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    That has a very, very low probability of occurring. I hope, as time passes, fewer and fewer people will embrace, or be indoctrinated into, superstitious, magical and irrational thinking.
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    In reality, every successful country/society on earth incorporates elements of both capitalism and socialism. The USA is already a quasi socialist country. They just don't do socialism terribly well compared to most other quasi socialist countries. This is not a black and white issue anymore. The world has moved on. Neither system is perfect. Both have some good parts and some bad parts. So, if we want to be serious about these things, then policies and ideas should be discussed on their own specific merits, and not on the basis of a buzzword.
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    I know you don't really know me But I've met you before Briefly You were harassed You were hemmed in On every side you were attacked But back then I was a believer Just And you took a shine to me And you thought I was nice Because I didn't do what they did But I've done far worse I'd be lying if I said anything else Now I'm back again And I wonder if you'll like me Now I'm not a believer anymore.
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    Hey all. I was a Christian for a bit over 50 years. I'm 63 now, so I'm counting only part of my childhood. I finally deconstructed about 5 years ago. Before that I was a bad Christian; I asked questions. A Christian is supposed to be all about faith, prayer and the Holy Spirit, not questions and most especially not questions about Jesus, God and the mighty Paul. I saw early on that there were differences between what Jesus taught and what Paul taught. Why such differences? 'Those aren't differences, you're too young to understand'. OK, so years later I still see those differences and then some more. 'Those aren't differences, you need to pray to understand'. OK, more years and more prayers and I was starting to do the unthinkable, I was studying the 'old testament' to see if there were answers there. I found even more questions. 'Those aren't differences, you need to trust God and not question Him'. Hmm, 'new testament' has people just accepting what 'God' tells them while several times in the 'old testament' people question God and most of them are highly regarded by God. Why, one even wrestled with God and became a great patriarch. My questions, trimmed down somewhat were; Jesus said not one jot or title will pass from the Instructions until all shall pass. Paul said it was all done away with and nailed to a cross. God's prophets said the Law, Teachings, were perfect and unchanging. Paul said they weren't perfect and had to be changed. The apostles and Jesus clearly stated that there could only ever be 12 apostles. One was appointed to replace Judas. Paul became the 13th and no one else in the NT other than Paul claims he is an apostle. Blood is needed for a proper sacrifice according to the NT. According to the OT full physical, mental and spiritual repentance is all that's required, blood is mentioned, but several times its made clear that blood alone won't cut it. Why do we have a three god-head god, like the Romans with their Holy Triad of pagan gods? As I studied for answers I kept getting more questions and every time I asked someone, I got Christian answers ... Christian answers that weren't satisfying. The big one was Deuteronomy 30. Is the word too hard to understand? Is the word too hard to obey? I had to really think about that. I knew that I knew the answers, I just couldn't accept them without dealing with the 'new testament' differences and you can't deal with that without incurring the wrath of God and worse, the wrath of Christians. Wait, what did I say? Who's wrath is worse? In comes YouTube and other internet sources. I started a different venue of study. Lots of hogwash. Lots of 'my way or the highway'. Lots of just loony BS. Finally, after a lot of halfhearted listening I started to hear some stuff from a few Rabbis that were talking about the 'new testament'. Rabbis talking about the 'new testament'? What would a Jew have to do with that? I heard the questions I had been asking for decades. I heard answers that I knew I had come up with, but was too afraid to acknowledge. I have to deny the apostle Paul. That's heresy! I have to deny Jesus. That's worse than death, that's eternal torture. No, first step is to deny the fear that Christianity drills into each of its victims. I finally realized that Christianity is a cult. When I tossed that fear, denying Paul, then denying Jesus was actually a great release. I owe a great deal to Rabbis Michael Skobac, Tovia Singer, Stuart Federow and Chaim Coffman. I also found some great former Christians along the way such as Jono Vandor of SpiritualBabies, Jason (?) of Truth2U and William Hall of Tenak Talk. Along the way, I studied the Babylonian Talmud, after all, Paul supposedly studied at the feet of Gamaliel, a student of the great Hillel. I saw clearly that if Paul had studied at the feet of Gamaliel, he obviously studied only the dirt under Gamaliel's toe nails. There's no way Paul learned any Talmud. I studied other material from the Oral Tradition and found it to be notions, fables and mumblings of idiots mixed with some really good information from serious and thoughtful godly men. Mainstream Judaism, Orthodox and Conservative, rely very heavily on the Oral Traditions. I can't. So, I'm for sure not a Christian and I can't-won't convert to Judaism. That puts me somewhere in the middle. I'm either a Noahide or a Samaritan, but maybe a Karaite. I guess that makes me a Noahccount.
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    I think most people agree that there has never been a great political system, there are always flaws or power hungry people who ruin a good idea. Right now the western world is all about representation, which means the people get no real say in anything and through money, gerrymandering and the leadership being selected based purely on charisma we get a government that doesn't have to match societies values. So my question is what would be your dream system? Obviously nothing is perfect but what do you think would be closest and why? Personally I think the best idea would be aiming for a technocracy. Where the positions of power are selected like a job interview, giving the job is given to the best educated, most experienced and most driven individuals. They would then have a set budget and goals to achieve, success results in a contract extension while failure results in termination. There is a good reason that companies don't ask their staff to vote on who becomes the new CEO.
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    https://www.psychologistworld.com/superstition Repeating the same behavior and hoping for different results.
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    I've seen this sentiment raised by several famous atheists, most recently in Sam Harris's podcast, that there is nothing left to talk about regarding Christianity. Every argument has been refuted a thousand times, the videos in their hundreds cover every question you can ask and books looking at the subject from every angle already exist. Do you agree there is nothing left to say that hasn't been said before? There will always be news articles about which filthy rich preacher has got caught breaking the law this week but are we done with debates? Maybe the value is just presenting the rebuttals in new ways to catch the next generations eye and get them thinking? Perhaps making sure the atheist message is kept high in the new releases on YouTube is all the value we need?
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    Follow link via above kalinkadinka kL
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    As long as people are not listening there will be something to say.
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    When you start thinking about it, it's really incredible, how long humans existed, and what we have accomplished in those years. And when I get asked what time period I'd like to live in, all I can say is, the present, as I'd have died many times over already by now if I was born a century ago. Modern medicine is pretty cool.
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    Yes, I remember that line came to my mind after I read Richard Dawkins. No surprise it's my favourite bible quote
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    I like this the appeal in the video at the end where he keeps telling me that Solon and Plato must be telling the truth since no one has ever accused them of lying. I guess the gospels are true then too. Why would then lie? But no one is actually accusing Plato of lying (and bring Solon into this is just stupid since Solon never once says anything of Atlantis we're just told this is where the story is being handed down from and he got it from the Egyptians so did the Egyptians ever lie?). Anyhow, the story is about Athens, or the Athenian way of life versus this other way of life. Or so it appears. We don't have the whole Critias dialog but that seems to be the point given the other dialogs. The setup is that 9000 years ago (their time) there were was a war. There were two major players. An Athenian society (which gets described in some detail but since they were familiar with their own society not a great amount) and then the Atlantians. The Atlantians start off as god/human hybrids but as each generation becomes more human and less divine they become more evil so Zeus decides to teach them a lesson. Unfortunately that's where it ends but we know they are destroyed and we can deduce it is because they're not Athenian in their ways because the Athenians clearly survive to this day. During this dialog they describe their city. The Atlantians live on an island. Poseidon created it after he had sex with a mortal woman. He made the circular structures and no one could access it since no one had ships or could sail at that time. It has an oblong plain that is 3000x2000 stadia (stadia vary but if we use the 607ft from the video we're looking at 345x230 miles) with a man-made trench of 10,000 stadia (1150 miles) surrounding it (a hundred Greek feet deep and a stadium wide). It's carved into sections (I won't go into the details but just imagine a series of trenches all a hundred feet deep and a stadium wide every 100 stadia). It seems the plain is looking to the south and protected by mountains all around. Getting this all from the dialog is difficult. But that's what it seems to say. If we take these details and look for an Atlantis you're going to be hard pressed to find anywhere on Earth that it will actually fit. It's huge and has some pretty basic requirements. Not just some circular structures for the city center (which I left out the measurements for since that seems unimportant). This story is just like the ones in the bible. Just like Adam and Eve. The Flood. The Tower of Babel. Sodom and Gomorrah. And Job. It's the people who do things the certain way that are the good ones and the people who don't that aren't. It all happens for such and such reason. The amount of details really holds no bearing on anything. Some biblical stories have lots of details but that doesn't make them any more historical than the ones that have few details. Falling into a trap where one culture's philosophical tool is false/ahistorical, but another culture's identical tool is somehow true/historical, is not a reasonable thing to do. mwc
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    Welcome aboard! Fundamentalist Christians are certainly in a better position to realize that they've been taught mythology as fact than are liberal Christians. I'm glad to have been raised as a fundamentalist because of that fact.
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    Welcome! I'm glad that I was raised in a fundamentalist tradition, because it made it much easier to realize that the Bible was simply myths, followed by legends, followed by embellished history, then transitioning back to myths! Had I been raised in a liberal Christianity, I might never have stumbled upon a reason to doubt.
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    There have been good people throughout all of human history who were good, moral, and upright irrespective of religion, creed or race. Granted, most of them were deceived and were only good because the devil made them do it and now they're burning in hell because god is good. And only god is good, so people can't be good anyway, with or without god, so, no, despite all the food people past and present, good people cannot possibly be good without god... or with him, either.
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    A socialist USA would look like Venuzuela or Africa.
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    RP, you're playing checkers with a pigeon, or, more precisely, you're dealing with a passive-aggressive troll. It's certainly entertaining to watch, until it isn't.
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    I am constantly surprised about people railing on against socialism, communism, Marxism etc, most of whom have never studied said subjects but have had a fear and distrust of it sown into them from children. Sound familiar? And who most benefits from this mistrust and fear? You guessed it, the 1% at the top who control most of the worlds wealth. Follow the money. What is ironic is people rail against anything socialism as a great evil, but are content to essentially be ruled by rich powerful people at the top. These people are all like "government this, and government that" when its the super rich capitalists pulling the strings. The problem is people won't even begin to discuss the subject, or the pitfalls of capitalism, or benefits of socialism because of the black and white, good and evil mindset.
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    Gawd I hope not! Just think for a moment what kinds of things could be classified as “indoctrination”. Who gets to decide what is “indoctrination”? Despite the damage this stuff causes, beware the unintended consequences of laws.
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    The pigeons that were doing the weird little dances had been slain in the spirit. They were Pigecostals.
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    My two cents, FWIW: The Scandinavian countries are not socialist. They are Capitalist with a hefty social net. And they are, indeed, apparently backing away from that because it is a big burden on a population that is decreasing because of a low birthrate. Hence why the governments were so happy to take in migrants, despite what their people wanted. With a high birthrate, I'm guessing that the system works pretty well. But as countries become more and more westernized and successful, the birthrate naturally lowers, creating new problems. I haven't studied Socialism in depth, but I know with Communist countries, despite their insistence on everyone being equal and equally sharing in the fruits of communism, it has never worked out that way. There is still, and always will be, a wealthy upper class, because that is the nature of humanity. Those at the top get drunk with power and decide they have earned/deserve a bit more of the pie. They get treated special and expect to get treated special. There really is no perfect system. Every one of them has its ups and downs. I still think that the Scandinavian system could be the best of both worlds, but I don't know if it could ever work here in America and it would require a very delicate balance of birthrate.
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    If we believe in Atlantis, then something really bad is going to happen to us. I don't know what, but mark my words! Because every unproven idea you believe in will make you unable to live your life enjoyably. So just give me facts, Josh. Beautiful, wonderful peer reviewed, replicated, consensus driven facts! Science, tell me what to think! I beseech you, Science! I can't allow myself to think in a way that differs from the pack. There is comfort and safety with the pack. Wait a sec, Christians think like that too! /s
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    Yeah it's always easy to write stuff off when there's any implication that it might have something to do with your beliefs, lol. Probably explains why I gave up with prayer shortly after being confirmed. "No is an answer too" is something I just didn't accept.
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    I know this is fantasy but wouldn't it be something if we could bring some slides, videos, and charts and really do this up in a manner that would capture their attention for < one hour?
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    Christopher Hitches once said "It appeals to their meanness"
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    It seems to be the same mechanism that is at work in the slot machines and lottery ticket scams. You can occasionally win a bit or at least hear about someone else who won so you keep on throwing money away. Gotta go. I hear machine number 13 is overdue and 13 is my lucky number to boot. Kiss me for luck!
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    Major pet peeve and annoyance! When attempting to inject some reason, sanity, and facts into the "discussion" some xtians will simply raise their voice and exclaim "Because it is!" or "Because is says so in the Bible!" Then they walk off or turn away satisfied that they have "won" the argument. I would not give a rodent's behind except for the fact they they impact our daily lives through politics and social pressure.
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    Indeed. Something about repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.
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    It's pretty much the same reason you might come up empty if you spend your whole life looking for a pink unicorn that shits rainbows.
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    Why I left? In short. Looking at the bible and actual history, crap didnt add up. Then there’s the whole anti-gay thing, that really was the nail in the coffin for me. Then to top it off to learn how xtianity spread, i knew I didnt want any part of this evil cult anymore.
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    Moving on to the next Disney mess...
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    This poem is about a really nice girl I met a year or so ago who was being trampled over by other Christian's.
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    Said so well. I often dream of returning to church, marching up the pulpit, and telling them all exactly what I think. But they're so brainwashed all they would do is pity poor old me who has been convinced by satan to desert the One Truth. It's sad.

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