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    My Deconversion TL;DR: A husband and wife are at a party. The wife is in a room alone and her husband has gone to look for her. As the husband is about to round a corner he hears voices in the next room and so stops to listen. A third man enters the room with the wife and he asks her to leave with him so that he can show her a good time. The husband hears this but waits to see how his wife replies. She tells this stranger that she is married and not interested. The man then grabs her wrist and tugs a little trying to goad her on, telling her not to worry, it’ll be fine. The husband waits. She pulls her arm back saying that she doesn’t want that and to leave her alone. The man then tightens his grip, starting to hurt her, telling her she is coming. She gasps out in pain and starts to call out for her husband. The husband waits. Finally, the man is twisting her arm so hard that she collapses to the floor gasping and sobbing and at last says, “Yes, I’ll go with you, just please stop hurting me.” And the husband thinks, “I see, she never truly loved me.” My Deconversion; The whole story: I grew up a true believer. As a kid, there were those in the church who just went but didn’t live their faith and were no different from anyone else. We were different. Though, not a whole lot different I suppose. We were not the ultra-hard-core types who never watched movies or thought that women should only wear dresses. But we did take our faith seriously. More than that, we believed our faith was self-evident. So, easily provable and denied only be those who obfuscate the truth or confuse themselves with their own convoluted thinking. And so began my journey. Having a logical faith, I pursued the evidence for it. I read the books of many apologists like Norman Geisler (one of my heroes even to this day) who wrote a book on formal logic and is still one of the best books on logic I have ever read. I highly recommend it. I devoured everything that came out of Answers in Genesis. I revered people like Dr. Jason Lisle (a legit peer-reviewed PhD) and all of the scientific minds in Creation research (yes, I have since learned that most are not legit). It all seemed legit to me at the time. I as a kid. But I wanted to understand so I became an amateur Apologist. My faith had reason, other faiths were wrong and I could explain why. After high school, I joined the Navy and served for five years. Admittedly these were hard years of my life. I was so ill-equipped for this world that I didn’t even know how to apply my faith while I was in and had several crises that my brother helped me through. The Navy changed my faith hugely. See, it would have broken my faith completely because my faith was rigid that rigidity could not survive the military. But his faith was much more fluid and dynamic. In other words, it's not that we can’t understand the minutia of scripture, but not to get lost in it. Ultimately, God’s nature is goodness and that he wants all to repent and be saved. John 15:17 “This is My command to you: Love one another.” It gave me a new approach to my faith. Don’t sweat the details. You know God’s nature because you are a reflection of His nature. God is goodness and mercy and salvation. So too this should be you. And I came home from the Navy reconciled and ready to save the world, only to re-enter the one of rigidity I had left. I went to my parents Sunday School class and was shocked and horrified by how bigoted and closed minded it was. The views expressed were shockingly dense and ignorant. I didn’t understand what corruption had fallen on my church since I had left. It was losing members and dying. But I wanted to do something. I got active. I wanted to do outreach programs, go to the hurting and the suffering. I wanted to save the world. But more than this, I wanted to find a wife, settle down and have a family. I wanted very much to be a pillar of the community like my dad. The family thing wasn’t happening but the with a great deal of tugging and getting other young families (Gen-Y’ers) excited and active I got the church to begrudgingly start doing outreach. It wasn’t nearly enough so far as I was concerned so I started going out and seeking those who were lost and abused myself. And the world got a little bigger. I started hanging around with subcultures, fandoms and people who even normal society would eschew. This was also at the peak of the gay marriage debates and I met many hurting and disenfranchised homosexuals who I befriended. I was shocked by number of people who were lost and confused and “…where the bloody hell is the church?!” I asked myself. I spent time with the lost and disenfranchised, the very people Jesus spent time with and there were no church, no missionaries, no preachers, nothing for these people. Not even secular help! I tried to get the church involved. They wanted nothing to do with these people. I tried to take aspiring preachers, elders, anyone who felt we didn’t have to travel to Timbuktu to send missionaries but that there were people just outside our doors for missionaries and missions to focus on. I got no help. This began my disillusionment and my loneliness. I was frustrated with the church and it’s un-Christlike behavior. And I tried to pursue a family. I bought a house, I secured a good job, I remained celibate (no easy feat to do while in the Navy) but it wasn’t happening. I prayed often for God to watch over my future wife and that we may soon meet. And so passed nearly 8 years, trying to get the church off its ass and petitioning God for my future family. The thing that was confusing me more and more with each passing year was how I wasn’t finding a wife. This confuses my family terribly as well. I didn’t understand why God willed it this way, or if I was doing something wrong. I was told he must have someone REALLY special in mind or that we had not reached each other in our own Christian walks yet and I kind of went along with this. But I was not faring well by doing this and no one seemed to know how to help. I moved to Chicago (well, near Chicago) and this loneliness hit harder than ever before. Family helped stave the loneliness some though not fully. But without family, I was deeply lonely and increasingly frustrated. And then began my rapid decline from faith. It started with one young gay man in deep Kentucky. He was a broken soul and one who I help through his depression and abuse. I came to care about him quite a bit and hoped for his future. And one day… he told me how special I was to him. How much he wanted to be with me. That he loved me. And he often fantasized about a future with us together. I did not relent on my convictions then, though he spoke right to the very core of my deepest longing. The thought then was that this was a test. God was testing me to see if I would trust him or give in to the sinful ways of the world. And this thought infuriated me. Why this? Why THIS? A point of greatest weakness. But then, would that not be the best angle for Satan to get at me? Would that not be the truest test of my devotion to God? Yet so long denied companionship, so long denied sex, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this test was utterly cruel. Like starving a friend nearly to death then calling the cops on him if/when he steals food from you. What kind of monster are you to do this to him in the first place? But the Bible is not short on these types of tests. Job being the number 1 example. As time went on, I grew bitter and I decided that I was going to experience sex. Marriage be damned, I resolved in my heart that this was a thing that was going to happen. And it was already sin, so being that it was with another male didn’t really make a difference. I did not lose my faith, I just decided that I’d accept the consequences of my rebellion, whatever they may be. And so I did. And nothing happened. I mean, sex happened, but there were no consequences. Nothing changed. And I remember the very first thought I had after being with another male. It was, “Huh… So that was it?” Like, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, in spite of it being awkward and uncomfortable (first-time after all) but nothing in the world changed. Except perhaps me. You see, I for the first time experience a level of intimate connection that I have NEVER experienced in my life. And I wanted more. And so I continued to pursue that intimacy where-ever I could. Around this time, I met who is now one of my dearest friends, Chris, a gay man, a then employee of mine and blindingly intelligent (though no small amount of flaky). But most relevant to me was that he is an ex-Christian. And I do not mean he fell away as a kid. Rather, he converted in his adulthood, took his faith as seriously as I took mine, and fell away. He and I had many many discussions. He was once a young-Earth Creationist, as I was. He was once a Biblical literalist as I was. But what he had that I did not was time. When he started his adult Christian journey, he was homeless at the time living in a warehouse whose owner knew he was there but allowed it and didn’t call the cops on him. Chris at that time read the Bible. Prayed constantly. Went to churches all over. Asking preachers questions, trying to understand himself and understand God. He wanted to KNOW God. But he is gay in attraction and desire. Whereas I can leave it if I so chose, he could not. And he prayed fervently for God to take this away from him. He resolved that he’d have to be celibate for the rest of his life. And after a few months of celibacy, he had dreams of other men. And Chris was confused why God was not helping him. And once he told me in a drunken moment of honesty that he nearly committed suicide because he could not bear the shame and pressure of it. To me, this is the instance where God should have reached into Chris’s life. This is like, all of the conditions for God to rescue someone. He was homeless and broke. He was hungry and cold (winter in Wisconsin). He read scripture and prayed. And nothing. Even to this day he still asks Christian apologists for answer to his questions just to make sure he didn’t miss something but when he tells them the story of his adult Christian journey, the usual response is, “You just weren’t sincere enough.” Which he takes great offense to. When I started to debate with him, I knew instantly I was outclassed. He took his blinding intellect and pointed it at deconstructing his faith far more than I ever had. My intellect was just pointed at how to patch the holes. And he pointed out a few times with frustration that my faith seemed to be very flexible. Like, too flexible. Like I was making shit up as I went along. And I could see what he was saying. It did seem that way and it ran completely opposite of what I actually believed about my faith. But by this time, my questions and frustrations had done nothing but grown. I tried to resolve again and again how I found myself in a gay relationship with this young man from Kentucky. I concluded that I must have failed the test. But then, my life seemed no less blessed than before. Should God’s blessings in my life have gone away? Then I wondered if maybe this relationship was what God actually DID have in mind for me and that thought scared me the most because if that was true, then everything was broken. I am ignorant in all ways and everything I once understood is now broken. Or could it be that God is… inactive? Chris was the best person I have ever talked to because he never found talk of God to be ridiculous. He took it seriously and he took my faith serious and even tried to help me resolve my own misunderstands at times. He actually corrected my theological misunderstandings when I was making them. And he had no agenda to de-convert me. If my conclusion was “God” he was not threatened by that in the least, but he did have some questions for me if that was my conclusion. But by this time, the idea that I was being tested was started to turn my hurt and confusion into anger. Like a person who is being abused when they suddenly realize that the relationship isn’t getting any better. Here’s the analogy I can give for how “God’s test” felt to me: A husband and wife are at a party. The wife is in a room alone and her husband has gone to look for her. As the husband is about to round a corner he hears voices in the next room and so stops to listen. A third man enters the room with the wife and he asks her to leave with him so that he can show her a good time. The husband hears this but waits to see how his wife replies. She tells this stranger that she is married and not interested. The man then grabs her wrist and tugs a little trying to goad her on, telling her not to worry, it’ll be fine. The husband waits. She pulls her arm back saying that she doesn’t want that and to leave her alone. The man then tightens his grip, starting to hurt her, telling her she is coming. She gasps out in pain and starts to call out for her husband. The husband waits. Finally, the man is twisting her arm so hard that she collapses to the floor gasping and sobbing and at last says, “Yes, I’ll go with you, just please stop hurting me.” And the husband thinks, “I see, she never truly loved me.” That is what it felt like to me. I spent many hours sobbing and in prayer. No one came to save me. But this was not the end of my faith. I was still confused as hell. I listened to Christian Apologists. I studied scripture again and again. I started studying and talking about my faith more than I ever had before. I needed answers. The one thing that I held to was at the very center of it all, I knew God’s nature. God’s nature was of mercy, peace and love. That was God’s nature. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t observing that. The world I knew to be true was not lining up with the world I observed. Then, not long ago, I was discussing with Chris about our thoughts on God and the various models for him that we understood and in a rare moment of emotion, Chris said, “If my God actually does exist, I have nothing more to say to him that I have not already said. I am resigned to the fact that he will torture me for all eternity. But at the very least, I will not do it to myself.” And I replied that “If my God does not show mercy and compassion to those whom I have come to love, then I harbor nothing but hatred from Him. Because…” And then I saw it. I saw it plain as day. And I cried for a solid hour before I could even finish that sentence. “…because those are my values.” What I saw in that moment is hard to describe except in metaphor because I have no words to describe it. I held true to my faith because I knew I was created in the image of God. That my goodness was a reflection of His goodness. And in those words I spoke, it was like I turned to look upon the face of God and… it was my face. God, at least as I understood him, as I worshiped him, as I was confident in his nature of goodness… was me. I had taken my values and personified them into god. And while a Christian would argue that this should have been the time for me to let go of my false idol and turn to the Bible (Chris actually had a great C.S. Lewis quote I wish I could remember about our mental idols) I had been training my skepticism since I was a kid. It was the tool I used to field strip other religions and denominations and see their flaws like a Marine could field strip a rifle. And Chris had helped train my skepticism even further by pointing me to the “Less Wrong” community. But I learned that day that skepticism is like a wild animal, looking to tear apart anything that shows weakness. And I showed weakness. And I could not stop my brain from deconstructing every facet of Christianity piece by piece. It was, not a pleasant experience. But at the end of the day, the lynch pin of my faith was predicated on knowing God’s nature. And when I realized I did not know God’s nature, I lost everything. Since then has been a hard road. But perhaps my first moment of shame came when my roommate asked me a question. He knows I am very Biblically literate and sometimes asks me what things are really in there. So one day he was watching a YouTube video where someone made a glib comment about God killing you because you jerked off onto the floor. My roommate asked me if that was in the Bible and I nodded. He paused the video and asked me to explain. This may seem off topic but follow me for a moment. Once when I was a kid, I played Final Fantasy 10 and loved the story. Soon after, I was explaining the story to my mother and it sounded like utter madness. Within the game, the story made sense because you had time to accept its rules. To explain the story to someone else who had not played the game was just complete nonsense. And so I just said casually that it wasn’t the whole “seed on the ground thing” that upset god but that the man, Onan, did it so that he wouldn’t get his brother’s wife pregnant. Which caused my roommate to give me an even more ‘WTF’ kind of look. So I started at the beginning with Judah’s three sons, Er, Onan and Shela and God killing the first two and Judah not allowing the third to impregnate his brothers widow so she dressed like a prostitute and tricked her father-in-law to impregnate her and he got upset and wanted to kill her because he thought she was being a prostitute… the illegal kind… but called it off when he found out the baby was his and called her more righteous than him because he did wrong by withholding his son and she did right by, well, getting pregnant because that was the highest honor for a woman. My roommates jaw was hanging and he just said, “THAT is some f***ed up shit!” And I actually let the raw madness of the story sink in for the first time as I actually felt it and felt crazy even recounting it. And all I could say was, “Yeah, it really is.” My family does not know. I cannot yet bring myself to tell them. About my love life, or my deconversion. I do not know which would hit them hardest. And part of me just wants the lie to continue. I don’t know what to do. But I do not think I am ready for action yet. If you made it this far, thanks. I really wrote it more for me than anyone else. I kinda needed to, to get this all off my chest. But thanks for listening. It means a lot.
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    Hi, my name is Steven and I am from the midwestern US, right along the Bible Belt. There is still much that I am trying to parse through in my mental models and worldview that has been a more arduous journey than I anticipated. So, a little about myself, I grew up Christian (big shock, right). But in a family of true believers. To define what I mean here, I am not referring to belief in belief but rather, true belief. To clarify, I often hear, even now, the accusation of Christian hypocrisy because at a funeral, Christians grieve no differently from atheists. But this was never true for my family. We celebrated. Just recently my Uncle Carol, a very funny man, passed away and the eulogy was given by his brother who had those gathered rolling in laughter about the crazy stories and antics my great uncle used to get into. My mother and grandmother already have their funerals planned out and keep these event plans their Bibles, the cheerful songs to play, the refreshments to serve... We are true believers, unafraid and unapologetic. But, I think, we are also ignorant. And this is a crushing admission for me. We have always prided ourselves on our intelligence. Two of my sisters were Salutatorians and one only because she missed half of her Junior year due to mono. I am also (reasonably) well educated. At least, on the right side of the bell curve. And I am still a little lost at the moment. For the sake of my own therapy and to try to figure things out, I am writing my testimonial that I hope to have posted tonight on that topic board. Undoubtedly a TL;DR but something that I feel I need to write and post for me, if for no one else. I am kind of new to this. Please be gentle.
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    That is quite a leap from "Mark doesn't mention the high priest by name" to "Caiaphas's name would have been used if the story was written after 37." The most likely explanation is that Mark didn't know the name of the high priest when he was inventing the story 40+ years later, or did know but didn't care, since the high priest is just a minor character in the story. Also, seven years is not "too early" to be legendary. The mythology of the crashed alien in his flying saucer grew within weeks of the aircraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.
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    I'd have to dig up material from Richard Carrier, but I'm sure he and price has gone over this. The guy mentions a 'pre Markan' source. I'm am not aware of any source, apart from oral tradition, that's earlier than Mark. There is talk of a Q source, but scholars are split over if it even exists. Mark was written around 70 AD, the Pauline epistles around 50 AD. Those are the earliest actual sources. But even then, what do we have? People reporting that a tomb was empty and that Jesus rose from the dead. Assuming people are actually reporting that so what? People report all sorts of things today that are not true.
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    I think one of our faults is the two-party system. If we had several viable parties and proportional representation, perhaps we'd do a better job of working together.
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    If you were god for a day, with absolute power, knowledge and love, what would you do to make the world a better place? I would start by wiping out fatal diseases that kill otherwise perfectly healthy people (aids, ebola, plague, degenerative diseases, cancers, malaria etc), I would remove parasites (worms, ticks, mossies etc) making sure to replace with a benign insect if other animals rely on them for food. I would inspire an energy breakthrough to give humanity a clean, almost unlimited source of power. I would settle the tectonic plates to stop volcanoes and earthquakes. I would turn off the gene to grow wisdom teeth. I would make all psychotic killers have a stroke and drop dead. With unlimited power there would be no issues that could arise that couldn't be easily dealt with. God hasn't even made earth as good and safe as our limited imagination can. I could understand that from an uncaring deist type god, but not from an all-loving Christian god.
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    Your story got me very emotional. You are very eloquent and I hope and truly look forward to your feedback in the future on all kinds of topics. You captured well the rainbow of emotions you experience when you begin the process of deconverting. The fear, the anger, the shame, the longing, the questions, depression almost....I was reliving my own story. You and I are similar in many ways, except possibly that we might have some different wounds based on gender. We too were "true" believers, we rejected works based faith in favor of grace and there was very, very heavy Presbyterian influence so there was a TON of predestination and baby baptizing and god's sovereignty preached at us along with "total depravity" doctrine which fucks a person up. What is perhaps the most staggering, to me personally, is HOW LONG I was able to force down my doubts in a way that I did not even realize I was doubting. I brushed off things that sincerely bothered me, I quieted the questions, wrote off my critical thinking, and shushed the criticism of problematic doctrines. I remember even when I was YOUNG wondering why, in the bible, I was not supposed to covet because that is a sin, but that god was a "jealous god" who covets our worship. Oh well, I just don't understand like god does. I will spare you the details, of course, but I just wanted to know that your story really, really hit home with me, I can sincerely relate to it, even down the celibacy and faithfully waiting for god to bless for my restraint. Very emotional. As I said in my other post, it gets better. Things calm down, people either don't give a fuck, accept you, or they don't. You will be able to breathe again. You will feel peace again, albeit in a different way. Your wonder at the world will increase. The panic eases. The mental acrobatics you forced yourself to participate in to make things attempt to make sense to you go away, which is a relief and a freedom. Many here will tell you that we feel free now, even though we always preached to others that Jesus broke us free from our chains. Feel free, Dexter! I know you still feel closeted in more ways than one, but just put one foot in front of the other, breathe, and let time to some of the healing.
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    The most gruelling, emotionally draining journey... but so rewarding in the end. Thanks for sharing your story, welcome
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    NZ has political discord, just like the U.S.? I'm shocked!
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    Beware of apologist disguising themselves as historians. Apologist have a vested interest in promoting the gospel as history, but its really just one of many theological myths.
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    From what I understand the 9/11 terrorists all had valid boarding passes, IDs and were perfectly legally allowed to board the planes. This technology wouldn't have made any difference. As an outsider I certainly do see the concern for the massive problem of illegal immigrants. Just heard they believe its now 22 million illegal people in the country, that's a huge problem. If the intent is to help protect the borders so only legal travellers can enter, then I can understand that. It wouldn't stop the people who turn up legally on holiday visas then fail to leave, but even a percentage change could be positive. The other benefit I could see is just the speed of processing. If the amount of people travelling continues to rise then faster throughput becomes a major goal of all airports, and advance technology could certainly help. If that was the goal then you'd hope they make it optional, where you can join the express queue if you are willing to setup facial recognition, but have the option to stick to normal ID methods if you prefer.
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    Welcome to Ex-c Dexter. You've come to the right place. We understand what you are going through. We were all, (according to our different churches) also '' True Believers'! Lol For instance, in my church, you had to speak in tongues or you weren't really blessed yet (completely) until you did receive this special gift from the holy spirit. And some truly thought you were not saved if you did not speak in tongues. We got tons of stories for you so sit back and relax. Post all your worries, fears and concerns because someone is always around to listen to what you have to say. Get ready my dear. Sometimes it can be a bit of a bumpy road. You are about to find a new worldview and it can be a little confusing. But you will get through this! Read a lot on the pasts posts and you will see that you are not alone! So glad you found us! ((hug))
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    I have never done a full cover to cover read through but I have read the whole thing, even the genealogies. I can tell you from memory (and yes this is from memory and not google... you'll just have to trust me on this, and no I am not looking up the spelling so there WILL be spelling errors) that Peleg is the son of Sheber is the son of Canen, the son of Arphaxed, the son of Shem, the son of Noah, the son of Lamek, the some of Methusela, the son of Enoch, the son of Jared, the son of (huge spelling guess) Mahalliel... Mahailel... Ma-Hey-Lee-El, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God. I just did a book at a time. Let time pass. Dive into another.
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    Welcome to Ex-C, @Dexter. Glad you found us and congrats on reasoning your way out of the cult. Most of us know what a tall order that is when surrounded by scream'n fundies.
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    SAME! Contemplating eternity is a weird feeling and it was always unsettling to me. I never wanted to go to heaven, I just didn't want to go to hell.
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    Another hug from me! I remember this well. It's only been a couple years for me, I still have days. You are so understood and welcomed here, just take comfort and refuge in the fact that it really, truly DOES get so much better. Rely on that when it sucks. Will read your extimony now.
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    I almost want to simultaneously laugh and cry the the knee-jerk thought in my mind at you coming from a Pentecostal background was “Of course it would be reasonable for you to abandon one of the CRAZY denominations.” Thanks for the hug.
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    The difference being Kaczynski knew how to build an effective bomb and was smart enought to evade capture for many years..And that made him far more dangerous. The Florida bomber, fortunately, was totally incompetent.
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    Unless there is evidence of a conspiracy the individual that committed the crime would be the only person charged. That noted, I get your point, but the fact the person that commits a violent act may have been influenced by other factors doesn't attach guilt to whatever or whoever may have influenced the person that committed the crime.. Although the political left seems to be trying to make "thoughts" a crime they have been unsuccessful so far..
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    There is nothing new other than the technology available, and there's no way to stop the march of technology. Besides, I first read the title as "Giant Fecal Recognition" so what do I know anyway.
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    Florida Man strikes again! We should have known it was him...
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    The scary thing about growing up in it is that they brainwash you into thinking it's completely sensible without even questioning it. Seems to me you're a very courageous and sincere person who is just trying to find your own values and make sense of the world. Keep it up!
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    Yup. The reality is that security is only a state of mind. True security will never exist. The history of conquest involves asymmetrical warfare, wherein the force that prevails uses tactics that bypass the defenses of the opponent. All this stuff in the article will only allow the powerful to dominate the weak and slow the ignorant while the clever ones will figuratively walk around it.
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    Hi Steven, and welcome! Many of us can remember the feeling of being lost. It does get easier in time. Looking forward to reading your extimony.
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    Me too. I couldn't focus on eternity for very long without having to force a change of subject. I would try to imagine the second coming in my own lifetime (because we were being told that it was right around the corner, almost there). And I couldn't imagine the possibility of just being conscious forever, from here on out, with no end. Never experiencing death. And then later I gave the whole thing up like Santa Claus.
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    The TPP started out as a good idea but like most of these good ideas it was taken over by corporate interests. I don't know about a lot of what is in it but the stuff about copyrights, digital rights and all that sort of things is pretty draconian (EFF). I was glad that the TPP didn't happen for us but I imagine that it's only a matter of time that this is implemented. The corps want it. They basically wrote it and it's good for them and their interests. mwc
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    I've been thinking the same thing lately. But I would be remiss not to point out that the bulk of the political fundamentalists are on the Left. Things have changed of late. You'll recall me saying on ex-C years ago that the Republicans were the political manifestation of evangelical Christianity. But how many Republicans these days are calling for sodomy laws or laws against blasphemers? Heck, how often do you hear about a Ten Commandments monument case these days? It happens, but it doesn't dominate the national discourse. Aside from abortion, I don't see conservatives trying to use the State to stop me from living my ex-Christian life. It's the Left shouting down speakers and stopping free expression. These people are a bunch of Christians without Jesus, forcing me to attend their church.
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    I doubt our political system will improve until, or unless, we develope a vaccine for narcissism.
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    I wasn't sure if I should post it or not but what the Hell, we're all friends here, right?
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    We are having fun here but you had to go there didn't you. Fuck you and your Goddamn racist mindset you racist motherfucking racist. Kiwis aren't like that. They will screw all sheep equally.
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    Perception is reality. I see both the left and right radical elements as a serious problem. I don't see either one being less radical than the other one or any less dangerous.
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    I will agree that recent events have been committed by right wing leaning extremist. Your reference to left wing "demonstrations/protest" being nothing more than blocking traffic and disrupting someone's dinner is patently absurd & ridiculous. You are being intentionally intellectually dishonest & that is beneath you. People have lost their life in some of these protest. Businesses have been looted and burned to the ground. Police have been attacked and assaulted. The gunman in Arlington shot Republican representatives because they were Republicans. I am an independent politically. I have no loyalty to either party. I am pro law enforcement, military, law & order. I am not in favor of open boarders. I am in favor of gay rights and marriage, I'm okay with abortion up to the point that the baby has a heartbeat. I am very much against sexual harassment & bullying people. I am also for free speech and that makes me against political correctness. I can differentiate between the good and bad things both in Obama & Trumps Presidencies. I attempt to vote for the most qualified candidate regardless of the political affiliation. In in other words, when it comes to politics, I try and not become a brain dead fundamentalist that sees only one side of that coin.
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    Can't be Logical! No Velcro chaps!!!! kL
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    I think both parties & the media are contributing to these psychos actions. If you think the left doesn't share some of the responsibility in these violent acts, then I respectfully suggest your political bias might be distorting your perspective. And I think social media has made contributions to this politically inflamed environment too. IMO, the responsibility for these violent acts rest solely with the perpetrators that commit these horrendous acts. The person that pulls the trigger Is the one responsible for the results of their actions.
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    Pittsburg , no political agenda that has been uncovered. Kentucky, havent read about that one. The mail bomber guy.... definite pro-conservative, anti-liberal agenda. 99% of normal Republicans don't do crazy shit like this. 99% of normal Democrats don't do crazy shit like this. Crazy motherfuckers do shit like this, sometimes in the name of their political bent. But I think the bottom line is these people are just assholes and/or mentally ill.
  38. 1 point
    Can't be me... that's a toy sheep. We use real ones in NZ. Bet some American wanker is attempting a poor mans copy of a proud NZ tradition
  39. 1 point
    Hi!! I am Afrikaner on my dad's side. I lived in S.A. for three years as a little girl.
  40. 1 point
    Nothing new here. You knew the wrong xianity. That was about fear and hate. Real xianity is about love. Let me tell you all about real xianity. Proceeds by using fear and hate. mwc
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    And in today's news: FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a man apparently set a California home on fire while using a blowtorch to kill spiders. KFSN-TV reports 29 firefighters were called to a Fresno housing development Tuesday night to put out a two-alarm blaze. Authorities say a man was house-sitting for his parents when he tried to kill black widow spiders with a blowtorch. He got out safely, but the home's attic and second story were damaged. Although the exact cause of the blaze is under investigation, firefighters believe the blowtorch was to blame. There's no word on what happened to the spiders.
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    There was a story last week on my radio that talked about a man setting up booby traps in his yard to catch "those damn squirrels and illegals" and he set off his own trip wire by accident and blew his arm off. I was listening to the 911 clip, the guy was like "I blew my arm off. Those squirrels did me in." Like um, no. It was the shotgun you set up YOURSELF, dumbass.
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    Going back to the OP for a moment, sometimes it isn't so much stupidity, it's more a case of familiarity breeding contempt. A few decades ago, for example, the British Army used the L1A1 rifle, better known as the SLR or Self Loading Rifle. This is also known as the FAL (Fusil Automatique Leger) in many other places. The Brits had a safety movie which was said to be based on a real incident in Northern Ireland, and I, as an Australian Army Reservist, was shown this a couple of times, as we used the same rifle at the time. What was said to have happened was this, a British patrol of section strength was called out in one of the NI cities. It was the umpteenth false alarm they'd had that day. The truck they were riding in had to brake sharply and a Sergeant who was sitting in the cab yelled at the driver, "Steady!" Trouble was, one of the men in the back, in a half dreaming state, thought he heard the command, "Make Ready!" and so cocked his rifle automatically, as that is what this command means. (This is perhaps why the Australian Army doesn't use it, they use a sequence of "Load, Action, Instant!" instead.) The truck was ordered to return by and by and he still had a loaded and cocked rifle. Even so there should have been no problem, as their Corporal (the Section Commander) should automatically have fallen out to the right of the doorway of their barracks, and each man then should have filed past him, unloading his rifle as he did so and Easing Springs in a safe direction. When the last man was checked, he'd swap places with the Corporal and check the NCO's rifle. (Easing Springs means dry firing the rifle in a safe direction, typically pointing at the ground, not at your foot or anyone else's if you don't mind!) Yet this didn't happen because the Sergeant pulled your man out of the line and told him to do something else just for a moment. Thus he was allowed to enter the barracks with his rifle still loaded and cocked. Now in such a situation, before a soldier does anything else, he cleans his rifle and carries out daily maintenance on it. As a part of this he would naturally unload his rifle, and this your man would have done, only another man told him to hurry up as all the other rifles had been secured in a rack. The other man jokingly grabbed the rifle by the barrel and there was a bit of a playful scuffle, interrupted by a very loud bang and the other fellow collapsing on the floor with a small hole in his chest and a much larger one in his back where the round exited. Rather a mess. The movie was shown as an example of how familiarity with weaponry often breeds contempt, even among hardened professionals such as these men, who were of a famous old County Regiment. It wasn't so much familiarity or stupidity on the part of the soldier; this was also shown by his NCO's who interrupted safety drills, which should never have happened. The lesson for all shooters on this forum is to become familiar with the safety procedures for your own rifle or sidearm, and carry them out correctly at all times. It would help if you didn't allow yourself to be distracted whilst doing these drills, and it would also help if you didn't play silly little kids games with real rifles! Casey
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    I watched, in horror, as a man took off his wrist splint after a travelling charlatan--I mean faith healer--told him he was healed. His hand had been crushed by a tire from a quarry truck; and doctors originally told him he might regain full use of his hand, but most likely, it would be closer to 80%. After taking off the splint, he spent several days bouncing between excruciating pain and ecstatic faith, before finally being dragged by his wife and kids, back to the doctor. Doc told him that he had set his recovery back by weeks, if not months. He now has 30% use of the appendage, and draws disability which barely covers his pain meds. Praise jesus.
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    Can't be a real pic or he and the sheep would be on the edge of a cliff. That adds a certain frisson to the experience. It also assists in the disposal of the evidence, one way or another. Casey
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    I was going to offer this as a future Darwin Award because I heard that devotees of this temple threatened to commit mass suicide if women of any age (meaning potentially "unclean" women who are menstruating) are allowed to attend, as the Supreme Court of India recently determined they have to be allowed to. My snarky response was going to be, "If it means that much to you, go for it assholes! And don't let the door hit you on your way out!" Then I read the article below and saw this: The Sabarimala temple is set to open next week for a monthly ritual. The Shiv Sena’s Kerala unit on Saturday threatened that its women activists will commit suicide if any woman tries to enter the temple during that time Ok wait. Its women activists will commit suicide if any woman tries to enter the temple? Aw, nah man, you didn't. Tell me you didn't. You did, didn't you. You really did. You men aren't going to sacrifice yourselves, nah, the women will do it. Aw, nah nah man. That is so wrong, I can't even. https://www.mynation.com/news/sabarimala-devotees-protest-supreme-court-threaten-suicide-massive-rally-pgkxdx

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