and realise that the "signs" are really just my brain picking out random words overheard from other people's conversations that they had with each other, anyway I have never been on the type of medication that you are on but I am on Antidepressants as I suffer from depression from the traumatising experience that I had with my religious anxiety. Anyway, all we can do is give you advice, we cannot do what Doctors and Hospitals do, we cannot prescribe you medications nor adjust your medications, in the end it is You who is in the decisive power to say to yourself "This suffering stops today as it is now or never" and see a doctor to have your medication adjusted.
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    My husband once came in the bathroom when I was pooping and said "Ever notice that when you say "poop" you mouth is making the same motion your butthole is when you actually do it?" I sat there the whole time mouthing the word and comparing my mouth to a butthole hahaha...
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    I need physical healing and now it has progressed to the point of needing creation type Miracles too and cant understand why God would never heal me, not even one problem, not even one time or prevent even one physical problem from happening? Makes no sense. Below is the condensed Journey, I sent to someone who asked what happened, of why I have given up on Life and God. He just does not want to do anything for. Me. I Dont know why and am totally exhausted, frustrated, hurt and angry from asking or trying! I am done suffering. I have only stayed on this earth the past 3 years because I just cant seem to decide how to die with the least amount of hurt and trauma to my husband. The Journey: I overcame a severe mental, physical, spiritual, emotionally abusive and neglectful childhood (both parents and one pedophile) that sent me out into the world seriously messed up to the point of not being able to speak a complete sentence, constant state of fear and deep non-stop sadness. And severe Dissociation with NO coping, people, social, hygiene, emotional, intellectual, common sense or any other skills, zero self esteem/confidence, numerous physical problems (some born with some caused by the child abuse/neglect.) Extremely poor physical health in every way. At 19 I was told I had the body health of a 60 year old. I overcame almost all by my late twenties/early thirites. I lived a drug, tobacco, alcohol, porno, violence, jail, crime, mental institute, suicide free and productive, intelligent, successful, contributing member of society life in spite of the overwhelming and relentless challenges. EXCEPT physically. 52 years of 1000's of hours of prayer and bible studies/reading, keeping the Word in my eyes and ears. Applying the Word to my daily life. Increasing my faith until I refused to doubt but believed no matter what. Repenting, renewing mind, being prayed for by numerous others, praying for healing of others, joining the healing rooms, improving my mind, emotions, attitudes etc. in every way. Praise, worship, breaking curses, commanding evil spirits and sickness/disease and everything to leave in Jesus name, helping others. Sincerely and truly, with Love and true compassion, not because I was supposed to, Forgiving and helping my parents, especially at end of life when they needed it most, I did ALL I could starting at age 18: AMA Medica/Dental care, World Class Naturopath (One of best in the USA) care, Chiro, Massage Therapy, not perfect but excellent diet, exercise, Chinese Herbalist, lots of self help care and Psychologist guided help and much more! ( we must do EVERTHING possible to improve our physical, mental and emotional health and take very good care of ourselves not just expect anyone including God to do it all for us). But the more I improved all mentioned above, and the more I followed God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and the better care I took of myself and ...... More health problems would come on relentlessly and existing ones got worse and worse. I just kept accumulating them; resisting, kicking and screaming and fighting against them all the way!.
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    Well, it's not like you owe her the truth or even a solid reason. Just treat her as target practice.
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    Y'all ever notice that "profit" and "prophet" are English homonyms? Hmmmm.... That's all.
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    I assume gas cars and other fuel burning devices are causing the horrible pollution that's out there. Whether or not they cause global warming, we ought to continue going green to reduce pollution, global warming or no global warming. It's fun to poke LF a little bit. It's good that he takes helping the planet seriously. I just would not want to get religiously serious about it. Nor religiously serious about other things like disproving geopolymers or 12000 year old meteor strikes, which are kind of irrelevant to our future well-being. By the way, I told my wife about KFL and his Save The Salmon crusade and she said, "We hate salmon! gag. Hate tilapia also." (haha)
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    Confidentiality is definitely part of the problem, but there is actually a whole web of issues making this a perfect storm for abuse. First, the belief that no sin is any worse than any other. So lying, gluttony, rape, coveting, using the Lord's name in vain, murder, stealing, etc. are all equal in their eyes, so equally forgivable. Second, the belief that God will forgive any sin and "erase" it from existence. Third, that repentance can "cure" any sin. Fourth, that prayer actually works and changes both people and God's mind. Fifth, that God can "change hearts" and make people "good", preventing them from ever committing the sin again. It's just a perfectly formed system for propagating evil, ironically! I can do almost anything the world would look down on, confess and ask forgiveness, do a little penance, everyone will think I am "all better", then go do the bad thing again and start the vicious cycle over again. What could be better for someone who is naturally inclined to doing evil, illegal things?
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    As a fundamentalist, I was incredibly, strangely indifferent to the thought that everyone around me was going to hell besides my tiny isolated community. It's remained a bit of a mystery to me as to how I could be that indifferent, but I think a large part of it was the extent of my indoctrination, combined with some reluctance to really examine the issue in any depth because it did make me uncomfortable when I considered it. But I chose to swallow the church's interpretation that every person on this earth that wasn't saved somehow chose their own destiny because god gave them a chance to repent, and they didn't. Nevermind the fact that the church wanted it both ways and contradicted itself, as it taught people have free will to decide their fate, but yet at the end of the day, it's god that wills belief or disbelief. But in the end, the concept of hell was what resulted in my deconversion, because I believed I had some family members that would end up there, and it was too painful and too much to handle. That was the start of my questioning and the beginning of the end. This is one of the best blog posts I've read regarding hell and the power of fear. http://blog.edsuom.com/2013/12/healing-from-hell-horror.html
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    You aren't causing any trouble. I think you might want to pay attention to what Florduh said in the post above this one though. He has a point. If Bible Jesus is real, no one can pluck you out of his hand according to the Gospel of John, 10:29. If none of that is true then neither is the rest of it so who cares? It looks to me that either way you have nothing to worry about while you figure it out for yourself, so relax.
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    You have a strange way of admitting you're wrong... To each their own, I guess.
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    The Three Stooges. That's priceless and from now on that's exactly what I'm going to think whenever I hear Father/Son/Holy Ghost. Thank you! Welcome to Ex-C. I hope we can offer you at least a little something -- even if it's just a place where you are free to vent and really speak your mind. (((Hugs)))
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    now when I think about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit I just cant help myself I refer to them as the THREE STOOGES! You youngsters probably wont know what I am talking about but us older Folks know who the 3 Stooges are! I am starting to believe that the bible God is really the devil (and/or other evil principalities and powers) which is why we are under constant abuse and attack. We have been duped into worshipping and following Evil which is why there is no loving response to prayer! Evil cant respond in kindness and love and wont do good things to help us. There is no Hell after this life. This is hell we are already in it! Fuego Thanks for your words of compassion.
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    My husband is still a believer too, and is a Christian music blogger. BUT, we had a really good discussion the other night and turns out his beliefs are not conventional by Christian standards. I knew they weren't, but I didn't know the extent, and some of his views have changed as mine have over the years. Who knows, maybe he'll join me at some point.
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    When I first deconverted I was swinging wildly between anger and sadness, relief and feeling stupid for believing all that stupid crap. It’s been more than 12 months and I’m feeling certain about my decision to deconvert. My husband is still a believer so I can’t escape Christianity entirely. However the emotional triggers are less frequent. Be patient, peace will come.
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    *thump!* the buuuuyyybull you heathen! It says it in the buybull so it must be true! The buybull is true because it is the word of gawwwwd! The buybull is the word of gawwwwd because the buybull says so. Brb, i need a aspirin from typing that.
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    When you climb those mountains, remember the words of John Muir, the American naturalist responsible for many of our national parks: “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” And when you take those walks and climb those mountains, include some sunrises. Get out there when it is thoroughly dark and stay until the sun is well up. Go alone. Look at the stars and watch as the sky starts to lighten, and the sun finally breaks over the horizon. A sunrise is the beginning of a new day, and it can also signal the beginning of a new life.
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    Damn. You describe a very tough life, and I'm sorry that so much of it was spent in the lies of religion. It really is only ever a rip-off since none of the "great and precious promises" are backed by a real god. I was in for a fervent 30 years, the last years were spent believing a story-teller who kept describing outstanding miracles, until the day I caught him making up long involved stories that contradicted video evidence. But abuse and physical issues like you describe are a lot to deal with daily. I wish there were a better help available for you. Outside of actual medicine, I don't know of any. On this forum, we can listen and offer what support we can. We aren't professionals, just other humans. I hope we can provide a bit of empathy.
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    Welcome Samuel! I can somewhat relate, as far as growing up in a Christian sect. I grew up Mormon (then left it for Christianity, then left that), and when I left the Mormon Church, my parents blamed my husband. They told people I left to save my marriage, which was completely untrue. It was a very painful time in my life, but I got through it. It took some time for me to heal, and I think it will take time for you as well. When you leave the religion of your childhood, you lose part of yourself. Part of your identity. And then you have to try to figure out who you really are, and that can take time. But it will happen. Just be patient. Just remember that you need to do what is best for you, not what is best for other people. Your happiness is what is important. It's a hard road, but it is definitely worth it. ❤
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    Hey everyone! I am new! My name is Jenn, and I'm a wife, and a mother of 3 adult sons, one of which has Autism (my youngest). I grew up Mormon, but converted to Christianity when I was 25 years old. My journey out of Christianity started when I stopped believing in Mormonism, but at the time I decided that Christianity was the right path to follow. My doubts about historical Christianity started after I read the book, "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell. The book left me with more questions than answers. The answers he gave to many of the questions he had, didn't make sense to me. They had flaws. But again I put those doubts behind me. Then the last year or two, those doubts crept back into my mind. It started with realizing just how judgmental many (not all) Christians were towards others of different beliefs, or sexual orientation, etc. My oldest son came out as Bisexual on his dad's birthday last year, and we accepted that part of him, unlike many Christians would do. I have seen many Christians online posting hateful, ignorant things towards other people, and it bothered me. Wasn't Christianity supposed to be about loving others despite who they were? I even had a Christian friend who told me that God didn't love anyone who wasn't a Christian. A few months ago, I started researching Anthropology and Evolution. Much of which Christians say was all a lie or inaccurate. But looking at the science of it, Evolution made sense to me. I learned that there is no way we could have all come from just two people. I also studied what early humans believed, and much of that was they understood that they were created from the Earth, so they showed reverence and respect for the Earth. I then studied how religion has evolved over thousands of years, and learned quite a bit, and how creation stories are similar. I also learned how Christians get it wrong on what others belief, whether religiously, or spiritually. I have stopped believing in Christianity as a whole, and my beliefs now are changing. I consider myself a Pagan and Wiccan now, but my beliefs are evolving, and I don't know all that I believe yet. I do believe in being kind to others, and being respectful even if others don't treat me the same. I am now a much happier person, and I have found that meditating and grounding myself is healing me of my anxiety and depression. Christianity never helped me with those at all, no matter how hard I tried. I don't feel as devastated in losing my Christian beliefs like I did when I lost my faith in Mormonism, but I haven't yet been completely open with my husband (who considers himself a Christian) about all of my new beliefs. He does know of my doubts, and he has been supportive. I doubt he would leave me if he knew, but I just feel the right time to tell him is not right yet. He is starting to have his own doubts, and he does share a few of my beliefs, but I feel like I need to wait for him, if that makes sense. I have told a few of my friends about my beliefs, but only the ones who share similar beliefs as I do. I have been trying to find support and a mentor where I live, but the closest groups I can find are 40 mins away from me. And it is hard for me to travel that far. I came across this website, and decided to join this group for support. I hope that I can meet others who are on a similar journey as myself.
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    Hi @LoneBlueSky Welcome to Ex-C. Sounds like you've had quite the journey... and it's still continuing. (As life's journey should). I hope you find the support you need here. If you like real time chat with others we have a sister support chat room called Discord. You can find details of how to join our channel here: You are most welcome. Regarding what to believe: Believing what there is evidence for is a good start as Florduh said. I also agree with being kind to others, and generally just not being a dick is a good general rule I find. All the best LF
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    @MOHO Thanks for sharing! My hubs and I both left the Mormon Church together back in 1996, and both converted to Christianity the same day in 1997. We have been through a lot together, including our son's diagnoses of Autism, and our oldest son's current struggle with alcoholism. We have also had our hard times in our relationship, and there have been times I thought about leaving him, but then I remember that he has stuck by me through the hard times including my anxiety disorder and depression, and that is unconditional love. I am hoping eventually he comes to the same realization as me, and that our relationship can continue to grow and heal. But if he doesn't I hope at least our relationship will be strong. I am glad you still have a good relationship with Mrs. MOHO.
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It means a lot to me!
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    Howdy! Pull up a chair and join the party!
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    Greetings, and welcome, LoneBlueSky. Congratulations for breaking free from religion. I wash you the best as you move forward in life. Enjoy the journey ahead of you. By the way, I'm honored to have had the opportunity to give you your first upvote here.
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    Welcome to Ex-C, @LoneBlueSky You write very well. Clear, concise and easy to follow. You've come to a good place for support and to yack with folks who have been where you are. I, myself, was raised LDS, then converted to Jesus Freakdom - thanx to the lovely young lady, to whom I am related to by marriage. After the crazy fundy stuffs lead me to read McDowell and son I too was left with more questions than answers. So I spent quality time with Carrier, Dawkins, Rigsby, Ehrman, Hitchens, Fitzgerald. These made me realize admit to myself that my foray into the religious realm was more touchy-feely than logical or rational. Mrs MOHO remains steadfast in her beliefs in spite of my coming out and we have a good relationship - after the original, and much anticipated, out-freaking! I envy your current position in that Mr. LoneBlueSky is open minded and able to empathize with you. Hope you stick around with us and write some more... - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
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    Hi Jenn! Welcome
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    OMG! Is that Michelle Obama at the wheel? Omarosa? WTF?
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    Welcome Samuel! You're home. So glad you found us. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Take your time. Don't try to hurry. It takes time for the brain to unwind from all the cognitive dissonance of being brainwashed and now trying to form your very own opinions. It takes a few bumpy roads to go over first. It's kinda like grief. You're going to be OK. The gang here got your back. I could not have done it without these beautiful people. You got this! (hug)
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    The title of this image was: Who is the better role model for young women? How about neither?!
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    That’s awesome. Thank you for the encouragement :)))
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    That seems like another extreme to me. The US government is like that. It is incredibly difficult to get fired from the government. My MIL was a civilian accountant for the Marines for years. She would tell us the most insane stories of incompetence and outright unprofessional behavior - you name it - alcoholism, sexual harassment (going both ways), flat out not doing the job, abuse of leave time, and on and on. She once tried to get an especially useless employee fired and was reprimanded for drawing attention to her. She never again tried to make her working environment better - just learned to live with and work around the crap going on around her until she could retire.
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